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Staff plans an orgy at the Christmas Party.

“May I turn around now, Master Matt? Thank you Sir, the driveway is so big and enticing.”

He caught her eye in the mirror and smiled warmly, his eyes dancing with teasing delight.

With all other vibrations suddenly gone, Sarah became aware of the gentle pulsing between her breasts and dug the phone out of its warm resting place. There was a new message sent from Matt a few minutes beforehand.

'I will meet you in the Brahms & Liszt. Taxi paid for but no tip for Ananda. Be a good Pet give him something he'll appreciate. M.'

Sarah shuddered with embarrassment and re-read the message, hoping she'd read it wrong. Then she read it a third time, hoping there was some way to deliberately misunderstand what Matt had meant.

Ananda squeezed the taxi through the narrow roads that approached the town centre, still smiling to himself at his silly joke and his good fortune with the Policewoman. As they entered the market place, Sarah directed him to pull over in the quietest part of the square. Ananda turned to her, an apologetic look on his face.

“We are here Miss Sarah. I'm so sorry about the thing with the Police. It was stupid and unprofessional. And I am sorry for my jokes about 'Master Matt'. I have seen many stranger things in my cab. Your private life is nothing to do with me, and you have my word I will never mention it again.” He reached into the unused ashtray and handed Sarah a business card. “Whenever you need a lift, please just ring. That is my private number, not the office. I will do my best to come get you.”

Sarah took the card but avoided meeting Ananda's gaze, glancing nervously through the tinted side windows.

“Matt says that he's paid the office but that he didn't give you a tip...”

“Do not worry about it. You and Mister Matt tip more than generously. It is not needed every time.”

“Matt said...” Sarah swallowed and took a deep breath, “My Master said that as a grateful Pet I should tip you. But he commanded me to come out without any money. He said to give you something you would appreciate...”

Ananda was about to argue when Sarah reached behind her and nervously lowered the zip that ran down the back of her dress. As her hand reached her lower back she shrugged the dress forward, leaving her effectively topless.

“I... I thought that you might appreciate this. Matt says that you like looking at my tits.”

Sarah shivered, embarrassed and scared as to how Ananda would react. She realised that her gaze was now locked firmly on Ananda, a part of her hoping that if she didn't look out of the car, no one outside could she her. Drawing short breaths she waited, desperately wanting Ananda's response to be a positive one to counteract the voice of her insecurities screaming in her head that he thought she was ugly or fat, or that she was a nothing but a cheap slut.

Ananda reached out and laid the back of his hand against her cheek, and gently caressed her, his rough fingers following her jaw line until he reached her chin. She closed her eyes as he traced under her chin and down her throat, making her swallow nervously as his fingertips dipped briefly into the indentation between her collarbones. His fingers ran down her sternum, down through the valley between her breasts, and traced his finger gently round her belly button.

He paused for a few seconds, taking in every inch of visible flesh before him. Many times he'd enjoyed glances of Sarah's body, piecing them together in his mind as he saw them but he thought the whole was significantly more impressive than the parts had been.

Slowly, cautiously, he brought his hand up along Sarah's right hand side, barely brushing her breast with the back of his hand, before tracing his fingers back across the underside of her soft yet firm flesh.

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