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She did the same thing after she shed her bottom. After that, she seemed to keep the water stirred up enough that I couldn't get a good look at her naked body below the surface. I was aroused and started sporting wood as soon as her bikini top was off but I wasn't certain how far this was going to go, so I didn't draw attention to it.

"So, what now?" she asked, swimming in my direction. Just as we were getting close enough that the next step seemed pretty obvious, we were interrupted by a loud voice from a hotel staff member who had just entered the pool area.

"Pool's closing in 15 minutes, folks," he called, startling us and causing us to lurch toward our swimsuits lying on the side of the pool. I don't know if he realized that we were naked or not because he busied himself with picking up towels and moving lounge chairs while we quickly slipped our suits back on. Stephanie needed me to help her tie her bikini top and, had we still been alone, I probably would have fondled her tits first. Instead, I just tied a bow in the middle of her back and we started to exit the pool. While we were drying off, she suggested that we should probably shower off all of the chlorine and I agreed. We gathered up our things and headed for the elevator.

My erection had quickly subsided but, once the elevator doors closed and we started to make out, it revived just as quickly. We went to her room and, as she was unlocking the door, I was removing her towel and untying her bikini top again, since the hallway was empty. As soon as we were inside, my hands were under her top, feeling the smooth flesh of her tits and her hard nipples. I was standing behind her so I pressed my growing cock against her ass. She leaned her head back so that we could make out again but soon turned to face me and caressed my cock as I completely removed her top. I backed up slightly so I could get a look at her tits as I fondled them. They were probably slightly above average in size and looked even better uncovered; I couldn't resist leaning down to lick and suck her hard nipples.

She indulged me for a few minutes, moaning and running her fingers through my hair, but soon started to back up, pulling me along with her. At the end of the bed, she sat down and started working on the drawstring of my swimsuit. Once she had it untied, she slid my trunks down and my cock sprung out right in her face. As I stepped out of my swimsuit, she was stroking my cock in one hand and fondling my balls in the other before wrapping her lips around my shaft. I moaned and ran my fingers through her hair as her hot mouth slid down my shaft and back up again. Her mouth felt outstanding as it moved up and down my throbbing tool and I suspected that it wouldn't take much effort on her part before I was spewing down her throat. She was sort of bent forward to suck my cock and, after a few highly pleasurable minutes, she slipped my cock from her mouth and suggested that I sit on the end of the bed while she moved to kneel on the floor.

In this new position, I leaned back on my elbows and watched as she held the base of my cock and started sliding her mouth up and down the shaft again. She was a very enthusiastic cocksucker and seemed almost to be enjoying sucking my cock as much as I was enjoying having my cock sucked. I was completely rigid and could feel an orgasm beginning to build as she pumped the base of my cock and slid her mouth up and down. When she paused to spend a few minutes tonguing my balls, she still pumped her hand up and down the shaft, continuing to drive me along. I savored the pleasure that I was feeling as she went back to sucking my cock again, bobbing her head up and down while I watched attentively and muttered encouragements. My cock swelled more and more the closer I got to cumming and the longer she sucked it until the pleasure I was feeling reached an apex and I started spurting into her mouth.

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