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Couple fulfills friend's fantasy of non-consent.

Every time, a guy in the other booth would get teased with the possibility that this hot slut was going into the booth next to his. Then she would move on, swaying her hips and looking incredibly sexy as she walked past the now disappointed guy. When we had completed a lap, she leaned to me and said, "This time, I want you to pick the booth we stop at. You pick whose dick I will suck first."

In spite of the recent draining she had just given it, my cock twitched at her words. Suddenly, I had a measure of control in this game. I felt a greater excitement over what we were doing than I had previously. I looked up and down the rows of booths at the men standing by the doors. I could feel the excitement in the air. We started moving down past the doors. I played the tease game with my wife at the first two booths. I could see the guys trying to catch her eye. I could see they desperately wanted my wife.

Finally, I stopped at a booth next to the one a tall guy was at. I'm no real judge of male beauty, but he looked fit and healthy to me. I was tired of waiting, so I nudged Suze and she slipped into the little booth. I followed and shut the door. As Suze turned towards me she was pulling her blouse open again. Then she tugged her spandex mini-skirt up so that her pussy and ass were completely uncovered. She stepped to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and gave me a deep kiss. She let go and gave me a smile that was pure sexual hunger. "Thanks honey," she whispered. Then she dropped to her knees

I looked at the fist sized hole and saw the face of the guy from the next booth. "C'mon, darling." Suze said into the hole, "Give me your hard cock."

Seconds later a hard cock slid through the hole and my wife attacked it like a starving animal on fresh meat. She was sucking hard on his cock. Her head was bobbing fast. I could hear the wet sound of her mouth sliding up and down this stranger's cock. Once in a while, I could hear her gag a little when she got the angle and depth wrong. It was all very exciting.

I noticed that she kept one hand on her pussy as she sucked. I reached down from behind and slipped a finger into her dripping cunt. She moaned around the guys cock as I slipped a second finger into her. She started hunching against my hand as she blew the guy through the wall. Suddenly I saw her put both hands against the wall, her body stilled. I thought she might be starting to cum, but I couldn't feel her pussy throbbing around my fingers. I watched a bit more. She was very slowly sucking up and down on the cock in her mouth.

Then the cock pulled back out of her mouth and through the wall with a pop. She looked at me and opened her mouth. It was full of cum. She closed her eyes and mouth and I watched her swallow his cum as if it were the sweetest delicacy she had ever tasted. My cock was hard in my pants again.

I heard doors opening and closing, suddenly another cock poked through the wall. Suze turned to it and started sucking ravenously again. I dropped my pants and slipped behind her. After a bit of awkward positioning, I got my cock into her while she kept working on the strange cock. I held still while she humped her hips on me while she bobbed her head on his cock. She was so wet that I slide in and out effortlessly.

After the second guy came she stood up and repeated her cum swallowing display for me. Then she reached up and kissed me like she had when we first got in the booth. I could smell and taste the remnants of cum in her mouth. I was so heated up, so into the moment, that it actually turned me on. I was surprised at myself.

When Suze broke the kiss, she reached down and stroked the new cock that had poked its head through the wall.

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