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Olivia learns Lucine's true nature. Lesbian/vampire.

He reached up and put his arm around me and hugged me, saying, 'I've kept these pictures all these years and I want you to have them to remember that night with pleasure. The next are different and I hope they will bring back pleasant memories too.' Incredibly, I had no idea of what was coming!

"Suddenly I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw myself standing there holding my skirt bunched up almost at my waist exposing my panties and garter belt. Seeing the three previous, innocuous, pictures hadn't triggered my memory of what had come afterwards. I straightened up in shock and almost shrieked, 'Oh my god, Bill, I had forgotten about doing that! Has anybody else seen that?'"

"He responded with, 'No Nita. I promised you that no one else would see these pictures and I have kept that promise!' He quickly showed me two that were much the same and I suddenly dreaded and, I'll admit, aroused by what I now assumed was coming. My assumption was correct for there I stood, my skirt at my waist and everything blatantly exposed. No panties!

"I was shocked, embarrassed and, surprising myself, really excited. The best of the pictures was one in which I was...'impishly' is the word I guess...smiling at the camera. It was not a candid shot for I was obviously posing. I was standing there, my feet a good foot apart. My garter belt, with its supporters running down to my hose tops, framed my triangle of dark hair. I was looking at a picture of myself, not some porno star, and I felt myself getting wet as I looked at it!

"I had been sitting erect after pulling away when the first shocking picture came up, but now Bill put his arm around me again and pulled me close and said, 'You were beautiful!' I turned my head to look at him and he kissed me. I was hesitant at first but suddenly it felt right and I returned the kiss. What happened then is what has happened millions of times over the years when friends become lovers. Kisses led to feeling and fondling and, inevitably, to fucking! That's what happened. We ended upstairs in our bedroom and he spent the night for the first time.

"I swear I never had a single romantic or sexual thought as I met him at the reunion. I never thought of any of that as we sat down on that couch. It all came at that moment when the memories of that prom night descended on me when I saw those pictures. How I could have forgotten what I had done that night is beyond me. I think that I must have deliberately buried details of all of that and just remembered having a wonderful time!

"In any case, there was one more thing that really fanned the flames and helped start my affair. When that first kiss finally ended, he pulled away and reached over beside himself, picked up the little package I had seen and handed it to me. I opened it and inside I found a pair of panties. He smiled at me and quietly said, 'Those are the ones I took off of you that night. I've kept them all these years, hoping for a moment like this! I've loved having them and I love returning them.'

"Char, he could have had me right there on the couch! I was just overcome with emotion. That he had kept those pictures was exciting and arousing. But that he had kept my panties all that time hoping to be with me again was so romantic that whatever defenses and desire I had for faithfulness just melted away. A half hour later we were naked and in bed and my adulterous affair had begun!"

"Jesus, Nita, that was unbelievable.

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