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I kept a steady pace, sensitive to any reluctance on Alice's part. She in turn responded with growls and pelvic thrusts. I picked up the speed and was going hard when I felt the first tickle in my balls.

I said I was going to come.

"God, can you hold for a couple more seconds, I'm coming, too."

I slowed and Alice cried again with a deep howl and I drove deep one last time.

My eruption took me by surprise by its intensity. I shot two times while yelling, "Yes, yes!"

Sharon said, "Let me see you come."

I pulled out, eliciting a groan from Alice, and stroking my shaft shot two more times across Alice's ass and back. I dribbled a few drops and then sat back on my haunches.

Sharon bent and licked my ejaculation from her sister-in-law's body, letting her tongue slide down the crack in her ass and tonguing some drops seeping out.

Alice fell forward on the bed, totally spent. Sharon lay beside her and took her in her arms.

I eased off the bed and went to the bathroom where I cleaned my semi-erect penis.

I returned with a damp washcloth and cleaned Alice's back, Sharon's finger that lubed her sister-in-law and then climbed in behind Sharon. Soon, the three of us were asleep.

I awoke about an hour later to find myself alone in the bed.

The women's voices echoed downstairs and soon I heard them climbing the stairs and giggling.

They appeared in their glorious nakedness holding a tray with a bottle of wine, glasses and a bowl of M&Ms.

We drank and snacked in silence for a bit.

"So...?" I asked.

"So, what?" Alice said.

"So, are we ok?"

They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"We are so fuckin' Ok it's fuckin' unbelievable," yelled Sharon.

"And, that's from someone who never says fuck," added Alice.

We kissed and hugged.

Sharon looked at us and shook her head.

"What," prompted Alice.

"It's..., it's nothing, really."

"Come on," I urged. "There can't be any secrets between us now. Not after this."

"Well," said Sharon, "I can't believe we did this. It is totally mind blowing. I am not regretting it, so don't think that. But, to have sex, have sex with a man I just met, have sex while my sister-in-law watches, and, ..., well, ..., it's unbelievable."

"What are you leaving out," I pushed.

"Well, ok, don't take this the wrong way. But, I can't believe I saw you fuck Alice in the ass. That was incredible."

"Are you shocked and disgusted?" asked Alice.

"Hell, I'm shocked and blown away. I never knew you liked it that way."

"Well, I only did it once that way. And, it was in college and, true confession time, with my roommate. She wore a strap-on. It sent me to another planet. Then, when I got married and tried to get the old boy to come in through the back door, it was like I was a dirty, whore or something. He was so put off, that I never asked again."

"Wow," said Sharon, "but wait a minute. I thought you said you never made it with a woman."

"Sharon, I was afraid to tell the truth. Remember, this was before you told us your story. After hearing how you and Colleen were together, I felt like I should have said something, but the moment had passed. Actually, technically I never did make love with another woman-meaning that I never ate a girl's pussy, but I guess that I was physically involved one time.

"My roommate, Mary, was totally bi, bordering on lezbo. She wanted to have sex with me and kept asking me. I was not interested and kept telling her so. I told her I liked something hard. She told me she had just the thing. When she pulled out the strap-on, I almost fainted.

"We talked about it for weeks. Finally, I confessed to this fantasy about having anal sex. I had read an erotic novel that involved lots of anal sex and I sorta' got fixated on it. She said anything I wanted.

"So one night, we finished about half a bottle of tequila.

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