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Widow Bonnie and Divorced Brother Ed take a boat trip.

I took her to the back bedroom and pointed out some photos on our 'photo wall' . Betty said "I love to watch movies too and my last boyfriend was into bondage and took a lot of photos".

I then pressed the opportunity to brief Betty to the facts that Jan is very submissive, somewhat slow to arouse (with men) and will turn-on to being restrained and teased.

When Jan comes out, "let me take her into the bedroom and see what our interests might be". That announcement lit me up for the rest of the week.

Betty and I were standing in the middle of the living room as Jan exited the bathroom.

I liked her bedroom statement a lot and imagined all sorts of fun games between them -(and without me). As we three stood in the living room, there was an embrace and kisses all around.

It took considerable restraint on my part to sit out in the living room and hear the activity in the bedroom between these two warmed and lightly inebriated attractive women. My presence would probably detract from the initial encounter anyway.

If I were in my photo mode, I think some guidance from me and maybe an occasional warming stroke would be a boost. Later. The problem might be my loss of control.

So, after about 10 minutes. . .-gil peeks into the bedroom-

I was surprised that Betty was so adept at understanding and taking my advice of Jan's submissiveness so well.

Betty was kneeling behind Jan in the middle of the bed while Jan was sitting on the side. Both women were fully clothed although their shirts were unbuttoned and the top of Jan's Levis was opened to expose the top of her bikini panties (nice ones).

Betty was holding Jan's hands behind her back with one hand and stroking her breasts with the other while nuzzling her neck. Jan's eyes were closed and there was an obvious increasing responsive surrender to Betty's aggressive actions.

I thought my best approach if I was ever going to participate in this encounter was to withdraw right now and cool off in the other room.

So, I had another glass of red and gazed out to the sandy yard at the front of the apartment; while all the time alternately thinking of ways to enhance the bedroom activity and plan a longer term relationship with Betty. . . . 5 Minutes Elapsed. . .

Not having reached anything conclusive ideas, I sort of wander into the bedroom. The two beauties are about in the same pose except Jan.s legs are widely apart and Betty is using both hands from behind Jan, concentrating on the area under her panties presumedly in and around her pussy. Jan was moving as much as Betty's hands would allow and she was moaning louder than I had ever produced in our sexual relations. Neither woman paid the least interest in my arrival, although I thought I heard Betty say earlier "You can come in now, gil". This woman is very good at what she was doing.

Well the reader might assume I was happy as a voyeur to a perfect female scene. I was.

Maintaining a respectful distance from this wonderful event taking place hoping that it might improve to my wildest expectations before my hormonal unbalance and pounding protuberance was gone.

Betty paused, got off the bed, and led the moaning Jan to her feet alongside the bed. Betty pulled off Jan's levis in an authoritative manner and then, as Jan and I watched, her own levis and shirt leaving on her panties and bra. Betty and Jan stood together as Betty deftly slipped off Jan's shirt, unhooked her bra and pulled her very wet panties down to the floor, scattering all the clothes over the floor.

Betty then gently pushed the totally naked Jan back to the bed with her legs spread and over the side.

Betty then leaned over Jan as she laid back on the bed.

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