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Hallucinations lead to strange events.

When she got out of high school, she was having a hard time figuring out what to do with her life. So I told her that maybe she should join the service to get some experience and do some traveling. She took my advice and off she went.

I remember that all GI's enjoyed getting mail so I made sure that I would write at least two letters a week. I'm not sure when it started but over time I started to get more and more sexual with my letters and since she didn't tell me to stop it began to get even more open. I told her about my months with Monica in Germany and some of the things that she taught me. And how these things had become engrained in me and that it was very hard to find a woman who would agree to try some of them. Sure they loved how I would use my tongue on them and how I could spend hours just licking their bodies but they just couldn't being themselves to try any of the things that I liked. So I accepted the fact that I would at least be able to live out my tongue slave fetish even though it was not to the extreme that I would have wanted.

Then Debbie was her orders to go to Germany. And by this time she had actually started to tease me with some of her return letters. She would tell me that after 3 days out in the field she couldn't believe how dirty and smelly she would get. She said that since she stopped shaving her armpits, her hairy pits would get so sweaty that the smell was really overwhelming and she wished that she had someone around that could clean her up. Needless to say I would send back letters letting her know just how turned on I would get by reading her letters and that I would always be there for her when she came home.

We carried on a very strange relationship while she was in Germany. I actually became her oral slave thru letters. She would tell me things to do and I would have to write back to her and let her know how much I enjoyed them. Of course getting my self off wasn't something that I was new at but when she had one of her friends call me and told me that Debbie wanted to make sure I wasn't lying to her, so I had to please her so she could report beck to Debbie. Tina was a dream come true for me. If I couldn't have Debbie right now this the next best thing. Tina was a little thing, very pretty with long black hair and nice small tits. The night Tina came over she told me that Debbie had her stop shaving about six months ago and that she hadn't had a shower in 4 days. All she had washed was her face and head hair. And from the moment I took ,off her shoes I knew she was telling the truth. Her feet smelled heavenly even thru her socks.

I told her I couldn't wait to start making love to her body. She told me to dive right in. I must have spent an hour on her feet. Sucking each toe into my mouth, licking between each toe and making sure that they were as sweet smelling as I could get them. I then moved up to her underarms. They fully grown in and I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. She had more hair than any woman I had ever seen and the stench was absolutely wonderful. The hair was very wet and matted and she smelled like onions. I spent a good 45 minutes on each of her armpits and while I couldn't completely get all the smell to go away she told me that it was one of the most sexy things that she even had done to her. As I moved down her body to her little tits I noticed that she had nice big fat nipples with about 20 hairs surrounding each of them. And it was a joy sucking on her nipples and turning her on even more than she already was. Between her tits she had a thin line of hair that grew straight down to her bellybutton.

And from there it fanned out to her pussy hair which was long thick and after 4days of not washing VERY DIRTY.

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