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She's taken advantage of onstage...or is she?


"I know that exhilarating feeling you get while whipping a man and reducing him to tears but you must resist your impulses to overdo it darling."

Pam replied, "I understand auntie. I am so lucky to have such a wise and understanding teacher, but I still hope he is bad soon. It felt wonderful!"

I made a mental note to myself to be good. I didn't want this crazy kid whipping my hide off.

"Now," Mistress Ilene stated, "Lesson two, humiliation and verbal abuse. Remember a man can only take so much physical pain and then he passes out but there is no limit to the mental pain that can be inflicted upon him. Watch, listen and learn."

She walked over to where I was kneeling on the floor and asked, "You didn't like your whipping did you?"

I shook my head adamantly. She then loosened the ball gag and asked, "Tell us why you were whipped."

"B-because I was late." I replied still sniffling a little.

"And now you are going to be a good little sissy and do everything we ask you, right?"

"Y-yes!" I quickly replied.

SMACK, my mistress slapped my face quite hard and said, "Yes, what?"

"YES MISTRESS!" I yelled, my cheek smarting.

"Very good," Mistress Ilene replied. "Now I want you to crawl over to Mistress Pam and kiss her feet and thank her for spanking you so you can learn not to be late for appointments in the future."

This was so humiliating, to have to crawl over to that little brat and kiss her feet thanking her for whipping the hell out of my stinging bottom, it was almost more than I could bare but I knew refusal would only bring more whippings.

I crawled over to her and started kissing her feet.

"Lick and suck them, you worthless bitch," Pam commanded.

I felt my face flush as I increased my efforts to adore her little feet and toes.

"Thank you Mistress Pam for teaching me not to be late, thank you for whipping me so I can learn." I said, tears of humiliation falling from my face.

"You're welcome faggot; just don't let it happen again!" She chided.

"I see what you mean, auntie! This is almost as much fun as whipping him! What's next?" She asked impatiently.

"I think we should take some time out for our own pleasure, "my mistress informed her.

Then, she ordered me to lie on my back.

"This is called "Queening or Smothering" she told her young niece.

With that she lowered her pussy down and began to rub her vaginal juices all over my face. She also ordered me to lick and suck her cunt and asshole.

I had to breathe quickly between her movements to keep from being smothered.

"Don't smother them completely," Mistress Ilene instructed. "Let them have just enough air to keep them from passing out. Continue until you have had enough orgasms to feel satisfied. This is one of the perks of being a Dom."

I continued suck and licking my mistress until she had climaxed four times. At that point she stood up and offered my face to her young niece.

Her niece quickly took her aunt's place.

She rubbed her pussy much harder against my face and when my tongue came in touch with her anus she screamed, "That's right, suck my ass you loser! Put your tongue in father, yes, oh yes, that's it!"

I was gasping for air as I administrated to my young mistresses needs. I could feel her coming on my face as she yelled, "Oh yeah, that's it, that's it suck on my clit you little pussy-boy, ahhhhhhhhh!"

She then collapse on me and went limp. I turned my head slightly to one side panting and trying to catch my breath.

"You like?" my mistress asked her niece.

"Oh yes, "Pam answered, breathlessly, "I think I will have him sleep with his face between my legs tonight. He really knows how to suck pussy!"

She slowly stood up, leaving me there on the floor, my face and makeup smeared with her juices.

Both women laughed at my appearance and my mistress told Sasha to take me into the bathroom and clean me up.

Sasha led me by my leash into the bathroom and said, "You're not through sucking yet, pussy-boy!"

And with that she pulled my face to her cunt and said, "Suck it good, bitch, make me cum just like our mi

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