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Husband sets up wife with lesbian and it backfires.

She brought her hand down from inside my shirt and placed it around the bottom half of my shaft and started jerking me while still sucking the head and playing with my balls I was in another world the blowjob she was giving me was about to send me over the edge and sensing this she moved off her mouth off my cock and told me I wasn't going to come from just a few minutes of pleasure and started to lick and suck my balls while very gently stroking my cock using her saliva from before as lubricant.

After a couple more minutes of this she looked up at me and said 'this is only part of an apology' before taking my cockhead back in her mouth and quickening the pace of her hand I felt the cum start to rise and told her I was about to come, which caused her to put in even more effort, I felt the first spurt fly out of my cock and into her mouth and she swallowed it down along with the rest of my cum that I released into her mouth and she kept licking and sucking on my cock till I was done and cleaned up.

Looking up at me with lust in her eyes H replaced my still hard cock in my pants licking her lips and grabbing a drink from a water bottle in her handbag cleaned her mouth out and kissed me once again, she didn't need the water id have kissed her anyway.

We shared another long kiss this one softer remembering the feelings that we had for each other before she whispered to me that she needed me to take care of her so we set off back to her room stopping here and there on the way for a quick kiss and a grope the booze had almost worn off but need to feel each other's naked bodies against each other certainly hadn't.

We were barely in the room before starting to take each other's clothes off she started with my shirt while I undid her jeans placing my hand inside them and over her covered vagina I could feel the moisture being soaked up by her panties but I removed my hand teasing her a little more all this time kissing her before moving the kisses over her face across her cheek and down to her jaw line kissing her tenderly along her jaw line.

Before moving next to just below her ear and she stifles a moan trying to keep quiet with other people sleeping in rooms to either side of hers I start to play with her earlobe while beginning to unbutton her top and then kissing down her neck to her collar bone as her shirt starts to come away I find the spot that she loves to have kissed, nibbled and licked and she lets out a low moan completely forgetting for a moment that the people in neighboring rooms might hear.

The last button on her shirt is now undone and as she turns to move her arms out of it I kiss up the other side of her collarbone and over her shoulder as I move behind her, she reaches back and opening my jeans again slips her hand inside to massage my growing erection her hand feels even better than before but it's her turn for pleasure and I continue running my hands over her body continuing to tease her I lower her jeans to her knees.

Kissing my way down her back stopping at her shoulder blades before continuing to plant little wet kisses all around until I reach the top of her underpants these are nothing special designed for comfort with a little bit of lace running around the top of the elastic the only stand out feature but they give an idea of what hides beneath. Planting kisses here and there on her covered rear I move lower and down the backs of her legs with more kisses, licking and sucking.

She turns to face me as I am on my knees before her, I reach up and start to pull her panties down gently breathing on each bit of newly revealed flesh taking my time I lower her panties further waiting to catch sight of her pubic hair line until I realize that I am at the top of her pussy and it is completely bare of hair.

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