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A bitchy wife and a nasty smoking habit.

She responded with a light coo and a further pressing of her body on my back. My other hand slid up her forearm to encompass her own and slowly, teasingly, I guided it towards my groin.

"Mmmm, you know I was happy to help either way." Her palm laid flat as it slid down and back up the length of my swelling cock "But I was kinda hoping you meant this type of finishing."

After a few more glides of my length with her flat palm her hand finally closed around my shaft in a firm downward stroke forcing a louder groan from my mouth and a breathy sigh from hers.

My trailing hand groped at her firm thigh and slid up in time with her own ministrations, finally landing onto one of those luscious firm buttocks. The hard globe almost fitting entirely in one of my big hands. I sunk my fingers in against the tightness of her flesh and she gave a little yelp of surprise like back in the parking lot. My hand palmed and kneaded at her arse on auto pilot with memories of her breast in my hand on the drive here clashing with the sensations of what was currently happening.

Water rushed over our bodies while we both groaned and murmured, I twitched when I felt the prickle of her hair pressing against my neck, her spare hand reaching up to claw and grip at my hard chest. Her lower hand meanwhile had settled into a steady rhythm of slow firm stroking, forcing my cock to bulge out obscenely on the down stroke. I looked down to watch the show of her hand working its magic. I'm not sure if she was increasing her grasp with each pump, if it was just my own growth under her ministrations or a combination of both but her now iron grip was making her stroking a painful affair. My cock bulging and distending almost beet red as she stroked out, returning to a more normal flush of colour on the way back but still swollen larger than normal when at this point.

Mind you it was a pain I was not about to bother complaining about.

I did become more vocal though, gasping and letting a groan from gritted teeth as she stroked. Her spare hand had come to rest on my chest unmoving and it took me a moment to register that she was matching my own grip on her buttock. In comparison to my reddened cock my chest had some distinct white patches where her nails had sunk in.

"Fuck me are you going to get hard anytime soon or do you just keep fucking growing?!"

I released my hand from the heaven of her arse reluctantly as she pulled away and looked around me to observe her handiwork. I wish I had a camera down there to capture her gorgeous face, I'm guessing she wore a stunned expression because she had managed to pause on the down stroke and just stare for a while.

The sound of water hitting the floor and our bodies filled the room and I gritted my teeth against her grip for as long as possible. When I finally made to object against her stalwart choking of my member my face was almost as red as it was and I spoke through gritted teeth.

"Nat... I think you might be doing damage down there."

She dropped my cock like it was on fire and looked up with a hand on her mouth before apologising. "Oh god I'm so sorry I just-"

I rested a hand on her hip and took in a few deep breaths while I recovered from almost having my dick choked out. "It's ok you don't need to-"

"No I mean really I didn't mean to, I was just trying to make my fingers touch and didn't realise it was going to grow so much."

"Really its ok, I'm sure it'll recover. Eventually." I settled my breathing down and took a moment to observe her naked body. Most women tend to step out of active wear and everything just kinda falls back into place. The clothing seems to be designed to lift and hold things in a pleasing way but with Nat, it almost seemed like the clothes were holding her back!

Her hips seemed wider than I remember seeing, but that was probably due to her waist seeming narrower.

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