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Empty nesters continue first sexual adventure.

Taking the panties and yearbook, I raced to the bathroom to pull my pud for sweet relief.

Setting the opened yearbook on the toilet tank, I took Contessa's panties and wrapped them around my hot, throbbing cock. I grimaced with lust as I studied the yearbook photo and rapidly stroked my member.

Suddenly, unbelievably, the bathroom door flew open, and there stood Contessa, dripping wet and transparent in her tiny suit.

"Oh my God! Mr. Fields! What the fuck are you doing?! Are those my panties?" she exclaimed with wild eyes.

"Contessa- let me explain." I implored forlornly, but I knew my goose was cooked.

"Explain what? That you're a horny old pervert?" she taunted, but now there was a smug sense of control in her voice.

Reaching down, Contessa closed the yearbook with a slight smile, her gaze never leaving my panty-clad cock.

"Hmm- I don't like that picture, do you? It doesn't show off my assets." Contessa then reached down and gently removed her panties from my dong, giving the head a little squeeze which caused me to whimper like a baby.

Contessa sat on the sink and turned me around to face her. The sight before me was incredible. An 18 year old girl, dripping wet from the pool and smelling faintly of chlorine, suntan lotion, and female sweat.

"Now isn't this better to jack off to?" she whispered as she pouted her lips and pushed her fat tits together with her upper arms.

I reached out to grab her breast and she slapped my hand away.

"No touching!" she snapped. "Now start stroking before I change my mind!"

I groaned feebly and began pumping my hot cock.

Contessa took her big toe and smeared the pre-cum around the head.

"If you get cum on my suit, you're going to replace it." she bossed.

As if I cared. At this point I would have signed over my house to get inside that pussy.

Contessa slowly pulled her bikini straps down so the cup material bunched up on the slopes of her shiny tits. She teased and taunted as she slid the top around, never quite letting me see her nipples. She reached down and untied both sides to her bottom so the strip sat there loosely, then she ran her fingers over it, pushing it deep into her steamy slit.

"Oh, Contessa--here it comes!" I husked like an eager kid as my hot seed exploded all over her tits, belly and pubic region.

"Well!" she lazily smiled through slitted eyes as she took in the mess I made.

"I'll-I'll replace the suit." I muttered weakly.

"O.K.!" she said breezily as she hopped down from the sink."But first I'm going to show Cindy your handiwork!"

Still clutching the sodden material to her front, she scampered out of the bathroom and down the hall, giggling devilishly and calling my daughter's name.

"Cindy! Come up to your room!" she yelled, as an icy finger of fear and panic ran up my spine.

Trying to make myself presentable, I zipped up and tried to beat Cindy to her room. But I was too late. Now, Contessa sat on Cindy's dresser, assuming the same saucy position as she did on the sink, and my heart sank as I realized Cindy sat on the bed across from her.

"Dad! What did you do?" Cindy whirled with tear stained eyes back and forth from Contessa's sopped suit and me trembling in the doorway.

Contessa sat there with a wicked grin, swinging her legs until they caught Cindy around the neck, pulling her to the floor.

"Clean me up!" she hissed, and Cindy choked back her tears and tentatively reached out and mopped Contessa's wet belly with her bottoms. This caused Contessa's pussy to be completely exposed to me for the first time, and I entered the room in a trance to get a better look.

"Use your mouth, Cindy!" Contessa demanded, and she now stuffed her semen covered top in my daughter's quivering mouth.

"Ughh..not in front of my Dad." Cindy winced, but all I saw was Contessa's now naked coffee colored tits, heaving with excitement as she controlled my daughter.

"Eat your Dad's cum, slut. Lick it off of me." Contessa panted as she gripped Cindy's hair.

"Dad--look away.

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