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Then we showed Corinne how to operate the video camera and she recorded Kate undressing me. And then she filmed the two of us making oral and "conventional" love. Her camera work wasn't the greatest except for her final shots, which were of Kate and I ecstatically smiling at each other as we reached our orgasm together, tightly clasped in each other's arms. As a personal record of that side of our relationship, that few seconds of footage is worth millions to me.

Kate invited Corinne to join us on the bed - I felt very decadent, sandwiched as I was between the two warmly naked, ripe, sex-odorous women. I was amazed that Kate so readily welcomed another female that close to me, even if it was her mother - and a beautifully nude mother as well! My appreciation of the situation soon became evident as my cock insistently began to harden again. And my wonderment became almost exponential when Kate took her mother's hand to lead it to my hot pole and both women stroked me until I shot boiling streams of pearly jism up over my belly.

"It's a good thing we didn't film that part!" Corinne laughed, "Jim would NOT be amused!"

I went to the bathroom to clean up and take a leak, still shaking my head at the sudden erotic turn of events. When I returned to the bedroom mother and daughter, oblivious to everything around them were fast asleep in tangled nest of naked arms, legs and breasts. I watched them for a few moments, entranced by their graceful beauty, then I closed the door quietly behind me and went downstairs to find an ice-cold beer and some clothes.

Corinne left about an hour later without say goodbye to me. Kate joined me in the kitchen, freshly showered and dressed only in one of my baggy, oversized T-shirts. She had never looked more radiantly beautiful.

"Greg, I'm sorry..."

"Hush Princess! I don't feel that we are in any danger."

"Oh Greg..." Kate climbed onto the breakfast stool with me, sitting astride my legs, "It was like Donna and me all over again. Mom and I half woke up at the same time and almost did it. I've never seriously imagined having sex with a woman, as you know, especially my own mother. But I felt so warm and tender that it seemed to be a completely natural thing to writhing and screaming, just soft caresses and gentle, intimate kisses and a long, rolling release for both of us...but then we both chickened out."

I held her close and nuzzled the side of her neck, breathing in her clean scent and stroking the smooth muscles of her bare back under the T-shirt, "Maybe, because you are both feel safe being "women"? And neither of you felt the need to be the "man"?"

She sighed, "You are such a perceptive individual Miracle Man! And right now I want nothing more than for you to take me to our room and accomplish one of those stupendous man-miracles on my body that only you can do."

I only had to look into Kate's Vertigo Eyes to know that she meant every word. We made love into the late afternoon. And then, still reeking of sex, we climbed onto the Harley and roared off to a nearby biker-frequented roadhouse to wolf giant hamburgers and fries, washed down with schooners of ice-cold VB draught. Thanks to the Harley, nobody took any notice of us or noticed our ripe aromas - we were probably the sweetest smelling people in the place! Slightly tipsy and happier than any other couple on the planet, we flew back home to tumble back into bed and resume our wild lovemaking.

"You truly were a Miracle Man today," Kate murmured contentedly as she finally drifted off to sleep. "Your next miraculous achievement will be to wake me up and get me to school on time in the morning!"

Our perfect happiness took a severe hammering just a few days later.

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