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Not too scared to meet him the next night though.

She stopped when she got to about twice her normal size then bounded back to the kitchen tabletop. I sat there dumbfounded with my mouth hanging open until she picked up the book of matches and handed them to me. I noticed her front paws had expanded to resemble hands. I lit the pipe and took a deep pull on it. She put her face up to my mouth and as I exhaled, she took it all in. She let the remainder of the smoke out slowly through pursed lips then stood up on her hind legs and slowly stretched. She was the shape and size of a human toddler by this time.

She climbed back up on the counter and filled a glass with water and drank it down several times, growing a little more each time. "You see," she said, her voice a little deeper, "we are a race of polymorphs. Before we are sent to this world we are shrunk to a minimum configuration and are given a stasis drug so we can no longer morph. It seems that what you are smoking is an antidote.

"I think I am just incredibly stoned."

"Yes you are," she said as she crawled onto my lap and started nuzzling my neck while giving out a substantial purr. "Now I can do what I've wanted to do since I got here." With her hand like paws, she undid the top buttons of my shirt and stroked my chest. Her course tongue lapped at my ear as her deep purr sent waves of erotic pleasure coursing through my body. I found myself petting and stroking her soft fur like I had done so often. "You sure know how to make a pussycat feel good," she purred. "In a few minutes I'll be full sized and then we'll have some fun."

I didn't notice, but her legs had grown to almost touch the floor. She slid off of my lap and stretched languorously, her tail swishing slowly back and forth. She stood about four and a half feet tall and had come to be shaped like a pubescent human female with teacup breasts, flaring hips and a fine round butt, all covered in short soft fur. After a few more glasses of water she was a little over five feet and built like gangbusters.

She took my hand in hers and led me to the living room, walking provocatively with her cat like grace. When we reached the sofa, she rubbed herself against me, then purring, started pulling off my clothes. After my clothes were in a pile at my feet, she pushed me down onto the sofa and settled herself on my lap. I stroked the soft sparse velvet fur covering her body as she undulated against me, her deep purr sending vibrations of pleasure through me. Her tail wrapped around my leg as she reached down and stroked my growing shaft.

I didn't know if I should pet her like I would a cat or fondle her like a woman. I think nature took over and I just did what came natural. Her face was human like without losing any of its feline features. When she softly bit my neck as I stroked her backside and scratched at the base of her tail, I could tell she still had the sharp teeth of the carnivore that she was. As she rubbed against me my lips found the luscious gumdrop shaped nipples on the tips of her firm shapely breasts and as I began to suck and nibble them I felt her claws in my back.

Somehow I found myself on my back as Sonja worked over my body with her raspy tongue. I was somewhat apprehensive when her mouth, filled with those sharp teeth and that rough tongue neared my throbbing hard on. I was looking up at the most beautiful pussy covered in soft velvet and open and dripping just waiting for my tongue when my cock was surrounded with warm, wet softness. I could feel the deep throb of purring through my cock clear from my head to my toes. The sensation was incredible! The intense vibrations made me blow my nuts like nothing I had ever experienced and I was on my way towards a second one before I knew it.

I was near delirium when I pushed Sonja's tail up out to the way and pulled her soft round bottom down to my face and buried my tongue in her cunt.

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