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Coach seeks success on & off the field.

Sam pushed her knickers down, revealing the rough snarl of her pubic hair, the drip of her sex. Sam purred quietly, stepping her red butt up behind Vela. She teased along the married woman's pussy, her cockhead slipping up and down and around and around.

Vela panted. "S-Since...Harp..."

"Oh, that got you horny?" Sam grinned. "Should I have let him fuck you, then?"

"N-No," Vela whispered. "I...yes? Maybe. I don't- shut up, just fuck me."

"Say please," Sam purred, her need thrumming through her body like a violin. Vela bucked her hips, trying to force the situation - but Sam felt her strength training from years of being a squire and a page beforehand telling. She held Vela in place, making the headwoman whine quietly.


"Please what?"

"P-Please fuck me, fuck my slutty cunt so fucking hard-"

Sam, at last, obliged. Her cock slammed home and she plunged into Vela's pussy. Her hips and the other woman's met with a wet, meaty slap in the darkness, her balls bumping against her belly. Vela gasped quietly, then quivered quietly as she rocked her hips forward and back, forward and back, her breasts jiggling with every thrust as the pair of girls screwed in the evening light of the moon. Sam leaned forward, nipping and nibbling at the tip of Vela's ear, loving the experienced sensations she was getting from the older woman's sex.
Vela had been laid. And not just by her husband - not if those tricks were anything to go by. Her sex clenched, then released and Sam had to bit down on her lower lip to not immediately cum inside of Vela.

"G'damn you're a good slut," Sam gasped.

"D-Don't cum in me, please," Vela said, her voice rushed, her eyes fluttering. Sam slammed hard into the other woman - unable to stop herself. Her balls clenched and she felt thick ropes of her cum splash the inside of Vela's womb, filling her. The need burning inside of Sam flared sun bright, then faded to almost nothing as Vela panted, cooing quietly. "Oh noo," she whispered. "You got me knocked up. However will I, ah, explain this to Gordon?"

Sam grinned - a sloppy, happy grin - and slid her cock backwards out of Vela. Her cock slurped back into her body as she let herself shift to nromal.

"...don't cum in me, huh?" Sam asked.

"It made it tastier, didn't it?" Vela asked, her knees quivering. "Gods, you - mm, I wont' be able to walk after that."

Sam sat down on the ground - leaves crinkling under her butt. Vela joined her, splaying against her. Their breasts touched and for a few moments, Sam was distracted by kissing Vela. She hadn't expected to want to kiss another girl - not while the need was almost gone, no. But the simple act of locking lips with another woman was...deeply relaxing. Their hands caressed one another, and Sam quivered as Vela's hand dipped between her thighs - stroking her sex. Vela broke the kiss, cooing quietly as she kissed her way along Sam's jaw to her neck, kissing and biting her skin gently. Then, quietly, she whispered.

"You know, only whores shave their pubes, right?"

"Fuck off," Sam said, weakly - her thighs spreading. "It...it looks nice."

"It does." Vela grinned, her teeth flashing in the darkness. The intimacy of the moment felt wrong for the garish hues of infravision. "For a whore."

Sam nipped at her playfully. Vela pushed her onto her back, smiling down at her.

"Now," she said. "As to why I'm here?" She leaned forward, kissing Sam on the mouth again. She tilted her head to the side and their tongues met and intermingled. Sam reached up, brushing her hands through Vela's hair. She felt the other woman slide more over her. Vela's knee pushed between Sam's thigh, spreading it - then grinding against Sam's crotch. Sam rolled her head back, crooning quietly as her juices spread over Vela. Vela laughed, quietly.

"There, now that you're focused-"

"Nnnh!" Sam shuddered.

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