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Ryan meets Eris...

As Kieren watched Brenna lead Iona away, Astrid laughed and gathered her wrap.

"Why do you bother with the child-like sensitivities of that slave girl? This woman's warmth is always available and knows well how to please you. I know this because I feel how your body reacts. I am the only one that defeats your self-inflicted constrictions. She is a child knowing nothing about the needs of a warrior."

"She is neither a slave nor a child. She is under my care. I'll have you watch your damned tongue Astrid."

Astrid pressed her clothed body against his bare one and held his cock in her hand. "I am under your care as well."

"You are under the care of many I assume," he said while looking down at her face. "There is no need for mine. And, there is none given. This between us has little meaning."

Kieren's words were sometimes harsh but Astrid gave them no weight. For the first time however, Astrid found him flaccid in her hands. It was something she did not think possible, not just because of her expertise but his virility.

"You are a man that requires a full woman, not an imitation," Astrid purred while attempting to solve this rare challenge.

"If your words are true," he spoke in such a way that drove his point to finalization, "she is my full woman. You are the imitation."

"Your heartlessness offends me Gulbrandson Kieren," she snarled at him. "You forget yourself and your breeding. You seem to have overlooked your obligations. Your concerns are missed placed. The house of your father and the line of your family rest on your shoulders. The weight of matters does not include the taint of a Bl__menn whore. I would hate to see your father give you nothing but the sight of his back as he denies your existence."

Weariness that accompanies long travel came over Kieren. He had no desire to go in this direction with her. She greatly misunderstood the flow of things.

"Woman you choose the wrong threats. We shall end this conversation. See your way to the house of your father. Take your fine breeding with you."

"Are you going to let me walk alone in the darkness Kieren?"

"Do not pretend that this is your first time and I will not. Let us part while still on speaking terms."

Kieren found his way to his private area and fell naked across his large bed. It had been a long time since he had a full night's sleep. He had Iona's anger; he also had her presence among what was his. She was safe from harm. For now that was the extent of his capabilities.

After cleaning Iona off, Brenna had a hard time calming the poor child. The girl would not take the warmed drink that would calm her stomach or one that would calm her mind.

"Why does he not want me?" Iona pleaded.

"Sometimes what a man needs and what a man thinks battles within him," Brenna explained. "Men away at sea for long lengths grow weak. They do not think."

"Kieren has no weaknesses and his mind is untainted."

"All men have weaknesses. Kieren is best at keeping his to himself."

Iona rose out of her seat.

"I'm going to him," she said through tears. "I'll show him my warmth and gratify him. I should have been wise like her. I should have come to him in the night. I should have been the one to please him."

"No." Brenna's grip on Iona's arm was solid. "Never reward a man for failing you."

"Can't you see," Iona cried out, "it is myself that I reward."

"Child," Brenna said, hugging her close, "you are the reward he must earn."

"I am nothing." Iona slumped into the arms of the woman she loved like a mother.

"If that was true, you would not be here. You would not be within the safety of all that is his."

"I am just a slave in his household."

"If you felt that to be true, you would have freed yourself long ago."

"I have nowhere to go."

"That is because you are where you belong. This is your home."


Once again, no one had to tell Iona when Kieren left.

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