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American Thanksgiving in New York.

Both she and Rebbeka moaned softly as they kissed, their tongues dancing around together. Nina felt Ruby planting little kisses all over her shoulder blades and back and gently rubbing her flanks.

"I think we should get undressed now," said Rebbeka as she took her mouth from Nina's.

Nina nodded emphatically in agreement.

"Go and lay on the bed," Rebbeka told her.

Nina did as she was told and climbed onto what must have been the biggest, softest bed she had ever experienced. She propped herself up on one elbow and watched as Rebbeka and Ruby removed each other's clothes.

'I have never done anything like this before,' Nina thought to herself, 'but I am sure I am going to enjoy this a lot.'

Rebbeka and Ruby kissed each other and touched each other, putting on a little display for Nina's benefit. Nina felt herself become wet as she watched Rebbeka slip a finger inside Ruby.

'I want her to do that to me,' she thought to herself.

"Oh Beccy!" Cried Ruby as her mistress finger-fucked her, "you are so good at this!"

"You mustn't come yet," said Rebbeka as she took her finger out of her maid, "our guest must come first."

The butterflies turned into a swarm of bees as Nina's insides started to fizz when she heard Rebbeka's words.

"Do you think we are pretty?" Rebbeka asked as she climbed onto the bed and knelt next to Nina.

Nina nodded dumbly in reply, her throat as dry as her cunt was wet.

Ruby climbed onto the bed and knelt on Nina's other side. Both young women leaned down and each took one of Nina's nipples in her mouth. Nina let out a long low moan of absolute pleasure as she felt two pairs of lips part and the tips of two tongues wriggle around on her nips. Rebbeka and Ruby raised their eyes to look at each other and winked, tonight was going to be a good night.

Nina lay still and let them do as they would to her. She felt lips kiss her all over, tongues lick her all over and fingers caress her all over. Ruby ran her fingers through Nina's long wavy black hair while Rebbeka stroked her curly black pubic hair. Ruby kissed her behind the ear and on her neck while Rebbeka kissed her on her tummy and down to her puffy pink labia.

"Make her come," Ruby told Rebbeka, "make her come like you make me come."

Nina gasped as she felt Rebbeka's tongue on her clitoris and then she let out a sigh as she felt that tongue flick and press, stimulating her clit, bringing her off.

"Oh the gods!" Nina cried after a minute or so of Rebbeka's oral ministrations, "oh fucking hell!"

Nina's body bucked and twisted as her hips moved uncontrollably, her vagina squirted a vast amount of liquid and her insides went into a series of convulsions the like of which she had never felt before.

"I think she likes it," laughed Ruby as she watched Nina writhe and shake.

Eventually Nina calmed down and Rebbeka got up from between her legs, her face dripping with cunt juice.

"Was that nice?" Rebbeka asked.

Nina could not reply, she just sighed and smiled the broadest smile that had ever been smiled.

"Is it true that witches have very long forked tongues?" Ruby asked Nina.

"Well,it's certainly forked," said Rebbeka, "and it felt very nice having it wriggling around in my mouth."

"Lay on your back and open your legs," Nina said to Ruby, "and you shall find out."

Ruby giggled as she did as she had been told. Nina got between her outspread legs and put her face to Ruby's slit, which was glistening with the juice which she had been producing whilst Rebbeka's finger had been in her. Nina poked her tongue out and pushed Ruby's outer lips apart, wriggling it into her. Nina was somewhat shocked to find that her tongue kept getting longer, pushing further inside Ruby.

"Ooooh!" Cried ruby as she felt Nina's tongue go deep inside her.

"What is it like Ruby?" Asked Rebbeka as she watched her maid having her vagina filled by the witch's tongue.

"It's strange," replied Ruby, "strange but at the same time it feels wonderful."

Nina flicked her tongue over Ruby's innards, it was as if the tongue had a

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