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A young man services his neighbor.

She tried to close her legs instinctively, but Angel's hands kept her legs apart. She arched her back as she felt the pressure escape her, her body shaking uncontrollably, her face filling with blood causing it to turn a slight pink hue. Before she could recover, she felt Angel's finger move into her, she closed her eyes as she braced herself.

"You're a virgin?" Angel sounded shocked, surprised. "Why didn't you say something earlier?"

"Is it really a surprise?" She was about to get off the bed, anger quickly overtaking her other emotions. But again, Angel's hands held her in place.

"No, it's not that," he continued, "but your first time has to be special. Careful even. I almost banged you like a drum, and it would not have been a good rhythm for your first time. No, no, we have to do this right." He picked up the phone and ordered a bath be drawn. Shortly after, there was a soft knock on the door and one of the girls from the house led her into the large Jacuzzi. A bottle of champagne was brought by another girl, and as she relaxed in the water the two began to give her pointers on what she was about to do.

When the girls left, CeCe came out of the bath relaxed and confident that she would be able to pleasure her first lover. However, it would be her turn, and before he could protest she took his member in her hands. Carefully, she caressed it, looking closely at it with the curiosity of innocence. As it began to harden in her hands, she drew her tongue out and as if she were licking an ice cream cone, she dared to taste him. His response was encouraging, as she took longer and longer licks while moving her hands around the shaft. Her licks became soft kisses, as she looked up at him his head was tossed back, eyes closed. When she wrapped her lips around the head of his engorged tool, she took pleasure in seeing how quickly his head shot upwards and his eyes opened. She moved her mouth slowly, allowing her lips to drag when she moved upward on his member. Each time she tried to take more and more of him into her mouth, her hand never stopped it's strokes.

His hands moved to the back of her head, her mouth felt as the head of his tool expanded for a second before it erupted in her mouth. She swallowed every stream that shot out of him, each jet had its own unique flavor. It wasn't until she had nearly drained him with her mouth that he realized what he had done. He released her head as she continued moving her hands, his hardness softened a little. Before he could speak, she pushed him against the bed, and after throwing her leg over him she took hold of him once more. Gently and quietly, she lowered herself on him until the last boundary prevented her gentle penetration.

"You're gonna have to do the rest yourself," she shyly said, "I'm scared."

"Well," Angel said, "it's going to hurt at first, but then it will feel better. Well wait until you're comfortable with me being inside you." As he spoke, he had moved his hands to her hips and when she was distracted, he impaled her onto his tool. Before she could scream out, his lips were immediately on her, his hands wrapped around her naked form. She tried to cry, but found herself unable to in those circumstances. She tried to rise, but his hands again kept her in place.

After a few minutes of kissing, she felt his hands loosen on her hips, the pain was now gone, and instead was replaced by an overwhelming sensation of fullness.

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