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Young crossdresser goes out for the first time.

His, "And what are you doing later Sweetie?" answered by Elle, who actually reached down and patted his cock, before saying, "He'll be with me and using his...," now picking up his dick and holding it in the palm of her hand, "one of these to make me very happy!" Giving her a wink and a kiss on the cheek, his cock even showing a little movement, he walked away, the "Bitch!" remark he shot back over his shoulder, was offered with a smile.

At about 5:30, Vic reappeared, apologizing and telling us he's stumbled upon an old friend and had been talking to him. He then told us that we'd all been invited to be the guy's guests for the 11:00 PM show, taking place at, "The Crown & Anchor's Bistro Theater."

"What kind of show is it? Elle asked.

"Drag Queens imitating famous celebrities," he responded.

"They're always great," Kathy interjected, "and really funny."

That got us headed back to the resort, needing to shower and clean up. Vic had made reservations for an 8:30 dinner, so we had plenty of time.

Back in the room, Elle wanted to fool around, but I wanted to wait, an evening of new and strange sights and experiences was bound to make her horny and I wanted to enjoy all of it with my libido still in full gear. I had, however, planned for this very possibility, buying her a new vibrator just in case she had the need. This one was small, not much larger than the palm of my hand, but had a feature that was sure to titillate. The entire gadget vibrated and "oscillated," each function having three speeds.

As always, she claimed to have NO mechanical skills, leaving it up to me to teach her how to use the device. Between my fingers, pleasuring areas that the vibrator could not reach..., and my tongue, adding additional pleasure to where the machine was operating, she was screaming within moments, loud knocks on the wall an indication that her erotic amusement had caught our host's attention.

We took a short nap once SHE'D decided that she'd had enough, my having to hide the toy from her so she couldn't ask for an encore when she woke up! When she did ask where I'd hidden it, I told her I'd given it to Kathy for "safe keeping."

By 8:00, Vic, Kathy and I were back on the balcony, another drink, the restaurant, according to Vic, only a short drive away. By 8:25, all three of us were calling for the habitually late Elle, who was still in our room getting ready. Kathy and I were already at the elevator when we heard Vic exclaim, "Are you really going to wear that!"

I was wearing slacks and a Polo shirt, Kathy looking like a twin to me, her Polo sleeveless, her pants mid calf. Vic was looking very dapper, matching tan linen pants and long sleeve shirt and finally... Elle.

Sometimes I really need to be careful with her because she tends to think... no... she firmly believes, that... "less is more!"

This was another one of those times.

A very nice black mini dress, no idea where she bought it, but it was very sexy! That was especially true because the top, from the waist up, was made of fishnet, with cowl front that tied behind her neck, making the dress backless. It had come with a bikini top and g-string that matched the bottom material, ... but tonight, she was wearing nothing under everything.

"Wow..., don't you look hot," Kathy declared, her hand going to Elle's shoulder to make her do a pirouette, "very sexy!"

"Hey, if nice looking young men can walk around naked in public, "she offered, "why can't I wear something that offers an illusion of nudity?"

"Elle," Vic proclaimed, "the only illusion what you're wearing offers..., no shatters, is the one you've broken of mine. Like I said earlier, I've always known you to dress and act like a friggin nun. In less than twelve hours you've destroyed that delusion and..., God I love the new you!!"
By the time we'd finished dinner, it was very apparent that everyone else in P-town agreed with Vic.

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