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A niece seduces a lustful uncle.

She was not protesting the fact that he was rubbing her juices on her, but the fact that he stopped her orgasm before it started. She needed to cum.

Ted moved from between her legs and kneeled down by her head. His dick was in full mast now and he began stroking it. He caused her to jump when he touched her lips with the head of his dick. He then rubbed his precum that had formed on the end of his dick, over her cheek and lips. She started talking but Ted couldn't quite understand what she was saying so he pulled out her panties from her mouth.

"If you yell again, I am going to stuff your mouth again," he says. "I won't scream, just put your dick in me and fuck me. I'll behave," she says.

No my slut, I'm not ready to fuck you yet. I'm going to use your pussy as I see fit. After he said that he reached down and inserted his fingers again and got them all sticky with her juices then moved them back up to her lips and rubbed it over them. "Please stop doing that and fuck me, whoever you are. I'm so hot and I need to cum," she says. "You'll cum when I'm ready but first you are going to see what a slut you really are," He tells her.

Ted figured her pending orgasm had subsided so he moved his hand back to her pussy and started fucking her again. It didn't take long before her hips started moving again and her eyes closed. "You want to cum don't you bitch," He asks? He moves his finger over her clit and her hips started lifting to press harder against his finger. He moved his hand away and she almost goes berserk.

"You like to cum don't you Lana," He asks. "How do you know my name," she asks, "Do I know you?" "It doesn't matter if you do or not Lana. I asked you a question. Do you like to cum," he asks. "YES, I LIKE TO CUM, I NEED TO CUM, FUCK ME AND QUIT TEASING ME," she blurts out. Ted smiled.

Ted wanted to fuck her in the worse way. He dreamed about ramming his dick in her after she teased him that day. He moved in between her outstretched legs and moved close enough so he could tease her pussy with his big dick.

He grabbed his dick and started rubbing it through the lips of her gash.

Her hips raised and she tried to push her pussy against him and take him inside. "Please quit teasing me. Please put your dick in me. I need to cum soooo bad," she begged.

Ted found her clit and rubbed the head of his dick against it. He pushed the head just past her outer lips and then held it there. She pushed her hips harder but couldn't make him enter her. "You really want my dick don't you slut? I bet you'd take any dick right about how wouldn't you," He asked. "Please just fuck me. I don't want just any dick, I want yours in me now. Please put it all the way in," She begs again.

It was time, Ted thought. He was finally going to feel the pussy he had been dreaming about wrapped around him and milking his cum out of him. "Are you ready my slut? Are you ready to have your pussy filled with my big dick?" He teased. "My Gawd yes. I want your dick to fill my hot pussy," She says.

Ted wanted her now. He leaned over and braced himself for his push and then thrust his hips hard, sending his dick deep inside of her. "AGGGGHHHHHHHH," she screamed. She was getting the dick she wanted so badly. It was so big it hurt, but that didn't matter to her. She had what she needed.

Ted started thrusting harder, inching his way inside of her until he was packed in to his balls. She had taken ever inch of him and she loved it.

She started a massive orgasm after about the third thrust. Ted fucked her hard and fast, then slowed down and fast again. She was having a constant orgasm. She kept cumming and cumming and wanted more. Ted felt his balls aching for release so he pushed his dick as deep as it would go and let fly with large gobs of hot cum deep inside of her. "AAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH, yessssss, I feel your cum in me. Fuck me harder. Make me cum again. Ted complied with another assault before his dick went limp.

When he pulled out, i

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