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The Calm before the storm - a story is told.

Then, McQuire hooked his fingers round his track pants waist and, facing the mother and daughter, quickly pulled them down, watching their faces closely to see their reactions.

He deliberately dragged the elastic top down against the thrust of his erection so that, when it was released, his cock leapt back to attention. Standing proud out of a reddish-fair bush of pubic hair, it was uncircumcised, about seven inches long and moderately thick. Sandy's scream of terror told him her reaction, but his eyes were on her mother and he didn't miss the quick dart of her tongue across her lips and the bright spark that came on in her eye.

Kicking the pants aside, he strode towards Marie Jackson, his cock bobbing arrogantly in front of him, his testicles high in his scrotum with excitement and arousal. Roughly, he grabbed her panties and wrenched them down her thighs.

"Oh, yes," he breathed softly as the dark forest at the base of her belly was revealed. Leaving her panties just above her knees, he plunged his hand between her thighs, his palm rubbing luxuriously against her pubic jungle, his middle finger quickly locating her clitoris, feeling its arousal. He reached down and pulled the panties to her ankles and threw them aside.

Then he grasped Marie's shoulders, turned her around and forced her to bend at the waist, but she fell to the ground and curled in a ball, in a last attempt to stave off her inevitable fate.

"Tommy!" rapped McQuire, and the ever-obedient Tommy removed his head from between Sandy's thighs and looked round. His eyes were unfocussed, but he reacted, as always, to his leader's call.

"Pull her up," ordered McQuire, and Tommy bent down and took hold of the woman's shoulders. Eyes flashing, Marie Jackson whirled her head round and tried to sink her teeth in his wrist. Tommy jumped back, and Joe laughed.

"OK," he said. "Let's fuck Sandy instead!"

"No!" came the immediate response from her mother. "No! Help me up."

Tommy raised her to her feet and, for the first time, looked between her thighs. "Jesus!" he gasped.

"Yeah," agreed Joe. "Wicked, eh? Now you hold her shoulders down, Tom - I think this one likes it doggy-style!"

Again McQuire bent her forward at the waist, but this time Marie Jackson kept her legs braced and, when McQuire pushed at her ankles with his training-shoes, she obediently shuffled them apart.

"No, Mom," whimpered the helpless Sandy. "Please don't make her do it, Joe. Please - it's not fair."

But McQuire now had his hand gripped round his erection and was feeding it through her mother's splayed thighs. Marie was sobbing, now, as she felt it slither closer and closer to her opened vagina, then she gasped as the head entered her. Again, her elemental nature took over. At the familiar touch of a cock at the mouth of her cunt, her sobs ceased and a gasp of excitement escaped her. McQuire leaned forward and locked his hands on to her dangling tits, then simultaneously squeezed them hard - and drove his erect prick into the warm, inviting channel.

"Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!" gasped Marie Jackson as his hot young rod invaded her and his hands sent painful bursts of passion through her swinging tits. "Oh, you bastard - you filthy bastard," she grunted as he began to ride her, hard and forcefully. Joe squeezed her tits and twisted her large engorged nipples mercilessly as he established a fierce rhythm, driving his cock in and out of her.

He nodded urgently at Tommy, who took his hands off the woman's shoulders and, at Joe's direction, untied her wrists. Gratefully, Marie put her hands flat on the bench in front of her and, now able to control her movements, began to push her hips back to meet his vigorous thrusts. Now, her gasps and moans were undoubtedly an accompaniment to her rape, and they increased in noise and intensity as his pace quickened, at the onset of climax.

She sensed his rod stiffening inside her.

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