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Mother and son.


"Okay, you hope your way, I'll hope mine!"

Sue ragged on me for flirting with a woman my mother's age.

"Oh, come on, I was just being nice, and she wasn't that old."

"Phil, she was probably fifty-five, maybe older!"

"Nah, besides my Mom is 62. Hell, I'm 37, and you're 35! And, like I said, I was just teasing."

The following Saturday, Sue was shopping and I was enjoying the extra room in the garage when a car pulled up. I recognized it right away, and began walking down the driveway, as the lady climbed out.

She smiled broadly. "Looks like you're a better wisher than I am!"

"It doesn't work?" I asked, smiling back.

"Nope. I followed all the directions."

"You did it yourself? Do you know anything about electricity?"

"Oh, you're one of those macho types who think a woman can't do anything outside the bedroom and kitchen?" she teased.

I laughed. "I didn't say that! But it worked when we took it down. It should still work. But, I'll give you the money back, unless I can come over and fix it?" I winked with that, and she laughed again.

"And your wife would say...?"

"She's shopping. My free time. How about it?"

In five minutes, having left Sue a note about going for a beer, I followed the lady about half a mile to her place, pulling behind her in the driveway.

With my work bag over my shoulder, I followed her into the house with the fan. Her den held her computer and TV, along with a couch and recliner. The existing ceiling fan was on the floor.

"By the way, I'm Sam," she commented.

"Phil, nice to meet you, Sam. Most Sams I know don't smell nearly as nice as you."

"Just most?"

"You'd be surprised."

"I sure would. You don't strike me as that type," she eyed me, smiling.

"I can not tell a lie. I'm totally Hetero."

In a minute, I had tested the fan and it worked fine. "Damn," Sam said. "I thought that's how I had it, too."

"Oh, come on, you were just drawn back to me because of my raw manliness. It happens all the time."

"Oh yes," Faking a faint. "Your wife is so lucky to have you!"

"I wish you could convince her of that!"

"Oh... sorry. That happens sometimes in marriages."

"You, too?" I asked, busily hooking the fan up, permanently.

"A while ago, actually. Divorced, ten years now. Separated, tried again. Sometimes it just runs its course."

"Yeah, well, with a ten year old, I'm not going anyplace soon, can't afford it."

She was watching me closely. "Sometimes you just have to make the best of a bad situation."

I looked down at her from the stepstool, and again felt that stirring. "Got any ideas on how I can do that?"

Her eyes became heavy, and a half-smile came across her lips as she seemed to focus on my growing bulge. "I think you have some ideas of your own, don't you?"

What the Hell, I thought. Reaching down and adjusting my situation, I said calmly, "From the minute I saw you, I had a whole bunch of ideas."

She bit her lip and her hand replaced mine. "I felt it, too, a spark, right?" She looked down at her hand which was now rubbing me. "I hope you can be discreet. I don't want a reputation already."

I steadied myself as I came off the ladder. "Discretion is my middle name," I said, reaching for her breast with one hand, the other pulling her towards me. Her mouth opened for me, and she tasted sweet and fresh, and any age difference dissolved. She moaned softly as her tongue passed my lips, darting, dueling.

I couldn't believe how quickly I was hard, and she squeezed and stroked, and I tugged her sweater over her head, making her release me before I could shoot prematurely.

Her tits were begging to be free, and I popped the hooks quickly and they tumbled out. I bent and sucked on one as my other hand went to the small of her back, catching the zipper for her slacks.

She held my head to her, whispering, "You're in a hurry, huh?"

I grunted, "It's been a while," as she pulled my shirt over my head.

"Me, too, baby, me too!" She wiggled her hips as I slid the slacks down with the panties, and she went back on the couch as I pulled her feet free and spread her thighs, looking u

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