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Privacy is hard to come by in the Eskimo culture.

Finally, Lynda said, "From everything you said a few minutes ago, you're still thinking that in a month or maybe two the deal is over, and we just go back to employees with a normal daily routine at work. Why can't we go on the way we have been?"

"Martha, do you have anything to add to what Lynda just asked?"

"Scott, I think I have a pretty good idea of how you're going to answer. I've known you a lot longer and better than Lynda has. But I think you need to tell us both."

"OK. I'll try to explain it. Martha, since you do think you have some idea where I'm headed, please jump in if I skip steps or go too fast, or if I'm otherwise unclear.

"The trouble is that sex is meant to be part of marriage, one man and one woman in a permanent, public, committed relationship. What we're doing is wrong. It's not wrong in every way it might be, OK, but it's still seriously wrong. I'm ashamed to be doing it, much as I love you both and delight in you both. And I think I said this once before. You're putting a lot of trust in me. I demanded that you do so. But I owe the Lord my full, wholehearted obedience, and I've promised that, and I'm not giving it. If I can't be trusted to keep the most fundamental promise of my life, how can you possibly trust me to do things I promise you?

"OK, I guess I'm straining at gnats and swallowing camels here. I let myself do this by committing myself to a limited time, committing to God and to myself and to you. I agreed when Martha suggested it to consider adding one more month, and we never did discuss it again. You two need to think about your wishes on that subject. I only warn you that lengthening the term won't make ending it any easier.

"That's about all the answer I have for the question you asked. Let me mention another idea or two I can't accept either.

"If marrying you both were an acceptable alternative, at this point I'd offer that in a heartbeat. But, well, to put it frivolously first:
But I submit, m'lud, with all submission, To marry two at once is Burglaree! In the reign of James the Second, It was generally reckoned As a rather serious crime To marry two wives at a time."

Martha put in, to Lynda, "That's Gilbert and Sullivan."

Scott said, "Ahem. Since I only recited, not sang it, it was Gilbert alone. Anyway, even if it were otherwise OK, marrying both of you just isn't an option in the present legal climate. Marrying either one of you with the intention of keeping the other on the side is probably legal today, but it's not acceptable to me. Again, scripture is clear and definite on this. If I were to marry ever again, the vows would include 'forsaking all others', and that's a promise I would mean to keep.

"But beyond that, I'm not free to marry either of you. Again, this is something scripture is clear and definite on, in a bit different form in the Old Testament but clearly applicable, and very explicitly in the New. Christians are only free to marry other Christians. And I've personally seen a number of cases where this was disobeyed. In one or two, the nonbelieving spouse eventually became a Christian. In the rest, the results were seriously bad, spiritually I mean.

"So. It tears at my heart to say it, but at the end of the three months, or four if we all were to agree to extend it, this is still going to have to end. I just don't see any way around it."

55. Tell Me the Old, Old Story

There was silence for a while. Then Lynda said, "Well, there's obviously one way around it. What would I have to do to become a Christian?"

Scott didn't answer for a while. He finally said, "The first problem is that there's not something you can do. It's really something you have to become. 'A toad has to pass a very severe examination before he can become a dragon.' Sorry! That's just my oddball sense of humor—that was out of line, and totally irrelevant. It's from another Kai Lung story. It just popped into my head and out my mouth.

"To put it in a nutshell: you have to be

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