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She shows her Granddaughter how to love her girlfriend.

None the less, to the pool we went, but not before pouring a couple of glasses of wine.

At the pool, there were the usual assortment of people you see at a hotel pool.

Except for him.

I noticed Alanee was intrigued by him right away. I was not sure if it was his looks or his body, but it turned me on that she would notice another man that seemed to turn her on. She was noticeably excited by him, even as she tried to hide it for me.

As we were in the pool, she would snuggle up to me while we were in the water, wrap her arms around me and subtly kiss me while teasing me with her exotic tongue. Even as I enjoyed her playful advances I could not help but notice she was doing this in front of him and teasing him as well. She could turn any man on, up close or at a distance!! We drank more wine as she played with the both of us. After she was, without a doubt, completely excited she said, "Let's go to the room." And away we went.

When we got to the room she said she wanted to shower. As we entered the shower, I noticed her nipples were hard and erect like gumdrops. Was it me or the pool?? Who cares, they were there for me to enjoy. I could tell she was in the mood for play and lovemaking this weekend because she had taken the time to trim her pussy hair. This was something she always did for me knowing that it always excited me to watch her shave. I always fantasized about her letting me shave her pussy. I love fantasizing about being able to lather lots of soap suds on her pussy and gently shaving and trimming her delectable bush. This exposed her clit, which I always enjoyed swirling my tongue around it and watching it get hard.

As she soaped my back she always reached around the front of my body and playing with my cock. She always enjoyed watching or feeling it get rock hard in her mouth or her hands. She gently stroked my cock as she applied more soap to get me all lathered up. She never failed.

As she turned around and bent over, I easily slipped my rock hard cock into her hot, wet pussy. Putting her leg on the edge of the tub, she was better able to reach under and grab my balls as I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy. Grabbing her hips with my hands, I was better able to push her body in and out of my cock with ease. Watching my dick go in and out of her and hearing her moans of pleasure drove me into a state of sexual ecstasy. Just as she felt my dick swell and throb signaling my readiness to explode my hot cum inside her pussy, she stood up and tells me we need to go to the bed.

As we both go to the bedroom, dripping wet, she notices the drapes of the balcony door swaying in the wind. Giving me that sly and slutty smile, she motions at me with her finger to follow her outside to the balcony. Unsure of what she has in store for me, I follow her like a lovesick teenager going after his first fuck.

The sun was settling into the horizon so there was just enough light outside to make it interesting and discrete but yet not so obvious. Nonetheless, out we went. She grabbed the top of the balcony rail, opened her legs and invited my thirsty cock inside her pussy. As I thrust my cock into her she pushed her hips against me driving my cock deeper into her pussy. To an almost hypnotic rhythm, she gyrated her hips onto my dick and I enjoyed watching her body dance around my dick.

Just as I was about to explode, she stopped, turned around and threw the lounge chair mattress onto the floor. Making me lie down first, she then proceeded to lay on top of me and placed my dick between her legs while she squeezed my dick with her creamy thighs. She always loved this position, as much as I do. This way I can enjoy her breasts bouncing and sliding up and down my chest. She loved teasing me with her large rock hard nipples by placing them near my mouth to kiss and suck on them as she slid her ass up and down my cock.

She rode my dick this way, pushing the head of my dick against her hot bulging clit and against her ass.

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