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A hot night with a stranger.

"Hell no, I can't in good conscience let you go out into the world giving head like that."

Ashleigh was mortified. "Look, I'm sorry, okay, I'm just going to go." Her voice was shaky, and she heard herself stutter.

"Tell you what. You stay right here and agree to give it another try, and I'll talk you through it. How does that sound? You walk out, and you prove your bitch ass boyfriend was right."

I'm never going to please this man, Ashleigh thought, considering leaving. She almost started to get up again, but Tate's hand was firm on her forehead. Would he even let her leave? Plus, he was right, if she left, she'd never get any better.

She took a deep breath and looked up at Tate. He smiled.

"Good girl," he said.

She took another deep breath and closed her eyes.

"Okay," she said. "What do I do?"

Tate smiled again. "First of all, open your eyes. Nothing sexier than a little hot thing staring up at you when you're getting your dick sucked."

Begrudgingly, she did, looking straight at his penis. It terrified her, but looking at it made it grow more appealing, like something to be conquered. She wanted this.

She felt Tate's hand move from her forehead, and he grabbed her chin a little roughly.

"Next up, open that little slut mouth."

Ashleigh hesitated, startled at what Tate had said. She wasn't a slut! She opened her mouth to say something, but she felt two of Tate's fingers slide in, forcing her mouth further apart and resting on her tongue.

"Good girl. What we're gonna work on now is getting that slutty little mouth nice and wet, so it doesn't feel like a damn sponge sucking on my dick."

Tate's fingers were strong, and he probed them around her mouth, forcing her jaw to open wider, pushing her tongue around. She was starting to salivate, and he worked her spit around the inside of her mouth. Eventually, he pushed his thumb in too, then dragged it out of her mouth, rubbing it across her lips.

He pulled his hand away and held it, palm up, just below her chin. Ashleigh just looked at him, confused and aroused, her mouth full of her saliva.

"Don't swallow. Spit on my hand."

Ashleigh reluctantly spat a little onto Tate's hand.

"All of it."

Ashleigh did, emptying her mouth. Tate immediately grabbed her head with her other hand and used his spit-covered hand to cover her face with her own spit. She tried to turn her head away, but he held her there.

Tate's hands gripped the back of her head and her chin. Ashleigh looked up at him and he just started down at her. "You agreed to this, you're going to play your part, okay?" he said.

She paused, hesitant. He gripped harder, almost painfully. "Okay?"

Ashleigh nodded, completely overwhelmed by terror and arousal. Tate smiled.

"Good girl, open."

Ashleigh did, opening her mouth. Tate moved his hands away.

"Start sucking," he said, "but this time, don't suck so hard. Use your tongue and let your spit build up and get my dick wet. Gonna make things easier later."

What did that mean? What was going to happen later? She put it out of her mind and moved her hands back up to his penis. It had grown again hard after her spit ordeal. He swatted them away.

"No hands," he said.

Ashleigh was starting to feel a little sick. She had no control over the situation, and Tate was growing more and more commanding as it went on. She was completely out of her depth, but she was quickly realizing that she didn't really have a choice. Tate was going to get his blowjob, Ashleigh may as well try and enjoy it. Plus, a part of her was enjoying it. A lot.

She moved her mouth to his penis. She managed to get her mouth around it a little more easily now that her lips were wet, but it wasn't fully hard. She started using her tongue, sliding it up and down Tate's penis.

"Good girl, now you're gonna see what you're working with."

Yet again, she didn't know what he meant, but as she kept sucking and licking him she felt him growing in her mouth, and she felt herself struggling to keep it in her mouth.

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