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Sex with a stranger can be the best sex.

I lower my lips to yours and kissed you lightly. The movement of your body slows, and you putyouer arms around me, holding me tightly without asking for more than the light pressure of our lips. After a long moment, you let your weight settle down into the bed and loosen the grip of your legs. When I open my eyes, you are smiling up at me.

For another moment we study each other's eyes.

I slide down until your breasts are beneath my face then lower my mouth to a plump nipple and watch as your eyes close and a small sound of satisfaction purrs in your throat. My tongue teases and toys with it, and the sound of your purr grows louder then turns into a sigh. I run my tongue in a final circle before lifting my lips then slipping lower yet, trailing my tongue lightly across your stomach until it finds the dimple of your belly button. Flicking my tongue in and out of the indentation brings a giggle to your lips, and you pull away.

"That tickles," you protest, still laughing.

I press my lips against your belly and suck a small piece of your warm skin into my mouth, then let it slip out as I slip lower again, letting my mouth brush over your smooth skin until my tongue finds the soft warm fold of flesh covering your clit. You stop laughing and let a loud sigh out with your breath.

The tip of my tongue finds the crease in your flesh and the small bud beneath. I flick it back and forth slowly, softly touching it, moving it from side to side, and another sigh escapes your lips.

I slide my tongue lower, slipping it inside you with a quick thrust, then flick it in and out rapidly.

You gasp and lift your hips and spread your thighs wider to give me more room.

I press my tongue as deep into you as I can and explore the walls of your vagina, tasting the fluids now beginning to flow from inside. I open my mouth wide and cover your pussy completely, sucking your thick warm mounds into my mouth as my tongue strains to find its way even more deeply inside your liquid warmth.

"Oh...yes," you moan and lifted your hips even higher.

I pull my tongue out and lift it to toy with your clit again. The small bud is now swollen, hot and slick with your secretions and my saliva. My tongue slides across it and a short shudder of pleasure ripples through you. I lap at your clit slowly, running the length of my tongue across it while wiggling it from side to side, and another shiver shakes you. You lift your pelvis as though trying to run your clit up and down my face.

My cock is growing hard, throbbing full at the excitement of knowing I am exciting you with my tongue. I have to rise up to free it from under my body. Your body shifts when I move, and I glance up. You aresmiling down at me.

"Why don't you change positions, so I can taste you too," you suggest.

I smile back at you and shift until I am kneeling over you. Your warm fingers wrap around my cock and stroke me slowly. I lower my lips and tongue to your cunt again and feel you tugging at me gently, asking me to lower myself. The wet warmth of your lips slip over the head of my cock.

I put my arms around your hips and use my fingers to spread your pussy open wide then begin flicking my tongue across your clit as fast as I can. You had loved it when I'd done it the night before, and you don't like it any less now. Your hips immediately curl, rolling up, pushing your pussy against my darting tongue.

You have taken my cock deep into your mouth and started licking at it with the same enthusiasm as I am licking your clit.

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