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After a tough day Laura pays Tom a visit.

I looked up into the mirror and spread my legs wide. My whole pussy glistened with anticipation. With my fingers I pulled the labia apart and gasped, "Oh my, you're so wet baby!" I slowly caressed my clit for a moment, teasing, and rubbing it, as two fingers of my other hand slid deep inside the hole.

My whole body began to tremble with excitement. I closed my eyes and fantasized once again about Michael.

I whispered, "Oh Michael wish you were here fucking me."

I slid one finger, then two, and after a moment four fingers inside, pumping them in and out of my pussy. My vaginal muscles griped them like a small cock. I only stopped long enough to lick the sweet juices from my fingers before reinserting them repeatedly, as I drove myself closer to climax.

As I watched my wet throbbing pussy in the mirror I told myself, "Oh baby, it's time to cum hard!"

As the fingers of my left hand tantalize my pussy hole the other one tease my clit. I felt the juices run down my legs and bit my lower lip, and my arousal heightened.

I closed my eyes and said, "Fuck me, dream lover."

While ramming my fingers in my hole, I pinched my clit, my breathing quickens, and I squealed, "I am cumming!"

I brought my juice covered hand to my lips and licked them clean. I then separated my labia and watched my reflection in the mirror again.

My swollen clit throbbing hard as if to say, "I'm not done having fun yet, lets cum again!"

Suddenly all of the hairs on the back of my neck stiffen, like they do when someone is watching my. I glanced around and didn't see anyone.

Once again I closes my eyes and whispers, "I wish you were watching me, Michael"

The next thing I did was spread Vaseline on my 10 inch toy, and slowly insert it into my pussy. Slowly I started fucking myself in and out harder with each thrust, stretching my hole to the limits. Every hair on my body is quivered with anticipation as I shoved the vibrator deeper. Its two-inch circumference was electrifying as it rubs against my g-spot.

I shivered, and cooed, "Oooooh yessssss, Michael! I want to feel your lips and tongue encircling my clit, and sucking it hard, as you slide this toy deeper into my wanting pussy."

My pussy started milking the toy hard making my shake as the wave of my orgasm began to build. As I watched myself in the mirror again, I noticed that my pussy spasms were trying to engulf the whole vibrator.

All of a sudden, I was breathless and unable to speak as another climaxed overtook me and I nearly fell of the couch.

Suddenly I felt someone's hand caress my thigh as a husky male voice spoke, "Kandy spread your legs wide so I can eat every part of that delicious pussy!"

When I looked down, and gasped in amazement, there was Michael kneeling between my legs.

I uttered, "OMG, eat me."

His fingers spread my labia, as his talented tongue began to drive my crazy with desire.

He paused from eating and asked, "Do you like the way I make your pussy purr?"

"Oooh yes, you can do that all day, I'd let you!"

As he resumed eating, and when he sucked in my clit, I started shaking so hard that I nearly slid of the sofa. When he took it between his teeth and bit it a surge of electricity went straight from his lips to my clit.

I moved my head side to side and purred, "Mmm, that's it, just like that! Oooh, aarrgggghhh, please don't stop!"

"Oh my sweet Kandy, you taste so good! I could eat your pussy for hours!"

I pulled his head toward my wanting pussy and shrieked, "Oh fuck, make me cum!"

He buried his face deeper in my pussy again, letting his tongue work its magic on my clit, as he finger-fucked my hard. When he glanced up at my, he gasped because I was sucking and biting on my own nipples.

"Wow baby! I love watching a woman bite and suck my own nipples; I think that is so sexy! Oh Kandy, cum for me, fill my mouth with your sweet nectar!"

He then bit my clit and I stiffened as a gush of fluids filled his mouth.

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