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Old friends plumb new depths.

Their eyes were wide, and their chins were dripping with cum. "Well?" They asked. I had almost forgot.


"So who is the winner of the contest?" My aunt asked.

"Who's the best cocksucker?" Brigette demanded.

"Remember, the winner will be your sex slave for the rest of the week." Vicky put in.

"And what does the loser get?" I asked.

They looked at each other again, exchanging confused looks.

"Tell you what, leave that part to me." I said. I had something in mind. They nodded.

"Well, it's a tough decision." I said, looking at both women, still kneeling, their faces covered in goo. "But I would have to say, the best cocksucker is..... Brigette!"

Brigette squealed in excitement and clasped her hands together. Vicky was furious, and put her hands on her hips as she stood up. She huffed and walked out of the room, as Brigette got up and started dancing. My cousin stripped off her shorts as she danced around, dropping her shorts down to her ankles. She had no panties on underneath.

Brigette crawled up in my lap, "Are you ready for your sex slave?" She asked.

I looked down, and held my limp dick in my hands. I was exhausted from the double cocksucking treatment. "Ummm... give me about half an hour." I said to her.

* * * * * * * * * *

That night, I tiptoed down the hallway to my Aunt's bedroom while everyone was asleep. I opened her door slowly, closed in behind me and walked quietly up to her bed. Vicky was asleep, the covers pulled up over her. I sat down at the edge of her bed beside her and shook her shoulder lightly. "Aunt Vicky? Wake up..."

She mumbled in her sleep, but didn't wake up. So I shook her a little more, "Aunt Vicky. Wake up...."

She shook her head a little and came out of her slumber, opening her eyes. "Wha... Jake? Whats going on, dear?"

"Aunt Vicky, I'm really sorry about earlier today. I hope you aren't mad." I told her.

Even in the dark, I could see well enough to know my aunt was frowning at me. "I can't believe you chose Brigette over me!"

"I know, I know. Listen, Aunt Vicky, we both know that you're a better cock-sucker than she is, but I had to have you be the loser because there's something in particular that I need you to do for me. Something that you probably wouldn't do otherwise."

Vicky's eyebrows raised up. "What is it?"

I paused for a moment, wondering how I would say this. It was something I had never thought I'd say to anyone, ever. "I need you to help me figure out a way I can fuck my mom."

"Is that what you need?" She asked.

"Yes! I can't figure out how. She's not, well, you know... she would probably disown me if she knew half the things I was thinking about her."

Vicky giggled a little and patted me on the arm. "Honey, there's a lot you don't know about your mother. In lots of ways, she's a bigger slut than I am. I bet you didn't know that when we were seniors in high school, your mother sucked off half the football team after the homecoming game, did you?"

"Oh my God, no." I said in disbelief.

"Yes, its true." Vicky continued, "And the other half was behind her, fucking her."

"What else don't I know?" I asked.

"Well, for one, Molly has cheated on your dad several times since they've been married." My aunt continued.

Vicky continued to tell me stories about how much of a slut my mom was growing up, and how much of a slut she still is today. In a way, it hurt a little bit knowing that my own mother was such a lowly whore, but at the same time, I couldn't help but get horny knowing that maybe I had a chance to fuck my mom after all...

A week later I packed my bags and left to fly back home. Saying goodbye to Vicky and Brigette was awkward, and in a way it was very sad, because I knew things would be very different when I got home.

When I arrived home at the airport, I was greeted by my mom and dad.

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