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18-year-old Bree tells the story of her first 8 submissives.

' she said almost inaudibly. 'No Eri, when you speak to me I want to hear you clearly, I want Steve hear too.'

'Sometimes I thought of someone else when Jeff and I made love.' Eri repeated it more loudly, almost through clenched teeth. That was what Steve wanted. He was breaking through that detachment, she flushed a little, she was even getting a little cross. Perhaps it suited her not to have her motives too clearly exposed, as she acknowledged her part in what was happening so she would also have to deal with the guilt and the shame. Steve like that too, it was too easy for Eri to play the dutiful wife as a smokescreen to her own desires. 'Jeff, you know I think your pretty young wife has already been unfaithful. Maybe not in the flesh but certainly in her head. She didn't wait for your permission there!'

'Bow your head Eri,' Steve ordered. Then when she did so he reached over to the back of her head and unclasped the black laquer comb which held her hair up. The long black tresses fell around her shoulders and, in her kneeling position, almost brushed the floor. Steve had to hold himself back - she looked so vulnerable and so within his grasp - but he wasn't ready for that yet. He wanted to get the timing right. He wanted to keep the initiative so that this complex little scene would play out just the way he now wanted. He waited a few minutes; no doubt Eri was wondering what would come next, what Steve would do next. Steve wanted to keep her off balance - he did nothing for a few minutes.

'Jeff,' Steve asked, 'would you strip off the rest of your wife's clothing please? Eri, you may go over to Jeff.' Eri stood, maybe not quite as confidently as a few minutes ago, then turned and walked over to her husband. She kept her head down but remained standing. 'Oh well, ' said Jeff, 'I guess this is the crunch.' He stood and put his arms around Eri and held her to him for a few moments. Steve said 'It's one crunch anyway!' Jeff then reached around his wife, as she lifted her arms, and undid the clasp at the back of her bra. The cups fell forward into his hands and he removed the fine black lace and dropped it on the couch. And, after looking directly into Eri's eyes for her confirmation that he was to continue, he placed his hands each side of the waistband of her panties.

It wasn't easy to draw her panties down, they were a very snug fit; it's the sort of movement which is easier to do for yourself than for someone else. As the black satin slipped down his wife's thighs and away from the curves of her ass Eri helpfully opened her legs just a little to ensure that the garment would smoothly drop away from her. She stepped out of them, bent, and then picked them up and handed them to Jeff. She was now naked and Jeff, with his hands on her shoulders encouraged her to turn and face their guest.

Eri kept her eyes averted. It was Steve's turn to be silent for a moment as he took in the sight of his friend's beautiful Japanese wife now entirely revealed to his hungry gaze. Her breasts were high and full and stood away from her chest. They were perfectly shaped and not an ounce too heavy. The fine pale upper slopes led to beautiful thick nipples of delicate shades of pink and coffee now erect, the lower globe of her breasts curved in gently toward her chest. Her breasts looked a little heavy for her slight frame and a slight roll to the side of each breast made her nipples point outward and up. Her waist pulled in below those breasts, almost too sharply, then flared to give definition to her narrow, almost boyish waist.

Eri thighs were slightly parted, but Steve noted that even if her legs were together her thighs would not have touched. Though shapely, the curve of her inner thighs reached crotch without meeting. Steve loved the beautiful clear definition this gave to her cuntlips and the swelling of her public mound. There was a wisp of jet black straight hair which rose vertically from her slit contrasting with her pale clear skin that identified the hot focus of their attention.

Eri keep her head down, her eyes on

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