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A seed donor is identified and taken.

"Gee, thanks, Whoring Slut."

Before she could stop herself, her mouth spoke, "Paaaauuuul, you can't DO that! You'll make me even MORE WET and SQUISHY than I already AM. You've already got my stomach rumbling after that seductive shot of cum-dilly-icious jism of yours. You can't TEASE me anymore, you bad, bad boy!" She shut her eyes, then sighed. This wouldn't even make passable dialog in a porno movie!

"I apologize if I make you all wet, Professor."

"You do NOT make me WET, Paul!" She glared at him angrily. "You do NOT make me all hot and runny and slimy down my thighs! You do NOT!"

"Yes ... of course I don't," Paul said with that smirk that she yearned to slap off his face.

"You DON'T, Paul! Really! You DON'T! Stop smirking, you little bastard! You DON'T make me WET!"

Paul just nodded his head, grinning.

"Damn you! You want to see?! I'll SHOW you!" She turned her back to him, unbuckling her belt, then lowered her skirt and panties to her knees, bending over. "See?! You DON'T make me wet? Is that proof enough? You dirty little boy!"

"Hey, nice cunt, Professor! Nice WET cunt!"

Professor Mulholland's entire body blushed deep red. Oh ... my ... GOD! She could not BELIEVE what she had just DONE! She stood back up straight, quickly pulling up her panties and skirt. "Paul ... I don't ... I don't know what I am saying. I am just ... out of control! I need to give David his homework, then go see a doctor or psychiatrist and get treated. Or maybe get exorcised by a priest. I don't know which. Is David home?"

"I can answer that," came a voice from the hallway. Patricia turned to face Ms Moreno, who was standing with her arm above her head, leaning against the hallway wall. She was dressed in black, 5-inch thigh-high leather boots, a tiny black thong that her furry bush showed past on either side, and nothing above the waist.

"Ms Moreno!" Paul waved. "This is Professor Mulholland, and she's dropping off David's assignments. She really is quite the hot, wet slut -- so maybe that should be 'dripping off David's assignment'."

"I can SEE that, Paul," Lydia said, walking forward.

Was this woman a MOTHER?! Or a naturalist? Or an S&M leather fetish mistress?

"Professor Mulholland, did I just see what I THOUGHT I saw? Did you really just EXPOSE yourself to that boy?!"

Patricia did not know what to do. She had been caught directly in the act, obscenely baring herself to a student. She had no idea what to do. She couldn't ... she just .... "Oooh! I LOVE your boobies!" a giggle burst forth, and Patricia found herself clapping her hands together and smiling vacantly. "They are so YUMMY-looking!" Oh, Christ. There she had gone off again.

"Ms Mulholland! I will thank you, as the teacher of my son, to not comment on my yummy tits!"

Shit! Shit! Shit! "I'm sorry, Ms Mulholland. They just look so lickety, jismy delicious that-- fuck! I don't mean to be saying these things. I-- Could I just pop one of the nipples into my mouth? Just for a second? Please?" Patricia shut her eyes tightly and cursed. This was exactly the WRONG way to meet a student's mother for the first time!

"Ms Mulholland!"

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Why did her mouth keep doing this to her?!

"Is THIS the way that you lead your classes? Because if it is-- "

"Please, Ms Mulholland! I am SO sorry! I don't know what is coming over me! I am just your basic slut-covered cunt! Oh, no! I didn't mean to say that! The last part that is -- I meant to say the first part, just not the last part. I-- " Shut up, Patty, she told herself, you're just making it worse. She took a deep breath. "Okay. I am very sorry. I am just having real problems today. I brought over David's assignments since he wasn't in class. If I can just show them to you, I will get out of here and quit pissing you off with my smutty-assed gutter mouth."

"Yes, I think that would be best. Step here to the table and show me the assignment, and I will pass it on to David when he is feeling better."

Chewing on her lip to keep her mouth shut, Patricia stepped over and opened the textbook.

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