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A cure for my boredom.

.. His hands slowly moved up and across my breasts. Teasing and pinching each one and then once aroused his hand move between my legs. I grab at the seat and try not to think and just to feel what my husband is doing. I take a few deep breaths and then settle myself, just feeling the sensation of his mouth teasing me. Kissing the inside of my thigh, he slowly moves back up. His wet tongue starts to trace up each side of my soft lips. Feeling his finger enter me as he sucked on my little nub, starts to drive my senses wild. Not wanting to cum yet, I pull away but feeling much better. My husband looks up to me concerned and I wave him up to sit next to me, careful to keep my eyes averted so not to get scared again.

As he moves to my side, I get up on my knees next to him. Moving to go back down on him, I hear someone clear their voice and look up to see one of the strangers I saw walk in a bit after we did. Curious now, I watch him lean in and he asks if he can help. Looking to my husband, we both see that we are okay with it, and wave him into the couple's area. I move my head back to my husbands' hardness and then to my surprise, the guy goes down on his knees before us and starts to spread my husband's legs. My head shoots up very quickly and I look to my husband's face to see his reaction. We both are very surprised and leaning in to make sure he is okay, or should I stop our visitor, he nods in consent and I watch our stranger go down on my husband. Never seeing this before with one I have been with, I pause to contemplate the situation.

Watching the man take my husband deep into his mouth, I wondered if I should be bothered, or if it would turn me off, but I wasn't and it didn't. Then I was concerned why I wasn't but then I decided in the end it was only sex, so why not enjoy it as long as all were comfortable. So brushing all my thoughts aside, I bent over to join our new guest. Our tongues touching, I watch him open his eyes and saw a hint of surprise. We both move to each side, licking at its hardness and taking turns of putting my husband's cock down each of our throats. After a while, we both raised our heads and our visitor asked if he could touch me. I nodded and then he moved to my left and took off his clothes.

Because I wanted room, I asked if we could move the bench out to the middle of the floor and looking over to see how it would fit. Again I saw all them that that was about us. Not one bare space around the whole area was vacant. Almost every man there had their cock out, and was stroking, pulling, playing with each of what they had. I quickly moved my head back and behind my husband's back, bashful as none other and almost again thought of running. My husband, pull me out from behind and wrapped his arms about me, soothing my fears and then pointed out that no one, were coming inside the area unless we asked them and that they were only wanting to watch. Reassured, I move towards the bench and stretched out across it, but once again with my eyes close so not to think about those that were so close. Knowing they were in hands reach of touching me....

I felt my husband move towards my head at the top of the bench, he leaned over me so I could take him deep in my mouth. He knew I needed something to distract me, while our stranger was getting ready to enter me.

Our new friend got back down between my legs. One of his hands was placed on my thigh and his other moved to the bench to steady it. He bent back down to lick at my lips... his tongue running from the outside of my lips, than deeper within me. I started to wiggle on the bench enjoying the sensation of what his tongue was doing to me and I couldn't help but make small moaning noises.

Feeling the stranger move his mouth away, his hands move to grabbed at my legs and pull me down.

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