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She learns about working late.

"I have a bottle of scotch at the house. Let's get out of here before we're to drunk to walk home. You can stay tonight if your not comfortable going home."

"I think that might be best" Tonya said. "We all know what happened last night when I was drunk!" It now came out with a giggle instead of disgust. Cheryl picked up on that. Maybe talking about it with someone Tonya trusted was the therapy she needed?

The two girls joked around and were playful on the walk home to Cheryl's house. The word "Slut" was used more than once in describing both girls. They had always talked that way to each other. Now they both had more ammunition for the charge! They went inside, and Cheryl poured them each a nice tall drink of Scotch.

"So, are you going to let Tim hit it again?" Cheryl teased.

"Think I should?"

"Why the fuck not? He is pretty hot, and who cares? It's not like either one of you isn't old enough to make your own decisions."

"I guess I need to get over the stigma of it all. I really don't think it will ever happen again though."

Tonya had drank all afternoon, and had to pee something horrible. "Cheryl, I've got to use your bathroom before my bladder bursts!"

"You know where it is." Cheryl waved an impaired gesture to the hallway.

Tonya walked in, and closed the door. Evidently Cheryl and Tabby had been having a good time the night before. In the sink lay 2 dildos and a pretty large butt plug. It was obvious that they hadn't been cleaned yet, so when Tonya finished up, she brought one of the dildos out with her.

"I see we DID have fun last night! So, who used what on whom?"

Cheryl went into a fit of giggling as Tonya flopped down on the sofa next to her. "We used them on each other. Did you find the butt plug too?"

"Yeah, and that other huge thing in the sink! Damn! Who got the butt plug?"

"Actually, I did. That's Tabby's, and she wanted me to use it last night. It took until this morning to get it in though. I'm kind of sore from it too! But Wow! Did it feel good at the time!"

"I can see how that would make you sore, it's HUGE!"

"Well, I thought I'd be sore in my pussy this morning too. That other toy was pretty much of a monster too"

"You took that one? Damn girl! How did you get that thing inside you?"

Cheryl was feeling no pain, and the conversation had her emotions flowing again. She had always thought Tonya was pretty, but never really thought about her in a sexual way. This was changing! She wasn't sure if it was her new found lust for another female, the alcohol, the conversation, or a combination of all, but she was definitely feeling like she wanted something from her now!

She seized the opportunity by sliding her hand over Tonya's thigh and asking "It wasn't that hard, want me to show you?"

Tonya was struck dumb by this. She didn't know what to say. She had also thought Cheryl was gorgeous! The thick dark hair to the middle of her back, the full hips, almost perfect breasts, and legs to die for! Tonya had even wished that she had Cheryl's body from time to time. She was feeling the same feelings that Cheryl was, but here she was again, not even a day later, and looking at a proposition from a family member.

"I, I don't know Cheryl. I mean, I just don't know." Tonya stuttered.

"It's ok if you don't want to. I understand." Cheryl thought she pushed too far, too fast, and was hoping that what she said wouldn't come between them as close friends.

'That's the problem. I kind of do! I just was thinking about Tim and last night. First I fuck my brother, now I'm having serious thoughts about sleeping with my favorite female cousin! I mean, what kind of slut am I?"

"Hey, stop worrying about it." Cheryl softly spoke to her while gently stroking Tonya's thigh. Cheryl was well aware that she wasn't yet committed, but she hadn't pushed her hand away either! "Like I said before, we're adults, we have feelings, and we can make our own choices."

"But those choices have repercussions Cheryl!"

"Maybe, but no one ha

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