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A young woman finds her boss as a knight.

I waited for my turn in the bathroom in the spare room, thinking over the situation with Steph the evening before. I had no interest in seeing her one-on-one just yet as I needed some time to organize my thoughts. Christine's shower was nearing an end, she yelled out to me, "Babe, I forgot to grab myself a towel, be a dear and get me one from the linen closet."
I obliged, happily, as it meant I might get to feast my eyes on Christine's supple body in its prime once more before we had to share our room with Steph, which meant I wouldn't be receiving anything tonight. I stepped into the bathroom where Christine poked her head from around the shower curtain. It was a dark matte brown, there was absolutely no way for me to see what was being hidden behind it. She smiled mouthing that I should close the door behind me.

I handed her the towel as she climbed out, droplets of warm water running down the curves of her young lean frame. Drawing her close I planted kiss on her lips, she reciprocated in a pleased manner. Yet she began drying herself off, only to finish by wrapping herself up. I attempted to draw her in again, teasing apart the towels folds. She guided my hand away, whispering in a hushed tone, "No. We can't, Steph is right outside. She'll be waiting." While I understood her logic I was disappointed and the growth in my loins had been let down.

While starting the water for my own shower I heard the ladies discussing outside the door how Steph was going to be wrapping some gifts in their parent's room while she awaited her turn to soak, and that we weren't to come in. Christine agreed for both of us, assuming I couldn't hear over the running water, telling Steph she had nothing to worry about as she would be confined to the spare room prepping her appearance.

I had closed my eyes and begun shampooing, working the lathered mess into my tangle of hair as I thought I made out the sound of the door being opened and closed ever so quietly. My groin surged, I immediately thought that Christine had entered with a plan on surprising me. I squinted through the shampoo to no avail as the dark shower curtain offered no indication of what might be taking place on the opposite side. Re-shutting my eyes I determined to act surprised and take whatever might come my way.

Just then I felt a shift in the curtain, Christine had walked in behind me. She slowly wrapped her arms around my body from behind, and circled her hands from my chest to just above my pelvic region. I hurried to wash the remaining shampoo from my hair as, the feminine hands embraced me ever so delicately. They made their way down to my cock, which had done its duty and stood erect during this call to attention. I could feel her soft, perky breasts rubbing against my back as I began to lather myself with soap. One of her hands had begun to massage my balls, the other dominantly pumping my manhood.

A knock on the bathroom door was then heard, Steph must need something. I replied to the knocking, "What is it? Do you need in here?" The door was slowly being opened, I hastened to draw the shower curtain further closed as Christine sunk to her knees in front of me. "I just forgot my make-up bag on the counter," Christine spoke to me from the other side.

Christine? I was perplexed. She was currently sucking my dick. I shot a look at the person who had engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth only to see the face of Steph staring back at me.

"Steph is wrapping gifts in mum's room, some of them are ours." Christine informed me, casually. "She asked that we don't interrupt or intrude, when you finish up just knock on the door and let her know."

"Oh, alright hun," I replied as steadily as I could.

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