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As he begins to move himself further down, his hands latch onto her panties and pull them down with him. His trail of kisses just barely miss her spot, as they continue down to her ankles. Everett stands up and looks at her a while and whispers, "You're beautiful naked," kissing her before she has a chance to respond.

Nicole pulls away with a smile and flushed cheeks. "I wonder if you're beautiful naked, too," she replies with a smirk, reaching down to his belt. Everett returns with a chuckle and whisper into her ear, "Definitely not." He begins to kiss her around her temples and jawline as she gets off his belt and starts to unbutton and unzip his pants while replying with a foolish, "We'll see."

As soon as Everett has freed his ankles of his pants, he scoops up Nicole, and holding her by her ass, he walks to the hotel bed. Nicole grins and kisses him while she wraps her legs around his bare hips. As Everett tosses her down onto the bed, he is brought back on top of her with a noticeable, "Unff."

Nicole giggles and takes his face in her hands, kissing him quickly and unwrapping her legs before saying, "We should take these off." She presses up into his groin for confirmation as Everett looks at her mischievously and replies, "I don't know what you're talking about," And begins to kiss his way back down to her neck. He holds himself up with one arm as the other massages a breast, and meets her pelvis with his, rubbing her clit through his boxers.

Nicole leans back into the absurd abundance of hotel bed pillows and straightens out her legs. Everett makes his way down from her neck to her breasts, as his massaging hand moves down to her lips, lightly caressing them. Nicole inhales sharply at the sudden touch, but begins to whisper for more as she fondles with his hair, trying to lead his head further down her body.

Everett begins to slowly begin to rub her clit, glancing down and then back up at Nicole, whose eyes are closed shut with pleasure. His head resists her desire and remains on her left breast, sucking it compassionately. Nicole tries to enclose the exhilaration she's feeling, but it doesn't work as a sweet moan escapes her mouth. Immediately embarrassed, she pulls him up to her lips, only for him to kiss her a few more times before moving his head between her legs.

Everett briefly inhales the sweet smell before kissing her vulva, licking it, and then spreading it with his fingers. Before he decides to pleasure her with his fingers, Everett moves towards her clit and places several light kisses on it before licking it. Nicole is taken aback by the sudden wonderful feelings spreading through her body. She greets them with an, "Oh my god," followed by a sensual moan.

Everett keeps licking, changing his direction and speed little at a time. He reaches up with one hand to pinch a nipple as the other wraps around her leg to keep her private to his face. Nicole's legs begin to move themselves around his neck, asking for more. The feelings coming from her upper and lower body meet in a delightful mixture. She almost begins to loose control, but holds her ground, waiting to see what more Everett can do to her.

Everett keeps his lips on her clit, but brings his hand from around her leg and slowly opens up her V, feeling in and out a little bit. Looking up at Nicole, Everett sees that here eyes are shut tightly closed in pleasure. Giggling a little, he puts another finger inside, searching for Nicole's g-spot.

Nicole's back arches suddenly at the feeling of two fingers inside her, and she feels a small tingle almost instantly grow from a little warmth to an unimaginable, intoxicating heat.

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