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Former lovers reunite for one night of stolen passion.

Jill had pulled her hair back and tucked it just below her scalp in a small bun. Her soft neck almost seemed a magnet for my lips. As she considered my answer, she brushed a wisp of hair off her forehead and then, almost imperceptibly, licked her lips.

"Well, I believe I can help this company keep a firm grip in the marketplace and satisfy the needs of customers in and out of the office," Jill said.

She leaned back in her chair as she shifted her legs just enough to flash a peek at her lacy black panties.

"I see you brought a portfolio - is it your graphic art?"

"Yes, it is," she said, getting up from the chair. Jill stepped to my desk and held out the portfolio. As I reached for it, she leaned over, showing off a black demi-bra to match her panties.

"I think you will see it is both professional and stimulating," she said as she straightened up.

I opened the portfolio to see a collection of scale drawings, site photos, and site renderings. Actually, she had talent - a good eye for color and proportion. I was ready to compliment her when I looked up to see she had hiked her skirt up her thighs to give me a fuller view of her panties.

"This work is outstanding, Jill," I said. "You are going to go very far, perhaps with us."

"There is more, please continue," she said.

In the back of the file, I found two pictures she had turned over. I flipped the first one and was treated to the sight of her in the black bra and panty set as she tried them on in the dressing room.

By setting the camera to the side, she caught herself in a view showing me her pert ass cheeks as the mirror reflected her hand slipping inside her panties. As she looked at the camera, Jill blew it a kiss.

I set the picture down and turned over the last in the folder to see Jill naked in the dressing room, leaning back in a chair with her fingers spreading her pussy lips. The intensity on her face was not faked, her head was tossed back slightly and her lips pursed. Her nipples had hardened for the picture and the bra and panties were on the floor beside her right foot.

I held the photo up to look closer, and as I set it down, the flickering movement of Jill's hand inside her skirt caught my full attention. She let out a soft gasp and wriggled in the chair as I closed the folder. It was impossible to hide my erection as I got up from the desk, but I had no desire to conceal my lust.

I stepped around behind her, dropping the portfolio on her lap and then leaning over to kiss the tight bun of hair. I unclipped it and Jill shook it loose while I reached down and rubbed her breasts through her blouse.

"I think your work is exemplary," I whispered in Jill's ear before running my tongue along her neck. "But how much do you know about keeping coworkers and customers satisfied?"

Jill tossed the portfolio to the floor, then clamped my hands to her breasts, guiding them to her nipples as she moaned. I took the hand she had fingered herself with and brought it to my mouth. Her taste was still there.

I stepped to the front of her chair and took her hands, pulling Jill to me. Her hands went around me neck as she leaned up to kiss me. I was surprised how deft I was unbuttoning her blouse, and Jill let go of me long enough to take off her jacket and toss it on the chair.

My lips followed my fingers as I suck her exposed skin and pushed her blouse back. I moved to my knees as she unclasped her bra. I found the side zipper on her skirt and tugged before reaching up to unhook it. It dropped to the floor in a heap, leaving Jill in black bikini panties showing a distinct wet spot I just had to kiss.

Jill cooed as I kissed and flickered my tongue over her panties, boosting herself on the side of my desk. I stood and she leaned in to pull up my polo shirt. I tugged it over my head as she bit my nipples lightly and her hands yanked my belt buckle open. I threw the shirt across the room and unzipped my slacks. The dropped with a jangle as change and keys fell with them.

While I kicked off my shoes, Jill raised up on the desk.

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