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She has a crush on her handsome older neighbor.

He told me he owned my body and he told me he could do anything he wanted with it. He said he warned me I would be punished if I didn't do what he told me to do without hesitation. Then he told me I would spend the rest of the day completely naked and I will have to service him and anyone else he chose for me. He threatened that he was going to find someone to pay him for my virginity and when they were through with me, he was going to fuck me until I couldn't move."

Hanna continued saying, "I was standing in my bra and panties when Jeff came into the back room to ask Harold a question. Harold told Jeff I was his whore and I had disobeyed him by wearing clothes that he forbids me to wear. He made Jeff sit down so he could watch me strip off my bra and panties. I was crying because I didn't want to strip naked in front of Harold and especially my friend Jeff. Harold yelled at me when I didn't move fast enough and yanked on my bra until the hooks in the back popped open and he yanked my bra off me. Harold called me a whore again before he told me to get my panties off. When I didn't move fast enough he pulled his belt off and hit me twice with it. Jeff jumped up to stop Harold but Harold threatened to hurt Jeff's family if he interfered, so I didn't blame Jeff for sitting back down in the chair. When I took off my panties Harold grabbed them and ripped them and threw them in the garbage. I begged him to give me some clothes to put on but he refused then he pulled out his camera and made me do humiliating poses in front of Jeff. He made me bend over with my ass towards Jeff and spread myself open while he ordered Jeff to look at my spread open pussy and asshole. I begged him for something to wear but that only made Harold laugh harder at me."

"Harold made me bend over then he spanked my ass with his bare hand and it hurt like hell. Then he asked me if I was a virgin in front of Jeff even though he already knew I was a virgin. When I didn't confirm I was a virgin immediately Harold slapped my ass with his belt a few times then ordered me to get up on his desk and spread my legs wide. Harold pushed his finger into my pussy and then ordered Jeff to push his finger into my pussy and check to make sure I was a virgin. Jeff refused to do it so Harold again threatened to have some of his friends hurt Jeff and then go to his house and fuck his wife then beat her. Harold even threatened to take my naked body and sell it to one of the gangs in the city if I didn't do what he told me to do, without hesitating." Hanna continued with her recollection of the events.

"Finally Jeff was between my legs and Harold ordered him to finger my pussy and when Jeff hesitated Harold whipped my bare tits with his belt and I screamed.

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