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Alcohol-fueled redemption at a party.

These only intensified as Andy moved own her body, his stubble scratching her skin as he approached her pubic hair.

This was thick and black, Andy buried his mouth into it and then found her wetness with his tongue, lapping at her full lips Andy was in a place he had not been for an age, feeling the silky smooth skin of Hollies vagina against his tongue, the musky odour of her secretions filling his nostrils, he was going to make the most of this opportunity.

Hollie was also, in a place she had forgotten existed, Andy was very good, touching places she had only known with her own fingers, as a feeling she had not known for ages began to boil up within her as her first orgasm ripped through her body.

She screamed so loudly, Andy was glad they were so deep in the barn.

Andy stopped licking her pussy and rolled onto his back, his cock stood up, hard and long from his body as Hollie moved down and took him in her mouth. Licking from his tight balls up the entire length, before rolling her tongue around the head, poking her tongue into the small opening at the top.

She then started to perform the best blow job he had ever had.

As previous ones included Katie, Jo and Masie Wylde this was saying something.

Hollie was savouring having a hard cock half way down her throat, as she covered every square inch of Andy's with kisses, nips and above all, deep sucking movements. All of these contributed to Andy building up to erupt very soon.

He withdrew his cock from her mouth and eased Hollie onto her back in the straw. She reached up, grabbed his cock and began to rub vigorously until the white sticky fluid shot from the end, covering her eyes, nose and hair with semen.

They kissed, his face smeared with his own cum as Hollies lips covered his face, they settled back in the straw engrossed in each other, both completely satisfied, promising to do it all again, and quickly.

Meanwhile over at Home Farm, Declan Macey was having his cock sucked by Alicia Gallagher.

Alicia really looked forward to her weekly sex session with Declan. Not only was he in a class of his own at cunnilingus, bringing her to orgasm time after time, but he respected her, thought about her and she had begun to think, care about her.

Declan was laid back into what seemed a barrage of pillows, Alicia was naked, knelt between his legs, mouth working hungrily on his cock, cute backside stuck up in the air. They were both in a little world of their own.

Alicia sensed someone behind her moments before a hand started to caress the cheeks of her ass. Then a finger was inserted into the wetness of her pussy.

Pulling her mouth away from him Alicia exclaimed "What the hell," leaving Declan to stare in amazement.

Alicia spun around to see Declan's ex wife Ella standing at the foot of the bed, she was naked.

"Hello darling," said Ella coolly. "Fancy a threesome? its been a long time. When was it? Oh yes that Chinese girl in Singapore, she was amazing, wasn't she?"

"No fucking chance, you bitch." spat Alicia, getting up from the bed and starting to gather her clothes.

Ella started to walk toward the younger woman, moving her closer to the bedroom wall.

"What, you have never tasted another woman, never licked a cock that was thrusting into another vagina inches away, God love, you have never lived." said Ella

"I'm not a lezzy, get it?" said Alicia getting angrier.

Ella replied "don't knock it, unless you've tried it sweetheart."

With a rapid movement Ella grabbed Alicia and pinning her against the wall, pressed her lips onto hers.

Alicia tried to break the grip, but the slim woman was very strong and easily held the struggling girl, while continuing to provoke a response.

The response came as they continued to wrestle and their nipples came into contact with each other.

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