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Wife takes grisly revenge on cheating husband.

My thumb continued its gentle rub along my clit, flicking me into delirious harmony with the lust and desire I saw now in Marilyn's face. Slowly, I opened my knees a little more to make room for my other hand. It was hot. With the shutters closed, me under the covers and masturbation for entertainment, I was starting to sweat.

Marilyn moved the vibrator down her body, then spread her legs. She held herself wide open as she teased the rounded point slowly against her clit at first, then down her lips to her vagina, and back again in a slow hypnotic fashion. Her hips rocked forward trying to take more of it as she descended to her hole again. I turned my eyes to the twin points of her breasts. They were hard, pointed at the ceiling. Her areole were swollen and puffy, mimicking the nipples. A tiny sheen of sweat glistened in the valley of her breasts. I looked at her face - her mouth open, breathing heavily, softly in and out. Then she smiled. Her eyes were riveted on my own, looking right through me.

"How do I look, Stace?"

I was caught. I opened my eyes, looking at her.

"Can you smell me?" Her breathy voice quietly tickled my ears.

I was aware of her musky smell in the air. I could smell Marilyn's pussy. "Yes, I can, but how did you know that I was..."

"Watching me masturbate?" There was that cat-and-canary smile again. "You're sweating, honey. Get out from under all those blankets."

What the hell, I pushed off the blankets. Sweat was pouring off my forehead, matting my hair. My tshirt was damp. I sat up cross-legged, watching.

"Mmm...your nipples are hard. Do you like watching me?" The vibrator continued it's gentle stroke up and down her pussy. I looked down. My twin points betrayed my feelings.

I squirmed. My pussy begged to be touched. I really wasn't sure how to answer. "Yeah, I guess...I really don't..."

"Look how wet your panties are. I'll bet that isn't just sweat, now, is it?"

My eyes dropped to my panties. I could see right through them. I could see my pink labia spread out across the crotch. I blushed bright crimson and slowly looked up at her.

"I can smell you, Stace. You smell deliciously sexy." Marilyn brought the vibe back up to her mouth and got it wet again. As she did, she made little circles with her left hand on her clit.

I realized I was staring at her pussy and jerked my eyes back to her face.

"It's okay, Stace. I want you to watch me." She held up the vibrator.

"Have you ever used one of these?"

I shook my head "no."

"Too bad, they are incredible little toys. I have several at home, but this is my favorite." She put the vibe in both her hands and twisted it, a low, quiet buzzing filled the air. "Now, it's in nasty mode. Wherever it touches, it feels so nasty ." She moved the vibe to her tummy, then slowly up to her breasts. She cupped one breast and rubbed the vibe along her nipple. "Oh yeah," she breathed.

I was still sweating. The cabin was too hot with the shutters closed, but I didn't dare open one. I wiped my brow with my hand.

Marilyn teased her other breast, sliding the cylinder along it. Her hips rose and fell slowly as she did, like she was trying to catch something with them.

My panties were soaked. My clit was stiff and throbbing. Marilyn was totally absorbed in what she was doing. Slowly I inched my hand along my thigh to my crotch. I placed my hand against my mons and pushed down. Breath suddenly rushed out of my mouth and I tensed forward. My nipples drew two tingles of delight along the wet cotton of my tshirt.

"That looked cool, Stace. I like to see you get excited." She scooted down in the bed and opened her legs more, then she moved the vibrator back down to her pussy. She looked at me. "Watch me, Stace, maybe this will get you going."
Raising her hips, she positioned the tip at her vagina, then she slowly pushed the shiny plastic cylinder inside.

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