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He needed a flatmate, he got much more.

She was a poor student and wanted me to give her extra credit? Nope. She was a Straight A, student nearly all the way through my class. Maybe she was an exhibitionist? Maybe she is, who knows! Admittedly, there never was a hint of anything untoward, or anything other than she liked crossing and uncrossing her shapely legs.

All I know is that I loved gazing at her, and had to make every effort not to stare at her during class. It became our little game. I'd interact with students, making eye contact around the room. Out of the corner of my eyes I'd see her staring at me. I'd slowly start to glance her way and voila, there was a sexy crotch shot that boiled my blood, and toyed with my emotions in every possible way you can imagine. God, she was such a fucking tease and knew exactly how to turn me on.

It was very refreshing. If I was a weaker man - or one of a couple other professors - Melody would be in their office after class and the seduction would work. Despite all the protections, young girls and older men did satisfy their cravings. It's the way it is. Still, for me, I wasn't about to ruin my wonderful marriage for a few minutes of fun with a student. It was all look, no touch, as I had exercised in my mind.

However, I am a man, and she's a gorgeous young woman, and on two occasions I'd convinced Christina to give me a sensuous hand job late at night, all the while with me thinking of Melody. Yes, there, I said it. I admit it.

There's something extremely hot about having your wife jerk you off, but having her sensuously jerk your cock while I was thinking about another woman is so very hot if you can pull it off. Christina pulled me off, and I pulled it off in my mind, and it was a wonderful release. Nobody had to be any wiser!

I did wonder what Melody's game was. I mean, I can't imagine she was dressed inappropriately and flashing each of her professors. Surely not Mr. Edwards, the 70-year-old who would surely would have had a heart attack if she did. Clearly not Mrs. Ridgeway. Well, some said Mrs. Ridgeway liked young girls, but that was probably just a rumor as well. No, I think Melody was performing for me. Why, I have no idea. I mean she didn't need the attention, and she surely didn't need a better grade. Who knows?

Which made it very strange when she asked to see me after class, Wednesday evening. We spoke a little about the topic of the day, and she said she was so challenged by our discussions in class. "Your classes are so much better than my other classes," she said, matter of factly. "I love the interactions."

She left without saying anything unusual, just thanking me for doing my job. It was strange; I thought there would be more. Maybe something about her wardrobe "malfunctions" or something, but no. Just a quick conversation.

In any event we bid adieu and I mentioned I'd be off to the guy while she said she would be heading to the library. Again, nothing unusual.

So an hour and a half later when I returned to my office to pack up to head home, I was aghast when I arrived to see her sitting on the floor near my office doorway.

Damn, she looked hot in her little outfit. I wondered how long she'd been sitting there and what she could possibly want. Soon, that look got hotter as she spread her legs to give me a wonderful view of the slinky panties between her legs, the view I'd come to love in class and remembered late at night when I was banging my wife. She made her way into a standing position before asking a simple question.

"Mr. Roberts, do I turn you on in class?"

My mind was jumbled, and words did not want to easily come out of my mouth. I was tongue tied, clearly, as I mumbled something before saying that it was an inappropriate question.

What is going on here?

Melody smiled. She knew I was in a terrible state. I mean, I could not talk, but there was a place near my midsection that was, well, enlarged.

This was getting out of hand, and I had to do something to stop it. As if she were my child, I told her that she had to stop misbehaving or else!

She shook her head, s

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