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The teasing Teacher is humiliated further.

It was unevenly paved and he pointed to the ground just into the alley.

"You can do it there, squat and let it all out slut!"

Natalie's eyes were a vision of corrupted innocence, she knew she was going to have to do what he demanded but also knew how bad it was. She looked into each of their faces but just saw sneering, mocking looks in return and Tom dominantly pointing at a spot on the ground. Pouting prettily Natalie hooked up her tiny skirt to reveal her shaven pussy and awkwardly squatted down. She tried to block out her three grinning companions and the closeness to the noisy, night street at the end of the alley and closed her eyes and sighed at the sweet release of relief as she let out her piss.

As the stream hit the stone the noise seemed deafening to her, but once she was started there was little she could do. She had been fit to burst and the piss kept on coming like it was never going to stop. Her three companions watched her intently while she darted her eyes to the entrance of the alley lest anyone caught her in this humiliating position. As she squatted there she was able to watch the dark river flow down the stone below her and streak towards James's feet. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment and shame but she could not stop now even if she tried. The piss flowed heavily from her and was really starting to pool at the end of the shallow slope the alley was on. Finally she slowed to a dribble and she made to get up.

"No, no, no slut! You are going no where! James you want a shot at this bitch's cunt? Well here it is. Natalie, crawl over to that vile little puddle you've left and get licking at it, we can't let you off with fouling the highways like this. And James take her doggy style while she's doing it. She hates being taken from behind."

Natalie turned and looked at Tom with those wide yes and fluttering eye lids and for a moment it looked like she would refuse for the first time that night, that she had reached her limit of perversity. But his harsh glare easily broke her will and she lowered her eyes before obediently dropping forward onto her hands and knees and crawling across the alley to where the bulk of her freshly squeezed piss had gathered. She had one last forlorn look back at Tom but to no avail and quickly her view of him was blocked by James and he loomed behind her unbuttoning his zipper.

"Come on bitch, head down, in the piss like you were told and stick that lovely ass in the air for me."

Natalie dipped her mouth toward the shallow puddle of piss and extended her pretty little tongue into it and obediently began to lap as it as James whipped his hard cock out and began manoeuvring it past her ass cheeks and prodding at her moist, wet snatch. With a hard thrust he penetrated her vagina, a thrust that shunted Natalie's chin and nose into the piss with it's force and she coughed and spluttered as they emerged. She looked miserable as James began to fuck her from behind in earnest, her own piss dripping from her face. To the side Kim's hand groped at Tom's crotch and began to fondle his cock through the trousers as they watched the grotesque coupling before them.

It was never going to last long. James was too aroused. The situation was too extreme. He humped Natalie like a bitch, his balls smacking noisily against her sweet ass cheeks with every pump. He was soon in the final throes when Tom's harsh voice barked out another order.

"Don't cum inside her! The last thing the world needs is another useless cunt like that! Just cum in her piss, she can drink it up from there James!"

James grunted and thrust a couple more times before pulling out and firing streams of white cum from his dick into the puddle of piss that Natalie was lapping at.

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