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Lexi's life changes completely after but a single spell.

I was only shocked for a second to see that you had your hand in your lap; I couldn't make out exactly what you were doing through the curtains, so I moved over and put the bags on the door step to open the door. Once it had opened I heard rather loud moaning as though someone was having fantastic sex. I could only imagine what you were watching.

Putting the bags on the bench I presumed the sound was up too loud for you to notice I had come home. A plan started to hatch in my head, I ran quickly into the bedroom and put on my sexiest red teddy, fairly sheer fabric and it left nothing to the imagination. I moved close to the door of the office and poked my head around. With your back to the door you still hadn't noticed I was there, I wanted a look at what you were watching before I let on I was there.

Slowly moving into the room I looked over your shoulder to find that you were not actually watching two people having sex, you were watching three people and they looked very familiar. It was you and I and my friend from the gym that I had brought home for us to play with last week. I hadn't realised that you had the web cam on in the upstairs bedroom while we were playing, obviously recording the events for prosperity. A glance at you told me that you were thoroughly enjoying what you saw, your hand wrapped around your swollen cock, pre-cum sliding from the tip.

Quietly I walked up to stand behind you, something alerted you to the fact I was there and your leg came off the desk and your hand stopped what it was doing and you spun around in your chair so fast you leg hit mine and I toppled onto your lap. Giggling I said "having fun Mr? " The shock showed on your face for only a second before you grabbed onto me and kissed me. After a few minutes you start talking a mile a minute telling me that you're sorry that you had taped the session last week but that you thought I would enjoy it down the track. Reassuringly I kissed you again and turned the chair around so we could both watch the computer screen. There we were fucking this other woman, you cock was in her pussy my tongue licking it as it entered her, very quickly I was getting wet and wriggling on your lap.

Your cock was stirring again under my ass, so I took it in hand and rubbed it, the moans coming from your throat told me you were quite enjoying the situation you had gotten into. The lace covering my pussy was getting wetter by the second, and I could smell my own juices. You must have been able to as well, positioning the chair so I could put my legs on the desk either side of the screen your hand pushing aside the sopping wet lace and without hesitation slide two fingers into my waiting hole. The sight of us on the screen and your fingers quickly moving in and out of me drove me to my first orgasm. Your cock pushing against my ass had grown in size and badly needed attention, I got off your lap and kneeled between your legs and took the head of your cock into my mouth, wriggling my tongue back and forth on the tip, holding the shaft in one hand I moved up and down on your cock, pre-cum flowing freely, it tasted sooo good I could help but move faster up and down your shaft, my hand pumping along with my mouth.

You must have been close to cumming when I walked in because it didn't take long for you to grab my hair and hold me still while you took your cock from my throat and pumped it until cum streamed all over my face, my tongue greedily darting out to get each drop.

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