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Merrick becomes curious about humans' idea of merfolk.

Carmen and I walked with Kevin into the small lobby, followed by what I had taken to calling our entourage. Kevin was walking fine on his own, but his injured abdominal muscles still occasionally affected his balance. He held onto my arm as a safety measure. Still, I paid close attention to him. Carmen walked on his other side, no touching him, but ready to catch him if he tripped. Kayla was holding Kevin's free hand, chattering happily about how much we were going to like our room.

We made our way to the elevator, and Crystal hit the button for the fifth floor. That surprised me a little, because Crystal and Kayla lived in the penthouse, and Kayla had talked about us staying with them. When we got off the elevator (with our protective officers in the lead, of course), Crystal led us to a door with the number 502 emblazoned upon it.

"This condo has been vacant since we built the place," Crystal said. "I'm not really sure why that is. It's got the same amenities as any other condo in the building. The asking price is the same. The view is nearly the same. But at any rate, it's yours until such time as you're ready to leave. Or for that matter, you two can buy it if you like!"

"Oh, wow, Crystal," Kevin said, looking around the beautiful space with wide eyes. "I can't thank you enough-"

"No need for all that, silly!" Crystal said, smacking his ass lightly. "You and Gracie are my family, and we have to take care of each other!"

She gestured around the condo.

"I had a little furniture in storage. We usually use it to set up condos for showing to potential buyers. I'm afraid none of it is top-of-the-line stuff, but it will get you by. I managed to find a decent bed, sofa, recliner, and dresser set for you, at least."

Crystal handed me two magnetic key cards that were almost exactly like what you'd get at a hotel.

"These will open the outer security door, the gate to the underground parking garage, and the door to your condo," she said. "No one other than the two of you and your protective officers has access to your condo. I have a master key in the safe in my penthouse, but that's it. I won't enter without your permission."

Crystal showed us around the place with obvious pride. I was very impressed! It was by far the nicest place I'd ever been in, aside from my parents' home. It had all the basics and some extremely nice extras! I noted with special eagerness, the size of the tub in the bathroom! There was much potential for fun to be had there, I thought silently to myself.

Next, Carmen and Mr. Bradshaw (who finally told us to call him Keith) showed us how to use the security panel to buzz guests into the downstairs lobby. There were other features to be covered as well, but it only took him a few minutes to cover them. When he finished, he handed me my car keys and told me the number of the parking spot where he'd put my Jeep. Then he handed Kevin a small cardboard box.

"What's this, Keith?" Kevin asked, taking it.

"That's your best friend," the protective officer replied, grinning wryly at him.

Kevin opened it, and saw his pistol, along with his spare magazines, and his holster.

"Thank you," he said, quietly.

"You're very welcome," Keith replied. "Chris West gave it to me at the hospital. He cleaned and oiled it for you. He also replaced the rounds you used up. He figured you might not have time to go buy more for a little while."

"Oh, speaking of guns," Crystal said, "I did install a gun safe in the den, but none of your guns survived the fire." I had my people salvage your safe from the house, but when they finally cut it open, they found that your guns were slag. I'm sorry."

Kevin shrugged. "That's alright. They're just things, and things can be replaced, in time," he said. "But if that's the case, then what was the safe that Special Agent Paulson was talking about, the day I woke up?"

"Oh, that was the safe in Trent's office," Crystal replied. "Your cousin Elizabeth is holding onto it for now. I can have some people crack it open if you like."


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