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The Mass Effect crew continues in a post-Shepard galaxy.

"I hate you," she whispered, as she knelt before me, a white string of cum hanging from her chin, as her eyes bored into mine, a deep satisfaction shining through. "I hate the way you make me feel, I hate loving the taste of you, the feel of your big cock," she finished as she lowered her head and milked the last bits of spunk into her mouth.

"Tonight Marie," I promised as I rose and moved toward the door, "Tonight I'll make you crawl for your little brother."

For two days I fucked my big sister, making her come endlessly as she thrashed below me, again and again deeply impaled on my thrusting spear. As she lay, tied spread-eagled on my King size bed, late on the second night, just hours before her flight home, I tried to convince her to join me permanently.

"Come live with me Marie, you know this is what you want, what you need... you want to be my slave, to feel my cock always, I've missed you"

"No, never, I'm a strong liberated woman, a Doctor, I don't need a man, never," she wailed. "It's I who orders Jacques, disciplines him, rules him," she boasted, even as I moved into her again, filling every inch of her insides.

"Leave him Marie. He's a wimp, a jerk, a little masochist who'll never satisfy you. You pretend to be a Dom but you know what you really want, don't you?" I demanded as she again started to spasm uncontrollably over my gushing cock. "You want my collar!! Come and be my slave, sleep tied at the foot of my bed every night, pleasure me when ordered, wear my mark," I insisted. "You'll be here for your daughter, she won't be all alone," I argued, excited at the prospect of Marie being my sex slave.

I could see she was attracted by my vision, that she was finally accepting what she was, who she could become, but still she replied, "No, never Peter, I can't, I can't. You'll take care of Amelie won't you Peter, promise me you will."

"Yes, yes of course I'll take care of her. What's her problem anyway? Does she at least like men? Does she fuck? Does she have boyfriends?"

"God yes, too many I think," laughed Marie ruefully, "She's definitely not like me in that way, in fact I'm afraid she's become a little slut. You definitely won't have to encourage her to date Peter, but you may have to lock her in sometimes."........

My last words to my sister as I hugged her in front of the Air France gate, seconds before she boarded her flight home were, "I love you Marie, anytime you want to come, that you realize it's I you want, just come, whenever, always.."

"To be your slave?"

"Yes to be my love slave Marie, forever," I whispered as she turned toward the gate, conflicting thoughts and emotions dancing beneath her skin.

Chapter 4 - New York City, Fall 2004

I was thirty-seven that Autumn, a lifelong bachelor who had been slowly becoming set in my ways, and so I found the arrival of Amelie and her continuing presence both a trial and a pleasure. It was a joy to have a teenager in the house, with her youthful view of the world allowing me to experience life through a youngster's fresh eye.

But I had to also put up with her immaturity and her arrogance, combined with an anti-Americanism that threatened our uneasy peace almost from day one. Although she enjoyed her school, her classmates, her courses and loved being able to explore the world's most exciting city, inevitably she'd spout some half-baked European theory about the States that would infuriate whoever she was with.

"But Uncle Peter," she'd complained innocently to me one day when I admonished her for some ill thought out comment she'd made, "I thought this was the land of free speech."

"That doesn't mean you can insult us every time you open your mouth."

"But Uncle,"

"Don't Uncle me Amelie.

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