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Wilda's first swinging party.


Well. That was devastatingly huge. Umm.

"How about a day to think it over? Would that be OK?"

"Absolutely. Let's have dinner now and continue to get to know each other."

So, eventually Julie became Mrs. Madison, at least in name only. She found she had quite a talent for being a trophy wife, often managing a dinner party and at the same time extracting valuable information for the deal at hand from people who assumed she was a ditzy bimbo.

She delighted in bringing home a string of lovers and making her husband insane with lust as she dressed them up, and stripped them down, in the living room, at the pool, in the kitchen, or wherever her fancy took her. And no few were other wives of similarly inclined businessmen. She even bore him a son named Mark, through artificial insemination with Jim's sperm, administered by one of her favorite girlfriends through a specially adapted strap-on. While he watched.

But eventually Jim died of a motorcycle crash, taking a curve too fast, and knowing him, feeling the curves of the girl sharing his bike and not paying attention to his driving. Julie inherited everything, and founded a line of workout studios for women. She remained on the board of many of Jim's companies and dropped off of those she had no interest in. It was the ultimate life.

So Sherrie, seeing the mansion for the first time, was most definitely impressed. After the tour they sat down on the leather couch together with a glass of wine each and began to chat.

"So what else did Laurie say about me, hmm?" Julie asked with an evil smile.

"Well, that, you, umm..." Sherrie was again blushing furiously, looking down at her empty wine glass.

"Sherrie, do you like girls?" She nodded but didn't say anything. "Have you ever been with a girl?"

Julie didn't think anyone could blush even harder, but Sherrie managed to. "I've always wanted to, but didn't know who I could ask, or if bad stories would get around if I hit on a girl who didn't like it. I met Laurie at my old job, and I think she could tell I was interested. I thought about asking her, but she is - umm - well, no offense or anything, but she's a little scary."

Laurie Melton was one of the most sexually aggressive women Julie had ever met. Which worked wonders for Julie, who was more than happy to return the favor, but for a first-timer Laurie probably wasn't the right person to start with.

Julie leaned into Sherrie and kissed her lightly on the lips. She pulled back and looked in her eyes. "What did you think? Did you like that?"

Sherrie smiled hugely and nodded. "Yes - a lot! I was hoping this would happen."

Julie leaned over to the younger girl and kissed her harder, with real passion. She felt Sherrie melt into the kiss. Looking the petite blonde in the eyes she smiled and began kissing her way across her face, breathed deeply and hotly into her ear, and began kissing her way down her neck. Sherrie let out a small groan of pleasure.

Julie stood and took Sherrie's hand. "Come, sweetie, let's go to my bedroom and see what mischief we can get into up there." The younger girl smiled and followed her teacher across the room and up the stairs.

They landed on the bed kissing. Julie's hand moved over Sherrie's breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples through her cami. She was rewarded with another tiny moan. Julie began licking the small of her neck, towards her shoulder. When she encountered the cami's shoulder strap she moved it out of the way with her teeth, pulling it down over her shoulder. Sherrie pulled her arm free of the strap. Julie repeated the process on the other side, and then kissed her way across the younger girl's chest with little kisses, licks and nibbles, back and forth, across each breast, always pulling down her cami a bit more with her teeth and tongue. Sherrie was squirming with excitement.

Julie finally cleared the top of her bra and sat Sherrie up in bed.

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