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Blonde professor spanks black Muslim student.

you finally pick a foreign movie that we both know we won't watch. you look down at me and kiss me on the forehead before leaning down even more to bite the top of my ear and whisper that I am yours until tomorrow and you are free to use me how you like. I shiver, not sure if it's from the bite or from your voice vibrating in my ear. I scoot closer to you and you slip your arm around me into my dress and grab my boob tightly, causing me to gasp which results in a stern glance from you. I bite my lower lip and promise myself to be quiet. you bring your other hand up to my neck and trace the veins in it with your teeth, I shiver and squirm, attempting to move out of your reach but you tightly pull me closer to you and then I know I'm stuck. I look at you and you just laugh. you move your hand from my boob and move it down to drum on my hip and trace it. it makes me jump slightly and I bite my lip, immediately stop moving and don't dare look up at you. the hand that had been on my neck is now encircling my throat and pushing me back against the couch struggling for air. you growl in my ear that if I struggle, move or make a noise you'll make sure I regret it. I try nodding my head but your hand is still around my throat which makes it difficult to let you know that I understand. in a instant your hands are off me and your walking across the room, shooting me a look that glues me to my seat. I see you coming back with a few things. you see me looking and tell me to stand up and close my eyes. the first thing I feel is a blindfold sliding over my eyes. I take a deep breath and try to relax. I start to lose my balance but you catch me, next I feel something circling around my wrists, securing them together behind my back. you then lead me back over to the couch and sit me down, then walk away. you rustle some things around and then I feel your hands on the back of my head pushing me forward towards your cock, once I feel it touch my lips I open my mouth and take you in. your hands are still on the back if my head, winding my hair around your fingers, pulling it then pushing you down my throat, I start gagging and try to move back but you hold me there as tears start to fall. you finally let me up for a second, and only a second. I take the chance to take a breath before you do the same thing over and over until I can take it.__

you lift up the blindfold for a moment and tell me to look at you, which I do with tear stained eyes.

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