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Lex learns that not all sisters are alike.

o I have much choice since you have hidden my dress?"

"Not really", said Joe.

Since Lisa had already been playing with herself it made it easy for her to use that excitement to remain naked so she agreed and they returned to work. Joe sat on a pile of boxes and logged the count as Lisa moved around to view the products and take the count. She had to bend at the waist to view this one product with her back to Joe. He saw how her tits dangled with those erect nipples. What really caught his attention was the view of her pussy when she bent over. He just couldn't resist as he reached over and inserted his fingers into her hole. Startled at first, Lisa made no attempt to remove Joe's fingers and try to stand up straight. Joe thought for a second wondering if her cock tunnel was wet because of the sweat or pussy juice. That thought flew out of his head as he moved his fingers in an out and he could see the juice flowing from her vagina. He removed his fingers, held them to his nose and took a deep breath. He could feel the bulge in his pants start to grow and announced to Lisa he was going to remove his shorts. Lisa turned just in time to see his cock spring from his pants.

His penis was average length but thick. The sight of his cock made her pussy flow with more juice. They went back to work and finished the count. They also verified Joe's recount and with nothing left to do they knew if they did not get back to the office soon someone would come out to check on them.

Lisa again asked Joe to return her dress. Joe said, "Before I give you your dress back I want to slide my cock into your pussy."

Lisa said, "No way!!"

Joe said, "Well if that is the case then I am going back to the office and you can stay here naked and I will send one of the bosses out to find you."

Feeling trapped Lisa said, "I guess I don't have much of a choice then. But I have one condition. You can't cum in my pussy."

"Why not?" asked Joe.

"Did you see any underwear with my dress? No, because I did not wear any today and I'll be damned if I am walking around the office the rest of the day with your sperm running down my legs", she replied.

Joe agreed and they looked for a spot so Lisa could lie down to receive his cock. A large cardboard box worked very well as Lisa started to recline. Joe positioned his face between her legs, inhaled her fragrance and licked her pussy only to find she did not need any additional lubrication. He placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. It did not take much of a push to get the head of his cock into her. Quickly he found himself deep inside of her. As he moved in and out the pair of them began to moan. His stroke began to quicken and she reminded him that he could not cum in her. In a few more minutes Lisa began to release a massive orgasm. Joe decided it was time to pull out as he was close to cumming too. As he pulled out Lisa began to release a one continuous squirt of pussy juice. As her stream was ending Joe reinserted his cock into her pussy. A few more strokes and he withdrew again, releasing his sperm on her pussy at first and then just dripping on the ground until he was finished.

They both dressed and Lisa went to her car for a spare bottle of perfume before she returned to the office. Something had to be done to mask the odor of sex...

That night Lisa came home and told me the whole story and every detail. Recapping the events of the day set my dick as hard as a rock. The fact that she let Joe fuck her without a condom almost sent me over the edge even though he didn't cum in her pussy. We fucked our brains out that night. The next morning Lisa told me that although she enjoyed what happened between her and Joe it would not be a repeat event. Merely because he caught her with no clothes on and she had been playing with her pussy was the reason she let it go that far.

A few months later, while I was working in a retail store, management had promoted all of my employees.

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