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"Okay...then I'll go again. This was very interesting earlier so I think I'll touch here again." Eric said.

Susan felt Eric put his hands on her hips so when she felt the contact on her pussy Susan's eyes popped open and looked down to find her son stroking his erect cock between her legs and over her pussy.

"Jesus can't do that." Susan said.

"Sure I can agreed that we could touch each other, but we never specified what we were allowed to touch each other with. I decided to touch your pussy with my cock." Eric said.

"Eric...please stop." Susan begged.

"Only if you take a few of your turns and touch me." Eric said.

Susan had tears in her eyes.

"Fine...just please stop." Susan said.

Eric pulled his cock from between his mother's legs and took a step back. Susan slowly raised her hands to Eric's was nice and muscular. She felt his arms...also very muscular. Eric looked into Susan's face.

"You know what you have to touch before I let you leave mom." Eric said.

Susan had tears in her eyes, but she nodded. She reached down and slowly wrapped her fingers around Eric's cock. The expression on her face changed from one of fear and sadness to one of confusion. She moved her hand a few inches closer to his body and then a few inches further away from his body. Finally she couldn't help but look down.

"OH MY GOD!" Susan said.

She was looking down at her right hand grasping her son's 8 __ inch cock that was so thick she couldn't get her fingers all the way around it. She looked up into Eric's face and saw he was smiling.

"Not bad huh?" Eric asked.

Susan moved her left hand down with her right hand to hold as much of Eric's cock as she could at once, but she couldn't get all of it...even in two hands. Susan moved to her knees so she was at eye level with Eric's cock...both hands still gripping it tightly. Susan moved her head around and was compelled to move one of her hands away from her son's cock when she saw how big and heavy his balls were. She cupped them with one hand feeling the weight of them while beginning to stroke Eric's cock without even realizing it.

"Jesus Christ." Susan said in a near whisper.

"The name is Eric mom. Is it my turn again or are you still enjoying your turn?" Eric asked.

Susan looked up at her son...still gently cupping his balls and stroking his cock.

"I think I'd like to take another turn, but I have a question first." Susan said.

"What kind of question?" Eric asked.

"We didn't specify what parts we could touch each other with right?" Susan asked.

"Nope...we didn't." Eric said.

Susan smiled.

"Then for my next turn I want to feel your cock with the inside of my pussy." Susan said.

Eric looked surprised for a moment...then smiled.

"Are you sure?" Eric asked.

"God yes...I have never seen anything like this. Its...captivating...beautiful...I just can't see and touch this without feeling it inside me." Susan said.

Eric smiled again.

"Well if you're sure it's what you want...there's a steam bench over there that would make it easier." Eric said.

Susan scurried quickly over to the bench pulling Eric by the cock along behind her. She moved up onto the edge of the bench and spread her legs. Eric moved between his mother's legs.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Eric asked.

Susan hooked her heels behind her son and pulled him towards her.

"Yes Eric...I'm sure." Susan said.

Eric positioned his cock so the head was against his mother's pussy. He pushed the head inside and Susan moaned. He pushed a few inches inside her and she moaned more. He pushed a few more inches inside her and she moaned even deeper. He pushed the rest of the way in so that his pelvic bone was pressed firmly against his mother's.

Eric laughed.

"What's so funny?" Susan asked.

"The last time I was in there I was being born." Eric said.

Susan laughed.

"This feels a lot better than it did that day." Susan said.

" you just want to feel it or did you want..." Eric said.

"Oh sweetie.

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