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Thwarting the Pastor's sex plans.

"No, no, no!" I stopped in disbelief as she started instructing me in the "proper" arrangement for the boxes. I looked down at her, getting a great view of her wondrous cleavage as she pointed and gestured even as I tuned her our, feeling a stirring in my shorts.

She slowly trailed off, going quiet as her eyes locked on to the right leg of my shorts where my cock was slowly pushing out, making its presence known. I don't think she even realized she was just standing there staring as I looked down at her, growing harder by the moment seeing the look on her face. It reminded me of Kelly, and everything snapped into place for me right then. I knew it was time to get some payback from this woman.

I turned my back to her, cutting off her view even as my cock was seriously tenting out my shorts. I ignored her and finished putting the boxes on the shelf before turning around and facing her again with a knowing grin on my face. Her eyes looked up at me then flashed back down to my shorts, widening as she saw that I'd lifted one leg slightly, exposing the head of my still-swelling cock.

"See something you like, Mrs. Evers?" I finally asked, breaking her out of her spell. She unconsciously licked her lips just a bit before shaking her head and looking to my face again, meeting my eyes and trying to marshal her normal, imperious manner once more.

"Wh...what do you think you're doing, young man? How dare you!"

I just laughed, stepping down from the chair right in front of her, only inches away then snapping right back at her, "Shut up, slut!"

She recoiled like I had slapped her but didn't say a word, her mouth hanging open in shock. It was obvious she'd never been talked to like that before and I figured it was about time.

"That's better. I don't want to hear another fucking word out of you unless it's 'Yes, Sir'. Understand?"

She just stood there, starting to tremble and seeing that only made my cock jump more. I was in all the way now, no going back. Somehow I knew it would only get better anyway.

I reached forward quickly, my left hand moving just behind her head and grabbing her long hair, using it to pull her back as I stepped forward. She stumbled, stepping back quickly with me almost as if we were dancing and she was following my lead...until I had walked her back against the wall, using my grip to pull her down even further, her legs buckling as she trembled, looking up into my eyes in confusion while being forced down to her knees.

"I said...understand, slut?" I spit out at her more harshly. She moved to nod her head until I took a tighter grip on her hair and snapped her head back making her yelp, "Yesss! Yes, Sir!"

"About time you learned some manners," I stated before chuckling softly. "Now we both know what you were looking at so I'll give you the chance for a better view. C'mon, Mrs. Evers, pull my shorts down."

I watched her eyes as I said it, seeing something deep inside give way. She finally dropped her gaze to the front of my shorts, seeing the bulge tenting out towards her. She swallowed hard then reached up with both hands shaking to the waistband. Taking hold she started pulling my shorts down, slowly at first until she saw just the base of my shaft. Then she yanked suddenly, freeing my hard cock to swing up, the head slapping up against her chin as she whispered, "Oh my god."

I pulled back from her slightly, my cock bouncing as I stepped out of the shorts she'd pulled down to my ankles. Her eyes were locked onto the dark, mushroom-shaped head following its every move. My fingers clenched in her hair, wrapping it around my fist as I spoke to her again, voice low and firm, "Kiss it, slut. Show me how much you appreciate getting to see a real cock for once."

Her eyes flashed up to me briefly, but almost immediately her head moved forward, lips puckered and lightly touching the head of my cock.

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