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Tanya goes dancing & a man follows her home.

The enjoyment was mixed with a displeasure of the growing ache in his cock and balls. As the fingers ran across Jeremiah's prostate he would find his body shivered with pleasure, which also caused his aching cock to pulse within the contraption confining it's engorgement.

This only caused further throbbing and aching, though Jeremiah could also tell there was a steady stream of pre cum drooling from the opening of his cock and collecting into a puddle is his thatch of pubic hair above the shafts base. The puddle cooled in the air of the room. In Jeremiah's hyper sensitive state, the tendrils dripping down his sides from this puddle were like icicles cutting through the heat of his skin. The obvious enjoyment his body felt contrasted with the terrified violation his mind was going through. The confusion, the anxiety, the fear, the pleasure all brought Jeremiah to an oddly comforting apathy. Eventually his body lie lax in his bonds. His vocal cords, harsh now from screaming, only came to life for the eventual moan or grunt. The mans four fingers slid in and out of Jeremiah's hole with almost no resistance from the muscles. the unremarkable lips beneath the rubber hoods mouth opening smiled a very satisfied grin, showing for the first time that the smiles barer had any emotion for the situation.

The fingers left Jeremiah's stretched opening. He felt empty. He felt lonely. He was cold and hot at the same time. His body ached from fighting the restraints as did his cock and balls. He was little more then a violated hunk of meat reserved to his circumstances. Terrified to actually acknowledge what was taking place and at the same time unable to escape it's reality. He couldn't help but feel the loss of fullness. The aching throb of his cock. The cooling puddle of pre cum collecting and dripping down his sides continuously. The phallus stuffed in his mouth as well as the drool pooling in the sides of the hood strapped snugly over his head. The bonds at his ankles, wrists and waist. The sounds of the chains echoing through the room was no longer starling. The chill of the room didn't seem as harsh. His heart and breathing seemed to have reached a steady rhythm. He was almost euphoric.

The calm moment was only marred by a low rustling as the apparent captor rummaged inside of some sort of bag Jeremiah couldn't quite see. Jeremiah idly listened to the motions taking place outside of his vision. He heard a zipper, the sound of canvas or nylon rubbing itself as it was moved. He heard a few clunks and scrapes of metal here or there. The metal pieces were drug along the concrete floor to Jeremiah's exposed end. Another bag was un zipped and opened. A few more sounds of rummaging and the tormentor produced a large dildo. It was larger then the mans four fingers had been. Large enough that his rubbered hand could not encase it's latex shaft with a space of about two inches between the fingers and thumbs. The man plopped the large latex cock on top of Jeremiah's stomach, in his plane view, and went back to the metal pieces.

As Jeremiah stared at the dildo which he had no doubt would soon be buried deep within his guts, he also listened to what sounded like the man assembling something. The familiar clank of metal pieces fitting together, the screech of metal on metal as bolts were turned into place. While his physical self hardly reacted to the obviousness of what was to come, his mind wondered if it would be able to handle it. Soon the dildo was lifted off of his stomach, and he could feel it being pressed against his prepared hole.

The man worked slowly, stretching the hole open even more a little at a time.

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