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Fran goes to a party and finds she is the favor.

"Oh crap," Kathy gasped. "That's good." Moving my hands to grip the cheeks of her muscular ass, I pressed forward to 'savor the flavor' of her pussy, sucking up the seeping juices. I pushed my mouth deeper against the soft flesh of her crotch, sucking energetically at her swollen labia until I pulled at them with my mouth. She responded by thrusting her body against my face while her body wiggled on the table in front of me. There was a squeezing pressure against the sides of my head from her muscular thighs as she lifted her legs over my shoulders and down my back. This allowed her to pull me harder into her cunt, forcing her heat against my mouth.

"Up...to...my clit!" she panted. "oh fuck...there! Oohh...fuck...eat...eat me!" I did everything I could to consume her, sucking at her swollen cunt lips and pushing the tip of my tongue against the little nub that was now the focus of her need. I switched back, sending my tongue into the depths of her pulsating snatch.

I had a tight grip on tight cheeks of her writhing ass, holding her in place as I blissfully sucked in her juices. It was difficult to hold on and my hand shifted a bit, placing a thumb right on her little anus. It felt so hot under my thumb...burning hot. I wiggled my thumb and she squealed and thrust wildly against me, smearing my cheeks and chin with her hot pussy juice.

"I'm...I'm...cumming," she howled. "Ohhhhh.....fffuuuuucccckkkk!" Her body stretched taut, then thrashed on the table in front of him, her heels thumping on my back. I never stopped drinking in her sweet juice as I enjoyed her rapturous orgasm, watching her gasp and squirm in the throes of a magnificent climax. Although it was likely only a few brief moments, she seemed to be lost in her orgasm for a long time as wave after wave washed over her.

Finally, I felt Kathy go limp; her legs relaxed over my shoulders. The room seemed unnaturally quiet after her shouts and all I could hear was her feeble gasps for breath. With a sigh, I slid her legs off my shoulders and leaned back in my chair, my face wet with Kathy's pussy juice. I was stunned by the vision of beauty lying on my table.

Kathy was naked on the table, her head cocked to one side; her hair was dark red and pasted to the sides of her face with sweat. The same sweat that made the smooth skin of her body glisten in the light. The firm mounds of her breasts jiggled slightly with her panting breaths but the nipples on top were swollen and hard. Below her heaving abdomen and between her spread legs, the entrance to her cunt was gleaming wet and swollen red. This was the most erotic sight I ever remember seeing, all the more exciting because I created the orgasms that left her like this.

I waited until Kathy recovered. She finally opened her eyes and looked around before fixing her gaze on me.

"Holy shit," she exclaimed. "What did you do to me? That was incredible."

"I just wanted some dessert," I answered with a grin.

"Oh baby, that was great," she sighed as she sat up. She looked down at me in my chair with a devilish smile. "I hope there is more to come." She beckoned me closer with her finger.

I stood up and moved between her legs. She pulled me close and kissed my lips, tasting her own cunt fluid on my face. Her tongue pushed into my mouth, where she explored fervently, seeking out every taste inside.

My hand went to her breast, where I cupped it and squeezed her hard nipple.

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