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But wife didn't listen.

Kim bobs her head on my cock... sucking me totally clean... getting every last drop of jizz out of me. Kim swallows everything... licking around my cock, as she sucks it. She looks back at me, smiling around my massive cock in her mouth. I blow her a kiss. She smiles and tickles my balls... winking at me.

Kim moans and cums from Spence's ass licking work. I rub her pussy as she cums. Kim reaches up and rubs my chest... playing with my hard nipples. She pinches them and twists them... rubbing the tips. I look at her, with my cock in her mouth and brush her hair off of her face. She's the sexiest bitch on earth... and she's all mine.

I lick my fingers, that were rubbing her cumming pussy... tasting Kim's cream. I love it. It's fucking delicious... smooth and sweet. I squeeze Kim's ass and shake it hard. She smiles and sucks my cock. I nod at Spence...he holds Kim's head all the way down on my cock and I piss right down her throat. Kim loves drinking my piss...but I enjoy faking forcing her to drink it. She plays along beautifully, acting like she's gagging ... pretending to try and pull her head off of my cock.

Spence's cock is wobbling, as he moves on the bed... rock hard. He pulls Kim's head up off of my cock... she drools all over it... taking my piss all over her perfect face. Spence pushes it back, all the way down on my cock. Spence bounces Kim's head on my massive cock, as I keep pissing down her fast swallowing throat.

We have this routine down perfectly. Spence does the dirty work for me... he's my slave... as well as Kim's. He keeps pushing Jim's head all the way down on my pissing cock... then pulling it off... letting Kim breathe and spit up all over my 14 inch pissing machine. Kim smacks his wobbling cock hard... teasing him... "punishing" him for "making her" drink my piss. It's a fun fuck game we play. Kim keeps smacking Spence's wobbling, precum dripping cock. Every time Kim smacks it hard, it jumps and Spence groans in pain/pleasure.

I finish pissing down Kim's throat and she happily... with a big ass, beautiful smile... sucks me dry. Kim tickles my balls and sucks me bone dry... her full, glistening, wet lips wrap so tightly around my ridiculously thick cock. They glide up and down my twitching shaft. I lay my head on the bed and smile. I grab my pipe and freebase some more coke, as I watch Kim slap the fuck out of Spence's, ready to explode cock.

"Take that slave!! How dare you grab my head!! I'm the queen!! You're my bitch slave!!" Kim yells at Spence... winking at me, as I get high. She strokes my soft cock with her right hand and slaps Spence's pulsating cock, with her left hand.

"Don't you dare cum til I tell you to either!" Kim is a great dominatrix... so fucking hot. She grabs Spence's head and forces my soft cock into his mouth. "There bitch! Now it's your turn! Open up motherfucker!" Kim bounces Spence's head on my soft cock... forcing all 10 soft inches into his mouth.

Spence opens his throat and takes me in... he loves sucking my cock. The bitch can suck a mean cock too. He gladly sucks me, licking around my shaft... wrapping his lips tightly around my massive cock. Spence's mouth is stretched really wide. Kim bounces his head faster and harder on my now, half hard, meat missile.

Spence's cock sticks straight up and Kim slaps it hard, over and over and over. He groans loudly around my cock, as I smoke and ride out my high. I blow the smoke out towards Kim... she sucks it in and blows me a big kiss, as she squeezes Spence's cock, digging her long, glitter covered nails into it.

Spence loves sexual pain and pleasure.

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