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He confronts his roommate the next day.

The explosion had started a fire and I now had to move as it encroached on my position. The bullets flying around had slowed as, no doubt, Australian soldiers responded to the gunfire but they were still impacted on things around me.

I made it out. Dragging myself through the rubble, I tried to stay as low as possible and behind what cover there was. Without a foot, it was slow but not painful which surprised me. Running on adrenalin, I guess. What I didn't realize was as well as blowing my clothes off, the blast had burnt my skin and combat crawling away was pulling strips of it off. Out the back and sometime later, I had no idea how soon, a soldier appeared behind what was left of the mess.

I propped myself up on an elbow and said, "I think I need a medic!"

He must have been a recent arrival because after seeing me, he went white and then threw up. He disappeared back around the corner and shortly after returned with a medic. The adrenalin was starting to wear off and my whole body was sending me pain signals. As well, shock was setting in and I became very cold and started shaking. The medic squatted down beside me and placed his little backpack in front of him. He began pulling out dressings and drugs then looked at me again and stopped.

"We will get you out of here, mate." I think he said. Then he stood and began speaking into his radio.

Kneeling down beside my head, he spoke again. "I've got to get help! We need to medivac you ASAP. I'll be right back, hang in there!"

Well, I wasn't going anywhere. They both disappeared again and I was losing hope. The shaking wouldn't stop and I closed my eyes hoping to pass out so I couldn't feel the pain anymore. Before I did, I said goodbye to wife and unborn child. Then said a prayer for the big guy upstairs to look after them. Somehow I relaxed, the pain began to lessen and it all went black.

I came to and the scene around me had changed. I was surrounded by people and there was a base ambulance parked beside me. Now I was awake, the pain was back and I asked for some drugs to stop it. Everybody ignored me. I had been covered with a sheet but soon after it was removed. Must be getting ready to move me, I thought. I saw a guy walking towards me with a large water container that he began to pour over me.

"What the fuck are you doing! Get me out of here! Don't pour water on me I'm already cold!"

Once again, my rantings were ignored and yet another container of water was poured on me. I didn't know I was burnt, I didn't know it was the only thing they could do before the rescue chopper with a doctor onboard got there. I closed my eyes and pass out again.

I woke up in a hospital room. I was alone, flat on my back with no pillow. Looking across, my arms and hands were bandaged, as was my torso. My hands were tied to two tables that had been placed on either side of the bed so my arms were outstretched perpendicular to my body. Remembering some of what had happened, I looked to the end of the bed and only saw one bump under the covers. So I hadn't dreamt about losing the foot. I had an IV line attached to my hand. A tube up my nose, I found out later, was a feeding tube. A bag hung beside the end of the bed with a yellowish liquid inside so I assumed that I had a catheter inserted.

People moved up and down the corridor outside but showed no interest in me. Eventually, a man came in wearing a hospital uniform.

"Morning Sunshine!" He said in a chirpy voice. "How are you this morning?"

"Umm I'm not sure... Where am I?"

"In hospital mate, Royal North Shore, Sydney to be exact. My name's Steven and I'll be looking after you today until shift change at four. Now I understand you are new in this ward today. You only came in from intensive care last night, so I'll just give you a quick rundown. The lever on the stand near your hand is attached to the call bottom. Just whack it when you need some help. Breakfast will be in about twenty minutes, I'll just get my other patients started, then I'll come in and feed you."

"How long have I been he

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