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Laurel and Nyssa at Sara's and Felicity's wedding.

Her boobs were considerably larger than mine -- and slightly pendulous. Her bum and her womanly hips were quite well padded. And there was no concealing the fact that she had a bit of a tummy -- in fact, quite a bit of a tummy. And beneath the tummy, a luxuriant patch of dark pubic hair streaked with silvery grey. But, as I said before, there was something very sexy about her.

'I always think of mauve as an old-lady colour,' Celia said as she stepped into a pair of full-cut knickers. And then she laughed. 'Perhaps Monica is trying to tell me something. What do you think?'

I told her that she looked very nice in mauve; and that if mauve was an old-lady colour, it certainly didn't look old-lady on her.

'You're so sweet,' she said. 'I can see that we're going to have fun. But come on: you need to get dressed.'

I must say that I was a little self-conscious with Celia watching. And she was watching. Still, I took the robe off and reached out for the knickers. 'Here, let me help,' Celia said. She picked up the knickers and was just about to pass them to me when something caught her eye. 'Oops. A loose thread,' she said. 'Let me just snip that for you.' While Celia found some scissors in one of the drawers and snipped the errant thread, I stood in the middle of the room, naked as the day I was born, with a full-sized naked replica of me looking back from the mirrored wall. It was not quite what I had expected when I had got out of bed that morning.

Eventually, Celia was satisfied with her seamstress's efforts, and I could finally wriggle my way into the knickers. 'Yes, very nice,' Celia said as she helpfully straightened them across my bum. I wasn't quite so sure. I said that maybe I needed a size larger. Celia just smiled. 'Hector likes them a little on the snug side,' she said.

When Celia and I returned to the main studio, Monica was waiting with our champagne glasses. 'Just another quick sip, and then we need to get down to business,' she said. I don't know if it was the champagne or what, but there I was, standing in a studio, surrounded by brighter-than-bright lights, and wearing nothing but some skimpy underwear, and do you know what? I didn't really care.

The first shots that Monica took were with Celia on the chaise longue and me in various standing poses next to her. Initially, Monica was very specific in her instructions. 'Hannah, bring your chin up slightly.' Thwat! 'Celia, relax your left hand a little.' Thwat! 'Hannah, turn your shoulders more to towards the camera.' Thwat! But, pretty soon, Celia and I were into the swing of it. We just did what we thought might look good, and Monica -- mainly -- just snapped away. Thwat! Thwat! Thwat!

For the second lot of shots, Monica had me sitting on one of the balloon-back chairs. 'Try sitting slightly side on,' Monica said. Thwat! 'Lovely. And now try lifting your right leg. Yes. That's nice.' Nice? Well, if you consider an unencumbered view of the inside of my thigh to be nice. Thwat!

'I'll tell you what, Hannah,' Monica said after we had tried a few more side-sitting shots, 'try turning the chair around, and sit astride it with your hands holding onto the top of the back.'

I did as I was instructed. But I was a bit worried that, with my legs spread so much, the first thing the camera was going to notice was the gusset of my knickers. I just hoped that everything down there was covered. I thought that I could feel just a hint of unfamiliar coolness. 'That's it. Very nice,' Monica said. Thwat!

'Now, Celia, why don't you get behind Hannah? Yes, that's nice.' Thwat! 'Maybe bring up your left knee and rest it on the seat of the chair. Nice.' Thwat! 'And now just drape your left arm over Hannah's shoulder and rest your hand on her breast.' Thwat! 'Maybe just stroke it gently,' Monica suggested. Thwat! 'Yes. Perfect.'

'See. It's really quite easy, isn't it,' Celia said quietly as she continued to stroke and fondle my left breast. And then I felt her other hand on my right breast.


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