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A more thorough physical exam begins.

The river was deep and flowed fast. I must have dropped a few feet because as I fell into the river, I went under several feet of water. I shouted for help. However, I was sure no one could hear it in the huge roaring sound of the river water. Besides, even if someone did hear, who would have the courage to risk his life and jump into the river, which was in a spate?

When I surfaced, I looked around. It was pitch dark. I could not see anything but water everywhere. I shouted loud, "Help... Help..." There was no response. However, I did hear a splash in the river water. It sounded as if something or someone fell into the river from a height.There was also an indistinct shout. Perhaps, someone also slipped into the crevice and was shouting for help.

I was a reasonably good swimmer. I decided that I would not drown and I would not panic. I had learnt this from the Colonel; when we were swimming the previous day in the camp swimming pool. Whilst swimming, he caught me once and asked me to take a deep breath. After that he pulled me under water. He forced me to remain under water for more than I could cope with. When I surfaced, I was breathless. I was quite upset with him. He then taught me an important lesson.

Then he told me, "Make water your friend, not your enemy. You drown not because you could not swim. You drown because you don't trust water. When you are in deep water, trust water to lift you up. Just leave yourself in the hands of water. Water will never drown you."

However, this was different. This was not a swimming pool and this was also not a normal river current. The river was flowing at an unbelievable pace. In the process the river swept away whatever it could from the banks on the way. I saw tree trunks, huge branches, wooden logs, animals and even furniture floating. I tried hard to swim out to the shore. However, huge surge of water waves pulled me back in the center. I tried hard for what must have been almost an hour. That was an amazing performance. I could not believe that I could struggle so hard against such a huge flow of fast flowing water.

I was completely tired. I just lost the strength to fight. I was determined not to give up. However, I had no strength. I just could not swim. My arms just did not move. I was drowning. I was breathless and began to gulp water as I went down in water. I panicked. I almost lost consciousness. I then realized how it felt to stare death in your face. I knew I was going to die. I began offering prayers to all the deities I could remember.

Suddenly a pair of hands clutched my waist. I heard the familiar soothing voice of the Colonel, "Sunita, do not worry. I am here now. Just relax. Don't lose hope. Just cling to me." I had not heard sweeter words in my life before. I relaxed. I knew I was not going to die. My savior had come and I knew he would save me. Although I had no strength, I was infused with unbelievable mental agility. I simply clung to the Colonel as per his advice.

I was drowsy and felt as if all that was happening around me was not real. I felt as if I was dreaming. I vaguely remembered floating in water for a long time. I did not know how much time. Finally, I relized that the Colonel had dumped me on a sand bed. He made me lie flat with my face down on sand bed. The Colonel then mounted on top of my back. He straddled me between his bent knees, which supported his weight. To a stranger, it might look from a distance as if he was trying to fuck my ass. I could vaguely feel his cock rubbing my ass. However, he was far from entertaining any such thought in his mind.

I could feel him pressing my back hard.

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