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Daphne and Alex meet in person.

As one could imagine, the gossip columns & entertainment news media went into a frenzy. Suddenly male chastity was front and centre & women the world over were discussing it. Countless TV shows & opinion columns debated the merits of doing it. Penny & Max opened up to the media as well with in depth interviews on the matter & how it saved their relationship. In all interviews & paparazzi shots of Penny, the most important part of the image was her necklace & dangling just above her beautiful bosom was the key to Max's chastity cage.

Women the world over wondered could they have a key of their own whilst men the world over fantasised about Penny & how they'd conform to the cage to get near her. Her career skyrocketed from that point and she became the biggest movie star in the world whilst husband Max's career somewhat stagnated & he was left holding her purse. At public functions like award shows, he stood obediently & lovingly beside his wife whilst she stood their radiantly all the time with that key dangling on her necklace.

Another significant cultural change at this time was the rise and rise of women in the workplace. For years outperforming men in education, women were starting to outnumber men in the highest earning jobs & become the breadwinners in the household. It was men that suddenly were keener to marry for some financial security.

The chastity manufactures capitalised on both scenarios & marketed the chastity belt as the must have accessory for the 21st century couple. No longer the preserve of online & sex shops, suddenly the chastity belt could be purchased at your local supermarket. The Chastity Max was the best seller named after that poor unfortunate Hollywood A Lister.

Just like diamonds had been successfully marketed to women 150 years earlier as a prelude to marriage, the belt became the must have item. Women demanded it off the husbands to be & it became the cultural norm that on the night of nuptials men would be chastised be their wives after consummating the marriage. Men, so keen to enter marriage signed up to this leading to no masturbation, no hope of cheating & a real switch to where the wife was elevated to the status of goddess & the superior in the marriage. Male cheating was eliminated & with husbands unable to masturbate, they became better husbands & fathers.

Women on the other hand became more demanding & authoritative. Working women became accustomed to a certain lifestyle where men did all the household chores, had cooked dinners waiting for their wives, wine & baths ready for when they arrived home & performed oral sex on their wives at the drop of a hat. Giving their wives earth shattering orgasms with their tongues & gave husbands their best chance of gratification and ensured that on Sunday night, their weekly release went ahead as scheduled.

The necklace & key became THE status symbol around the office. Women wanted to show to the world that they had a man under lock & key. Women dressed provocatively not just to tease their husbands but of course to show to each other who was the sexiest and who the bigger goddess. They boasted not of money & gadgets but about how obedient their husbands were and what their men would do to prove their love & worship.

A man giving his wife a peck on the cheek had always been the norm but in today's world a peck on the wife's ass check is just as common. Some wives couldn't leave or enter their homes without their poor imprisoned husbands worshipping the delicious derri__re.

Not all men signed up to chastity of course.

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