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How I started sucking off random men.

We cleaned up and dressed, then moved back up front, doing our best to make ourselves presentable for our return. We held hands on the trip back.

As we pulled up to the last traffic light, Susie squeezed my hand. "You know you can't say a word about this to anyone," she said, looking serious. I looked back at her, pulling an imaginary zipper across my lips.
"I never tell," I said. "That's the fastest way to ruin a lot of lives and some friendships." The light was about to change. We kissed quickly, and turned the corner, arriving back in the lot a minute later.

"So, what did you think??"

"I like the test drive in the Tahoe best," I said, smiling at Susie. She laughed. "I'd like to take them out again next week after I've had some time to evaluate the pros and cons," I said seriously for a moment.

"Why don't you come back Tuesday morning and see me. We can take out the Traverse and Tahoe again. We'll make it a lunch date." Susie squeezed my hand and got out. I followed her to her office where we discussed some things about the two vehicles. We shook hands and I was off.

I walked into the dealership about 1030 on the following Tuesday. As I was asking the receptionist to see Susie, I heard a familiar drawl calling me. Susie was coming across the floor to greet me. She looked good in a floral print wrap dress that came about two inches above her knees. It was a great way of teasing me by just giving me enough of her thighs to be enticing while still looking business like. We shook hands, as we had during our first encounter.

"Come back to my office a moment, we'll go over some things," Susie said, smiling warmly. We walked back to her office in the back of the sales floor. She went around to her side of the desk. "I put together some numbers on the two cars you were looking at," she said, moving a folder from the side of her desk to the center. She leaned forward as she looked for a couple of papers inside it. As she leaned toward me, but slightly to her right, the wrap hung open, and I could see inside the top of her dress. My heart skipped a beat when I realized I was looking right into her dress to find the pink nipple of her right breast. I was loving Susie more every minute-demure and businesslike on the outside, underneath, a hotbed of desire. My kind of gal!!

Susie found both pages she was looking for, a price quote on the Tahoe and Traverse we had taken out on my last visit. We looked over the prices. They were quite good. "That's quite a deal," I said. "You've really gone all out to get this sale."

"Well, you have good trade value," said Susie with a smile, looking directly into my eyes. I had all I could do not to reach over the desk and kiss her. "Why don't we get that Traverse and take it for another spin??"

We walked out to the floor, Susie got the keys for the same unit we had the week before. We went out to the lot, where we picked up the van. Susie had me take it over to the shop. "The middle seats slide forward and come out," she said. "I'll have the shop foreman hold onto them while we take it out." Finally, about 1130, we were on our way.

"What looks good for lunch??" I asked.

"I'm looking at it," said Susie. A smile spread over her face.

I laughed at Susie's unexpected flirting. "I know what I want, too." I thought a moment. "I wondered if you might not have second thoughts about doing this again."

"Me?? No way. After that licking you gave me last week, there was no way I wasn't having a second helping. But in the meanwhile, let's hit Quiznos, they have a really good prime rib sandwich.

"Quiznos it is," I said, and started that way.

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