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"Ann", but before I can say anything she burst out.

" John congratulations! We did it together we are rich; he did make the offer right? We never have to worry about you chasing money again and leaving me alone like you have been. I am so happy for us!

"First of all, I am not accepting this pricks offer to buy me out, I exclaimed! More importantly Ann, he said some incredible things about you and him during his trip to California. Since you have already admitted meeting Mr. Gold, please tell me how and when you first met."

Shit, did Harold tell John about us, shit why would he do that? It was supposed to be my secret to help close the deal, shit, shit and more shit! Anne worried.

There was a pregnant pause, before she spoke. " He called and told me last Monday he was interested in the company and he understood I owned 27.5% of the voting shares and wanted to discuss the deal he was proposing to you and he wanted my help and he would explain how when he got to our home on Tuesday."

"Harold arrived around mid-day, he was alone and dressed very professional, he looked distinguished and I prepared him lunch on the patio and he explained how to make the deal work he needed his guys running the company in exchange we get all this upfront money and you no longer have to manage the company and be away from me. He said if you played hard ball, I could combine my vote with the minority share holder s to overrule your majority position, but first he wanted to make a generous offer so we do not have to come to that. He showed me how the money could be invested in his firm and how he could exceed our current already good life style and triple our money in five years."

"And you never felt it was important to discuss this meeting and offer with me or even Rob our Attorney?" I responded.

"Harold said it would muddy the waters if I was to tell you and it was only till next week, so I honored his request to keep the deal under wraps, I was busting all last weekend to tell you!" She said.

"When did the sex start Ann" I put it out there.

No sense in lying, she thought, Harold let the cat out of the bag

"We went to dinner at Antonio's, he was a gentleman and bought an expense bottle of wine, then another, he offered to drive me home since I was slightly drunk from celebrating our good fortune. When we arrived I let him inside to have coffee and he just grabbed me and kissed me. I pushed him away at first, and then he whispered ever so gently in my ear."

"After all you know John has his bimbos in NYC, why deny yourself some pleasure, it's not love Ann, just sex." I was mad as hell that you were cheating on me! So I undid my dress, let it fall to the floor, and then I removed my bra and then my panties. I told him he could have me until he left and never again, this was my revenge on you for cheating and his reward for helping me, I mean us." I am sorry he told you, I thought it was supposed to be our secret, I do not know why he told you. I did not want to hurt you and I want this deal to go through for us."

" Ann, listen to me, he is lying through his teeth and you know it when he says I have women in NY, the worst I have done is go out to some strip clubs for some lap dances, I been a faithful husband and I always invite you to come to NY, you choose to stay in Newport. Fucking you Ann was the Prince of Darkness way of telling me, I own you, your woman and pretty soon your company! Are you telling me you still believe this guy's line of shit?"

" John, are you trying to tell me he set me up, got me drunk ,lied about your affairs all to get in my pants I doubt it. It was spontaneous." she responded.

"Ann I will never take this man's money under any circumstances it would be like accepting a pimp payment for your services for Christ sakes. No the Prince of Darkness is going down and then I will deal with you for cuckolding me, bitch."

"But John I..." I hung up on her.

Let us recap, my wife cheated on me to help close a deal under the assumption I was cheating in NY, the Prince is confident that he has me over

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