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Her fourth day by herself, she is sent for a walk.

He was instantly hard again and pulled out the speculum without closing it. Watched with pleasure at the open hole he'd left behind, slightly gaping with the sphincter pulsing, trying to close up. It was too much for him so he shoved his cock hard and fast right into her anus, balls deep in one motion and began to fuck her frantically his hips a blur and pounding so hard the entire couch shifted. All she could do was grunt at the invasion, in time with his forward thrusts until she finally swore and came in a rush. He dumped his load into her bowels and collapsed on her belly. They were spent and quiet for a while. As he recovered he took more photos, close-up of her red enlarged arse and of the tubing coming out of her urethra. Cum dripped from her holes and he wiped it away so he could see clearly.

Her arse was burning but she felt hot and horny from it, anal queen that she was, it was never enough, especially seeing he with-held it a lot of the time. He went away and she slept for a while. On his return he untied her, unclipped her nipples but left the urethral tubing in, clamping it off. He flipped her over so she was lying face down on the couch, her legs hanging down. He tied her up again, hand behind her back... her weight was on the bound breasts and the pain as they squashed down was exquisite. Hips and shoulders tied down and ankles to the couch legs so she was totally helpless and under his control. He began to spank he, softly at first, but harder and harder until her cheeks were fire engine red. He bladder was beginning to fill and her body weight as she squirmed around made that more pressing still. He pulled her cheeks apart -- her anus was red but had closed over. He'd soon fix that he thought.

She watched sideways in shock when he pulled a huge speculum from the cupboard. She'd seen it on a restraint website and commented that she felt it wasn't possible to do much to a human with an equine speculum. He thought he'd see if that was right. So much lube was spread between her cheeks it ran down he leg. The tip of the spec was pushed against her anus and he slowly but continuously press on it until her sphincter opened. The thing was large, even unopened and she cried out at the pain again. He didn't stop, just kept leaning on it until he'd felt the internal sphincter. He changed the angle and the spec slipped past that point and deep into her. She couldn't cope with the sensations screaming and begging for him to stop. When he did she panted for a while to get used to the size then begged for him to press more in which he gladly did. When a third was in he began to open it. He went slowly giving her time to adjust to the size until she couldn't take anymore. He measured the gape.... Almost 41/2 inches wide and he could see her intestinal walls when he shone his torch down the chasm. Photos taken, he the began to lightly touch her rectal walls with his finger; it felt hot and soft. He had a wand, debated for a moment the put the tip into her and turned on the power. She arched up as the electricity coursed deeply into her, saying fuck fuck fuck over and over. She was almost beside herself -- after a while he stopped and directed the end of her catheter deep inside and released the clamps and a stream of urine flowed out of her bladder and into her arse. She could feel the heat of it. He snapped the spec closed and yanked it out quickly, she screamed as the rim of her sphincter was pulled away from her body for a moment, stuck to the spec.

Her arse stayed wide open this time and her urine ran out in a stream in the bucket under her feet.

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