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The women carried on splashing, laughing and ducking each other under the water for a few more minutes before they stopped and looked around. Had I been heard? Did they know I was there? My heart was racing as I thought my cover had been blown. Carefully I took a gentle step back and crouched down slightly, my heart eventually slowing down back to normal. Once I felt safe and hidden again I turned my attention back to the two women, hoping they would carry on enjoying themselves. I decided that after another twenty minutes or so I would leave the safety of my viewpoint and pretend that I had only just come across the clearing and see how the women reacted.

Looking back to the waterfall I noticed that the two women were walking out of the water. Had they had enough? Were they leaving? I thought that I had missed the chance to meet them. I was about to leave the safety of my hiding place when I noticed that the women were actually holding hands and saying something to each other. If only I could hear what they were saying. I thought to myself. Deciding to stay where I was I watched carefully as to their next move. Maybe they were just a couple of friends that, after an afternoon of fun, had decided it was time to go home after all. I looked around to see if I could creep away before being seen, as the bravado of saying hello to them had gone, when what happened next took me totally by surprise.

The two women turned to face each other and without saying a word they leant into each other and started to kiss. Not just little pecks on the lips either these were full on, mouths open, tongues flicking out kisses. I stood transfixed at the sight of two gorgeous women staring to get it on with each other. I had only ever seen women kissing like they were in hardcore pornographic movies and magazines. There was definitely no way I was moving now.

As they carried on kissing their hands started to run over each other's bodies, exploring every inch of uncovered flesh. One of the women, the slightly taller of the two, ran her fingers up her friends back and with one deft movement removed her bikini top. From my vantage point I could see that the woman's tits were perfectly formed, neither too large nor too small, and they looked natural. It was very rare nowadays to see a pair of tits that looked so good that hadn't been surgically tampered with and I couldn't believe my luck. The taller women slowly lowered her head and started flicking her tongue across the other woman's nipples causing them to stiffen, and her friend to let out an audible sigh of pleasure.

Slowly the two women lowered themselves onto the ground still entwined in each other's arms, kissing and groping as they went. As soon as they were on the ground the taller women reached around her back, undid her top, and let her tits free as well. They were larger than the other woman's but still they looked as though they had been untouched by a surgeon. Now the smaller of the women greedily reached for her companions nipples, licking and sucking greedily, until her nipples were fully erect as well. The two women spent ages taking it in turns to suck and lick each other's tits, running their tongues all over each other in turn. By now I could no longer contain myself and, reaching into my shorts, I started to massage my throbbing cock without taking my eyes of the view in front of me.

Watching carefully while stroking my cock I noticed the women stop playing with each other's tits and quickly they both slid out of their bikini bottoms, leaving them both fully naked.

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