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A greek solider is accosted by a group of nymphs.


After they both orgasmed without also coming, they sat on the couch side by side and finished their drinks. There weren't any attempts at modesty for either of them. They'd both gotten buck naked, and one of Julie's legs was lying over one of Mario's. The musky scent of a man's nuts and a woman's pussy was thick in the room.

They'd been sitting quietly for a few minutes when Julie looked into Mario's eyes and said, "You are going to let me feel them, aren't you?"

Alpha Van Pebbles had been there many times before with both human and shape shifter women. They all wanted to feel them, or so they thought.


A short time later they'd both had a potty break, and we're then lying in bed. Alpha Van Pebbles was flat on his back with his hands behind his head. Julie was propped up on one elbow while fondling his cock and asking those questions women like to ask, "So Mario, tell me how often you thought about being with me like this.

"Did you like the way I sucked it?" as she nodded her head toward his semi hard dick.

She then bit her bottom lip, as she always does when she's thinking about something that turns her on. "Have you fucked Alpha Claire McAfee, or Alpha Anne Bonny?

"How about my sexy ass friend Lacy Palmer, have you fucked her? Don't lie. She's the one who told me how big your cock is."

When Julie was done with her interrogation, her wolf gave her a sideways look, and then said, "I don't believe you just asked that man those questions." And then she exhaled while also shaking her head.

Being the experienced and wise Alpha cat that he is, he knew there was no right answer he could give her. And so he did the only thing he could that wouldn't get him kicked out of her bed. Mario let his pecker do the talking.

Besides he needed to get his nut, and she'd wanted to feel his pussy stimulators since the first day she met him.

He pushed her on to her back and kissed her hard before climbing into the saddle. Julie had an absolutely wicked look on her face when she cooed, "Are you gonna fuck me good, big daddy?" while spreading her legs wide for him.

Her words, and her expression, as well as her beautiful gaping pussy brought his prodigious phallus to its full dimension.

When he began to slide into her depths, she caught him off guard when she put both her calves behind his thighs and pushed herself onto him. Soon his big penis was into the hilt, and he hadn't really bottomed out.

That was when she whispered into his ear, "That's why I'm Madame Alpha." And she giggled.

For the next few minutes the big cat pounded the powerful Alpha's pussy mercilessly, and she wouldn't have had it any other way. She was matching him stroke for stroke, until he felt himself getting close. When he suddenly slowed his role as his cum started to squirt, Julie said, "What's the matter baby why are you stopping? Give it to me hard, empty your nuts." And then she squealed so loud the big cat had to cover her mouth with his hand.

He'd done as she asked, and really slammed it home a few times. The thing was, his spines were seating themselves into the walls of her pussy on every out stroke.

They laid there for several minutes before they were able to separate. Mario had lost track of how many times Julie had said 'Oh my Luna', while they were locked together.

When they were no longer one, He gave her a peck on the lips and said I'll see you at breakfast, before he went back to his suite.


A few hours later Julie was on a plane in route back to Mac-town, and Gum Swamp Creek. She was chatting with her wolf about the combination of pain and pleasure she'd felt when the big cat's cock attached itself to the walls of her vagina.

Her wolf asked the question she'd been secretly dying to know the answer to, she said, "Which feels better, a Wolf's knot, or your Panther's spikes. Not that I'm interested in finding out."

Julie pretended to clear her throat, in order to hide her laughter, before she said, "Who are you kidding? I know you want to fuck him, but I'm not so sure his Pan

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