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Chapter 4. From Christ Church Gleaming.

He was complete stripped of his clothes and next to him was a plastic funnel. Pete appeared wearing the same leather outfit he wore when he tormented James, Black leather dress, corset, long gloves and his thigh high leather boots with long stiletto heels! Pete started to strut toward Marco whom couldn't see Pete clearly because of how he was tied to the floor; however the sound of Pete sexy long stiletto heels made that sexy clicking sound that high heels do. James thought it was the woman whom had a drink with him at the club and felt excited but he was stunned when Pete stood over him in his luscious leather gear.

"You heard the clicking sound of my high heels and I bet you got excited! Sorry to disappoint you." said Pete with a girlish giggle.

"Who the fuck are you and where are all my clothes?" said Marco.

"Oh you'll not be needing them right now!"

Pete climbed on top of Marco and spread his legs so he was sitting on him and looked down at him. It was just like the scene in one his favourite movies Batman Returns, he was Catwoman and Marco was the helpless Batman!

"Hmmm, What a turn on!! This is just like a scene from Batman! I'm Catwoman but I won't be licking your ugly face!"

"Get the fuck off me faggot!"

"Right now you are telling me later you will be begging me!" said Pete and Marco spat on his face.

Pete grinned and sat up. The spit from Marco hit him over the mouth so he slowly opened his mouth and with his tongue he slowly began licking his spit soaked lips and let off a moan in pleasure as he did it.

"You're fucking sick!" said Marco as Pete cleaned his own mouth with his tongue.

Getting up Pete stood over Marco and raised one of his booted legs and with the tip of his boot started rubbing Marco's chin,

"Oh do you like my sexy boots?"

"Stop that!"

Pete was already starting to feel horny as the pointy tip of his high heel boot caressed Marco's chin,

"I know you like my boots," said Pete and moved the pointy boot-tip onto Marco's lips, "there how does the leather taste?"

Marco was furious and began trying to free himself but to no avail, he really did have a boots fetish and loved the sight of a sexy woman in them but Pete was bending the boundaries because he was wearing the kind of women's boots that instantly makes Marco rock hard but he was not a woman. Marco was cursing himself because even though it was Pete in those luscious thigh high leather boots a small part of him was turned on.

"Who the fuck do you think you are you faggot! Wearing a leather dress and women's boots! You look like a freak!" said Marco with anger.

Pete was annoyed at Marco's comment and withdrew his booted foot from Marco's face then kicked him sternly in the balls. Marco was in immense pain and Pete began giggling like a girl again.

"Look you sick peace of shit let me fucking free," said Marco in pain.

"I don't think you are in a position to make demands," said Pete who slowly placed the sole of his booted foot on Marco's penis and slowly start rubbing it.

"There you go honey-bunny, yesssss, lets get you horny for me!" he said as he rubbed.

Marco was furious as his cock began to grow rock hard,

"Stop that!"

"Your head is telling you no but your dick is screaming yes!" said Pete who continued to rub. "I know you like high heel boots! I can tell you have a boots fetish!"

"The other guy I tormented was turned on by my boots but this guy truly loves them, I can tell when he looks at them but he obviously likes women in high heel boots and not guys!" Pete said to himself.

Marco became just as aggressive as James but he too was strapped down so tightly he could not break free.

"Yeah, you like that!" said Pete as he placed his stiletto heel onto Marco's rock hard penis and caressed it. "You love my high heel stilettos!"

"Get the fuck off me!"

"Why? Look how hard my stiletto heel has made you, your throbbing!" said Pete who was in ecstasy again.

Pete stepped on Marco's hard cock again and began caressing in circles savouring the torture.

"Round and round my booty goes and where it stops on y

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