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Ally is introduced to group sex.

But she didn't think he understood just how hard and driving she wanted it; especially with his mouth on her breasts and in her pussy. He thrust into her with his penis incredibly hard. She wanted him to learn she liked it a little hard with his mouth too. Most men don't realize that many women, including Cassie, like just the slightest bit of a 'hard edge' to sex. They were way too timid; probably too conditioned to be afraid of hurting a woman and/or heaven forbid, being accused of being 'insensitive.' But Cassie's body is strong and sturdy at the same time it is soft and yielding. She can take a lot more pressure than John seemed to be aware of.

I intensify the touch of my mouth on Cassie's breasts; my fingers are in her vagina. The other hand roams freely over the soft curves of her body. My mouth continues to suck and bite on her nipples. Cassie's hands are cupping my bottom, firmly massaging each cheek.

Taking my mouth from Cassie's nipple, I open my mouth to her kiss. Just before kissing her, I place my wet fingers in her mouth. "Do you like the way you taste, Cassie," I ask. Our mouths explore each other. Our hands reach down and gently ease off the silk and lace panties that we each wear. Moments later we find ourselves lying close together on the bed, mouth to pussy, pussy to mouth.

Even if we had not 'practiced' before tonight, I knew that I'd have a sense of what Cassie would like. We've been talking for years. I'd been paying attention. And a woman knows another woman's body in a way that a man never can. I begin very slowly, my tongue barely flicking on Cassie's clitoris. There is no hurry and I have learned that Cassie likes to start off slowly.

Many men approach the beginning of oral sex on a woman in the same way that they like it preformed on them. Slowly and gently enough to have the shaft covered well with saliva, and then rapidly up and down with either mouth and/or hands. I know that Cassie wants slower and gentler, longer than any man would even consider possible.

As my tongue flicks across Cassie's labia, I gently begin to draw the now swelling clit into my mouth. At first I suck softly. Over time the pressure increases. The flick of my tongue goes faster, my sucking and even the feel of my teeth increase in intensity. I feel Cassie's hips begin to rock slowly. I feel the quivering of the inner and outer lips of her labia. Her clit is hard. I can feel her first orgasm building. I can hear Cassie's heavy breathing. Her tongue has stilled, as she experiences her first orgasm of the evening.

Cassie told me that John frequently teases her about being unable to 'give and receive' simultaneously. She admitted to having trouble concentrating on the giving of pleasure when she was also receiving pleasure. And the better the pleasure, the more trouble Cassie has. I know that Cassie wants to please me. Now that she has had her first orgasm she begins to focus on me. Cassie continues to suck my labia. Her tongue dances hard and fast over my swollen clit. I ease up on her; giving her space to concentrate on me. I can feel the first orgasm building. "Faster now Cassie; faster and harder. I want to really feel your mouth, your tongue, your teeth. I'm coming now Cassie, don't stop."


I watch them closely. Their limbs are entwined in a classic 69 position. Cassie lying on her back; Diana above her on her knees. They tenderly tease and tempt each other. I'm amazed. I've always wanted to watch two women go down on each other. This is so hot. I know that their amazing sensitivity to themselves and to each other really raises the bar. I wonder if I can be as good as they are. I pay attention. I want to learn more, especially tips and techniques that will provide more pleasure for Cassie. Diana seems to be a whole lot harder with her mouth on Cassie than I usually am. I wonder if that means she likes that? I can't wait to try.

My hands explore their bodies.

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