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5 couples make a porno... the 'undressed rehearsals' begin.

"I'm so glad you came round this weekend, we really should spend more time together, we've always been such good friends, are you going to tell me more about you and your dad now?"

"You want all the sordid details, I can tell."

"Ooh, yes please, go on, you can tell me while I shave, then I'll do yours if you really want me to."

"It's a deal."

So the two lovelies spent the next hour in the bathroom, Julie was gossiping about her horny father and his sly attempts at peeping while Cathy carefully shaved first her own pussy and then her friend's as she sat on the edge of the bath with her legs wide apart.

"I wonder what our dads would think if they knew about this?"

"Probably cream their pants!"


"They're all the same I tell you, middle aged men cannot be trusted, it's a very dodgy time of life, especially if they have temptation like us around."

Cathy wasn't fully convinced of that, she knew I'd never touched her in an improper way, yes I'd been affected by her naked body yesterday and I'm sure she must have sensed it, but would I take further steps to get too close to her, and could she trust me not to take advantage of her attractive friend?

Julie had been fascinated watching Cathy shave and had then asked for another feel, so she could judge the difference for herself, the before and after, now Cathy's pussy was silky smooth and still slippery with soap, it would have been so easy to slip a finger in, but Julie resisted somehow.

Cathy sucked in a sharp breath and her nipples hardened.

"Sorry, did I touch your little man?"

"It's okay, I don't mind."

Then it was Julie's turn, she had been worried she might get a nick that would be sore for days, but Cathy had done a good job and by the time it was over, Julie too was all smooth and slippery, she was also very turned on, neither girl was a virgin, well not in the physical sense, they hadn't been with boys, but both had used vibrators on themselves many times.

"Mmm.....that's so nice.....I can feel everything so well, we should have done this before, here, run your finger up and down me, oooh, careful.....I have to admit I'm feeling very fruity at the moment.....no don't stop, it's okay, I like that a lot....."

They were both still very inexperienced, and being this intimate with another girl was something they both knew they had a liking for, though Cathy especially was much too shy to admit it openly, she'd been very intimate with an Asian girl at college but so far had not told Julie about it.

"Come on, we're turning all pruney, we need to get out."

I sat outside with Bill for a while as we sipped a cool beer and watched the sun going down over Tesco's car park, I was lost in thought for much of the time, my mind drifted off to the girls and what they might look like in the bath together, I was thinking that could be a good theme for my next story when I was in the mood, Bill had obviously been pondering a similar theme judging by the faraway look on his face and the swelling in his posing pouch.....

"Do you think they're sharing the bath then?"

"Probably, I've always told Cathy to try to save water in the summer."

"I wonder how they look in there, together I mean....?"

As he spoke, his hand was holding the outrageous pouch.

"Like a couple of cute mermaids I expect, all shiny and wet, Julie's certainly grown into a big girl, bigger boobs than Cathy."

"Oh yeah, they're really firm as well."

"What.....how the fuck do you know that?"

"Because I've had a good feel, on more than one occasion."

He was leering at me, I'd been hoping he would open up about his relationship with his daughter, I pleaded with him to tell me more, and once he got going he couldn't seem to stop, it was almost like he was confessing, I listened closely as he told me of Julie's great fear of thunderstorms.

"Yeah, Pamela and I realised at an early age that Julie was terrified of being alone during a loud storm, so we decided we would do whatever it took to help her out."

"Go on."

"Well at first,

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