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I groaned as the warmth of her insides enveloped me. Immediately, she began to pump, raising her body until my cock almost fell out of her, then lowering back onto me again, letting her weight fall onto me with a loud slap.

She rode me for almost five minutes, my body seeming about to cum with each thrust but somehow not quite getting there, almost as if it intended to tease me with the sensation. She pumped faster as the time went by, moaning louder and getting more and more into it. As I reached a point where I felt I simply HAD to come, that my body could no longer put it off, even to tease me, she slowed, then stopped, catching her breath before looking down at me. I tried to pump into her anyway, but she slapped me again, this time harder and on the chest, hard enough to get my attention.

When I looked up, she grinned again and dismounted, leaving me just as hard as ever and panting to boot. I looked down at her in total shock. She got on all fours next to me and crawled down to my feet, allowing me to gaze uninterrupted on that perfect ass of her as she did.

I'd forgotten about the tube, and as I gazed at that luscious ass, still in a trance, I didn't see her smearing the lubricant onto the middle finger of her left hand.

Jelly applied, she turned to me again, trying to act as though there was nothing on her finger. At the time, I hadn't even noticed, had merely noted her posture. I only realized after-the-fact what she'd been up to.

At the time, her having turned around, I was gazing at those lovely breasts of hers and the way her still-wet red hair clung to them. When I did shift my glance, it was to look into those striking blue eyes of hers as she dropped onto her elbows between my thighs and lifted my cock with her right hand. She stroked it slowly, licking lightly at the head and looking up at me. Then, without warning, she downed the entire length, not an amazing feat given my average size but plenty to get my heart thumping at full speed again.

Bobbing her head, she sucked away, her tongue working its way around my shaft as she did. I was euphoric in moments, totally oblivious to the world around me. I lay my head back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the sensation of being sucked into her throat, then pulled out until those soft, talented lips wrapped around the head, then downed again.

Caught up in this, I couldn't have seen it coming. I was taken away in a sense that was undeniable. Then she did it, and I came rushing back to reality. She reached her hand under my ass, slid her lubricated finger between the cheeks, and drove it straight up my anus, no pausing to adjust or slowing down until the last knuckle was hidden between the cheeks.

My eyes opened suddenly, the sensation of being violated in that way bringing me back to an all too impossible to ignore reality. I tried to sit up, but the handcuffs refused to budge. I looked down at her, meaning to ask her what she was doing. She looked back up at me, my cock still in her mouth, then she started to slide the finger out again. I lay back down, feeling as though the point had been made, then the finger came ramming home again. I jerk lightly when it did, but didn't bother to fight it. I was helpless here, her slave in a manner of speaking__an almost literal one, in fact.

She sucked harder, as if the action turned her on, and I tried to ignore the violating sensation, which was not quite pain, but a strong discomfort nonetheless. The effort was in vain, however, as once I'd almost get it out of my immediate attention, she'd withdraw the finger and ram it back in again.

I was beginning to regret the entire night when I finally reached climax, gasping the words "I'm coming" about five times as I did. It built up inside of me, then poured out of me in a sudden rush. She pulled her head away, grasping my cock with her right hand and pumping quickly, sending spurt after spurt of semen gushing into the air, splattering against my chest and stomach.

Once I was finished, she pulled her finger from my a

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