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Pretty hitchhiker is picked up by an older woman.

I poured some hot water in the basin, put some liquid soap in it, and took a deep breath when I realized I had to undress my uncle. He was shirtless and I was used to see his muscular torso, but I had never seen him naked. I placed everything in place to begin the bath, so I smiled and looked at him and said "Excuse me, but I need to take off your pants". He looked mortified, so I stood behind him and dropped down the drawstring pants he had been using. I avoided looking at his manhood, but I knew it was unavoidable. After all, I was going to wash it.

He stepped into the empty tub and sat in the end, opposite to the water faucet. I placed a towel over his manhood, so he was not embarrassed too much. He looked more relaxed now, so I began to bath him with the sponge. I washed his chest, torso, and legs slowly, looking at his face. He had his eyes closed and his breathing was deep. I washed his face and hair, leaving his private parts for last. When it was time, I looked at the towel and to my surprise it was a tent -- a huge one. I removed the towel and couldn't hold a gasp: I was looking at the most beautiful cock I had seen in my life! It was not fully erect, but it already measured a good nine inches and its veins were already pumping blood into it, with its uncircumcised head sliding out of the hood. I just stared at it with amazement and couldn't believe that his wife had left a man with such a great cock, even less than he was gay.

Uncle Pedro opened his eyes and looked at my face, ashamed to death. "I-I-I'm sorry Mariela... it has been so long since an attractive woman touched me that I forgot where I was. Please just dry me and don't tell anything to Mama" he said trying to justify his massive erection.

"Uncle, don't worry... I-I understand" I said, controlling my desire of fucking him right there. "But you were right, you need to clean your privates and Mama won't be here until next week. You can catch an infection if we keep you dirty." I said with the most factual tone I could give to my voice while staring at the monster in front of me. "Now, stop being a prude uncle, this is not the first penis I see in my life..." I said while taking the soaped sponge and began cleaning his pubic area. "Close your eyes if it makes you feel better. I'll wake you up when we are done." Uncle complied and closed his eyes -- after all, he didn't have a choice.

I cleaned as much as I could with the sponge, but realized it could be too coarse to clean his testicles and his penis. I decided to soap them with my bare hands. I applied lots of liquid soap on my hand and began to lathe his testicles. He was surprised and let a loud moan escape from his throat. I continued with his monster cock, now fully erect and pulsating. That thing was about ten inches long and thick as my arm. I started using both hands to clean the shaft, going up and down on the massive meat stick. His breathing became more agitated, so I slowed down, making him moan. His cock looked angry for release, but I wanted it to last longer. I peeled off the skin covering his cock head and with one hand, cleaned the big purple head and all the spaces covered with skin while with the other I was stroking his shaft. Now even he realized I was not bathing him anymore, I was jerking him off.

"Don't hold it, uncle" I told him next to his ear "I know you want to cum, so go ahead and enjoy it.

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