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A letter of remembrance.

" His eyes twinkled - she had inadvertently given him the in he needed. Now, it was a matter of peeling off that button down green shirt she wore and he would finally get to see what he could only imagine to be an amazing rack under it.

"Buy me a drink at last call again and you'll at least get a ride back to your hotel."

"Will do, as always." He smiled, tonight was definitely going to be his night he just had to play his cards well. After his failure the last two times, he was eager to see her cum. He had even jerked off twice already today hoping he would last a long time with her. He knew he had to switch things up somehow, and he had a bunch of different ideas.

"Alright folks 145, last call cuties. Who wants a last challenge on the great Vee?" She rang the bell letting everyone know. Jesse was suddenly very happy he had waited until later to come. He couldn't watch her much longer in that tiny skirt before he was going to be too excited to last even though he had tried hard. She was always so beautiful the way she moved to the music in the bar as she prepared drink after drink. It was a little dance that he had come to dream about. He started to think back to their last time together and how incredible she was without even taking her shirt off. Tonight would be hard if he let himself fantasize too much.

She finished the rounds and returned to him with a simple tap on his glass. He nodded and she smiled ringing up her own double shot along with his last drink before putting the tab out for him. Both of the previous times he had left her a $200 tip, so it almost made her feel bad to charge him this time. When the bar finally cleared, she sauntered up to him and pulled out a rocks glass filling it with her usual double of Jack and smiled.

"So, tell me why you continue to stalk me even though I keep telling you I just want to fuck you and have no strings."

"Do you really have to ask that? I told you, I can't leave you alone. You keep haunting my dreams. Oh, and I'm making the divorce announcement next week. I finally just told everyone that I deserved to be happy and I wanted a fresh start to pursue this girl I've been after."

"Geez, don't lay that one on me or I'll need another drink. I told you before you should just leave it at one night...okay two...so why the hell do you keep coming back."

"Vee, you've got me hooked. I want to know you. I just feel connected to you somehow."

"Jesse, you're freaking me out now. I tell you what. I do owe you tonight, so what if I come back to your room and you leave it there. Just let me go, trust me when I say you don't want to know me. I'm complicated and I'm not what you're looking for I promise."

"What if you come back to my room and we see how things go from there? Who knows maybe I can change your mind."

"You won't, but what the fuck. I could use some fun tonight." Vee tipped her shot back and hurried to clean the rest of the bar. When she was finally done she and Jesse headed out to her Jeep and she drove them back to the hotel. In the garage, he had explained to the valet that Vee would be parking her own car so he should just show her where. The valet looked puzzled, but of course, recognized the actor so didn't argue.

Vee parked and grabbed her purse heading up to his room, unsure what the hell had gotten into her tonight. All she knew was she was feeling crazy and he had helped her out. Plus, after his note she was feeling a bit romantic. Lord help her she didn't know exactly what might happen nor did she have a plan. Vee was spontaneous often, but not usually when it came to men like this and Jesse was making her do things she normally would never.

Jesse was buzzing with excitement as he led Vee through the halls and upstairs. He was giddy with anticipation knowing that he finally was going to have her somewhere private and he had gotten her to push past her own settled boundaries. The NDA wasn't even in consideration any longer as he made his way to his room. He had her hand in his and it was perfect.

Jesse opened t

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