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You see, that my pants are down and I'm touching myself also. You find this a little disturbing, but it turns you on even more. You spread your legs further apart to expose your tasty and glistening pussy to me. And you start rubbing harder and faster. You roll you eyes back in ecstasy, but try and keep them open to glance at me and yourself in the mirror. You're about to cum but scream out "I know you're watching me. Come out from behind those drapes and let's cum and watch each other together."

I emerge from behind the drapes a little embarrassed but very hard. I continue stroking and we watch and listen to each other climax loudly.

But before we climax, you command me to strip naked in front of you. You sit there, cross-legged and continue touching yourself as I strip. You tell me to sit in front of you. I sit opposite you between your legs. You tell me to stop stroking. You just want to watch me sit there hard and frustrated while you pleasure yourself. As I sit there spread Eagle and at attention, you rub yourself rhythmically. My dick is bobbing and throbbing on its own enjoying your show.

You climax is so strong; it shakes the bed like an earthquake. You scream loudly and ferociously. Every curse word imaginable comes out of your mouth as you shiver and shake, yet you don't remember what you say.

I sit there in amazement over what I'm witnessing. A woman so sexually charged charging full speed ahead like a steam engine.

After your mind blowing orgasm, you wipe the burning sweat off your eyes and fan your satiated face with your hands. You look up and notice me sitting there ready as your boy toy.

Now, you have me in a compromising and vulnerable position. With a confused, awkward yet welcoming face, I nervously await your directive.

"How dare you sneak into my room and watch me in my most personal and private moments." You say angrily and adamantly. You are about to slap me across the face. I close my eyes, wince my face and turn my head anticipating the impact. Your hand stops in mid air and you quickly change direction and decide not to slap my face, but my hard cock instead. You start slapping it hard with both hands in different directions, left and right making it red and sore. In a strange way, we both find this most exciting. You continue doing this to me. In fact, you grab a silk scarf out of your closet and tie a knot tightly around the base of my erect penis, thus cutting off the blood circulation. You firmly grasp and hold my dick by mid-shaft with one hand and grab my swollen balls with the other and pull downward.

You look squarely at my face and say, "Had enough yet?"

"No", I say with un-satisfaction, "continue doing that. Pretend my body is your playground."

This further excites you and brings a new round of unexplored exploration to you.

You hold and squeeze my shaft just below its head harder and without mercy, making it swell. You're squeezing it so hard, it's oozing out its pre-cum. You squeeze a good healthy glob on your finger, put it on my tongue and make me taste it.

"Don't swallow", you tell me sternly. "I want to share it off your tongue."

After we share that you let go of my cock, grab my hand and put the top of it against your pussy lips to show me how fucking wet you still are. As I look there and become distracted you take your other hand and firmly grab my hair to pull my head down between your legs. My face is soaked from your sweet juices. You want me to devour you. I make my tongue rigid and extend it as far out as I could. As my tongue enters your wet hole, you feel an incredible inward rush toward your pussy. You push your body close to me face, practically suffocating me. I'm moving my firm tongue vigorously inside you, fucking you with it. As I tongue fuck you, I suck hard practically creating a vacuum inside you. You taste wonderful and you're still holding my head firmly between your legs.

Then you push my head away forcefully, which causes me to lie flat on my back.

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