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James meets with Juanita and her lawyer to talk.

Debbie grunted as she stared at him with closed mouth. After several swats with the paddle on her ass, he returned the vibrator to her pussy. Debbie wailed again with head falling back, unable to control her reaction. Jeremy continued spanking her ass as he pulled the vibrator in and out from between her legs. He continued to push her right to the edge of release, but never allowed her to cum.

Renee arrived at Jack's front door several minutes after Jack and Jeremy had their exchange of words. When she pulled up she noticed Jeremy's car and another vehicle she didn't recognize. Her pulse quickened at the thought of what lay ahead for her. As she walked up the front steps to the porch Jack opened the door. "Good morning! Come on in!" Jack wrapped his arms around her and kissed her with a hunger Renee hadn't felt since her husband, Jack's brother, had died. Jack stepped back and eyed her from head to toe. He hadn't given her any instructions on how to dress, so she had on a pair of gym shoes, jeans and an old t-shirt. "I didn't give you any instructions on how to dress. So that's my fault. But from now on if I don't give you instructions on what to wear, you are to ask! Understood?"

Renee nodded sheepishly. "Yes sir!"

"Good girl! Now strip! All of it!"

Renee's eyes widened. "What? Here? Now?"

"Yes!" Jack said firmly. "Now!"

Renee hesitated then started to slip off her shoes. "Is Jeremy here?" The thought of a repeat of what had been done to her just a few days before was more than she could handle.

"He's downstairs with my other slut. We'll be joining them shortly. I thought you might like watching your son in action. He's a real natural."

"Now why would you think I would enjoy watching my son taking another woman the way you take me?" Renee asked with a measure of defiance.

Jack smiled to himself. He knew Renee was a strong-willed bitch. He'd known that since the day his brother had met her and finally married her. He also knew that breaking her and molding her into the slut he wanted, and the slut he knew she was, would take time. She had layers to her stubbornness that had to be peeled away and striped off. But she was worth the time and effort. Plus he wanted both her and Debbie. He had no idea how this would play-out. But he had every intention of playing it out and seeing where it went. His philosophy, "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

"From my perspective the other day, you seemed to enjoy it when Jeremy was playing with you at my instruction."

Renee finished taking off her panties then reached behind her to unsnap her bra and release her huge jugs. Her tits flopped out to Jack's lustful gaze. "I didn't have much choice the other day when you brought Jeremy."

"Exactly. You're not going to have much choice in what happens today either." Jack led her into the living room where he had a leather collar awaiting her. Debbie's collar had the name Master's Slut studded into it. Renee's collar had Master's Whore studded into it. He then attached her leash as he smiled at her. "You're mine now slut! Unless you need to be broken again like I did the other day?"

Jack's voice and dominating personality washed over Renee. As she remembered what he had done to her the other day, her mind slipped into its submissive state. "Yes sir!" She whispered. "I'm your slut and whore! I don't need to be broken again."

"Good girl! Now let's go downstairs very quietly and watch that boy of yours at work. He's enjoying his graduation gift from me. Behave yourself or I may give you to him too." The two made their way down the steps quietly and slowly, not wanting to disturb the commotion they heard coming from the basement.

Jack and Renee stepped off to a corner of the basement, standing behind Jeremy, his body blocking their full view of Debbie, but also blocking her ability to see them.

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