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After a renfaire, I wind up at the mercy of my sensei.

"where would you like to go?"

"There's this great bistro just a few minutes from here, I ate there last time I was in Chicago, let's go there," said Emily.

I agreed and drove there in just a few minutes. It was an upscale place and a bit out of my budget but Emily offered to foot the bill.

When we got back to the hotel Emily invited me up to her room once more.

"We've had a lot of fun so far," Emily said, "but I know what we haven't done yet that you've been thinking about."

Emily took one of my hands and placed it on her juicy rump, giving me a suggestive look.

"Well, I have thought about doing that," I admitted, "but are you sure you want to?"

"Of course Sean," Emily assured him, "it'll be fun!"

"I can't believe this is actually happening," I said.

"Believe it Sean," said Emily as she kicked off her shoes then unzipped her dress, letting it drop to the floor. She stood before him with just her bra and panties on; they were a matching white with a floral pattern.

I unbuttoned my shirt as quickly as I could then sat down on the bed and admired Emily's perfect body.

Her hourglass figure was accented by her ample breasts, which could barely be contained by her bra, and beautiful, round hips that formed a perfect ass. There was nary a blemish on her sun-kissed skin, just the beauty mark a little south of her cleavage that I noticed many a time when I ogled her pictures online. On her face she wore a seemingly permanent and delightfully sexy smile.

Emily reached for her back to undo her bra and with little effort the clasps came undone and her bra fell off, revealing her incredible rack. Her areolae were large even for tits her size, as were her nipples which peaked with arousal.

My cock was at full mast, begging to be set free. I continued to watch Emily undress though; now she turned around and slowly pulled down her panties until her ass was completely uncovered. She let her panties drop and she kicked them to the side and bent over, allowing me to fully admire her incredible ass.

My raging boner was craving action now; I ripped off my pants as Emily turned around and walked toward me.

We locked lips as Emily put her arms around me. I grabbed both of Emily's ass cheeks with my hands and clenched them tightly.

The taste and feel of Emily's lips and tongue was better than I ever dared to imagine.

I pulled Emily on top of me as I laid down on the bed, then I fumbled to find Emily's pussy with my cock. I found the warm, wet and inviting opening quickly and I gently pushed my cock inside her.

"Oh Sean you're so big," Emily said under heavy breaths.

She slowly began to grind on my cock, I felt how tight her pussy was as the head of my penis rammed her repeatedly.

"Damn your pussy feels amazing Em," I exclaimed.

"Mmm I love riding your cock," Emily moaned softly.

As Emily continued to thrust her hips downward to take my cock I grabbed her bouncing tits and caressed them in my hands. I rubbed them and pinched her nipples and Emily's low moans turned into erotic shouts of delight.

"Oh keep playing with my titties, I love it," Emily cried out.

"Hold on a minute," I said suddenly.

Emily stopped riding his cock and said, "what's the matter?"

I sat up then grabbed Emily and placed her on her back on the bed.

"I'm not going to miss my chance to taste your pussy," I said.

Emily laughed as I spread her legs open. I inserted two fingers into her soaked cunt and began rubbing her g-spot. Soon I began swirling my tongue around her clit, which drove Emily to the brink of delirium.

"Holy shit, keeping fucking doing that Sean! FUCK!" Emily shouted.

This encouraged me to finger her faster, and soon Emily could barely stop from gyrating her hips.

"Don't stop, I'm going to cum!" Emily cried.

I licked and fingered her as fast as I could now. I could feel her cunt reacting as she began to climax.

"AAAH!" Emily screamed as she orgasmed, the juices from her vagina dampening the bed sheets.

As I licked the remaining juices from between her legs Emily said, "that was the hardest I've ever

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