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A young woman learns about sex.

I glance away back to Carrie, and then look back up at you. You sit at the table across the room, and I wish I could read lips.

We exchange a few looks during dinner, and eventually I get up and head to the bathroom. You also excuse yourself. We meet in the hallway, you push me into the ladies room, and kiss me forcefully, like you mean it. My hands are buried in your hair, and I throw one leg up to pull you closer. Your hands push my dress up to my waist, and you claw at my ass, left bare by the thong. I close my eyes, knowing that these stolen 2 minutes are too good to last. You walk away without a word, leaving me to collect myself while you go in the men's room. You exit, aloof with confidence, and we go back to our separate tables. You let me go first, just so you can watch me walk away.

I manage to control my excitement the rest of dinner, but it is tough. My thong is wet, and I cannot stop staring at you. I bite my lip every time I catch you looking at me. Obviously, you are doing a great job of covering up, too. Jessica is engrossed in every word you say, and laughs every few minutes as she reaches for your hand or strokes your arm. For the first time, I am jealous. As we walk by your table to leave, I make sure to say loud enough for you to hear that we are going to a nightclub in Shockhoe Bottom. I need a man to take me on the dance floor and all but fuck me! Secretly, and you know it to be true, I need it to be you.

Four drinks in, and my inhibitions all but gone, we arrive at the club, and already feeling a little loopy. By the time I have another drink and hear the music, I am aching to feel you between my legs. A song plays, a dance goes by, and then there you are. The clich__' is true; my heart skips a beat. My hips begin to swing wildly, and my back arches as if I had your hands around me. I am dancing just to work you up, sliding my dress higher up my thighs as my hips make exaggerated figure eights. I want you to imagine me stripping for you, so I do all I can to entice you, to tease you. A few more drinks, and I just may get myself in trouble.

Several drinks later, I am seated at the bar, shoes off, inhibitions long gone. You sit beside me, nonchalantly order two drinks, and I slide my foot up your leg and make a production of leaning over to get a napkin. You pretend not to notice outwardly, but quietly you whisper, "Sorry about last night."

"No apology needed."

"Wait up tonight?"

"Absolutely. Key's still at the desk"

You take your drinks and leave. I watch you walk away as Jenn comes over.

"He's cute," she says.

"Yeah, and married. I saw the ring on his hand," I reply. "And so am I."

"Quit being such a damn goodie two-shoes. It's just dancing, Em." "For now," I think to myself. I know she has no idea about us; no one does, but it still creates a tingle of naughtiness down my spine.

At one, I see you and Jessica heading out, so I suggest that I may take a cab back. Kristi says she will share one, and Jenn and Carrie agree to meet us for breakfast in the morning.

Back in my room, I change and wait anxiously on you. Pink oxford button-down and grey boy shorts. At two, I fall asleep in the oversized chair. At 2:15, you walk in.

You wake me with kisses on my neck, no words, as usual. My legs embrace your hips and I pull you into the chair on top of me. We kiss, like we have been apart for years. I begin unbuttoning your jeans. You lift your shirt over your head and throw it on the floor. I kneel in the chair to kiss you again while I slide your jeans and boxers down, and let them hit the floor.

I kiss my way down your chest, scratching softly down your arms, then your stomach, around your hips and the top of your thighs.

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