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A chilling end to hot passion.

We didn't want an electronic or a paper trail. We needed to keep in contact. She also had to make an appointment with a doctor for tests. Who knows what she got from that man.

I had her leave first and then figured out exactly what I was going to need and need to do. It took me two hours to search the trailer completely. What an asshole he is. I've never hurt a soul in my life, but that was going to change for those two. The trailer park is down the road from a river. It's in an orange grove area, nothing around for miles. That's why the rent was so cheap. The road has a sharp bend less than a quarter mile from the entrance and Barb's parking space is a straight shot out. The road to town is not lit at night and follows the river by 5'-6' for a couple of miles.

The week went by quickly for me, but Barb was a case of nerves. We talked every day. I kept reassuring her that she'd be covered. She got results back on the medical tests. Thankfully, what she got can be cleared up, even though the meds are expensive for her.

I spent the week planing and getting everyone on board. Didn't tell them more than they had to know for their own part. Saying that I'm protecting my little sister and sometimes mentioning Martin got me instant cooperation. Some good people owe me favors. Some bad people owe me too. Never called one in before from that batch. Being a liquor truck driver for years, I've made a lot of friends and good contacts. I've looked away sometimes, and that was noticed in a good way. Never looked away when somebody good was the target, but everybody knew that. These are contacts that nobody knows of.

Saturday at nightfall Barb showed up at the Crab shack. Her waitress smiled at her, touched the side of her nose and nodded. Martin arrived 20 minutes later. Her drinks at the Crab shack were fruity but with very little alcohol. Martin's drinks were stock or strong. During the dinner, the waitress called and told me what was going on. Barb and Martin were both nervous and each ordered three drinks. I'm sure Martin thought that it was all going to plan.

While they were out to dinner and under darkness, I snuck into her trailer with my key. I replaced her stock margarita mix with a non-alcoholic one, and her vodka with very a dilute mixture. He was going to spike her drink with more alcohol to get her plastered. That'd make it easier for his ex to come in and shoot her. Martin drank Tequila Sunrises so I added Everclear to his tequila.

I also removed all firearms, ammunition and put the knives in a back drawer.

I found out a couple of days ago that the trailer next to Barb's was being painted. The owners were away until the fumes were gone. The management left the windows and doors ajar to vent the place out. You can do that in the middle of nowhere. I got a call that Barb and Martin were leaving, then I got another saying that they were being tailed.

Martin was feeling no pain but drove his car home anyway. Barb and I spoke on the phone on the drive home. She was worried and I told her that everything was good. She arrived first and parked so he had to be the first to leave. He was parked in the right place for a quick getaway.

The other part of the plan had been in motion all afternoon. Martin's ex was being kept busy at her normal bar all afternoon and evening. There were two people there keeping her busy, keeping tabs on her. They reported to me every so often. She was easily plied with free drinks as the hours went on. For some reason, the clock in the bar stopped working. After it got dark, she dropped her purse and started laughing when her keys fell out, then her phone, then her pistol. Their text messages said that she bought it at a gun show. Just a couple of more bucks for no id and a couple more and the serial number no longer existed. All for a gun she never officially bought. Everything is for sale, always has been. It just depends on easy you let it happen.

I saw Martin and Barb enter the trailer.

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