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"Ra... Sister, might I borrow one of your knives?"

Raven handed her a dagger without looking at her and said to Mindblind, "At least it looks like they're all fit to travel." She gestured to the wagon that she'd unlocked. "Half of that one was for storing their stuff. Plenty of food, but we won't be able to carry most of it. We can't risk taking the wagons."

"Yeah, we need to be able to scramble, if whoever's running this game finds us."

"Good thing about them being mostly Draxnians — they all had canteens. We'll be able to carry plenty of water, not that it's hard to find out here. There's a little coin, some rope, a few other basics. The tents are a complete loss."

"How far away is that town you talked about?"

"Figure we could get there a bit before dawn, if we left now — alone. Few hours after, with the crowd, and wringing out the ones we've got hogtied."

As soon as she finished speaking, Raven leaned a little to the side and stared curiously over Mindblind's shoulder. He turned, and let out a groan.

The handsome man stomped toward them, and stopped with his hands on his hips. "Do you have any idea who I am? I..."

Much to Mindblind's surprise, Kayleen suddenly stepped up next to the man, and jammed her finger directly into his chest. She'd found a shirt to wear, but her bare bottom still peeked out from below the cloth.

"I don't care who you are!" Kayleen chided, her eyes afire. "In case you hadn't noticed, we were all to be sold into slavery or killed. You're no different than any of us right now — whores or no — and you owe them your life. If you wish to keep it, then I suggest that you help them help you."

The other prostitutes clapped, whistled, and laughed — though the sound carried the nervous edge of desperately chasing away fear — as Kayleen spun away, and strutted haughtily away from the cowed man.

Raven snickered, and Mindblind chuckled approvingly as he watched Kayleen walk away. It was a big change from the timid, frightened woman he'd first met at the Cat — and he liked it. "Okay, Bub, what's your name then?"

Once again pale and obviously as surprised as anyone by the outburst, he replied, "I... I am Pompeil Harrold, of the Freeland Harrolds." He regained a little composure as he spoke his name, probably expecting it to carry great weight. "I am a trader of rare goods, as I'm sure that you're well aware."

"You'll have to pardon me if I call him hey you," Raven sneered, and then walked away toward the bound prisoners.

"Never heard of you, Pomp."

Mindblind ignored the correction from Pompeil that immediately — and inevitably — followed.

"Whoever sent the fuckers that killed the assholes that snatched you is gonna start wondering why they haven't come back before long. I'd rather not be here when they come to find out. Start grabbing canteens and filling them up from the barrel on that wagon over there."

Though he looked as though he was about to protest, a narrowing of Mindblind's eyes apparently made him think better of it. "Y-yes. Of course."

When he turned to follow Raven, he found himself almost face-to-face with Yani.

"I had to cut part of it off that was all bloody. What do you think?" She asked, and struck a provocative pose. The shirt she wore had a deep neckline, leaving the upper swell of her breasts exposed, and she'd cut it off just below those attributes, leaving her midriff bare.

"Yeah, that works," he said, more than a little uncomfortable around the strange woman, and wondering what it was with people getting in his way any time he tried to go somewhere the last couple of days. He stepped to the side around her. "I need to get over there and find out what those guys know."

"Of course. My sister can be such a slave driver. Nothing like me," she said as he continued toward Raven.

The unconscious murderer stirred and groaned as Mindblind approached.

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