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An abduction, inconsequential sex, and lots of spilt drinks.

'Make up for it', in Josh & Meg language means one of two things, depending on who is making up to who; there's another story or two here, but suffice to say Meg making up to me includes at the very least a good deep anal drilling before a messy facial shot photographed.

Little did I realise what my next suggestion would give rise to over the next couple of hours.

Txt from Meg: 'On platform, train just coming in cu in a bit'

Txt from Josh: 'wot u wearin?'

Txt from Meg: ' jeans n jumper why lol'

Txt from Josh: 'under the fuckin jeans n jumper dont wind me up im in purgatory here'

Txt from Meg: 'ohhhh......I see well its black n red its silk, and theres a little bit of lac'e

Well, under the usual circumstances I would have been reaching for a sock full of lube and a support bandage for my right wrist! However, due to my current circumstances (you REALLY don't want to know, trust me!) that was frustratingly right out of the question.

Thinking about Meg in the red..........basque (check out some sublime photos of her on our profile!) I kept getting hard and frustrated, not to say just a little bit sore. To say this wasn't helped at all by her next TXT could be observed to be a little bit of an understatement.

Txt from Meg: 'I'm now on the train in the toilet rubbing my clit, thinking about your cock'

That's all I fucking needed!

Txt from Josh: 'ur really gna owe me when I get home'

Txt from Josh: 'keep me posted'

Txt from Josh: 'can u call n giv me commentary?


Txt from Meg: 'jus got off cudnt cum on train, couldn't concentrate gna find ladies wc


Txt from Meg: 'WTF q of 20 fuckin tourists at st pancras for the ladies -- cant w8 dat long and even if I get in theyl b banging the door b4 I boom'

Txt from Josh: 'ha-fuckn-ha! serves u rite for being so selfish!

Txt from Meg: 'just got to hosp. heading for toilet hehe'

Txt from Josh: 'ring me!

Call from Meg: '(whispering), I'm in the ground floor toilet by the restaurant. My jeans and panties are down by my ankles and I've just removed the chinese balls I've been clamping in place for 45 minutes. I've got two fingers jammed up my soaking cunt'

Now, I reckon I've fucked Meg somewhere in the region of 3,000 times and I know exactly what she means when she says 'soaking'. Let's just say I like giving oral, and she likes receiving it, but I need a fucking snorkel to stop myself drowning sometimes!

Then it started: 'Ooooooohhhhhh,.............urrggghhhhhh,...........Ahh, ahh, ,ahh........................

And I knew exactly what was happening. Yes, she was wanking. Yes, she was enjoying it all by herself. But also, she was playing her time-honoured role of audibly acting like the dirty slut we both like to think she is under the well presented cloak of demureness. And we both found out long ago that we both got off totally on the audible sound of sex, and even better -- solo sex! The erotic and purely self-indulgent wank you may say.

Josh: 'anyone else in there?

Meg: 'no alone'

Josh: 'louder then!

Meg: 'oooohhhhhhh...................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......... oh, oh, oh, oh....... That's soooo fucking good!

So, yes, she was overdoing it ___ But like I say it's the intention that counts and the effort Meg was putting in on my account was a truly glorious statement of how much we totally dig each other.

Josh: 'Come on baby! Do it, do it! Do it for me now! You dirty fucking bitch, wanking in a shitty public toilet!

Meg: 'God, I'm cumming!

Josh: 'tell me about it. What're you thinking about?

Meg: 'I'm - ughh, ughh - thinking how I'd -- ooohhhhhh, oooooooo - use your cock if you were -- oh fuck -- here w

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