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Candice gets caught by a very dirty cop.


"First time." I spluttered.

"No it isn't. You wanked while I was listening a couple of weeks ago, after you did my housework for me. I think you enjoy it. Tell me you enjoy humiliating yourself by wanking while I listen?"

"I enjoy wanking while you listen"

"Not good enough"

"I love to humiliate myself by kneeling on the floor, naked and wanking, while you listen on the phone".

"OK. Now if you ask me nicely and tell me what a dirty little wanker you are, I shall give you permission to cum."

"I am a dirty little wanker who likes to wank and degrade himself while you listen. Please may I come now?"

"You have ten seconds to cum. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4."

With a low moan a great stream of spunk squirted out of my cock and fell across the timber floor. A squeal accompanied the second, even more intense spasm. I totally forgot that I was holding onto the telephone as I had one of my most protracted and vocal orgasms, splattering spunk over the floor.

"There's a good boy. Now as a special treat, you can lick the mess up. Byeee." Sandra rang off. I replaced the receiver and bent to my task, licking up every drop.

30 minutes later, Lesley came home and found me on the sofa, naked and erect, masturbating. I had been reliving the telephone conversation. She did not wait for me to speak, but collapsed on the sofa next to me and said,

"Go outside and wank then. And put the kettle on as you go out."

A couple of weeks later, Sandra and I were with the rest of the family at a do somewhere. We found ourselves alone in a quiet corner, and I decided to bring up my wanking habits.

"Thank you for allowing me to ejaculate the other night."

"It's a pleasure. Do you always wait for permission to cum when you wank?"

"Normally. I don't have to of course, but that's part of the fun."

"And do you always wank when speaking to someone on the phone."

"Only women I now, who might like the idea. I like to think that they can hear my breathing change, as I get aroused, but they're not sure if I really am masturbating. There's always the possibility that they'll get curious and ask me what I'm doing. Of course, depending on how well I know them, I'll tell them the truth. Even then, they may not believe me."

"Do they always let you cum?"

"You're the first one I've asked. That's why I thanked you."

"Did you clear up the mess like I told you?"

"Of course"

"Did you like the taste?"

"I could have done without the floor polish"

"We'll see what we can do about that next time. Would you like to wank for me again?"

"Yes please"


"As soon as you like. I'll be at home Tuesday".

"Be kneeling on the floor naked at 6pm Tuesday night, and start wanking. Don't stop for any reason - other telephone calls, people knocking at the door, anything. You're not allowed to ejaculate until I give you permission. I'll call sometime before 8." With that she moved away.

5.55, Tuesday night and I was kneeling on the timber floor in the lounge, next to the telephone. I was naked and already turned on about the impending events. As soon as the timer on the video turned to 6.00, I grasped my already erect cock and slowly started wanking. Almost immediately, I had to rest. My cock was twitching, and I could have ejaculated in about three seconds. I needed a distraction.

I switched on the television and turned the volume down low. Then continued masturbating with my left thumb on the mute button. I figured she would want the phone to be answered immediately.

Ten minutes later the phone rang, and despite the instantaneous reactions, I still nearly shot my load in excitement.

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