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Fronting as a guy can get you into to unwanted situations...

.no bra, Thank God!...

O My God", I whisper, moving toward you slowly, at first, and then almost running until I stand before you...

"Yes, darling...come to me", she tells me...I DO...

I am wearing a fluffy pink robe, and as I sit beside you, it's obvious that I'm naked underneath. There's no point in a prolonged "seduction"; we are both keenly aware of what we want and where the many months of corresponding in the "yahoo" sites will inevitably lead us... not two minutes have passed since I entered the room, and we are groping each other like horny teenagers. The twins are away for the evening, and so we have the entire house to ourselves. As we kiss, you fondle my big, perky DD knockers, squeezing the reddish pink nipples until I gasp with pleasure and want...the robe falls-open, and you slides to your knees, shoving the robe up above my waist, to plant a kiss onto my shaven, sweet-looking puss. You spread my dewy, glistening young fanny-lips and I am SO WET! You breathe deeply of my scent before lowering your face to lap at my juicy puss. Within seconds, my thighs, mound, and YOUR FACE are sodden with my juices. You watch from between my thighs as I quiver and moan, you pull-back momentarily to apply your thumb to my exposed little clit and rub it a circular motion. The little bud is fleshy and stiff, and you simply CANNOT WAIT take it between your lips and suck it 'til I SQUIRT!

After a lengthy and DELICIOUS cum....

I pull you to me and lean forward, my full lips already pursed for a kiss, and you are more than happy to oblige: As we kiss I taste my sweet strawberry honey on your lips as my lithe tongue slips into Patty's mouth and dances over your teeth and gums, savoring the sticky nectar I transfer from your mouth to mine. Our kiss deepens, and I cup and squeeze your heavy bra-less milkers, one in each itchy palm, loving their plump weightiness...

I wrap my full, soft and pouty, warm wet lips around your big, brown teats, suckling hungrily at your massive mounds like a baby. All I can think about is I am in heaven. After all that time chatting and looking at your jugs on yahoo sites I was finally in heaven. I moan as I suckle and lick and then kiss every inch of flesh on your mammoth melons. I feel you squirm with delight as I slowly work over your epic boobs. I reluctantly remove my mouth from your tits. "Wait right here Patty" I say as quickly leave your bedroom and run down the hall to my guess room. I dig through the top drawer of my dresser and pull out my 13" black strap-on...

I step into the harness and tighten it around my waist. I then hurry back into Patty's room. I stand in the doorway with 13" black rubber cock between my legs and a tube of KY Jelly in my hand. "Get on all four Patty" I say from doorway. I lick my pink lips as watch Patty crawl on to the bed. I just about melt as she turns her head around and wink at me, her 36 ee tits jiggling and shaking and bouncing underneath her. As I slowly approach I squirt KY jelly on to my dangling rubber cock. I then squirt some on to Patty's wonderful ass hole. I drop the tube of KY jelly onto the floor then grab Patty's hips pulling Patty back against me as I roll my hips forward driving home my 13" black strappy. I hear you moan as my rubber cock invades your ass. I pull you back harder driving all 13" of my black rubber cock deep into your bowels. I start out slowly rolling my hips forward thrusting my rubber cock in and out, in and out, in and out slowly at first building up steam going faster, harder, and deeper. I start to moan as the back of the strappy rubs my swollen hard throbbing pink clit.

I roll my hips forward, driving home my 13" black strappy.

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