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A feline woman gets picked up by a mysterious stranger.

You will not give her another."

"Uh..." Mark was confused. "I suppose I can do that - but why? What's the point?"

"Rule three," Stephanie continued. "You will not question anything that we ask of you, nor ask for any further explanations. You will be content with what you know now. It's already more than any other man in the world knows."

Mark didn't look happy with that. "You said you would give me a few explanations," he complained. "Now you're telling me I'm not supposed to ask for explanations."

"I'm explaining the rules to you," Stephanie said. "And I'm not saying you will never learn anything new about us. But we will decide how much we tell you how quickly. And until then, you need to trust that this is to both our best interests. Can you do that?"

"I suppose I have to," Mark sighed. "I don't have another choice, do I?"

Stephanie's eyes widened in surprise. "What makes you think that?"

Mark held up his hands. "The way you're talking to me, for example? I mean, if I don't do what you ask of me..."

"Oh my goodness, you think we're going to hurt you!" Stephanie had to laugh, and to Mark's surprise, her laugh was bright, open and very melodic. "Oh dear. Oh DEAR! Sorry, Mark, really, that's not what I wanted it so look like. Absolutely not."

"Whew, now that's a relief," sighed Mark and relaxed slightly. "So, what is it, then?"

"What is what?"

"What's the other choice I have?"

"Ah, yes." Stephanie nodded. "The other choice is leaving now, never coming back and never seeing Tanya or me again. If you're not willing to follow the rules, that's what we must demand."

That was definitely not as bad as Mark had expected. "Fine with me," he said.

"Good," smiled Stephanie. "Rule four, then."

"How many rules are left?"

"Only two more," said Stephanie. "The fourth one is this: Our daughters are ours, and ours alone. You do not hold any claims towards a girl born to one of us, not even towards your own."

Mark had to swallow. "You mean," he said, "I'm never going to hold my daughter in my arms?"

The look on Stephanie's face became strict again. "That girl is not your daughter," she said. "She's Tanya's daughter, and it's Tanya's choice how to raise her daughter. If she decides you're not a part of that, then you're not. Can you accept that?"

"That's... harsh."

"But that's how it is. Can you accept it?"

Mark sighed and looked down again. "If the other option is never seeing Tanya again, then I suppose I have to," he said. "I mean... Tanya could always choose to let me raise the kid together with her, couldn't she?"

Stephanie nodded. "She could."

"Alright, then I accept." Mark took a deep breath and looked at the woman before him. "What's the final rule?"

"The one you're going to like the least," Stephanie said, but with a very strange undertone in her voice.

Mark thought he saw the hint of a smile creep on Stephanie's face. "Okay...?"

"As you're now one of the few people outside our own kind who knows of us," she explained, "and the only man, you are a very valuable resource for us. Our secrets are safe with you, and we needn't hide our true nature from you. You're the only man who understands what we're capable of."

"Um, yeah..." Mark was starting to feel a little uncomfortable again.

"And thus," Stephanie calmly continued, "the final rule is this: Whenever one of us asks you to, you will impregnate her."


Stephanie smiled and relaxed her stance again, resting one hand on her hip. "You will give your sperm to any of us who asks you to," she said, her voice having lost all of the strictness and seriousness it had had before. "Not more than once, of course - remember rule two. It applies to all of us."

Mark had to swallow again. "You mean, any of you can just come to me and demand that I impregnate her, right on the spot?"

"It needn't be 'right on the spot'," Stephanie chuckled, turned to the side, opened her jacket and hung it over the back of one of the armchairs.

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