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Connor maintained a cold and closed expression, trying very hard not to let any of his feelings show as he listened to their leader. He had noticed the look she gave him, and it was not possible to misunderstand the meaning. He would not have expected anything else from her. Except that he had thought - or hoped - she would feel sad about their parting. Instead it seemed that she had decided to simply hate his gut and wanted to ground his carcass into the nearest cave.

He raised one eyebrow ironically as she continued to glare at him. He would love to remind her how she had behaved only a few hours ago. How differently she had looked upon him. How she had admired his body and how she never seemed to get enough of his hard cock pushed all the way inside of her tight cunt. Master Kane turned his attention to Connor, who had finally composed himself and his stomach after her punch.

It still hurt, but not so much where she had punched him as the pain felt in his chest area. He strengthened his shoulders against what the Master would say next. She was going to be mated. But who was to be her mate? He looked around the assembly and could not see anyone else except other members of the council. He could not have reached Alpha Centauri yet. Connor didn't feel much like hanging around and wait for her mate to show up. Connor knew he would arrive soon. A mate was something so rare one didn't hesitate to collect such a prize.

The lack of women made every mating a rare occurrence, and few of the males would ever have the opportunity to be mated. He wondered what he did look like, this lucky man. He was probably some strapping youngster who would give her many hours of pleasure - making her tremble in climax again and again as he plunged inside of her tight body.

The image made him feel almost depressed. He could not possibly think of missing this shrewish woman, but he did feel a strong urge to leave before the mate presented himself. The mate would never know who had prepared his woman for him, but he would probably guess right away based on the way Teri was staring daggers at him.

"Master Kane. Since we have completed our mission, might we be excused?" Connor asked the leader in a gruff voice barely resembling his own. He evaded his eyes from Teri, could not bear to look at her just then. Only wanting to escape to his lone barracks and get on to another mission as soon as possible. He hoped the next mission would not involve any women.

Teri glared at him. 'Mission', that was what that hateful man was calling fucking her brains out. Well, she wanted him out of her sight the sooner the better. Otherwise she would really kill him as she had promised. She moved a bit closer to him, he deserved a kick in the balls for putting her through this, and the first chance she got, she would give him exactly what he deserved.

"No, please stay, Captain," the elders replied. "We have some explaining to do, I suppose," the leader started. "You see, Captain Hamilton, this is your mate," he pointed to Teri.

"What?" they both blurted out.

"But that can not be," Connor said not believing his own ears. "The mate can not do the preparation. You told me so before."

"Yes," the old man nodded. "That is true. But, in this case we saw no other option but to let you collect her yourself from Earth. As time was of the essence we decided it would not be wise to let any of your crew do the preparation. We believed you would probably want to kill the poor man afterwards, is that not so?"

"Probably," Connor murmured while seeing red just by the thought of any other man touching her warm skin and caressing her moist cunt.

"So, we decided that it was best for you to do the job, following the traditions for preparation. Still, it also gave you the opportunity to get to know your mate, and we believed you would appreciate that."

"Sure, but why not tell me about it in the beginning? Why make so much fuss about it?" Connor asked.

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