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At a strip club, Elsie wins more than she bargained for.


Again, I readily complied.

"Would you do the honors, Veronica?" Rachel said, handing her the scarf.


Effortlessly, Veronica wrapped the scarf around my wrists, snugged it and knotted it.

"Spread your legs, Chris." Rachel said; make that commanded.

Slowly, I worked my feet apart. Rachel plugged in the vibrator and switched it on high.

"Start with her breasts." Veronica said.

Rachel touched the bulbous head to the side of my right breast and guided it up and over. The sensation was erotic. I closed my eyes and enjoyed.

"Slut!" Rachel laughed.

The descriptive stung. I opened my eyes and tried to appear indifferent as she moved it down my cleavage; over to my left; up; over and down.

"Now her nipples. Let it linger." Veronica instructed.

Rachel looked at Veronica and frowned.

"Sorry. Your show." Veronica said.

Rachel shot me another of her wry smiles, then began circling my aching right. "You like that; don't you?"

Saliva found its way around the gag and began to trickle down my chin. Shamefully, I nodded yes.

"Perhaps a little more pressure?"

I whimpered as she pushed the quaking bulb hard into my nipple.

"Too much?" she taunted, before switching to my left; pushing in equally hard.

Another whimper found its way around the gag.

"Move it between her legs." Becky said.

Rachel looked at Becky and shot her an irritated glare, but did as suggested.

"Remember." Veronica said, with a laugh, "That butt plug she's wearing is a geisha."

"I know." Rachel said with a smile, "Double her pleasure. Double my fun."

The quaking head moved over my mound and down to my moist labia. As it did, the butt plug began its tormenting.

"Oh god!" I cried into the ball gag.

"Say something?" Rachel asked, moving the vibrator back up, twisting it hard against my mound.

I lied, and shook my head no.

Rachel laughed. "Right."

Once more, she moved the vibrator along my now sopping labia.

Another moan.

Again, she pressed it hard into my mound. Involuntarily, I moved my hips away. To no avail.

Another moan.

Back to my labia.

Suddenly, wave after tiny wave of pleasure began rolling through me; bringing me nearer to orgasm.

"I bet you'd like to have this inside you." Rachel taunted.

Violently, I shook my head no, fearing the pain of such an intrusion.

Rachel laughed, then squatted in front of me maintaining light pressure on my mound, "You do have a pretty pussy." she said, "No wonder Aaron likes to go down on you."

My heart was pounding. Like a bitch in heat, my need to cum was overpowering.

Rachel removed the vibrator and lightly stroked my pubes. Switched it on high and pressed it hard into my mound.

Again, I pulled my hips away. This time, a stinging blow (from the riding crop) bit into that spot at the base of my butt cheeks. Reflexively, I reversed course.

Another stinging blow. Another. Another and another.

"Christina?" Veronica said, her tone firm, "Now that I have your attention, unless you want more of this, don't try anything like that again! Understood?"

"Yes Mistress." I said, my words still rendered unintelligible by the ball gag.

Rachel pressed the vibrator hard into my mound. As instructed, I did not pull away.

"Fast learner." Rachel laughed.

I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy. Shot them open as the vibrator kissed my pussy lips and began to gain entry.

"No. No! Oh god no!" I cried unintelligibly.

Rachel switched off the vibrator, and persisted. I wanted to pull away, but knew better.

"Go slowly." Veronica instructed, "Don't want to hurt her, just stretch her a whole lot."

"NO!" I groaned.

"Sounds like she's begging for more!" Lisa laughed.

Rachel ignored, and continued to push until the entire (four inch diameter) head was inside me.

"Please! No!" I cried into the gag.

A single click turned the vibrator back on. Another click and another brought the speed to a near intolerable level.

"Better?" Rachel asked with a laugh.

I tried to speak. Couldn't. Drool flowed around the gag. The feelings within grew more and more intense. I was near the edge. Close. So close.


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