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Day 5 (pt.2)- Shannon goes shopping. Onyx vs. Dominatrix.

Their other hands started pulling on the cheeks of my ass, and I felt fingers in my cleft, starting to reach for my anal opening. Dave pulled his hand back between my legs, but then curved his middle finger and pushed slowly forward again, impaling me on the finger. As it slid all the way into my vagina, I cried out; his finger was filling me more than some cocks I had experienced.

Between what the massive black man was doing to my pussy, and what the two girls were doing to my breasts and my ass, I was going crazy with desire. I had no idea what Tina had in mind for me, but I knew that I was ready to agree to almost anything just to end this torment.

When she returned everyone stepped back from me, leaving me quivering with the need for an orgasm. She sent the two girls off the set, and then positioned Dave in the middle of the space. She had him stand with his legs spread widely, then she told me to drape myself over one side of him, with one arm in front and one arm behind, and one leg wrapped around his massive thigh.

She photographed the two of us in this position a few times, then had me put my forward arm on his chest with my hand flat, fingers spread. As she continued to shoot, she kept telling me to move my hand lower and lower. Ultimately, it reached the waistband of his bathing suit. She lowered the camera and looked at me. "Go ahead, Nina. You know you want to. You've wanted to since Dave first walked out here. Slip your hand into his suit. Wrap your fingers around that magnificent cock. Let him know how much you want it. If you do a good job with your hand, maybe he'll let you have it."

She had me, and she knew it. I was desperate for something, anything. My hand was an inch away from his cock, and I just gave myself over to her demands. My fingertips slid under the edge of the waistband, and the rest of my hand followed slowly. I could feel the skin of his shaft, and my hand just naturally followed the curve of the thick tube, filling my grip with its magnificence.

"Do you want that cock, Nina? Do you want to worship that cock? Do you want to suck that cock? Do you want to feel that cock slide into your pussy? Is that what you want, Nina?"

The feel of it in my hand, after hours of being teased, knowing that it was so close that I could simply bend over and skewer myself on it was just too much for me to handle, and I yelled, "Yes. Yes, damn it. You bitch, you know I want it. Give it to me."

She laughed. I thought it was a particularly cruel laugh, and I looked at her with a fierce expression on my face. "Soon, Nina. Soon you can fuck yourself silly with that cock, but there's something more you have to do for me first. I need to take a few more pictures of you."

"Haven't you taken enough pictures already? I can't use most of them in my portfolio."

"Oh, actually you can. None of the shots are pornographic; they're all rather artistic. You look really good in them."

"But...but I'm naked in them."

"Yes, but nothing is visible-a bare arm, a bare leg, that's about it. Now, for the pictures I need to take, for those you will be visible. The client will pay a lot of money for them, but you'll be naked."

"I-I don't know if I can do that. People might see them."

"Yes, maybe. But think of this-you'll get to fuck that wonderful cock you're holding. You'll get to have all kinds of wonderful sex. The payment is a few photos of your body."

I hadn't realized that I was still holding Dave's cock, nor that I was rubbing and squeezing it while Tina spoke. I could feel it hardening in my grasp and I wanted nothing more than to have it in front of me, bare and angry and ready to do wonderful things to my body.

I was standing there, daydreaming about how good that cock might make me feel when Tina sharply said, "On your knees, Nina.

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