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"That was so great Adam. I feel so good, how about you?"

"I could never imagined how playing with my dad could be so hot. Can we play some more? I want to suck your cock some more."

My dad kissed me on my lips again, "Later, I have to run to a job site then I will be back and we can hit the pool. I'll talk to your mother about dinner before I leave." He rolled off the bed, grabbed his boxers and walked out, still naked.

I plopped back on my bed and savored the taste of my dad's cum in my mouth. I wanted to beat off again, but then I would eat my cum and I didn't want to lose the taste of my dad's cum in my mouth. I got up and jumped back in the shower and turned it on cold to calm down. I dried off and put on my swim trunks and a T-shirt, and went to eat breakfast. I was starving, even though I just had a snack.

Mom was in the kitchen wearing a bikini under her thin see through pool wrap, and having a cup of coffee. I went to the fridge and grabbed the orange juice. I poured myself a glass and drank it down. Mom looked up at me, "Morning Adam. You should ease up on the acids it makes your sperm taste too tangy."

I just about spit out my mouthful of juice, "MOM! You made me choke. Good morning to you to."

"Well your father mentioned that your cum tasted a bit tart but sweet, and that would be the reason. Diet has everything to do with the taste of your cum." She said this like she was describing why a car needs gas.

"Holly shit, dad told you. Oh my god I am so embarrassed. How could he?" I slammed the glass down and ran to my room. I threw myself onto my bed and started to cry.

There was one knock on my door and it opened. I guess there is no privacy here. Mom walked in and sat next to me. I felt her hand massaging my back. "Why did he tell you? I am so sorry Mom."

"Sorry? Sorry for what? Your father and I do not have any secrets. We have a great relationship. Why are you so upset? Your father said you seemed to have liked it, I know he did."

"He said that? You don't mind what happened? It just went too far."

"Oh baby, you and your father played together and it felt good for both of you, what's the big deal? Besides I told him to come in here and see if he could get you to suck his cock. Your father does everything I tell him to do without question. I have very, shall we say, persuasive, ways to make men do things that I want." She laughed and slapped me hard on my ass. It shocked, stung, and excited me all at the same time. I was instantly hard again so I didn't want to sit up. I think that gave mom the wrong impression.

Mom rubbed my ass a little, "MMMM, like father like son. You liked that didn't you Adam? I think mommy needs to teach her little boy a lesson." With that she slapped my ass again, then again, and continued for a total of ten hard slaps on my ass. It stung, but at least I had my shorts on. I was amazed at how hard and dripping my cock was. My mom used my shorts to pull me off my bed. I stood in front of her and was shocked to see that she was naked. My hard cock was straining against my shorts and a wet spot formed.

I tried to look at my mom's naked body, but she held eye contact with me. All I could see was a stern look in her eyes. "You like that don't you boy? You like when I spank you like a bad little boy? NOW STRIP! I want to see if I made your ass red and your cock hard."

I was so turned on I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my shorts without question. "Good boy, you learn faster than your father. I swear I have to beat that man's ass until it is flaming red. Of course he likes that. Now turn around and bend over for inspection."

I quickly bent over and touched my hands to the floor.

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