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A couple's first threesome.

After a few minutes of sitting, Megan decided she might as well call it a night - she wasn't comfortable enough staying there after the interaction she'd just had. She decided she would quietly wish the woman good night as she left and passed her outside. Megan already knew she would want to masturbate herself to sleep tonight. Even such socializing as this stirred her. Megan got up and headed for the door.

As Megan left the bar, two men were waiting by the door and the woman was nowhere to be seen. One of the men grabbed her and covered her mouth. The other quickly duck-taped her hands and then picked her feet up. The quickly scrammbled over to a van. As they approached, the van door slid open and the woman from inside the bar was there. Megan was placed inside the van; the men jumped in, shut the door, and the van started moving. All of this happened so quickly that Megan barely had time to realize what had happened. She felt so overwhelmed and terrified, but slightly calmed by the sight of the woman staring right into her eyes. The woman's gaze was gentle and slightly...sadistic. Megan noticed that she was unmistakably becoming aroused.

The kidnapper woman continued to look at Megan, and Megan maintained her silence as the men blindfolded her and gagged her. Some tens of minutes passed before the van stopped.

Megan was transported from the van, her hands were tied up above her and her breasts were groped by the hands of the two men. Megan was extremely scared, but somehow she felt distinctly alive. Her pussy was beginning to wet through her panties. One of the men ripped her cardigan off. Leaving her top on, she felt a knife cut the front of her bra from her neckline. The bra fell and her small breasts were freed. Her puffy nipples were sentitized by a pleasant chaffing against the inside of her shirt.

She next felt the cold side of the knife against her inner thigh as her pants were being cut off. She dangled there, standing bound up, blindfolded in her shirt and panties. She was in a panic, almost hyperventilating and she began to be extremely uncomfortable. Her juices which had saturated her panties began to drip down her inner thigh. Megan's pussy was throbbing.

Megan's blindfold was suddenly removed and she realized she was in a very small, warehouse-like room and that she was alone with the woman from the bar.

"Megan, let's try a little experiment." Megan assumed the woman knew her name from her driver's license. "I'm not going to tell you my real name, not yet at least, because you will leave here perfectly unharmed, at least physically. For now, simply call me Thelma."

Megan was only slightly relieved to hear that her kidnappers weren't going to kill her. She wasn't sure what they had planned and she didn't particularly believe them.

"Oh Megan, I'm surprised by how sexually excited you are by this whole thing so far."

Megan knew her arousal was visible, and she didn't know why she was aroused.

"Perhaps being so sexually vulnerable is erotic to you. Well anyway, that is why I've brought you here. You are nothing but a voyeur who gawks at others, and I'm going to force you to do what I want here. We will gawk at you. How does that make you feel?"

Megan felt a rush of uncertainty and arousal. The woman who went by Thelma grabbed Megan's belly with one hand and with the other hand stuck a finger inside the band of her panties and stroked all the way around her, releasing the panties with a snap back onto Megan's skin.

"Oh, how soaked your panties already are."

In addition to her arousal, Megan noticed that she had to pee - she'd consumed a number of alcoholic drinks at the bar earlier in the evening.

"My lackeys and I are going to watch you pee yourself. Boys, come back in."

Megan became horrified, wondering to herself how she was in this situation.

"Fondle her a little. Megan, they will put their fingers on you and in you until you pee yourself."

Megan froze in panic.

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