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A young man is punished by a Trooper.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her in tight to claim her mouth with a fiery kiss. Their tongues danced and she groaned into his mouth. She melted into him, his hand holding the back of her head and her hair entwined in his fingers. He felt her pert nipples press into his strong chest and he could strongly smell her desire. Laura broke off the kiss and slurred, "Bathroom!" Sam just laughed.

"Meet me at the bar when you're done, I'll order us another round." Sam winked. He watched her slice through the crowd, her body flush with a sheen of sweat and her ass begging to be squeezed. He smiled to himself and headed towards the bar. Little did the pair know they were being watched. Joe downed his whiskey and made his way to the bathroom. His opportunity was here. He was fuming at the sight of Laura dry humping the shit out of that bastard.

Laura splashed some cool water on her chest and on the back of her neck. She was flush and hot and needed water desperately. She looked in the mirror and smiled. Her messy bun looked even messier, she was glistening with sweat but she still looked good. She admired her tight form and her nice display of cleavage. She touched up her make up before heading back out to find Sam. She was humming to herself when she bumped into a large figure.

"Oof!" Before Laura could even apologize she saw Joe and her heart skipped a beat.

"Hey sweetie. Fancy meeting you here." Joe said darkly and surprisingly calm.

"Oh. Hey Joe. Uhh. What's up." Laura asked nervously. She tried circling around him so she could back up into the crowd and lose him if need be. She knew how he was.

"Oh, you know. Just watching my girl dry hump the shit out of some son of a bitch." Joe said all too evenly. Laura's stomach flipped. He looked absolutely predatory and dangerous. His calm demeanor was frightening because she knew he was anything but.

"I-I'm not your girl Joe! How they hell did you find me?!" Laura said defiantly.

"The hell you are!" Joe barked causing Laura to cower slightly. "Funny thing about smart phones sweetie is that they are only as smart as its owner." He showed her the picture Mary uploaded on her page, her and Sam in a tight embrace battling with their tongues. Laura felt her jaw practically hit the floor. She shook her head no.

"Funny, I change my status to in a relationship for you and here you go and do this." Joe said tsking with disappointment.

"What?!" Laura said completely surprised.

"You're mine, Laura." Joe said menacingly. With that he grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the emergency exit by the bathrooms. They flew out the door as cool air hit their warm bodies. Joe pressed Laura up against the alley wall, the sound of the muffled music still present.

"What the hell do you-" Laura was cut off. Joe brought his lips crashing down onto her soft pouty ones. She groaned in denial and tried to escape it but his firm grasp on the back of her neck held her still.

"You're mine Laura. No one else can have you." Joe whispered harshly in her ear. The words made Laura tingle and she felt her stomach clench. His hard stare into her wide eyes held her paralyzed. All she could do was nod ever so slightly. She knew in her heart his words rang true but her gut told her to run. Joe smiled, glad she accepted it and understood. He loosened his grip and Laura made her escape. She ran to the street and saw the nightclub's entrance in sight. She opened her mouth to scream but a strong hand cut off her voice and covered her mouth. Mere muffles sounded which the loud music, that seeped through the walls, covered.

"Bad mistake sweetie." Joe growled in her ear. Laura felt a stray tear run from her cheek. He grabbed her hip hard and yanked her back to feel his raging dick pulse in his pants. Laura's heart dropped once she realized his intentions. Her struggles intensified when she spotted Sam emerge from the club looking confused. He saw Laura struggling with a man in the shadows and ran towards her.
"Hey! Get the hell off her!" Sam yelled, causing people in line to look

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