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The Teacher.

"I'd go by York too," She said, holding back her snickering.

"Madison is a fitting name. Very lesbian," York said, her response being a smile.

"Rather be named after a lesbian than after fuck lube," Mads said, York huffing and taking a spoonful of ice cream.

"Heather called today. She's busy and happy about it," York said, to change the subject.

"She'll kill it out there. You tell her what we're up to?" Mads asked.

"Didn't want her to get pissed and shit on her moment," York said, and Mads kicked sideways to hit him.

"If she gets mad about that, she's a little bitch. She could do the exact same thing with the exact same person, and it isn't an issue."

"I am trying to marry her," York said.

"If she's mad about that, maybe it's a good litmus of what marriage with her would be like. Double standards will drive you batshit," Mads said. "I can tell her, dress it up a little."

"No it should be me," York said, and Mads said she'd leave him to it. "It wasn't cheating right?"

"That was my rule, not hers. Maybe she picked me because I'd never want to touch you. That was cute this morning you trying to push my head down."

"Not even if I dared you?" York asked with a grin.

"You could double dog dare me and that's still a no," Mads said then pointed at his beard. "Don't even think about going down again with that beard."

"I went down, you didn't, technically you didn't match me," York said.

"I made you cum, all I needed to do," Mads said and finished her ice cream before he was halfway through his. "You eat slow."

"I like tasting food," York said then took a slow approach with the spoon to his mouth. "Yum"

"Eat and walk, let's go," Mads said, having to drop off the seat and throw her cup in the trash. York stepped down his and followed her out while slowly eating his treat. She ate the rest of it a minute later.


Mads again found herself in a mood. She closed her book and looked over at her door to see if it was closed. Once she saw it was, she pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees and dug her vibrator out of her drawer.

Turning it on she placed it on her clit and played with her breasts. Focusing on her orgasm, her breathing became strained as she squeezed her breasts tighter. When the buildup started, she gritted in anticipation. When it was about to maximize, it died and went away, and she couldn't acquire it again.

"Come on," Mads complained and tried to start it again. Then again. Then again. She groaned and looked at her alarm clock, seeing it was a little after one in the morning now.

Yesterday before York's interruption, that was one of the first times in a few years she had tried to do that alone. Masturbation had never been an issue to her, but living with Heather had certainly made her rusty.

It was late and she was horny for an orgasm, so she pulled her shorts and panties all the way off and poked her head out of her room and looked at York's closed door. She tried to talk herself out of it for a minute, walking back to her bed and trying again. After that final frustration she left her room and creaked his door open.

York was dead asleep on his back and shirtless. Probably naked but the sheet covered him below the abdomen. This wasn't about him being a man or a woman. This was about needing another person. The touch of someone else. Mads closed his door, tip toeing to the other side of his bed. She reached under the sheet and found his hand, and then pulled it to her pelvis.

York stirred in his sleep, and his instinct took over. He began to feel around what was touching his hand. It appeared like he figured it out because he slid his finger in. Mads placed the vibrator on her clit and started to play with her breasts again. It didn't take long for her to orgasm on his hand, and when she look at him again, he was looking up at her.

York grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the bed and to her back, sliding his fingers back into her pussy.

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