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A CFNM tale.

There was a man and wife both in their early thirties, and surprise, surprise what appeared to be their daughter in her late teens early twenties.

I commented on that to Loren and he admitted surprise as well that a couple would go skinny dipping with their daughter. We sat and enjoyed the show as they cavorted about. Mom was definitely a M.I.L.F. and the daughter was exceptional as well.

Finally as all things do, the show came to a close and they went back inside. By this time Loren and I had finished off a six-pack and were feeling quite warm. We made our plans for the mornings work and headed for bed.

We were up early the next morning and had finished breakfast shortly after six A.M. We went out and got the truck as close to the water as we could. About forty feet or so. Loren went down to the water and began disassembling the old dock. We had three sections of dock in the back of the truck. We'd built them in Loren's garage and brought them with us. They were as big and strong as we could make them and weighed in around two hundred pounds each. I got these out of the back of the truck and carried them down to the water. On my second trip I noticed we had an audience. The family from next door had come out and was watching us work. The interesting part about this was that they were all naked.

As I set down my second section I drew Loren's attention to our audience. I saw his eyes widen slightly and then return to what he was doing. Well if he wasn't going to acknowledge their presence I wasn't going to either. We continued to work on the dock. At some point our audience went back inside their cabin. Made our work go a little faster as well. There was nothing to hold our view.

We levered out the last of the old dock and I entered the water to drive in new posts for the new dock. We finished driving those in and fastened our dock sections to it. We had used a chain saw to make points on the driven posts and had a large pile of wood shavings to lounge on and admire our work.


I looked at Loren and we both rolled to see the source of the call. Coming down the path from their cabin was our little family of nudists, Carrying of all things a tray of lemonade. As they got closer I was able to pick out details I hadn't seen last night. I really don't recall the father much. I think he had black hair.

Mom however was memorable. She was about five feet eight inches tall and weighed maybe 130. She was a natural blonde I could tell by her neatly trimmed bush. You could tell she worked out, she had great muscle tone and those 'C' cup breasts were just wonderful the nipples being darka nd as big as nickels.

The daughter was in a class all by herself. She weighed maybe 115 pounds and was a little over five and a half feet tall. She worked out as well but didn't have quite the same muscle tone as her mom. She had dark brown hair tied back in a pony tail. And while her 'A' Cup breasts were cute and bouncy, her bald pussy really made the look.

"Hello yourself!" Loren called back.

This brought a grin from our happy family and they drew up around our circle of shavings. We stood up to greet the properly.

"Hello gentlemen. I am George Farrady and this is my wife Linda and our daughter Lucille."

I waved to each of them as we were introduced.

Loren gave a curt nod of his head to each of them as he learned their names. "Good afternoon. I am Loren Scheman and this is my buddy Rob."

I waved again and Loren went on to explain that he owned the cabin and we were up here to work on it. The Farrady's seemed like fairly nice people if a little odd. They made good lemonade too.

"My daughter Lucy here made the lemonade but wouldn't come deliver it herself. So the Mrs. And I thought we'd help things along a mite." George explained. "Oh yeah and if your wondering we are nudists, Lucy is nineteen and it is National Nude Day."

Loren and I grinned at each other when he told us the last.

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