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When the perfect man isn't a man.

Finally she pulled back and sniffled. I got up and walked to the bathroom, returning with a box of Kleenex. While she wiped her eyes she smiled at me.

"I'm sorry," she said. Her voice was so soft and sexy, old mister hard-on was back.

"Tell me what happened," I asked.

"You'll hate me," she said. Than she laughed a little, "You don't even know me and you'll think I'm awful." She actually looked a little concerned about that.

"No," I said frantically searching my mind for something intelligent to say. "Things happen to people, doesn't mean that they're awful people."

I know, I know, it was the best I could do. I was young, horny and not at my best. But it worked.

"OK," she said. "I need help and you're it, but you'll probably regret it," her words were just a bit slurred.

She went to the bathroom first and when she returned she sat on the couch opposite the one I was sitting on.

"Well," she said. "First of all, I'm married." My eyes immediately went to her hand but there was no ring.

She noticed my look. "I'll explain that," she said.

After a big sigh, she looked into the corner of the room, above my head, and started to talk.

"My husband is out of town on business. He travels a lot and he works a lot but he doesn't make much money. In fact, we're barely getting by. We got married right after high school." She mentioned a town where they had gone to high school and gotten married. I recognized the name, a small town in the far corner of the state.

"So," she continued. "I decided that I'd get a job to help out, I know that we have a lot of debts that he hasn't told me about. I've been looking in the want-ads and interviewing, but nothing has worked out. My stupid degree isn't worth anything except to make me over qualified for regular jobs.

Well, I saw this add for models. I don't know the city very well yet, we just moved here a few months ago, but I called them and they said to come over. Pretty pathetic isn't it?" she said. She made one of the rueful faces, like 'how stupid can one person get? Me? A model?'

"When I first saw you, I thought you might be a model," I said.

She laughed. Her face was even more beautiful when she laughed.

"What happened?" I asked.

Her face became instantly serious. "They raped me," she said.

I know I reacted, I was shocked. She looked at me carefully. "Well, maybe it wasn't exactly rape," she said.

"Maybe we should call the cops," I suggested.

"No. I'll tell you the whole story. I won't leave anything out," she said. "And then you can throw me out because I know I'll disgust you.

I should have known by the address, a plain door just down the street. No signs on it or anything. Just a plain door on the side of a plain building.

I had taken a cab so I had no choice, I knocked, but nothing happened. Finally I just tried the door, it was unlocked. Inside was stairs. I just walked in and up the stairs. Finally at the top I said, 'is anybody here?' and a guy yelled at me to come on in.

The guy was in a big space that had been set up like a studio. There were cameras and video recorders, and lights. There was a big bed in the center that everything was pointed at. When I saw the guy I almost ran away. A big black guy. Big, bigger than you.

I don't know any black people. I mean, African-Americans. There certainly weren't any where I grew up.

But he was real friendly, welcoming me. Saying how he was looking forward to taking pictures of me. Telling me I'd make a great model for him. Pretty soon I felt at ease you know? He even offered me some white wine. I don't usually drink because I get a little funny when I do. My husband says that I get 'frisky.' Doesn't take much either!"

She was smiling at the floor now. Sitting forward with her arms on her legs, her head down.

"Can I get you anything," I asked. "Some wine?"

She looked up at me and said, "Oh christ." But I was smiling so she did too. She surprised me when she said, "Sure, why not."

I went into the kitchen to get her a glass of white wine from a cardboard box of wine I

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