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She finds satisfaction in her father in laws arms.

She then turned to me so we were facing each other.

"Hmmm, I think I might be drunk," she said, as her hand re-gripped mine and she squared herself to me.

"And is that good or bad?" I said quietly, as our faces leaned in towards each other.

We leaned in closer to each other and my lips parted slightly and I watched hers do the same but then I stopped, tip-toeing in the excitement before our mouths actually touched. I waited a few seconds as we tilted our heads and I took the air that was slowly drifting out of her mouth until our breathing synchronized, and we were heaving at the same time. We leaned in closer as our lips started to touch.

"DING!" went the elevator as we stopped and quickly pulled apart, as the door slowly opened to a laughing middle-aged couple. We loosened our grips and pulled our shoulders away from each other, pretending that we hadn't been doing anything out of the ordinary. They stepped in and Alison and I exchanged a smiling glance, as both of us looked away and to our fidgeting feet as the ride resumed.

We arrived at our floor and the doors opened again, as we stepped out and I took Alison's hand, while we swung our arms like kids and laughed down the hallway towards our room.

I opened the door with my card and we both walked in, with me turning around the second I heard the door close-before we even made it out of the entry way.

I put my hands on her sides and used my arms and my pelvis to push her up against the wall, slowly leaning into her and whispering "can I kiss you now?" against her mouth.

I heard her breath rise as she took in air through her mouth and I felt a huge quiver move up inside me and begin to overwhelm my thoughts as she very slightly leaned towards me and our lips gently met.
The kiss was slow at first, as our lips barley touched and pulled our bodies closer. I could feel Alison's breathing against my face and our heads turned slightly, as we pretended to find just the right spot to hold our heads before our lips actually pushed hard into each other.

We both gave in at the same time, as our lips pressed against each other and our mouths opened, with one tongue slowly licking across the other, as our erotic embrace played out into a long and slow passionate kiss.

Her tongue explored my mouth and I gently bit on her bottom lip while we pulled each other closer and I felt my pussy tingle and start to come to life with what was happening. Alison's hands were on my back and soon starting passing over my body, as her palms made their way to my skirt and then on top of the skirt and my ass.

"They're right about how good you looked at the pool," Alison said to me as she pulled her lips from mine and cupped her hands tighter on my ass. "I couldn't stop staring at your ass all afternoon."

"Mmmm," I moaned to her as I leaned in and kissed her neck, pulling out to bring my lips back to hers as our tongues met again and twirled inside our mouths.

"I didn't think I'd get to do this with you again," I said to her as I leaned back and met her eyes with mine. "You didn't seem into it like I thought you'd be."

"Well," she said. "I am into evidenced by the fact that I think I got myself off almost every night for the past week just thinking about sharing a hotel room with you again...I was just trying to be careful not to be too obvious because I knew I'd be completely willing to spend the entire weekend fucking you in our hotel room if we weren't careful."

"We're not going to the Hard Rock, are we?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"No, we're not-and my ID is in my back pocket" she said as she leaned in again and put her tongue back into my mouth, pulling me closer as our chests pressed against each other.

I pulled my hands from around her and leaned slightly back, reaching them towards her shirt buttons as I slowly began undoing her blouse while we continued to gently yet passionately kiss.

I finished the final button and pushed her shirt from her shoulders, as she stood th

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