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Sisters in Law welcomes him to the family.

Broadwood, next Friday."

"Abi, I suggest you grasp your ankles tightly. Lee whip her whilst I go get something from PaPa's rooms."

When she came back Abi was still doubled over and Lee had put the belt down and doubled over with her.

Abi was in floods of tears.

MaMa patted Lee's bottom, I understand Lee, a shame Abi was not as loyal..

MaMa made Abi's bottom every shade of red possible with her bedroom belt.

A knock on the door, "Come in Mr. Brown, would you please give Abi 10 with the Masters junior cane."

"Yes Ma-am, Miss Abi you are to be caned on the instruction of your Mama and I have the authority from your PaPa, have you anything to say?"

She shook her head no.

"Hold tight," whoosh, crack, whoosh crack, whoosh crack, she got 10 in swift succession.

"10 More please Mr. Brown as if it was a servant you were caning."

"Yes Ma-am." WWHHOOSSHH CCRRAACCKK. WWHHOOSSHH CCRRAACCKK,he got to five, she was badly bruised and crying uncontrollably.

"Enough Mr. Brown, thank you, will you call and give Abi a bed time spanking today and tomorrow evening please that will be all?"

"Yes Ma-am, sorry Miss Abi." Mr, Brown was sincere in his apologies to Abi, he loved both her and Lee as daughters.

Yes she would get 2 bedtime spankings, but not severe and plenty of strokes and cuddles.

Abi was left to cry out her pain before MaMa helped her to stand and took her to the sofa and sat her on her knee, Lee just put her elbows on the arm chair arm and her head oh her open hands, tears rolling down her face.

"Off to your room Abi, we are all so disappointed in you, what you did was cruel."

Abie left all her clothes and was oblivious to all around her, she walked to her room and cried all day, not the pain of the belt, but the pain of her betrayal to Lee.

"Close the door please Lee, and remove your skirt and knickers, its time for a good girl spanking."

Lee was crying before the second spanked landed.


Joe got home a little late to find his wife Jill, the big houses Matron and his sister Lil, a secretary in a local engineering factory, naked and watching television.

"Come in Brian, can we get you a drink."

Both girls stood and immediately covered tits and pussy.

Brian can you belt Jill, on the left settee arm and ill leather Lil on the right one?

It happened so quickly, both had their belts off and a girl over each settee arm and belted the girl bent over, not a thrashing just a livener.

Joe nodded to Brian and both stopped belting, it was not severe but ground rules needed setting.

"Kneel," Both girls knelt and took out their punishers cock and sucked them off, not spilling a drop.

"Someone at the door Jill."

She stood and opened the door in the nude, it was 2 more men, "Ah come in guys the girls have just been belted for covering and have just given us a thank you, give them 10 each then they will thank you I'm sure.

Both girls went over the settee again, took 10 lashes and knelt ready for the strangers cocks.

Before the night was out they would not be strange cocks anymore.

Brian had ordered a takeaway, when it arrived he sent Lil, the face of the delivery boy as an 18 year old naked, nubile female opened the door.

The table was set and Joe pulled Jill and Lil to one side, "Jill, as senior you have the choice to choose between eating at the table or under the table, she looked puzzled, eating Indian or servicing all sat at the table.

She looked at them all and remembered no one had a huge cock, but next time they may have, "Under please Sir."

He lifted her chin and kissed her passionately.

Dinner guys, all sat at the table and they helped themselves, "Can I have your attention for a sec, Jill will be now going round the table for the entire meal servicing you all, so please do not take too long, plenty of chance for seconds and e

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