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Sex in the backseat with a stranger.

After a minute or two, mom pushed my head back and put one foot on the kitchen counter, spreading herself wide open for me. We all knew there was one place left to clean...

I looked at Jason as I maneuvered my head into position. Gently, I stuck out my tongue and started licking mom's left ass cheek, then the right one. From the corner of my eye, I noticed him wanking like a mad man, gawking at us in utter disbelief. Half a minute later, when I used both hands to pull mom's ass cheeks open and stuck my tongue in between them, I really thought he was going to splatter his cum all over the glass. He was literally drooling, his tongue hanging lewdly out of his wide open mouth.

But he didn't cum. He held off, just like mom said he would.

"All clean," I said after giving her ass another thorough look, "So, what now?"

Mom didn't reply. Instead she just dreamily gazed at Jason. After a few seconds, she seemed to have made up her mind and walked over to the sliding doors, and unlocked them.

Confused, but very eager to get back in, Jason quickly opened the doors, slithered in and resumed stroking his cock.

"I should make a stand," mom said as she got down on her knees, facing me, her back towards Jason, "And punish him for disrespecting me..."

As she tilted her head back towards Jason, she continued, "... make sure he's learned his lesson before letting him have his way with me again."

Realizing mom was doing the exact opposite of what she was advocating, I slid my hand down between my legs, while Jason aimed his cock at the center of her face.

"Because if he hasn't, he'll continue to disrespect me at every turn..." mom whispered as she placed her hands on the floor behind her, arched her back and tilted her head even further back - making an even bigger target of her slut face.

"And he'll continue to regard me as a worthless cunt and a fucking whore," mom concluded, debasing herself as she simply stared - almost crossed-eye - up at Jason's fist pumping his massive dong.

Those words did it for Jason, who exploded at that very moment... every muscle in his body working together to expel the cum from his overheated balls and throbbing cock. It wasn't a giant load, but still enough to coat mom's entire, smiling face. Meanwhile, the fingers of my left hand were going berserk over my clit, while the fingers of my right hand were clawing at my insides.

After Jason had squeezed every drop out his throbbing, purple cock, he disrespectfully slapped it around on mom's face, as he looked at me, proudly showing off his dominance over her. After thirty seconds or so, he finally stopped slapping his dick in her face and squatted down next to her.

"Tell her!" Jason moaned in her ear, as he nudged her head back up, towards me. We both knew what he wanted her to say. It would be the ultimate self-humiliation, especially after she had made such a big deal out of Jason's disrespect - which paled in comparison to what she was doing to herself right now.

Mom glanced down at my hands - still deftly at work between my legs - and looked me in the eye as she waited for the perfect moment.

"I am a whore!" she suddenly screamed, instantly causing my cunt to contract around the fingers of my right hand, as I energetically kept flicking my pleasure button.
"A useless whore," mom exclaimed, realizing she was making me orgasm.

My body rocked and shook harder.

"I am a stupid cunt!" mom continued. Her foul self-humiliation only drove me deeper into orgasmic oblivion.

I didn't even notice Jason leaving. But when I looked up again about two minutes later, moaning and completely out of breath, it was just me and mom. She smiled at me, slightly embarrassed, but also pleased she'd been able to get me off.

"Do you think he learned his lesson?" I asked cynically, another minute or so later.

"God, I hope not," mom replied as we both chuckled. We got up and headed for the kitchen sink where we did our best to clean ourselves up, using hot water and a few kitchen towels.

When we sat back down at the breakfa

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