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It was such a nice day for a picnic.

Blood red lips moving up and down my cock slowly, gagging as she first tries to pass the fourth inch, then a smirk as she swallows me whole. Those forest green eyes looking up at me as she dutifully swallows each spurt of cum.

Though, she sent, you aren't using me to full effect. The word 'me' thrummed in my, displacing the image of Eris under the table with a flash of new images. Eris on her knees before me, her lips a hairs breadth from a swollen cock that was too long to be mine. Eris squatted on top of me, riding me slowly, luxuriously grinding her hips back and forth. Eris sliding her long tongue into my ear as she slowly stroked me off. Then the images began to change, Eris morphed into Amy. Now it was Amy begging me to fuck her up the ass. Amy begging me to slap her, to pinch her, to bite her. Amy demanding that I cover her in cum. Amy between my knees her enlarged breasts wrapped around my too long cock. I put my hand to my head feeling dizzy and overwhelmed.

Eris lazily rose from her pedestal. As she did she languidly rolled her head, sending a cascade of red hair spilling over her neck and back, revealing large, rosy pink nipples that were still soft. She descended the stairs deliberately, steams of arousal and lust spreading from her like waves off of a barge. I was suddenly aware that I was naked and that my cock was painfully hard, the head a shade of dark purple that I had yet to experience. Eris continued to walk towards, her green eyes fixed on mine. She short of touching me, but close enough that my cock could feel the heat from her skin. She must have been at least six feet tall, almost as tall as I was. Eris inhaled deeply, as though smelling something and her nipples hardened-a puckering of rosy pink flesh to a jealous maroon. She casually reached her left hand around my cock and started stroking. Her grip was loose and the stroking was little more than the feeling of her skin lightly brushing up the burning length of my erection. She twirled her fingers at the head and chuckled as I inhaled sharply.

She moved her mouth to my ear and whispered, "Watch." Her voice brokered no arguments-it was terrible, beautiful, musical, quiet, and booming all at the same time. As my eyes slid down to watch her gliding hand her tongue dragged around the side of my ear. Her lips closed around my ear lobe, sucking gently. Her ministrations grew firmer and transformed into a sort of pulling and, as I watched, my cock started to elongate. It swelled to eight inches, then eight and a half, finally reaching nine. Eris's touch also seemed to have increased the width of my cock considerably. As she inspected her work she noticed a drop precum that had oozed out of the tip of my cock, she scooped it up with her index finger and brought it to her mouth, savoring the taste.

She sighed contentedly. "Now you have a cock fit for a goddess." Languidly she sunk to her knees, her fingernails leaving grooves in my skin as the trailed down my chest, to my stomach, and finally to my groin. Her mouth was centimeters from the swollen head of my cock, her warm breath sending electric shocks throughout my body. Eris opened her mouth and flicked her long pink tongue up the bulbous head, lapping up the precum that had started to pool there. Her tongue slid down the underside of my newly elongated shaft to the base. Her soft, warm tongue twisted and writhed as it went down. And her green eyes never broke contact with mine. After a few moments of gentle sucking, soft flicking, and gentle biting she moved to my balls, taking each in her mouth and lapping it with that exquisite and dexterous tongue. As she did her hand resumed its slow, methodic stroke.

I can give you anything you want. All you have to do is use me. The words 'use me' came out as a breathy, strained whisper in my mind. She moved her mouth to my other ball. I looked down to see her lips pulling away, the loose skin sliding out of her mouth.

"Suck me." I managed to gasp in a chocked voice.


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