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Chapter 2: Silk's training & tortures continue.

As we danced he ground himself into me while the other girls hooted. Getting into the swing of it I ground back by grabbing his ass and pulling him into me.

We danced like that for quite a few minutes. It was apparent that the wine was being felt by everyone. I was aroused, he was aroused, Joan was asleep on the couch and Lisa had taken off all her clothes except for her bra and panties and was dancing dreamily with some imaginary lover to the music.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Katie slip behind him. Before I knew what was happening, with one quick snatch at the Velcro fasteners, Katie had his "G" string in her hands. Now he was not only nude but erect. Although he never missed a beat it was certainly distracting for me. When Katie came close he grabbed her and pulled her into our dance.

His cock was like the rest of him, big and hard. It stood out like a divider between Katie and I. Although he had surprisingly little hair on his body, his pubic area was black and as thick as a bush. His muscular arms were holding both of us tight to his chest. When my hand went down to touch his massive tool his dancing skipped a beat and he squeezed us even harder. Katie must have had the same idea as I because I felt her hand on mine caressing his wondrous instrument.

Suddenly, Katie broke free of his hug, stripped off her blouse and stepped out of her skirt. She had long since removed her shoes so that now she was only wearing her bra and panties. I could see that they were wet at the crotch. She grabbed my blouse from behind and pulled it off over my head. My designer jeans needed a little help from me but within seconds I was also down to bra and panties. I wondered if my crotch was as wet has Katie's, it sure fell like it. Katie undid my bra from behind but before she had a chance to remove it he scooped me up in his arms and buried his face in my breasts, loose bra and all.

Katie stepped in front of him, sandwiching me between the two of them, put her hand behind his neck, pulled his face down and kissed him. I couldn't see her other hand but she must have grabbed his cock because he gave a quick intake of breath and shudder. I was cradled in his arms with his right arm under my legs and the left under my chest. Still holding me with his left arm he released his right and let my feet fall to the floor.

On the way down my buttocks struck both his cock and Katie's hand and my bra fell off. I don't know when she managed it but both Katie's panties and bra were off. She was completely nude. In fact, everybody was nude except for his cowboy hat and my panties. Katie saw to that when she grabbed my panties by the waist band and pulled them down around my ankles.

Katie grabbed my arm and fell to her knees, pulling me with her. I was face to face with Katie separated only by his erect cock. She gave it a little kiss on the shaft, as one would kiss the cheek of a friend. Not to be outdone I gave it a bigger kiss but right on the knob. The precum that dampened my lips was a little salty and very sweet. When I went back for seconds he grabbed my hair and pushed himself into my mouth. I was face to face with Katie who was licking her way up and down the shaft.

Katie stood up and pulled him away from the dance floor and made him lay down on the carpet.

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