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Imagination can help the lonely of heart... sometimes.

Well okay then. I replied to him with some pictures, he was interested in me, and we arranged to meet at noon in a couple of days time at his hotel which as it turned out was both one of the better ones in town and quite close to my office.

He asked if it would okay if other men join us and I said definitely!

Tuesday rolls around and I get to the hotel room on time. "Kyle" opens the door. He's tall, maybe 6' 4", looks the age he is supposed to be, close-cropped salt and pepper hair and a stubbly moustache, wearing pants and a t-shirt. I come in and start undressing and he starts some black man-on-man porn on his laptop.

I strip to my thong and he's down to his underwear too, cock prodding out the front and I give it a feel. I get his boxers off and his cock is what I would call normal size, a nice straight milk chocolate cock with a studded leather strap round the base.

We get on the bed and I start sucking his cock. We get into a 69 lying on our sides, his balls are shaved but spiky with stubble as I lick and suck them. Then he lies on top of me missionary style as we kiss and grind against each other. It feels great.

There's a knock on the door. Kyle he gets up to answer it while I wait on the bed. He lets in another black guy, "Justin." He's younger, in his thirties maybe, also quite tall but more stocky and muscular. He has short hair cut in a flat top and some tattoos on his burly arms and shoulders. We watch from the bed as he strips off then joins us on the bed. His cock is bigger, curved upwards, dark almost blue-black, with short black curly hair on his balls.

I'm lying in between them and I say, we're an oreo...haha

We start touching and kissing each other. It's a hot mess of cocks mouths and bodies. We get into a circular position where I'm lying on my side sucking Justin's cock, Kyle has my cock in his mouth and I just assume Justin is sucking Kyle. To switch things up a bit I lick his balls and rim his ass, which is a perfect chocolate starfish, too. It's fun but the position is a little awkward: I'm twisting my hips to the left so Kyle can suck my but my upper body the other way to get at Justin's cock.

I ask them if they want to fuck me and they are into it. I get up to get my condoms and lube. Both of them are sitting on the bed and I put condoms on them and some Astroglide on the condoms and on my asshole. Kyle stands behind me and Justin stands in front of me, we're a glorious sandwich I can see in the mirror as I grind against them. Kyle asks what position I want and I say I'll bend over the bed...I take position with my feet on the floor, elbows on the bed.

Kyle gets behind me and I can feel his head against my anus and he pushes and there's a bit of resistance then Omigod I open up and he's thrusting inside me. Justin is kneeling on the bed in front of me and I lick his cock but it's distracting when you're being pounded from behind.

Oh god it feels so good...playing with Justin's cock as Kyle is slapping against me...he gives my ass a spank...oh yes it's good. I can just about see myself in the mirror on the wall, at least Kyle thrusting into my ass.

Kyle pulls out and changes places with Justin. I'm a little anxious because J's cock is so much bigger but it slides into me easily now Kyle has plowed the road!

Justin starts to pound me, getting harder and faster. I'm moaning and gasping and he's grunting and his thighs are slapping against my ass, slapslapslap. I try to rear up a bit but it's better if I have my head down...I can look down and see my own cock twitching with every thrust and precum dripping out.

Kyle is now kneeling in front of me and has taken his condom off so I suck him.

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