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Shannon sank two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking herself. She closed her eyes and imagined being taken like the woman next door.

Michael looked over at her after her second moan. "What are you doing?"

"I can't help it, I need it too..." Shannon kicked the sheets off of her and threw her legs apart. Michael watched for just a second as her hand turned circles in her panties knowing she had to have at least two fingers inside her. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life. Michael shed his shorts and boxers in seconds. Shannon smiled, she didn't have to even open her eyes, she knew what he was doing. She felt his hands on the waist band of her panties, he pulled at them, taking them down her legs and then off. His legs came up between hers and she spread them for him, allowing him access to her. He was above her now, his arms on either side of her. Shannon looked up at her cousin to find him starring back into her eyes. The naughtiest smile came over her lips as he leaned in. right on que, the woman next door demanded "Fuck Me!" Shannon whispered up at her new lover "Fuck me..." Michael sank his cock into her pussy, watching as her smile broadened, her eyes closed and her head sank back. "Ohhh... That's it, right there..." Shannon moaned as he bottomed out inside her. Michael started pushing in and out over her, his cock throbbing at the sensations. Shannon's hands held him to her, her mind racing as her own moans mixed with the couple in the next room. The idea that both of them had been turned on so much that they'd resort to incest was so dirty and such turn on! Shannon pulled her legs back a little further, "fuck me hard Michael". She moaned at her cousin.

"You sure?"

"Oh god yes..." Shannon purred, "Just as hard as she's getting it next door."

Michael started fucking her a little harder, then a little more, and after making sure this was what she really wanted, he started pounding her into the bed!

"OH! Fuck!" Shannon moaned in surprise. "Just like that!" She had to look back up at him to believe this was her quiet cousin. "Damn... don't stop!" Michael continued to tear into her, his cock pulsing with every stroke. Shannon squeezed down on cock, desperate to feel every inch of him.

If either had listened, they would have noticed that the couple in the next room had grown quiet. They were passed that now, they had their own desires to quench.

"You are soo wet Shannon..." Michael moaned as he watched her body squirm and tremble below him. "fuck my dick fits inside you so good!" Michael pushed harder into her causing another moan to escape her lips.

"fuck that feels amazing!" Shannon's pussy gripped his cock tight causing him to hold it in place. "Don't fucking stop! Fuck me while I'm squeezing it!" Michael returned to his previous pace and then moaned as new sensations coarse through his body. "That's it!" Shannon raked her fingers across and down his arms. "Make me cum..." A moment later she was doing just that, her body shuddered, her legs pulled him in and held him deep inside her pussy. Michael allowed her to hold him still though it about killed him, his own orgasm so close. The only consolation was he got to watch her face as she finished.

Shannon finally open her eyes and looked up at him once again. How could she have missed this part of him, she marveled. She reached up and pulled his face to her, kissing him. They smiled at each other again.

"You're still hard." Shannon whispered.

"Yeah, sorry." Michael replied apologetically

"Don't be, means we can do it again!" Shannon patted him on the arm. "Up, my turn."

Michael pulled out of her causing another little sigh to escape her lips. She led him to lay on his back as she moved over him. Shannon positioned her body so she was straddling his dick and then lowered herself down letting it slide back into her pussy.


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