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Orgasmia revealed.

The door swung open, and two or three more guys walked in. I panicked hard, my heart was racing, and my eyes flew open, my hands grabbed for my towel. I leaned forward on the bench to hide my erection, and jumped into the middle of a sentence to make it seem like we'd been talking or something. I wasn't really sure; I just knew I wanted to get the hell out of there. Fortunately Jeff played along, and kind responded to what I was saying. The guys who were coming in had also been talking, and with rush of steam that hit them, I'm pretty sure they didn't notice anything. After a few minutes I stumbled up to my feet, announcing my departure, and clumsily wrapped my towel around my waist trying to hide my still swollen dick as I walked out. I kept my head down and headed straight for the showers.

As with all gyms, lockers, or any space with multiple showers, the water pressure varies from stall to stall, and I had my favourite at the back right hand corner. The doors were curtains, and the walls separating the stalls were smoked glass. The moment I was inside, and the water was running, I grabbed a hand full of lotion and gave my dick a good pull and massage as the water poured over my head.

I'd say I'm about average in that department. Never had any complaints, or anyone finding it too big. I'd say I'm about 6" hard, and a good size around.

Just then the shower next to mine started up, and based on the silhouette I could see through the wall, it was Jeff. He also seemed to be giving himself a good soaping down below, and man was he hung. I couldn't see any detail, but I also couldn't stop looking. Thick, and long, his cock was mesmerizing. I couldn't take my eyes off it as my own stroking picked up in intensity. Just then, some water hit the glass wall and broke me out of my daydream. And then again. It was him. He saw me looking, and was looking right back at me. I wanted to stop and leave, but something held me there. I felt transfixed on him as my dick got bigger and harder than it had been in a long time, and my balls were aching for release! He turned towards me, and pressed the head of his cock up against the window and kept stroking. Almost as if commanded, I did the same. He even leaned forward at one point and put his mouth on the other side of where my dick was touching, and it sent shivers down my spine. My head went back, and my eyes shut hard.

As my mind wandered to magical places, and the pleasure rushed through my body, I was once again brought back to earth as I heard his curtain slide open. I felt abandoned, and hurt. Like maybe I did something wrong so he left me there, dick in hand... literally. As I collected my thoughts, his hand suddenly came through the curtain, and grabbed my dick. He stood just outside my stall, occasionally glancing towards the door, with one hand rubbing my cock, and the other on his own. It felt so amazing and so uncomfortable all at the same time. His soapy hand worked me hard and fast as he built his own steam. It was sending electricity through me! I felt like a plaything, a sexual toy, and pile of nerve ends, I was on cloud nine! I think he could tell too. My breathing was picking up, and I was getting close. In that moment when we lose the ability to control anything except our want to explode, he stepped through the curtain, and used the hand he had been stroking himself with to grab my face. Well, he slid his thumb into my mouth, and gently closed the rest of his fingers on my face. He gently guided me down to my knees as he continued to stroke me. I was in a daze, with my dick throbbing, the heat from the shower, I didn't really know what was happening. The water rinsed the soap from his monstrous cock as he stood and released my own. I was now face to face with his cock, which had to be at least eight or nine inches long, and thick as my wrist.

As the suds washed off, he pushed it forward and into my wanting mouth.

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