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A sub describes his breaking-in session.

Damn, my nuts are sore and my cock is sore from the vise grip lock you put on me. Holy shit, Heather!"

I scoot next to him, reach for his face, and kiss him. "Sorry, Jeff I did not mean to do it and did not know it was happening. All that I know is, there were some awesome cums for me, one after the other, and with you pinching my nips in the process, it sent electrical charges from my nips to my pussy. This water sex gives unbelievable sensations."

"Randy mentioned something the other day about a clamshell lock. Maybe you can talk to him some Jeff and compare the experiences."

"Heather that is a good description because of the power it had but it did not stop there, your pussy was trying to milk me or suck me at the same time."

I figure I still must have a cock and testicles because they hurt so much.

"Poor babe, I am really sorry."

"Jeez Heather, this one I will never forget."

He reaches for me and we hug.

"Ok, Amy lets play," I hear coming from Paul

I decide to snuggle in Jeff's chest and arms to watch the show of Paul doing Amy and seeing if Amy's pussy clamps down on Paul."

After about five minutes of Paul slowly doing her, Amy begins to let out soft moans as she is building. I see her messing with the knobs. She is resting like I was on her knees, head on the Jacuzzi edge and Paul doing her doggie. As time progresses the moans become louder and even Paul is making some,


Jeff squeezes a breast, pulls my lips to his for a soft kiss, and then says, "I love you, Heather."

My eyes bug wide open from the words. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to hear this.

I just place one of my hands on his chest, lay my head on it, and let out a moan of appreciation. After a few minutes, I then lift up, give him a tender kiss, a tight hug, and then bury his face in my cleavage as I straddle him. Now I bury my face into his neck and just breathe softly trying to comprehend what he had just said. My heart must be doing 120 beats a minute from the sounds of it.

I lift my face from his neck, grab onto his face, look him in the eyes, and "I think I might love you too Jeff." I bend to kiss him softly; he pulls me tight to his mouth with his hands holding the back of my head.

Amy and Paul announcing their arrival at cumming interrupt us.

Looking at them it is obvious that it is good for both of them from the very loud howls they are emitting.

I look at Jeff, give him another kiss and smile.

"I think they both enjoyed that don't you, Jeff?"

"Yes indeed Heather, yes indeed I do."

We waited for them to recover and then we scooted over to them.

"Heather, this place has to be out of this world. Every day and sometimes twice we are exposed to something different and better."

"I sure do not want to go home, Amy, but..."

Paul is still collapsed on Amy's back. I look at Jeff and smile. We wait until he stirs. He turns his face to us saying, "That just was one awesome cum. Jeff you know why we like ass holes but this was an unbelievable pussy fuck."

"I know Paul, I know. My balls are still tingling."

"Let's get a shower and some refreshment, can we, Jeff?"

"Sure, Heather. I will order and meet you in the shower."

In the shower, my eyes seem to focus on Paul's black cock that just has pleased Amy so much. For some strange reason I want to suck his cock to a cum. I slip over to Amy and ask, "Wanna swap guys or stay as we are?"

"God, Heather, I sure would like for Jeff to do me. We are here to sample them all aren't we?"

"I will ask Jeff if he is interested in doing you again. You ask Paul if he would like to go with me. While we are having something to drink, I will wink if Jeff wants you and you wink if Paul wants me."


As we are having our' refreshment I am sitting in Jeff's lap and whisper into his ear, "Do you have any interest in fucking Amy this afternoon?"

Jeff looks me in the eyes and says, "It will not piss you off?"

"Of course not, I know she wants you.

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