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Encounter with his niece and a lady friend.

For our great success, Bob asked us out for a drink. I smiled, accepted their offer. My mind was completely occupied from the satisfaction of successfully completing the huge project.

As soon as we reached our hotel, I putted all my documents on the table, showered, got dressed and went out to eat. I joined them at our hotel pub. We talked and danced for a couple of hours and I had made plan to have a few drinks, but continued to drink until about 12 am. We had a lot of drink and felt the effects of the alcohol.

My head was spinning. I was unable to walk. They grabbed my hand, leading me into my room.

When entered, they put me down on the bed. I noticed that all their eyes were watching me and whispering something. I felt awake, but not. My limbs were heavy and I had no energy in me to talk with them. I tried to say thanks to them. For a moment, I heard a voice.

"Madam? Are you ok?"

I want to roll over and tell them that, yes, I am all right, but my body didn't respond. I curled on my side. By the time I realized that my thighs were uncovered. But my body didn't respond. I was unable to cover them.

I could feel one guy walk up to me; I could feel him right above me. He was Bob. He reached down and tucks my hair behind my ear and pulled on my shoulder moving me onto my back. He then pulled off my blazer slowly. Then unbuttoned my tight shirt and tossed onto the bed. With a soft feathery touch, he ran his fingertips up and down my leg again. I already closed my eyes and never opened my eyes thereafter. After a few seconds, when he was sure that I hadn't reacted, he continued. I felt the other guy moved closer and I felt another hand on my thigh. I thought, I should try to leave at this point, knowing it had gone too far, but I couldn't lift myself out of the bed. Their hands began to strip me of my clothes. They first removed my blazer, then shirt, bra and skirt and then I felt hot male lips encircle the nipples of my breasts. Bob then grabbed one breast and had his mouth around one of my nipples and was sucking it gently, making it tight and hard. He then turned his attention to the other nipple and worked at it as well until it was as hard as the other.

I felt the sudden rip of my panties as they were stripped from my body exposing the vagina. Next I felt several hands gather under my body. Jimmy took his hands and spread my legs apart. He parted my lips with his fingers, started rubbing my clit slowly.

I gave a slight moan. That was the green signal for him. The next thing I knew, he was rubbing my clit, slowly at first, then quite frantically. I soon felt him find my hole and slid his fingers into my pussy. Then I felt his finger moving against my clit and my pussy begins to tighten. I knew what's happening and he did too.

Then he bent his head down and licked my exposed swollen clit. I felt myself getting wet. He pressed his tongue inside of me and my pussy tightened and quivered. Suddenly he paused. I heard the zip of pants.

Then he lay on top of me and pushed his cock into me. His hips were thrusting against me.

Lobin climbed onto the bed next to me, with an erected cock, and then kneeled close to me; his legs split around my shoulders and head, rubbed his cock on my mouth and his hands massaged my breasts. Two guys were playing with my two breasts and one was thrusting into me. And Jimmy suddenly pulled out his cock and said your turn.

Bob traded places with him.

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