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Her Master starts His teasing in public.

"What a good boy you are. Climb in then."

He does and I close the door, moving to the driver's side and getting in myself. I think better of the handcuffs, deciding they can't be comfortable behind his back and bend over to the passenger side to remove them. He looks at me searchingly, wondering if I'm really serious, but I return to my original position and start up the car. He blushes profusely hunkering down in the seat, his hands in his lap, trying vainly to hide his nakedness.

We live out in the suburbs, close to the mountains, and it's early, near five on a Saturday, there are few people driving, and none of them are paying any attention to my sweet pet, but he is blushing and looks quite uncomfortable anyway. It's only a few miles to the base of the mountain, and only a couple people even look in our direction as they drive, none thinking anything of my slave's naked chest. They can see nothing else.

As we make the assent I tell him to pick some music he'd like to listen to. He covers his naked cock with the CD case and I laugh, causing him to blush all the more. He picks one and puts it in, before returning his hands to their previous position.

The music is relaxing, a CD we both enjoy and I'm glad he picked it. I'm not as glad that he is covering up my toys. "Move your hands my pet, there is no one on the road to see you."

"Bu-," He starts, but doesn't even finish the first word, not wanting to argue with me. He moves his hands, his cheeks redder than before. I smile, "Good boy." And stroke his cock gently as we continue up the mountain, making sure to never stimulate him so much as to cause a mess.

We get to the camping spot, a nice secluded spot in the trees. He's still worried someone might see him and looks around nervously as I get out of the car and open the passenger side door, telling him to get out.

He does so, still glancing around.

I just smile, "There is no one here sweetie, don't worry." He nods and I attach the leash again, pulling him to the trunk of the car where I've stored a few more toys. I take out a set of wrist cuffs and put them on him, then hand the ankle cuffs to him and tell him to put them on, facing away from me. I enjoy the view. He does so with a sly smile, slowly forgetting about his interesting situation.

As he's placing the cuffs on his ankles I smile, rubbing his butt strongly. But I want to play, I take out a few more things and place them in a bag, telling him to stand up and follow me, pulling the leash gently to further explain the command, "Where are we going Mistress?" He asks excitedly.

"That would ruin the surprise sweetie." I tell him.

I'm aware that he doesn't have any shoes, but the path is soft and clear of rocks, and we aren't going far. I lead him through a beautiful forest glade to a small clearing and a set of two trees spaced about five feet apart.

He smiles in anticipation and I laugh, ruffling his hair and kissing him playfully. I loop a piece of rope onto each tree, onto one of the higher limbs of each, and tell him with a grin, "Stand in the center pet, arms out."

He does so and I attach each cuff spreading his arms out. I trail my fingers down his sides and he squirms a little and giggles.

I move back to the bag I've brought and take out a short spreader bar and connect it to his ankles, spacing them about a foot apart. Once he is secured so I'm sure he can't move I take out a roll of pink ribbon from my bag and smile.

"What's that for, Mistress?" He asks with a smirk. "I can't move, so I can't see what the use is of binding me further..."

"I think it's cute." I say laughing. And bend down to start wrapping it at his ankles, a kind of pink cocoon. I stop above his knees and take a section tying a large bow around the base of his erect cock.

After I've finished I remove the bonds from his wrists, helping him keep his balance for a minute before laying a blanket down and telling him to lie down, helping him into that position as well.

The grass that the blanket is on is covered in a light dew, and the ground around it is a bit mud

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