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A man's romancing of a special woman.

He couldn't help but let out an audible groan, "how big?" he asked.

Her expression turned to one of annoyance at the question, "36B and don't you dare say it, I know they are a cup size smaller than!"

He chuckled thinking it was going to take some time to have Judy truly be a good sex slave, one that never sassed him back. But after so many years of being best friends, he knew that old habits would take time to unlearn.

"They are quite nice they say anything more than a mouth full just goes to waste," he chuckled, "now get going I'm getting impatient."

Her eyes sparkled from the compliment, "thank you Master, they are all yours and more than enough for you to titty fuck," as she began to sway her hips from side to side.

She seemed to be dancing, as she unzipped her jeans, tugging them down just enough to keep her pussy from being exposed as she covered it with her hand, slowly touching herself. Jeff wasn't sure just how much more teasing he could stand, his cock was screaming to get out and into her hot box, to be slamming into her hard and fast.

She turned her back to him and began tugging down her jeans, teasing him first with a little butt crack, before she leaned forward slightly. Her jeans moving at near a snail's pace ever so slowly down her ass, revealing she was wearing a hot pink thong.

"YOU slut! Are you always this damn slow?...quit being a cock tease and move your ass!" he snarled.

Stepping out of her jeans quickly, she bent back over and looked at him between her legs, moving the wisp of thong aside, and then used two fingers to spread her cunt lips wide. Jeff got light headed at seeing her two gates to utopia. Her pussy was glistening with wetness and her back door was so inviting.

"Face me and get on your knees slut," he ordered her, as he rose slowly from the sofa, when in actuality what he wanted to do was to jump up and take her standing there bent over.

Judy dropped to her knees and waited silently to be told what to do next; it was good to see that she had learned a few things from watching Laura and him via that spy cam. Judy's pussy was getting so very wet, just the thought of having Jeff's cock again after so many years almost more than she could handle.

"Are you ready to be my 24/7 personal fuck toy Judy?" he asked.

"Oh yes Master, I want nothing more than to be your fucktoy...I give myself to you to use as you please Master," her tone one of sincerity and for her the truth.

"And you will obey me, and never question me?" he asked, just so he could gage her response, to see just how much training she may need yet to be a perfect slave.

There was a slight hesitation but she replied, "I will obey your every command Master," then paused a moment before adding, "and never question your Master."

Her response was as good as he could hope for, all things considered. Now it was time to test her.

"Crawl to me slut and pleasure your Master," he ordered her.

There was no hesitation this time, she crawled to him and reached up undo his pants. Having undone his belt and zipper she reached inside his shorts, pulled his eight inch erect cock into the open. She looked at it, as if it was a long lost friend, her smile running ear to ear, her expression looking as if she was mesmerized by the sight of his cock saluting her.

At that moment Judy decided that she was never going to let this cock escape her again, nor let Karen dom her and control when Jeff would fuck her as Laura had done for so many years. A secret she would only reveal after Jeff fucked her.

"Slut!" he barked, to break her trance.

"Sorry Master," she said as she grasped his cock, pulling the head to her now quite eager tongue.

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