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First time jitters.

This surprise made it more spontaneous."

Any small ill feelings I had towards him for what happened faded when he said he loved me being his bottom. We agreed never to say we loved each other but to know that our feelings are deep for each other and we take care of each others best interest. If we got into the habit of saying we loved each might slip out at an inopportune time that might jeopardize our working relationship. So with saying he loved me being his bottom was just as good as him saying he loved me. Period.

He continued, "But to answer your other question. Yes, this was more or less a real interview. I wanted to get your feedback. I brought the first candidate in as a favor to a family member. She needed some interviewing experience before she hit the big bad cruel world. I know that Becky, the second interviewee, is very well qualified to help us out. She is currently working over in the 'B' building here on our campus. Her boss/Master is on vacation. Their division is in a slow period right now. Her Master felt if he left her alone while on vacation with his family for too long with little to do she might get into some mischief. So, she is to help us out after she is done doing her daily duties at their office. We have permission from her Master to use her for any business or pleasures we see fit."

The small ill feelings came back. We can use her? Does he want another sub besides me? Am I not keeping him happy? I had to ask.

"Master? Am I keeping you happy? Do you need another submissive to make you happy?" I blurted out.

"Come here." He commanded gently.

I went and kneeled between his spread legs.

My master took my face into his smooth strong hands.

"My Pet ...," He sighed, "You are not listening to what I am saying. I said 'We'. And I thought 'We' had a commitment to be partners in our dealings with business and pleasures?"

I nodded my head in agreement with him. He was right, we did make a commitment to each other. A tear found its way in my eye.

"I'm sorry Master," I swallowed hard, "I know we are committed to each other, I guess I am just overly emotional. Stress and all. I know I can trust you completely. I just never want you to be unhappy as you make me so very happy. This has been a very ..... unexpected day for me."

He gathered me up into his arms and held me tight.

"I am sorry too my Pet," He talked so softly it was almost a whisper. "I know you like to keep things on a scheduled and my surprise interviews were probably more unnerving for you than I anticipated."

I did love this man. Ever since my interview with him, I fell for him at first sight. He isn't an overly handsome man but he has such charisma. I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Part of me feared getting burned by the though of becoming his submissive. He told me to take my time in deciding. That it would not affect my job status, but he wanted me to be sure of what I was getting into.

As he held and caressed me, I could feel the familiar sensations and reactions to both of our bodies. His hands began to wander over my back and through my hair. His hands caressed the sides of my ribs and breasts. I felt his cock beginning to swell and jump. My hands started to work his thighs. He smelled my hair as I felt my body coming alive again with desire for him. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back from nuzzling his chest and said.

"I want you."

I knew instinctively that was code for: go lock the door. I got up and locked it and returned to my place on my knees between his legs. He opened up my blouse and told me to undo my bra. With my breast set free I went to work on his buckle and pants. He fondled my breast as I retrieved his cock from its bindings.

Both of my hands worked his member.

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