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Warm showers indoors are wonderful, too.

What greeted me instead was even better.

Renee instead had decided to remove her jeans, and what I found underneath was a sexy pair of stockings. I almost conceded at that point, since seeing her in stockings drove me crazy. I missed my next shot and sat back down, trying very hard not to think about how badly I wanted those legs wrapped around me.

Renee walked over to her neatly-folded pile of clothes and slipped back into her heels.

I once again protested, "That's not fair! You already took those off. They shouldn't count."

She grinned at me and said, "Fine, they won't. I just needed a little more leverage for my shot."

She walked around to the front of the table and took great care in bending over in front of me for her shot. Her ass was just inches away from my face, and it was all I could do not to reach out and touch it. Before I got my chance, she took her shot and just barely missed. I was relieved that I could keep on one more article of clothing. She returned to her chair and crossed her legs with great effort, taking her time and making sure to attract my attention.

I jumped up quickly, hoping to make another shot and also hoping to hide my rock-hard cock from her view. I picked a shot and sank the ball. I turned to see Renee standing up. She didn't make me turn around this time, but instead I watched her right hand slip behind her back. A second later, I watched the brightly-colored bra slacken and slip down gently. She caught it with her left hand and held it in place for just a moment. I raised an eyebrow in her direction and she responded by pulling the bra away and letting it drop the floor. Her beautiful breasts came into view. I figured them to be at least a D-cup with a dark areola that drew my eyes toward them like a beacon. I swallowed hard and turned my head back to the game, trying my best not to sneak too many glances.

The number of balls on the table were dwindling, but so too was the amount of clothing left on Renee and me. I was down to the last couple of shots. I took careful aim at my target, trying my best to avoid distraction from Renee's ample bosom seated at the end of the table. Renee tried her best to draw my attention, as I could see her hands sliding up and down her bare breasts, teasing her pert nipples. I shook my head to clear the fog and managed to sink a long shot. Renee frowned a bit at my luck. She was down to her final two pieces of clothing. I figured that she'd play it a bit safe and slide off her stockings. I could imagine her bent over sliding the silky leg coverings down to the floor. I was surprised to she her still seated, wriggling her ass side to side as she slid her panties down slowly. She took her time pulling them down her legs, teasing me with a little show. Once she had them slipped around her ankles, she playfully kicked them in my direction, and I could see the glistening dampness on her smoothly shaven pussy. Now, as if things weren't hard enough (pun intended), now I had a mostly naked girl teasing me as I was trying to win the game. It was no use this time, as my shot sailed wide of the target.

Renee stood up and picked yet another shot. She was down to two balls left. Her aim was right on and another one slipped in. Left with no choice, I removed my last article of clothing. There I stood, completely naked in front of her. Her eyes grew wide as she noticed my raging erection. It took her a couple of minutes to regain her composure, but she settled down for her next shot.

As it went into the pocket, I calmly asked, "I'm out of clothes, princess. What am I going to do now?"

She laughed and said, "Well, I'm so close to winning that we won't worry about it right now." With that, she leaned in to take a shot at the 8-ball. I made sure to stand directly in line with the pocket so she got a full view of my cock. She barely missed again. I was sure that the next shot might be my last, so I surveyed the table carefully, ready to make my big comeback.

As I lined up for my sh

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