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Mason was my husband's best friend! & then he became my lover.

I opened the bathroom door.

As I entered the studio, all eyes turned towards me. I could tell that they knew I had agreed to pose nude. Mom explained what the pose would be. Then she said simply, "Get into position, Kenny."

I untied the robe and slipped it off my body. Quickly, I stepped up on the platform and struck the pose. Mom moved a light so that it cast a shadow over part of me. I stared over the heads of the artists to a wall behind them. I was naked, motionless, the object of their attention. They could look at me, all of me, intently, critically, and then create their inspiration on paper. All I could do was stand there, naked, exposed. About twenty minutes into the pose, I heard some tittering and very quickly caught some smiles. Suddenly, Mom was at the side of the platform. "Kenny," she said, softly, "look down." I lowered my head and saw a long strand of pre-cum hanging from the tip of my cock. Instinctively, I moved my hand to scoop it up. It wasn't much but it left my hand sticky. "Don't break the pose," she said, quietly. "It's normal. It happens to a lot of models. Just go on as you were."

I was so embarrassed. I felt like a little boy. I almost decided to step off the platform but I noticed that the artists had gone back to their work as if nothing had happened. Mom had gone back to observing her students and I slowly regained my composure. Ten minutes later, she called for a break. I quickly put on my robe and headed towards the bathroom.

"Let's talk," Mom said, as she stepped inside the bathroom with me. "I know that was embarrassing for you, but you handled it well. To tell you the truth, my students always get a kick out of it when they see that."

"I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't even know it was happening."

"That's ok," she said. "Sometimes, guys even get a little hard. If that starts to happen, just try to think of something else and it will settle down, if you know what I mean." I couldn't believe it! My mother was telling me about how to control a hard-on in front of an art class!

"Don't worry," I said. "That's not going to happen."

"Well, if it does, just go with it. Don't break the pose. I assume that you want to do the second session, is that right?"

"Sure," I said. She told me again that I was doing a good job and that I should take ten more minutes. Then she left. I sat on the small chair in the bathroom, closed my eyes, and relaxed my muscles. Several moments later, there was a knock on the door. "Come in," I said. It was my Aunt Jill.

"I'm sorry, Kenny. I need to use the bathroom." I got up to leave. "You got turned on being the model, too, didn't you?" she said.

"I wasn't trying to," I said as I walked past her. She smiled and gently brushed her hand across my covered cock as she turned to close the door.

"Holy shit!" I thought. Aunt Jill wasn't helping me stay calm. I walked quickly back to the studio. A few minutes later, Mom asked her students to get ready to work again and told me to mount the platform. I dropped my robe and resumed my pose. But, just before doing so, I subconsciously grabbed my cock and balls and readjusted my "package." That didn't go unnoticed by the students or my mom. I recognized what I'd done as soon as I had done it but I acted like it hadn't happened and I again stared at the back wall.

"Ok, ladies. You have Kenny for one more half hour. Then that will be it for tonight," Mom said. The sound of pencils on paper began again as the students looked at my naked form. Within a few minutes, though, I started to have trouble. Images of male models with erections flashed in my mind. Those images turned into images of me and I could feel my cock thickening. I desperately tried to think of anything that would calm me-math problems, chemical elements, dead presidents. Nothing was working.

I shifted my eyes downward and saw my cock at half-mast and growing.

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