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A T-girl fan meets her idol, a T-girl singer, backstage.

Sylvia is self conscious at first but gradually relaxes as the drink takes effect. At the end of the evening I collect my winnings and all four of us walk outside together. We stand together in the car park.

"Don't be shy Sylvia, give Rob and Andy a goodnight kiss, there's a good girl."

I stand behind her basically supporting her as she's struggling to stay upright. I nod to Andy and he steps forward kissing her full on the mouth. They drunkenly hug each other for a few seconds, then it's Rob's turn. He takes his time and I see them exchange tongues in a tight embrace, Sylvia's arms creeping around his back for about half a minute.

"Okay Rob, that'll do for now. Come on Sylvia, put him down. Let's get in the car."

On the way home I turn off down a dark side road and stop the car. We're all over each other.

"Let's get rid of those panties darling. They're wet through aren't they? You loved flashing at those two lads, admit it." I pull them down and she doesn't protest.

"Mmm, It was sooo sexy," she slurs. "And when Rob pressed against me I could feel his hard lump." She giggles and kisses me again. I start fingering her.

I pretend I don't understand. "Lump? What do you mean dear? Describe what you mean by his lump?"

"His cock silly, but you know that already. Mmmm. Keep doing that, it's soo naughty. Anyone might come along and see us."

I pull my finger out. "Come on. Let's get into the back. I want to fuck you whilst you explain what you want to do to Rob and Andy. What would you do if they came along right now?"

Sylvia climbs drunkenly into the back seat giggling as a gust of wind blows her tiny skirt up around her waist. There's no-one around to see but me. I know that exposing her bare pussy whilst outside will add to Sylvia's arousal. As we fuck I can tell she's half expecting that someone will walk by. She knows my schemes and probably suspects I've arranged something.

"Not sure about Andy. Isn't he underage? Don't want to get into trouble." She mumbles as my cock moves in and out.

"But you liked Rob didn't you dear?"

"Ooo. Yes Bryan; liked Rob."

"So if he wanted to fuck you, you'd let him, right?" I increase my tempo and begin pinching her nipples. "Right?" I ask again louder.

"Mmm. Might fuck him, yeah." After saying this Sylvia erupts into a loud uncontrolled orgasm probably audible to half the houses in the street even above the sound of the TVs. We move back into the front and head home.

Sylvia is so drunk I doubt if she will remember what she's said but I plan to remind her in bed as we fuck at home over the next week. Then I can put phase two of my plan into action; I'm happy so far with what's been achieved.

We normally have sex about four times a week on average but over the next few nights we are at it every night. Sylvia can't get enough of me and we talk endlessly about Friday night. I play another game of pool with the lads. They really enjoyed Friday and are eager to see Sylvia again.

"She kept flashing her knickers at us to distract us. You put her up to it didn't you?" Rob says with a grin.

"She must have been wetting herself. You could see a dark patch in her crotch area." This was from Andy. There was something about him that made me feel he had very little experience with women. "Why don't you bring her down again this Friday?"

"Okay then, I will. How do you two fancy coming back to ours afterwards for a few more drinks?"

They both stare at me, eyes wide open. I had my answer before they'd even said anything.

That night, in bed I tease Sylvia, getting her to the brink of orgasm with my tongue on her clit, then stopping. She's reached that place where she'll do just about anything.

" Bryan, don't make me wait. I need your cock inside me right now."

"First I want you to tell me how much you want to fuck young Robby."

"No, you, I want you. Fuck me now please."

I raise my voice. "Do you want Rob; tell me."

"Yeah, he's nice, but I'm too old for him." I begin to finger her. She starts to moan.

"He'd be up yo

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