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Not every Novice becomes a Submissionette...

I felt my throat constrict and a warmth flow down my chest, my stomach and on down to my groin as I watched this Venus lean back against the shower wall while she pinched her left nipple and rubbed her right one. I could see her nipples pucker under her ministrations, each nipple growing longer as the skin around them constricted. I licked my lips and thought of how good it would feel to wrap my lips around those fully aroused nipples.

Amy then took the bar of soap into her left hand and began to slowly slide it down over her smooth belly. I imagined my tongue doing the same, languishing in the taste of this lovely woman and tantalizing her with my touch. As she pushed the soap lower still until it disappeared between her legs I felt my own arousal grow. My cock was pushing my pajamas outward in a huge tent and I could feel it throbbing with lust for my lover who was unknowingly producing this beautiful erotic show for me. As Amy rubbed the soap over her smooth pussy lips I could almost taste her juices as I imagined my tongue running where this soap now was. When a moan escaped from Amy's lips I felt my cock strain even further against the cloth of my pajamas.

Amy reached up and grabbed the nozzle off the shower hook and pulled it down to spray it directly against her pussy as she spread her legs apart. While she pushed the shower nozzle further up against her pussy, I pushed my pajama bottoms down over my throbbing cock and freed it from its constraints. Just as I wrapped the fingers of my right hand around my throbbing member, Amy looked out through the glass of the shower stall and across to me.

Embarrassment washed over me at being caught staring in lust with my cock in my hand, feeling like a peeping Tom lasciviously staring through a bedroom window. But as Amy's lips turned upward slightly, a giggle escaped her lips and a gleam lit up her eyes.

She suddenly got a more determined look on her face as she twisted the dial of the nozzle to massage. She reached down her hand, spread apart the lips of her pussy and sprayed the forceful stream of water directly onto her clit. "Oooooooh", a cry escaped from her and her legs almost buckled. A gasp escaped from my own lips as I felt my cock throb in my hand. Amy continued to run the shower head slowly up and down over her pussy, letting the pulsating water wash over her slit and throbbing clit.

As she slid to the floor of the shower, I walked over to the outer shower wall and stared down at her. Amy's eyes were closed now as she frantically ran the stream of water over her fiery button, which I could now see grown swollen under these ministrations.

I leaned my head against the cool glass of the shower stall, my eyes still glued on Amy's beautiful pussy, and began stroking my hand up and down over my raging hard on. My breath was coming out in ragged exhalations as my excitement built. I moved my hand faster up and down my cock. I could feel the pressure building within me as I stared down at Amy, her legs beginning to shake. The pre-cum was coating my hand and cock as I stroked faster and faster feeling my orgasm building.

When Amy began to whine with pleasure I thought I would burst, but the excitement in my own body just continued to build.

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