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A three sided story in five acts.

He went around the car and got in the passenger's side.

He reached across me to grab my seat belt with one hand and put the keys in the ignition with the other. His hand brushed my left breast as he slid the seat belt over my body. My nipple instantly jumped to attention behind the thin material of my dress and Trent's eyes went to it.

Mine go to his right thigh where his cock is laying. I notice it jump under my gaze. I look back at his face and our eyes lock. My pussy aches against my panties and my clit begins to throb. I look away quickly.

"OK! Let's go!" Trent says eagerly.

I pull out of the lot and head for the freeway. I feel the power of the sports car engulf my body as I push on the gas. The engine purrs with every shift of the transmission. I take the next exit and find I am now in a rural area. I slow down and enjoy the feel of the quite ride.

"Pull over and we will put the top down." Trent motions to a side road.

I pull over and stop. "How does it come down?" I ask looking around.

Trent reaches over my head and pushes a button at the top of the windshield. I watch his thick long fingers as they go past my face and think how good they would feel inside of me. The top glides down and folds into the back seat.

"Wow that is easy!" I turn to watch the top disappear into the seat and as I turn I place my hand on his thigh. Seemingly innocently I slide my hand up his thigh wishing that it was the right thigh where his cock lays.

I look him in the eyes and smile. "It's a wonderful car. I just don't know if it's the car for me."

Trent gets a disappointed look on his face. "Well what is it you're not sure about?"

"I don't know. I just don't know if it fits me." I look at his crotch again.

"What will it take to get you to buy this car?" His eyes follow mine and his cock is definitely growing under my stare.

"Well, I guess you could start by showing me that massive dick." I moved my hand to his right thigh and my eyes to his.

His cock jumped under my touch and I could tell it was going to be a good 11 inches hard and was as thick as my wrist.

"I don't have a problem with that. Let's just drive on up this road a little farther, there's an old factory that is abandoned at the end."

I didn't have to be told again. I slammed the car into gear and flew to the end of the road. There was indeed an old factory and a large parking lot in front of it. Off to the one side there was even an old picnic table that must have been for the workers break time. I pulled to the side where the tables were up under a shade tree. I put the car in park, shut off the engine and turned in my seat toward Trent.

He slowly unfastened his pants and slid them down to his knees. He had on boxer briefs and they fit tightly over his bulging member. I traced the cock with my index finger as I licked my lips. It grew thicker and longer as I stroked it with one finger. My breathing was becoming labored and I squirmed in my seat.

"Take the boxers down." My voice sounded so demanding, which is unlike me.

He hooked his thumbs in his waistband and pulled them down exposing himself to me completely. I gasped at the beauty of it. It was pitch black and shiny as a new penny. The head was huge like a horses cock head. The shaft was covered in thick veins that bulged out at me. My mouth watered at the sight of it.

"That's quite a cock you have." He took it in his hand and stroked it softly for me. It looked so soft and yet rigidly hard!

I rubbed my hard nipples as I watched him stroke it up and down slowly. "Mmmmm" I moaned out loud.

Trent reached out and pinched one of my stiff nipples between his fingers. I arched my back and he twisted the nipple. My lips parted in pleasure.

I watched the cock in his hand as it just continued to grow and grow. I wanted nothing more than to taste that dark meat and feel it filling my throat.

He suddenly grasped the back of my head and guided my mouth toward his massive stick.

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