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A classic tale retold.

I slept in only a silky nightie that barely covered my ass so there was nothing to prevent me from sliding on top of that magnificent pole and riding my cowboy hard. I straddled him with my back to his face and slowly lowered myself down on him. He let out a soft moan as my pussy lips tightened around the bottom of his shaft. I rolled my hips around his shaft a few times to get used to his size before I slowly slid up and down on him. The more I felt him against my g-spot, the faster I needed to ride him. I knew he was watching my face from the mirror in front of the bed and enjoying every face I made in ecstasy. As I came close to exploding, he stopped me from coming back down on him with both hands. I tried to fight him but he was stronger than me. He made me stop and told me to roll over.

He told me to lie on my back and he rolled over and spread my legs apart, placing himself between them. His large hands gently pulling my labia apart, he rolled his tongue over my clit in lazy circles. As he flicked my clit with his tongue, I shuddered in delight. He slid two fingers in my wet hole and could feel myself tighten around him as he shoved his fingers in and out of my eager hole. I bucked against him trying to suck in those thick fingers as far as I could. I needed to be fucked hard. I begged him to use more fingers and he smile his evil little smile and reached over to the nightstand for some KY. He lubed up my slick slit even more and I knew he was up to something. Soon he was fucking me with four fingers and trying to pry me open with his thumb with each incoming stroke. "Faster I begged him. Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard."

I was begging him to make me cum hard. He told me to lie still as he forced his thumb inside me with the rest of his hand. I could feel myself tighten around his hand as he tried to make a fist inside me. He slowly started to pump his fist with my pussy walls sucked to his fist. It felt like he was going to rip it out as he came in and out of me. He forced himself on me until he was past his wrist and his arm was halfway in my hole. I writhed with pleasure and some pain, but it was good pain. I felt the build up coming and I felt myself clamping down on his hand as my release came hard and fast. My body clenched up and he laughed at me because he knew I could never get away with faking it with him. My body looked as if I was going into seizures as I came hard. As I laid there catching my breath, he slowly and gently removed his hand from my spasming hole.

He looked at me with those eyes that tell a woman that he loves you without saying a word.

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