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Unthinkingly, he'd responded to the sight of the snake in accordance with the dictates of his "education," which informed him that golden snakes, like this one, were dangerous and should be killed. However, whether because of cowardice, perversity, or humility, the narrator could not bring himself to kill the serpent, and, instead, merely chased it off by tossing the log at him. Immediately, he'd felt sorry for his action, thinking his behavior petty and mean. The snake made him think of the albatross in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and he wished that the snake would return, for the serpent seemed to him to have been a god of the underworld. The poem concluded with the verse "And so, I missed my chance with one of the lords/ Of life./ I have something to expiate:/ A pettiness." After reciting the poem, Jen lifted my flaccid organ in her delicate, soft hand. "The poem made me think of this," she said.

I pretended to understand her. "Oh."

She wasn't fooled. "You don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about, do you?"

"Maybe if I read the poem," I ventured, "I would."

She smiled, looking gorgeous. "It doesn't matter."

Her hand clutched my soft, limp penis--my snake--more firmly. She pumped her fist up and down, pulling and pushing the tightening flesh back and forth upon my stiffening, swelling organ. Within moments, I was hard as a log.

Reaching into the drawer of my nightstand, she retrieved the last of my condoms. Holding its reservoir tip between the finger and thumb of one hand, she set the latex membrane within the rubber ring atop the glans of my erection, and scooted the material down, over the shaft of my penis with her other hand, which she held fisted around my organ. She was adept at the practice, and unrolling the condom took her only a moment. This condom was vanilla flavored. The others had been flavored, too--banana, raspberry, strawberry, orange, coconut, pineapple, and even chocolate. Jen loved to suck my cock, but she also enjoyed a fruity or candy-sweet taste. "You need to buy some more rubbers," she reminded me.

"I know."

"I need to get some more birth-control pills, too."

"Have you taken one?"

"Of course. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't."

The only downside to incest was the possibility of conceiving defective or handicapped children. Jen and I weren't risking a child, with or without birth defects or other problems. That's why I always wore a condom and she always took a birth-control pill. We wanted to be doubly careful.

Her ass facing me (so to speak), Jen straddled my stomach, kneeling with one knee on either side of my biceps, and rested her upper body upon her outstretched palms. Her breasts, soft, smooth, and warm, pressed against my belly. Bowing, she let her soft, smooth lips slide over and down my stiff, swollen shaft, taking my cock all the way into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as her she kneaded and rubbed my balls through the tight, silken flesh of my contracted scrotum.

Her labia formed a crescent that followed the curve between her ass and her belly. Even though the full, soft lips of her cunt were closed, I could see sparkling dewdrops upon these pink petals. My sister was as aroused as I was.

As Jen continued to face-fuck me, I hugged her hips, laying my outstretched palms across her backside and extending my fingers into the deep, narrow cleavage between the smooth, soft globes of her bottom. I pulled her buttocks apart, disclosing the tiny bud of her anus and the wet, tender petals of her pussy to my worshipful gaze. Although, during the half year that my sister and I had become lovers, I'd seen her cunt many times, I never tired of this loveliest of sights.

Pulling her buttocks farther apart, to gain easier access to her pussy, I licked the inner lips of her cunt--the labia minora--and the soft, tender folds of pink tissue farther inside her sex.

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