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She had just enough time to tuck them away before the bell rang and students started to pour into the hallway. Swinging her backpack onto her shoulder, Cass headed for her third period class. As she walked through the crowd she thought of Val and felt bad about how they had ditched her before lunch. I just couldn't tell her right then, she thought. It was just too embarrassing. She promised herself that she would make it up to Val the next day.

Third and fourth period went by slowly and uneventfully for Cass, although she was dreading the end of the day. When the final bell rang and class was finished, Cass hurried through the hallway to her locker to get Michelle's gym bag. As she ran she checked the time on her phone, noticing that it was already almost ten minutes past the hour. Cass was supposed to have met Michelle at the football field by now, but her fourth period teacher had held her class back in order to explain the details of an assignment, and Cass had no choice but to stay behind and wait. Michelle is not going to be happy, she thought miserably. When she opened her locker she winced at the smell that hit her nostrils. The thin fabric of the bag had done little to contain the aroma of old sweat and shoe leather that now filled her locker. She grimaced once more as she threw the heavy bag onto her shoulder. She put back the stuff that she had hidden behind the trash can, grateful that nobody else had found it. Cass then sprinted through the heavy front doors of the school and around towards the football field. After a few minutes she spotted Michelle and a few of her teammates standing near the bottom of the nearest set of bleachers. Cass jogged up to them, taking the bag off of her shoulder.

"Took you long enough. My coach is pissed off," Michelle said impatiently, grabbing the bag from Cass. She opened it and started rummaging through the contents.

"Sorry Michelle, Mr. Banes kept us in a bit longer."

Michelle glared at Cass in a way that made the hair on the back of Cass' neck stand up. She knew she was going to be punished for this.

"Whatever. You and the other two better be here after practice." Michelle closed the bag and swung it onto her shoulder. Without a backwards glance she and her teammates turned and walked towards the changing room. Cass was in a bad mood, but she was at least glad to be rid of that nasty gym bag. She turned and walked up the bleacher stairs, her face lighting up as she noticed Jen and Maggie sitting not too far away. They waved when they saw her and she hurried towards them.

"Hey guys. How was lunch time?" she asked with genuine concern.

"It was shitty, same as usual," Jen replied. "I'm glad you got her bag and everything ok."

"Yeah, it was a pain," Cass said sadly. "But forget about it. School will be over in a few months and then we'll never have to see Michelle Johnson ever again."

"Amen to that," said Maggie, and they all laughed.

After a few more minutes of chatter Cass pulled out her books and tried to study. She had a big physics test coming up and she desperately wanted to get home and start preparing. Michelle needed her after practice though, so she had to stay until they were finished. She did her best to concentrate but the noise of the track and the people around her distracted her too much and she gave up. She closed her book and sat back to watch the track team practice. There were quite a few kids on the team, but Michelle was the star and pretty much everyone's eyes were on her. Her toned legs glistened in the sun as she ran, her hair swinging behind her, ass in full motion. Cass couldn't help but feel jealous of the girl's beauty.

It seemed like forever but finally the last whistle blew and practice was over.

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