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Jack makes it to Kansas, and is met with a surprise.

The hard cock pushed deep into her offered belly, digging itself to the hilt without the least foreplay. She thought that Vikings were probably acting that way when they sacked a town during the middle age.Marine howled in surprise and pain from sucj a brutal assault. She was not after all a mare mounted by a stallion!

The man calmed immediately her vehement shrieks by two masterful blows to her cheeks that quelled immediately any desire to rebel. He unsheathed almost completely his cock from her cunt before shoving it back in even more forcefully. He was not trying to give her pleasure, just to strenghten his domination on her. Marine's legs were still pointing to the ceiling, sometimes wobbling around, sometimes getting very straight when pain reached a peak.

After a few minutes, her cunt adapted itself to this huge visitor and she hooked her legs behind the shoulders of the barbarian stud who was fucking her. He went at it faster and faster, drawing screams with higher and higher pitch. Her endearing words got also more and more perverted and insanr, promising him anything if he fucked her still more.

- Oh Master, Your marvelous dick is so huge! Yess, rip me up so that your dick will pop out of my mouth, hhugh, I. . . I'm cumming!

This new climax was especially long and mind boggling. Marine thought that no man had ever driven her to such violent climaxes. He was fucking her like a god of old legends and his dick seemed not ready to get soft anytime. His dick was gliding in her well lubed cunt as if it was a piston in a Ferrari motor. Yes it was the right comparison : her husband could be compared to a tractor motor that could not be compared with the Ferrari motor that was fucking her.

He was still deep in her cunt and his cock was leasantly stretching her walls farther than they had never been. His strong shoves pushed back in the mattress and the back strike pushed deeper into her cunt the pale with which he ravaged what should have been her husband's private property. She was screaming in bliss from that forceful invasion. She was exhausted but she wanted still more of it. It was his turn to stimulate her with lewd words.

- Move your ass, bitch, it's your turn to work up somewhat, raise your hips so I can get deeper in your whore's cunt!

He was now slapping her breasts with ahh his strength, savagely pinching her pealing nipples. she was screaming in pain but simultaneously she was arching her back to offer herself more completely. She was lifting both their tightly wedged bodies. Her breasts were red from abuse, her nipples were getting violet but she was on the verge of just an even more stupendous climax.. She had now crossed her ankles behind his back and she was drawing him to her so he could get deeper. He exploded once more inside her. SHe felt as if her cervix had given way and he was penetrating her to her heart.

When she regained her senses, a wisp of reason made her utter some reprimand :

- Oh, Master, You shouldn't have cummed in my cunt? I. . . I am not on the pill. I may be pregnant!

- Don't bother me. You will go tomorrow to your doctor and ask for a morning after pill but you will have to tell him that you have been fucked without protection with a stranger.

- Oh no, I couldn't tell him such a thing!

- If you don't, I will accopmany you and tell him.

- But. . . But he will think me a slut

- But YOU ARE a slut, now! Don't worry, i will train you. you will soon be the best and prettiest slut in the neighborhood!. As soon as your cuckold hubbie had left for work, we will go and buy you slutty outfits. I don't want to see you anymore in these long skirts for churchgoing housewifves. I have often watched you when you were shopping. You__re prettier in short skirts.

- But what should I put on?

- You will see : micro miniskirts, very tight to the waist and wide at the base so I could bunch them up very easily.

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