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My barista enjoys embarrassing me.

James connected with something. Then he heard the metallic clang of the knife. He had done it. But now. He kicked out once again with a side kick and made contact with the man's cranium.

The skuzzy thug crashed into the brick wall of the ally. He was out he just hadn't fallen yet. Just then like a flash of lightning the little woman passed James and threw her tiny frame into the man.

The another scream cut through to night air. Not the woman's this time, but the rapist. As the woman backed up the good doctor saw the hilt of the knife protruding from the rapist groin. She had stabbed him in the balls.

"You'll never rape another." said the woman weakly

"Holy Shit." James said as he walked up to the man and pulled the dagger out. This caused another scream. "This is a 11th century combat dagger from England."

"What?" Asked the frightened woman.

"Nothing. Are you alright." Carson asked approaching her.

"Yes. A little shook up, but I'm fine." said the vixen looking down at the rapist.

"I am Dr. James Carson." said James offering his hand.

"Dr. Emily Johnson," said the girl taking James' hand.

"Doctor?" asked James puzzled

"Yes, I am an Archeologist." said the Emily leading James toward the entrance of the ally

"Small world. What field?" asked Carson genuinely surprised to hear what he'd heard

"Egyptology. And you." asked the Doctor as the pair emerged from the ally.

"Really small world."

"I haven't said this yet, so, thank you."

"It's not necessary."

"But it is. I know it can never compare to running into a dark ally after some half wit who took a wrong turn, but I want to buy you dinner."

"Dinner. Ok." said Carson quickly as to make her laugh. It did.

* * * * *

The two sat at a quiet table in a small coffee shop about a block and a half from the attempted rape. They talked and giggled like they had known each other for years. To each it felt as though they had.

"So you made a wrong turn into a dark ally?" asked James

"I told you I am a half wit." said the woman giggling. As she moved her vibrant red hair bounced off of her shoulders. He moved also caused her tits to bounce. This is what Carson mainly noticed, although he tried not to show it. He failed.

"Are they really that interesting?" asked Emily looking in to Carson's deep brown eyes.

"Are what that interesting?" asked James putting on a puzzled look.

"My tits. You have been starring at them all night." said Dr. Johnson with a smile.

"Oh, god. I am so sorry. I-" stammered James

"Don't worry about it. It's nice to get some wanted attention."

"Wanted?" asked James. Now was the time. Time for his smile.

"Yes. I am very attracted to you." said Emily

This was something James wasn't prepared for. The woman was putting the moves on him.

"In fact, I want you to come back to my hotel for dinks." said the sexy archeologist with a wink.

"No, I can't" said Carson.

"A- Are you married?" asked Emily with disappointment in her eyes. Carson knew that he was back in control.

"No, I'm not married. My hotel." said Dr. Carson with another one of his famous smiles. She smiled back.

* * * * *

As soon as the door to the room was closed behind them Emily and James began tearing at each others clothes. Piece after Piece of clothing hit the floor. Then the locked in a passionate, lust fired kiss.

The two kissed there way into the bed room and Emily sat Carson down on the bed. She took a step back from him to let him see her in all her glory. She had lost everything but he tight lace bra and panties. The black fabric barely covered her.

"Now I am going to give you your real reward." she said as she gripped the front clasp of her bra. She expertly worked the clasp and the bra fell away.

Dr. James Carson found himself starring face to faces with the most beautiful pair of tits he had ever seen. The pink capped tits threatened to disprove the laws of gravity. Emily took a step forward and pressed her 40C tits into her rescuer's face.

Almost instantly Dr.

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