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Mature couple's ad leads to surprising results.

I look over and "accidentally" take a peek down her blouse and what do I see but the most magnificent pair of breasts that I have ever seen. "Thank you so much, I am such a klutz," she said.

We stare into each other's eyes for a moment and then smile and hug one another."Chauntey I can't believe it's you. You look so beautiful." I could feel her breasts pressed against me as she hugged me. "You don't look so bad yourself handsome stranger," she winked at me. I offered to buy her lunch and she readily accepted. We chatted the rest of the afternoon away. She told that she was married with no children. Her husband is a businessman who often travels so she left alone quite often. Before our lunch "date" ended she invited me to her birthday party this upcoming weekend. I readily accepted her gracious invitation.


I have been looking forward all week long to seeing Chauntey again. The thought of getting another gander at her luscious body got me all excited. I have a feeling tonight is going to be a very special night. What I wouldn't give for one night with her. Oh well I guess I can file that under my "it isn't going to happen" file.

I arrive at her party promptly on time. Sweet Chauntey answers the door in a beautiful tight skin black mini dress revealing an abundant amount of cleavage. "Hey, sweetie! So glad you could come," she said hugging me. I handed her present and she let me in. I didn't know anyone at the party so I feel a little awkward. Chauntey was trying to devote as much time to each of her guests so I didn't get all that much time to chat with her. What a disappointment.

I was starting to take off and blow the party when Chauntey followed me outside. She wanted to know where I was off to. I told her that I was a little disappointed that we couldn't get to spend more time with one another. She apologized and asked what she could do. "I have had the biggest crush on you since high school but I never had the courage to say so. Now you're happily married, have a great life and plenty of friends. I guess my dream will never come true."

"Don't be so sure sweetie. Come on." She took me by the hand and led me into her car garage. She opened the back seat of her Mercedes Benz and led me in. "Be careful what you ask for you just may get it." She began kissing me full on the lips and started rubbing my growing erection through my pants. This can't be happening I thought. We made out for a few minutes when she stopped to lower the top of her dress and revealed her glorious fleshy orbs for my enjoyment. Her tits were begging to be sucked. I took one nipple in my mouth while I gently caressed the other with my hand.

Her moan of approval egged me on. I buried my face in her tits and took in her luscious scent. I was in heaven. She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it and began kissing her way down my chest. She reached down to my waste and unbuckled belt and unbuttoned my pants. She unzipped me with her teeth. She pulled them the rest of the way down and began kissing the tip of my dick and gently licked around it.

She was driving me crazy. She nibbled on the head some before swallowing the head and sucking my entire shaft into her mouth. She took it out and began licking the shaft from top to bottom. She started to stroke me with her hand and started to suck on my balls. I loved every minute of this.

She began sucking again with her head bobbing up and down. I was grunting and groaning in pleasure. She began stroking and sucking at the same time. The sound of her slurping and sucking on my pole seemed to echo throughout the car. Her head was a blur as she desperately tried to get me to cum in her mouth. She didn't have to try very hard. With one final bob I started to cum in her mouth. She greedily gobbled up her sweet reward.

We were both slightly breathless when she began stroking my limp dick back to life.

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