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Things get wilder in for the newlyweds.

The palm trees that towered above the rim of the fence were rooted to no earth.

With the freedom of movement now afforded me, I blipped myself down to court level, not bothering to walk all the way back. I had returned to stand on the opposing side, beside the two German women the game called Anita and Hilda. I had more or less chosen the teams at random at the beginning, but I'd have been hard pressed to find two cuter examples of the virtual athletes the game offered. Anita was slightly shorter, with sandy blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She had narrow blue eyes, but a generous smiling mouth. Hilda had short, sharply cut brown hair, with rather more delicate facial features. They were both very beautiful, and wore identical uniforms; tight two piece swimsuits patterned with the colors of the German flag. The lean physichs of these women would have been the envy of anyone in the real world. What's more, they were modeled with almost anatomical perfection. Every contour of muscle, very fingernail and toe, every strand of hair. They blinked, showed emotion, and their chests moved with the action of breathing.

I gingerly ran a hand along the length of Hilda's forearm. Here the illusion of reality was somewhat broken. Real human skin has all sorts of minor imperfections, such as small hairs, pores and blemishes. These sort of minute details are never be included in a computer generated model, since they're too small to visually observe. Under the sensitive touch of one's fingertips though, their absence made the texture of the skin feel more plastic than flesh, perhaps like soft latex. It most other ways, the simulation was right on the mark. The best way to simulate anything is to give it as many characteristics of the authentic thing as one can. Hilda's skin had all the suppleness and flexibility of real skin, and was shaded and colored absolutely right. Since she offered no resistance, I lifted Hilda's arm, testing her internal structure by pressing my fingers a little harder. I could feel the give of her muscles, and the rigid frame beneath that supported them, just as bones would do.

I came to stand in front of her, and curious to see her reaction, pushed her by the shoulders. She stumbled back a couple of steps, looking anxious but not surprised or annoyed by my action. She tried to return to her original position, but I was easily able to keep her at bay with a single hand against her chest. It was like she had no weight, no substance. It was kind of funny to watch her futile struggle, but it also evoked a strange sense of power as well. I really could do anything to these athletes I wanted to; and I suspect that included much more than simply beating them at a friendly game of volleyball.

I think at this point it should be obvious where my attentions were turning. So, it shouldn't be a surprise when I tell you I slipped my hands beneath the tight, spandex-mimicking material of her swimsuit top. The A.I. of these beautiful beasts apparently didn't include modesty, as Hilda only blinked when I pulled up her top to expose her pale, well rendered (and well endowed) breasts. Because there are an entire plethora of uniforms and suits contained in the game, the separation between character and clothes models didn't surprise me. What did cause me to chuckle were the appearance of pink round nipples capping each smooth round breast. This had to be one of the 'extras' found in the Genie's coding, since I doubt very much that the game's programmers would have included this kind of detail themselves (though, I wonder about that sometimes...).

Naturally, I couldn't resist taking one of those feminine orbs in hand, the fluid mechanics of her modeling making it feel and respond just as a real human breast would.

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