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A niece seduces a lustful uncle.

Blues and reds danced in the cool late-morning air on the other side of a cluster of small trees. He placed the panther-pelt on top of a moss-covered boulder and paced forward curiously.

He heard water and soft chanting in a high reed-like voice that caressed his ears, travelling the length of his body and stroking the height of his erect penis. He fixed eyes upon his prize. A dark-skinned tribeswoman was washing by a small brook close to a tall skinny tree with blue- and red-dyed furs and pelts hanging to dry from the branches. She was completely unaware of his presence amongst the trees. The clansmen watched her hungrily.

The dark woman bent over, dipping her head under the water and washing her dirty scraggly locks. Her entire body was exposed to the world. And to the clansman. Her tribal scars were a beautiful circular design covering her back down to her large voluptuous thighs. As she scrubbed her hair, her tight asshole quivered.

The clansman was ready to burst. He crouched low to the ground as he stalked his prey. Her obsidian hips were shapely and plentiful. Her tiny shoulders were a stark contrast to her large bottom half but that fascinated the clansman further. He enjoyed the shape of her body.

He heard a twig snap. He gasped as he saw the dark shadow suddenly cover his body. The swinging club just missed his head by a few centimetres. He rolled to the left and was quickly on his feet in a defensive stance. His opponent's skin was dark as the night sky, yellow eyes burning with hate.

He dropped his club, roared and was on the clansman in an instant. The clansman fell back, buffeted by the bulk of this dark creature. His strength was incredible as he forced him down into the loamy moist soil. The clansman's cock bulged as he struggled underneath the dark body of his attacker. He heard the high-pitched wails of the tribeswoman.

The unknown assailant's hands scrabbled at his throat, trying to find a strong grip. The dark-skinned man may have been stronger but he was not as dexterous as the clansman who quickly managed to squirm away. He rolled to his right and picked up his spearhead, rising swiftly to his feet. They both circled each other warily.

His trunk was pure muscle, rippling from his abdomen up to his hairless chest which protruded from his body like two sharp mountain peaks. Shoulders and trapezius muscles formed from a hard life of climbing trees for food and shelter gave the dark-skinned tribesman an extra height to his imposing figure.

His dark dick stood proudly to attention, reaching his belly-button. The tribeswoman was still screaming. The dark-skinned man, evidently her bed-partner, clicked and made a strange guttural noise to her. The clansman took advantage of that instant and pounced upon the tribesman. But he did not move an inch. The tribesman's body was as hard as a cliff face. His cock even harder.

He stared grinning down at the clansman, flashing a set of ivory-white teeth stained red with the blood of some unfortunate creature. His muscular fingers grabbed the throat of the clansman and lifted him into the air. The clansman felt light as he was thrown a metre across the ground before hitting the earth with an oof.

He lay still on the soft soil, waiting for the dark-skinned man to advance upon him. Soon enough, the tribesman crouched down upon the clansman's bare body face down on the ground. He ran his long fingers down the lower half of his body before reaching his anus. He withdrew himself and spat onto a strong index finger.

In that instant of withdrawal, the clansman quickly maneuvered onto his back and arced his spearhead in a vicious swiping motion severing the dark man's carotid artery. He spasmed in shock and rose to his feet. So did the clansman.

The tribeswoman's screams erupted once more.

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