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They enjoy the elevator.

I helped her remove her bra, and she pulled her panties down and tossed them aside. She got up on the table, on her back, with her feet up on the edge like she had postioned me.

I sat on the little roll-around stool she used, and rolled up next to her exposed and lovely pussy. She had neatly trimmed her pubic hair, and her vaginal lips were like pink flower petals. I dived in and ate her like a starving man.

She was fresh and clean, with just a little musky smell. I concentrated on her clit, and she started to respond. At first she just held still and was quiet, but now she began making the sounds of pleasure.

I pushed my finger into her vagina as I continued licking her clit, and I could sense that she was about to reach her orgasm. I pulled my finger out, wet with her lubrication, and gently pushed it up her asshole.

That put her over the top, and she exploded with a grunting, squealing orgasm. I held still, with my tongue on her clit and my middle finger up her ass. When her spasms subsided, I moved back and withdrew my finger.

She sat up slowly, and said, "My God, why did you put your finger up there?"

"Dear Doctor", I said, "That is what you do to me! It feels good, doesn't it?" She was red-faced, a little ashamed of her enthusiastic orgasm. I ignored her embarrassment, and said, "Now it's my turn."

She started to get up to trade places with me, thinking I wanted her to blow me. I said, "No, just stay on the table. Lay back, and enjoy."

She somewhat reluctantly did as I asked, and she put her legs up like before. I moved into position, and pushed my rock-hard cock into her very wet and delightful pussy. I fucked her affectionately for a while, but then she stopped me.

"What's wrong?", I asked. She said, "Please don't cum in me. Let me finish you another way." I knew she meant orally, but I said, "OK, but how about my way?" I moved my cock down and touched the head up against her asshole.

"Wait! No!", she practically shouted. "I can't do that unless I am clean first!" I was puzzled, but I understood what she meant when she got up and went to the cabinet by the wall. She took out an enema kit, and went to the sink to fill it.

There was a knock on the door from the receptionist, who asked, "Are you all right? Your next appointment is here!" Using her professional voice, the Doctor said, "Tell him we will have to re-schedule. I am doing a procedure that will take the rest of the afternoon."

I swear I heard a laugh from the other side of the door. The Doctor filled up the enema bag and walked back to the table. She hung the bag on the IV hook, and said, "Can you help me with this?"

This would be a new experience for me, but I said, "Sure." She got back into the same position, and looked at me like a little girl. "Please fill me up", she said meekly. It occured to me that she must have erotic feelings about enemas, and either she gave them to herself or had her receptionist do it. The receptionist seems to be aware of what goes on in the exam room.

I took the long, black tube and touched it to her asshole. She quivered with anticipation. It was not the small rectal tube, it was the larger, longer feminine hygiene tube. I gently eased it into her, and pushed it in almost all the way. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing hard.

I un-clamped the hose, and she reacted as the warm water flowed into her. The water filled and expanded her, and I pushed the tube the rest of the way in. Her stomach seemed to swell up as she took more and more of the water into her. I slid the tube in and out a little, in a fucking motion. I had never done anything like this before, but it was definitely turning me on.

She said, "I think that is enough." The bag was still about one-third full, so I playfully reached up and squeezed it. That forced the rest of the water into her, and she yelped as her stomach did visibly swell up.

She jumped up, pulling the tube out of her ass, and ran to the private bathroom adjoining the exam room.

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