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Two old friends enjoy a game of cat and mouse.

She pulled his pecker out again, and a series of slaps from all the four tails rang through the air, turning the skin a light red. He said nothing and they gasped, then hit him again in succession. Then all four sharp points prodded his cock and balls. Still no response, still bewilderment.

Ian was bewildered as well: he should have felt something. His adventures on this journey alone testified to the sensitivity of his private parts, but he figured it must have something to do with the Queenling's words, promising protection against such harm. The slapping and poking were tingling that aroused him rather than torture that hurt him.

Four sandpaper hands grasped him, and he responded with a full erection. The lizard women babbled and murmured to each other in amazement, rubbing and stroking the hard flesh, reveling in a new sensation. Their leader watched them for a while, then ordered them to stand aside. "Bring him."

The vine allowed them to break the tendrils without relaxing their grasp on their captive, and the four picked him up to carry him away from the pool, farther away from his road than before. As he rode, his cock sticking straight up in defiance, he wondered if he were meant to go this way or whether this was a detour. He also wondered what would happen next. Kadosh was nowhere in sight.

Passing through several defiles, they entered a cavern at the base of the mountain, which glowed faint red. As they continued downward, the stalactites and stalagmites forming strange fences around their winding path. A low groaning came from below, a rumbling at the lower end of Ian's hearing, liked boulders grinding slowly against one another. A contrapuntal burble of a huge fire danced around the cacophony.

At last they came around a bend into a large flat area dominated by a fiery pit in the center. It was surrounded by a huge dragon, yellow green with a long, winding tail. The scalloped head moved around to look at him, the eyes alight with curiosity. "Well, well, well," a dulcet voice both bass and gentle at the same time intoned. "A human male, stranger to these lands, not a magician bearing strong magic. A contradiction in every sense. What have you to say for yourself, manchild?"

Looking around, he fought to stay calm and answered deliberately: "I am on a quest from beyond the mountains to across the ocean. Coming upon your servants in their sport was unintended, and I mean no harm to any present. I ask to be released to continue my journey."

"Continue your journey? None have journeyed here and returned to tell the tale! Why should you be the first?"

He stayed silent. His broach was still on his cloak and indicated no allegiance to his enemy on the dragon's part, and he saw no reason to fight the ancient worm. His grandfather always counseled him to avoid conflict whenever he could and make no enemies beyond those he already had. The Goat King's submission was difficult enough to remind him of the limits of his power.

"Wait, what is that object on your breast? Reveal it to me, daughters." They pulled the broach into the light, and the dragon huffed to herself. "A mark of a small one who thinks she's large. Are you one of her servants?" Ian shook his head gravely, and the dragon chuckled, a puff of smoke leaving a huge nostril. "Then you are an enemy, but connected, I think. It matters not. I care not whether the Deathless One rules the world of men or not, and his Queen preens herself in eternal youth at his side. They can rule forever or fall into the Abyss, it does not affect me. Your sign matters not to me in the least."

The dragon sat on its haunches and settled back.

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