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Peeping leads to more.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about seeing my co-worker in the buff, but I was so turned on already, that I didn't think anything of it. He approached Susan and they began to kiss. His hands immediately went to her ass and began to work her taut cheeks. I watched for a moment, feeling like I was witnessing live porn. Then I began to strip down myself. "The night's turning out better than I could've imagined," I thought.

Once, I was naked, I began to stroke my cock as I watched Susan drop to her knees and begin to suck Jim's cock. He had a thick one and it was stretching out her pouty little lips, making my cock drip pre-cum all over my stroking hand. Jim looked over and said, "Man, this girl can suck dick. Come here and have some." I walked over to and presented my 8-incher to Susan and she pulled off of Jim's cock and quickly engulfed mine. He wasn't kidding. What a mouth.

Jim stood and stroked while he watched her give me the blowjob of a lifetime. She switched back to him, then back to me, taking turns on both of our rods. She even tried to get both of them into her mouth. I have to admit, I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of my cock touching another cock at first, but it felt so fucking good and the scene was so hot, that I quickly got over it and just went with it. This girl was sexy as hell and could suck dick like she was born to. Little did I know how much more was to come.

I pulled out and said, "Let's get this skirt off of you." She stood up and Jim unzipped her little mini skirt and pulled her panties down in a flash. She had a neatly trimmed bush and I homed in on it and wanted to bury my face there. Jim must've had the same idea as he led her over to the bed and asked her if she like to get her pussy eaten. She answered by laying on her back and throwing her legs in the air. Being the pal that he is, Jim looked my way and said, "Go ahead dude, you take the first course." I dove down and started licking away at one of sweetest pussies I've ever seen, in real life or porn. She moaned with satisfaction. Jim egged me on, "Go on man. Eat that twat! She's lovin' it. Let's make her crazy with pleasure. Do it!"

Susan said, "Get over here Jim and let me suck that big pole of yours." Jim climbed on the bed and straddled her torso. I couldn't see exactly what was happening, but by the sounds of his groans and the slurps, I could tell she was going to town on his cock again.

I was working her up into a frenzy with tongue-to-clit action. I was working myself up into one, too. I was ready to take the plunge into that sweet little pussy. I stood up and lifted Susan's legs. I put my cock right up to entrance to her vagina. She pulled off of Jim's cock and said, "I'm read for it. Give me your cock."

Jim looked back over his shoulder and said, "Go for it, dude. Slide it in there." I didn't need any more encouragement. I pushed each inch in slowly, savoring the smooth, hot feel of her delicious pussy. Jim, still looking back, said, "Fuckin' hot man. Fuck that cunt." I started to stroke in and out. Slowly, then faster. Jim began to fuck her mouth as I fucked her pussy. He had leaned forward and now, between his legs, I had a good view of Susan's mouth taking his cock and his swinging balls banging against her chin. Again, I felt like I was watching live porn, except now I was starring in it!

I called out to Jim, "Man, you gotta get a feel of this pussy!"

He pulled out of her mouth and climbed off the bed. I pulled out and he dropped to his knees between her legs and said, "I want to fuck you Susan, but I wanna taste you first!"

She smiled and said, "Go for it stud." I walked over to the bed and started licking her nipples and making out with her. I looked down between her legs and saw Jim licking for all he was worth. She was moaning and purring. She said, "OK, I'm ready for more cock! Put it in me Jim. I think you'll find that I'm a girl that can't get enough of really good dick."

Jim stood up and eased his meat into her.

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