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A bit of bondage and a hint of eroticism for a sweet evening.

To try and avoid confrontation and use martial arts as a last resort. Well, when a mans swinging at you, you know which way this confrontations heading.

He swung several times and I deflected and redirected him with his every move. Remember I can hardly walk much less dance the dance of anger. But truly my self defense tactics kept him at bay. He struggled with his own movements as I kept twisting him and using his weight to twirl him away. My son (Phillip) jumped on this man while he was constantly trying even harder to land a punch. Sandra came in and got Phillip and drug him from harms way.

I don't think anyone actually saw it, but Numchucks came up and I think that was the first time I had ever seen him lunge at anyone. It wasn't like an angry growling wolf but more like a dog that barks and jumps up on you. But the man took off and I grabbed Chucks which Sandra came and took him back to the yard. Where he had obviously broken the latch trying to help out.

The Rabbit man went to his car door and bent down and began searching behind his seat. His wife (Mrs. Rabbit man) yelled, "Oh my God he's getting the gun."

I forgot my surgery at this point. I reached in and pulled the man from his car. As he arose from its interior he wheeled a long butcher type knife. I believe the correct description would be a chicken cutting knife. About ten inches long and maybe two inches wide. Gripping it in his right hand and pulled back slightly then thrusted it forward.

I have heard it called many things, from turning on the switch to total Zen focus and what I like to call, "In the Zone." Where your total focus is on what's at hand. Especially when in combat with another. This is what we practice for all the years in the dojo. For the one time when you do get attacked to be able to survive using what had been taught and practiced for many years. It paid off this day for me.

The knife came straight for my tummy with great strength and speed. I was able to redirect his arm outward causing him to miss his target, me. My first attempt at subduing the knife was unsuccessful. But the second stabbing came quickly and I secured his arm enough that I took the knife from his hand by pulling the blade backwards hard and fast. He released the knife as I pulled it from his grasp it cut my arm slightly. The upper forearm got a cut about a half an inch long.

Rabbit man began backing up and his cowboy boots had been giving him trouble with his footing from the start. His balance was lost and he slipped and fell catching himself with his hands and regaining his footing. I looked at the knife and all I could think of was what my Instructor had taught us which was to toss the weapon out of "Play." So I tossed the knife as far as I could towards the woods for the moment. I certainly wasn't planning to stab an elderly man even if he was trying to kill me.

He went back to rummaging around his car again. I could only imagine he was still looking for his "Gun." I turned towards Sandra and asked her, "What should I do?" She was coming back from putting Numchucks and Phillip into the house. The deputy sheriffs came whipping into the trailer park and found us without any problems. I guess a crowd and a man in his night close is like waving a flag in the woods but needless to say I was glad to see them.

They got out of their cars. Two county officers in two vehicles. They walked up with their usual one officer takes one man and gets his story while the other officer gets the other's story. Well these two officers knew Rabbit man.

"Hey Jim," (Officer)

"Hey Joe," (Rabbit man)

"What's going on here?" (Officer)

"This man's dog ate two of my prize winning, 500 dollar hares." (Rabbit man) "I came to see what he was going to do about it and he attacked me."

These two friends, I meant officers, knew Rabbit man.

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