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Sally breaks a shoe & meets a most unusual store owner.

Vera added that when she 'confessed' to Dave about what had happened, rather than being angry, Dave found he was turned on by what had happened, and that they screwed each other blind after her admission of the threesome.

Their first foursome happened very soon thereafter, and that they have been regulars in each other's homes and beds since.

"Sounds like a happy group," I commented, "and that's not a bad thing."

Catching me by surprise with her movement, Vera reached out and, taking my hand in hers, placed it on one of Brenda's breasts, and said, "Aren't they simply marvelous to the touch?"

Brenda blushed and just smiled up at Vera, while Vera fondled Brenda's other breast. I felt Brenda, my hand not even coming close to fitting around her boob, but agreed with Vera that, they were indeed, marvelous.

Brenda just blushed some more, but let us fondle her as long as we wanted, just standing there, her eyes closed.

Catching my eye, Vera pulled Brenda's low-cut top up, exposing Brenda's very large, but very lovely tits, and following Vera's lead, I bent down and took a nipple into my mouth as Vera did the same, Brenda taking in a short breath when she felt our lips surround her areolas.

Putting a hand behind our heads, she held our mouths to her breasts, soft, contented moans coming from her lips.

Breaking off her suckling, Vera said, "Maybe, later, the three of us can give the guys a bit of a show?" Brenda and I looked at each other as Vera pulled Brenda's top back down, over her chest, and said, at the same time, "Maybe so," the three of us cracking up.

But, that didn't happen, I'm sorry to say.

Night had fallen when we waked out to join the guys, Kurt having already turned on their tub, the steam rising from the water. Their tub location was very secluded, like ours, neighbor eyes not able to see onto their deck, again, like ours. The tub was larger than ours, though, and could hold eight while ours was a six-person tub.

All the spouses talked to each other quietly, mixed with the general gabbing among the six of us.

Ray had whispered in my ear, as he kissed me on the cheek, asking if I was still interested in 'partying', should events unfold that way. If I wasn't, Ray would get us out of there with a plausible reason, and apology.

I kissed Ray back, looking into his eyes and he knowingly, nodded to me, understanding that I was 'good' with seeing how events would play out. It had been a while since we had been with 'others' and after the girly thing in the kitchen, my horny motor was turned on and running.

"Any takers for the tub?" Kurt asked the gathering, and the six of us just looked around for a second before Vera stood and began stripping.

Okay then, it was on, I thought as I stood next and, following her lead, I began disrobing as well. It took only a nano-second before the six of us were walking towards the tub, naked as jaybirds.

Checking out the other guys' genitals-hey, I don't care what women say in public, in private, they check out packages-I saw that Kurt was hung; his dick was longer than Ray's by a couple of inches, but not as thick.

Ray's an honest nine inches, but very thick, the thickest cock I had ever had, for sure. Vera and Brenda both noticed Ray's endowment as well and exchanged a 'knowing' look between them as we entered the tub.

Now, I really don't remember how the configuration in the tub became so, but after settling in, I found myself between Kurt and Dave, and Ray was sandwiched between Brenda and Vera.

Catching my eye quickly, Ray's questioning eyebrow raised, asking, silently, if I was 'good' with what appeared to be two separate threesomes developing.

I just smiled, indicating that I was okay with it, if he was. He smiled back; he was, as well.

The group talk among the six soon evolved into quieter talk among the two sets of three. As I talked with Kurt and Dave, I couldn't help but notice that Brenda had moved very close to Ray, her boobs hard against his arm, and that she had a hand under the bubbling water, near Ray's crotch.

The bubbles di

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