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Besides Gavin, the UN delegation included Eduardo Alvarez, his second, a couple of secretaries, three bodyguards, and an equipment technician. Appreciable setup work and coordination with the Greek and Turkish delegations had had to be done, but Eduardo and the staff had come two weeks ahead of the talks and Eduardo was so efficient that nearly all of the preparation work was done before Gavin arrived. Gavin felt like a fifth wheel, but he did what he could to pose as the senior official and chief moderator. That still left him with considerable time to spend at the Park Hilton swimming pool, gathering a tan and trying to be good. It wouldn't do for him to pursue Greek men while he was on public display in Nicosia.

Sensing that he was restless and knowing there wasn't much for him to do until the talks actually started on April 1st, Eduardo suggested, "Why don't you take a few days and go over to the Turkish side? The UN has a guesthouse by Five-Mile Beach to the west of Kyrenia, and I know you have an interest in castles. You could explore the seventh-century Byzantine one in Kyrenia Harbor and the castles built by the crusaders in the eleventh and twelfth centuries along the tops of the Kyrenia Mountains."

"That sounds like a good idea," Gavin said. Two days checking out Turkish men on the Turkish side of Cyprus, away from the prying eyes of his staff in Nicosia. What could go wrong?

And so he took a UN car, because his rented Mercedes couldn't go into the Turkish zone, crossed through the checkpoints in Nicosia, and drove the sixty miles north to Kyrenia and then the five miles west to the UN guesthouse at Five-Mile Beach, notable in Cyprus as having been the beachhead for the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

After being settled in the strong fence-enclosed UN guest house a few steps up a rocky hillside from the Mediterranean Sea and just west of Five-Mile Beach, Gavin drove to the picturesque harbor down of Kyrenia, or, as the Turks called it, Girni, to explore the harbor castle there that dominated the eastern end of the waterfront. He found the castle fascinating, as it had originally been built in the seventh century by the Byzantines and, in the sixteenth century, the Venetians enclosed it in a thick-walled fortress of later design. In the interim period it had been besieged and conquered by Richard the Lionhearted, whose crusaders built the mountaintop St. Hilarion Castle in the Kyrenia range dominating Kyrenia to the south and overlooking both the town and the mountain pass to the interior of the island and its capital, Nicosia.

It was while he was looking around in the castle, being nearly the only one doing so that afternoon, that Gavin saw the young man he later would call Erol. The first sighting was from the ramparts of the castle across the large training ground to the top of the fortress' seawall. The young Turkish Cypriot was only seen from a distance, but even at a remove Gavin was struck by the man's athletic build and his ability to scramble over the stone ruins. He was dark-in both complexion and hair coloring-and, even from here, Gavin could see that he had a ready and dazzling smile. He was strongly built without being noticeably tall. Gavin enjoyed watching the young man-he evidently was at least fifteen years younger than Gavin was-moving around. And Gavin wondered what he was doing in the castle alone. In his observation of Turkish men when he had visited the Turkish mainland, they liked to move in groups. He'd found that they liked to fuck in groups too, which he had enjoyed.

Without giving the young man much more thought-he was too far away for Gavin to do more than develop a sensation of hardening, which he did for quite a few young men-Gavin left the castle and stopped for lunch at the outdoor section of one of the many restaurants that had set tables out directly at the edge of the stone walkway between the buildings arcing around the inner harbor and the water, where an assortment of working and pleasure boats were tied up

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