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A little paranormal foursome.

My cock began to stiffen and Shinkiro led me up to her apartment. Inside the elevator, she stroked the front of my jeans, feeling my erect cock through the fabric. "I've never been with a Westerner before," she said with a coy smile. "I think I'm going to like it."

"I hope you will; I'm sure I'll like you."

When we got inside, Hideki called from the balcony. "Out here," and I put the wine I'd brought into the fridge as Shinkiro went out to join him. I went out to find Hideki tying the girl's arms and legs to the metal balustrade of the balcony. Although she struggled and looked pained, I could tell by the glimmer in her eye that this was all part of the show. Shinkiro's knees were spread wide by the ropes now, and Hideki produced a large knife with which he cut off the pretty panties I had seen just moments earlier. The dew on the pussy lips glistened in the mid-day sun.

"Go ahead and open her blouse," Hideki said, as he began to undress himself. I did as he suggested and felt myself becoming extremely aroused. The fantasy of taking his little sex slave and just using her for our unabashed pleasure was a powerful aphrodisiac. Hideki knelt beside her and spread her cunt lips with his fingers as I now disrobed. "She's getting wet at the thought of finally fucking a Westerner; it's been a dream of hers."

"I'm more than glad I can make your dreams come true," I said. "She's so beautiful, Hideki-san; you're a lucky man." I stepped in front of the girl and slowly slid my cock between her lips. When I pulled out, a large drop of pre-come oozed out of my slit and I rubbed my erection-slick with her spittle and my pre-come-all over the girl's face. Hideki was anxious to get down to business; he untied the girl and we all went into the apartment. Shinkiro sat down on a large leather sofa, with he ass barely on the end, and spread her legs, placing her feet wide upon the coffee table. She began to play with her pussy, to show it off for us. Hideki got two beers from the fridge and we stood there drinking as we watched Shinkio strip and masturbate for us.

"You like what you see, I think, yes?" she asked. Out two protruding members gave a definitive answer. It was then that I noticed Hideki had no pubic hair, but was totally shaved. I had never seen a fellow like that before.

"It's time you sucked out cocks, my sweet bitch."

Hideki offered me the girl's hungry and willing mouth, but I declined. "I'll watch you two for a few minutes if you don't mind. I love watching." Shinkiro got to her knees and deftly engulfed Hideki's member, laving it lovingly with her tongue, sucking it deeply into her mouth. By now I was getting too excited to remain aloof any longer. I took a big gulp of my beer and stood next to Shinkiro, pointing my erection a the the back of her head lewdly as she continued to suck on Hideki.

"Our guest need some help it seems," Hideki said to the girl. With that she rearranged herself between us. She took one cock in each hand and then leaned over and placed her lips around my throbbing member. After a few moments bobbing up and down on me, she returned her mouth to Hideki, although she continued to pull on me. Back and forth she alternated between us in a truly exciting fashion.

"Why don't you play with her pussy, Gaijin-san?" Hideki said. "She would like that very much. We have a lot of toys you can use on her." My host lead Shinkiro to the sofa and laid her down. I knelt beside her and began to manipulate her cunt. It was quite gushy and I bent down to lick it. Then Hideki handed me a large dildo as he went to the head of the sofa and let the girl suck him some more. I inserted a large, life-like dildo deep into the girl as I continued licking her clit and Shinkiro moaned in pleasure around Hideki's cock. In a short while, between the dildo up her cunt and my tongue dancing on her clit, Shinkiro had a violent orgasm.

"Come on," Hideki now commanded.

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