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She takes her online life even further as he watches.

No makeup, nothing interesting at all, not my idea of a vision, I will say that.

"Want a room, huh?" she looked me up and down.

"By yourself?" She leaned over to look out the window at my car.


"Thirty-three bucks, towels are five bucks and a 10 buck deposit."

"You think I would steal your fucking towel?" I retorted.

"Yea, do you want the room or not?"

I handed her forty-seven bucks, got the towel that didn't look all that clean, and the key.

"Hey, where ya headed?" she asked.

"None of your fucking business!" I answered. I started to head for the door.

"Hey, got any money to spare?"

"What?" I looked back. She held the robe open, I came to a stop. I was looking at the finest set of natural breasts I had ever seen, perfect ski slope style with upturned nipples. Her stomach was flat and muscular, the robe was open enough I could see the flare of her pubic mound, fading into prominent hipbones. The skimpy low cut panties didn't hide the fact that she was fully shaved.

"Not interested." I managed to say, and I turned and went to the dingy room. Hell, I would need to whack off, the broad's body was a sight to behold but I had no time or inclination for that right now.

Someone probably pretended to clean the fucking place but it had been awhile. I checked the bed, at least it seemed to be fresh. I was sitting on the john after washing the fucking seat off, I leaned over to spit in the trash can and spotted a condom in there.

Hell, this was one fine fucking place!

Later, after it was nice and dark I went out and found the phone lines, cut them. Then I went back to the car and switched the license plates to my California set.

I figured I could get a few hour's sleep now, even if someone spotted my car there was no way to call out. I was sure I would hear any cars start up and move in the gravel driveway, I am a light sleeper. It was at least 30 miles to anywhere, enough head start for me if I needed it.

I woke up later to a pounding on my door. Grabbing the .357, I peeked out through the curtain. The woman from the counter was standing there. She was dressed in slacks and a blouse, she looked better. I put my piece away in my bag, opened the door.

"Hey!" she said.

"Yea, Hey yourself." I was getting tired of hearing her holler "Hey!"

"What were you doing outside earlier?"

"Nothing, just checking my car."

"You were changing the plates."

"No I wasn't."

"Yes, you were. Want some company?" She grinned like she had me.

Great. Just what I needed, some fucking bitch giving me shit.

"Sure, come on in." I held the door open.

"Got any beer?" She plopped down on my bed like she lived there or something.

"Yea, I got some." I popped a couple of brews and handed one to her.

"Running?" she looked at me, took a long pull on the brew, burped and then grinned at me.

"Yea, so what?" I was getting pissed at her.

"Hell, I wouldn't mind running. This place sucks."

"So what the fuck do you want?"

"Oh, excitement, money, something to do besides cleaning fucking rooms."

"What's in it for me?"

"How about some pussy?" she purred. She reached down and tripped the catch on the slacks she wore, stuck her legs up in the air and stripped them off.

I just stood there and looked.

There was nothing underneath.

That did it, I was on her in a flash, hell, I hadn't had any nookie for months and this was really special looking pussy. I screwed the broad from one side of the room to the other, then I bent her over and backdoored her for awhile. Finally I had all I could manage, I stretched out on the bed and slept.

I figured the bitch would be gone by morning, she wasn't. I woke up to her sitting there with nothing on, she was fingering the hammer on my .357.

"Give me that!" I reached out and jerked it out of her hands.

"Hey you got a pile of money, did ya steal it?" She smiled, her damn tits seemed to pop up and out.

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