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At 2:00 PM that afternoon, Morrison walked into Eva's office carrying a large white sealed envelope. He handed Eva a note from Zeiner requiring that she sign a delivery slip before Morrison gave her the envelope. Eva angrily scrawled her signature on the slip. Morrison then gave her the envelope, smiled and left the office.

The directions were precise, explicit and typed. She had half-hoped there might be a personal, handwritten note from Charles - but no such luck.

Charles told her to be in Hawaii next month, for two weeks. He was providing a place for her in Hilo. Charles would stay at another location. Enclosed were tickets and rental car registration, along with the rental agreement for a house in Hilo.

The instructions closed with a reminder: Eva's attendance was not optional. She did not need to bring any clothes, other than what she wore on the plane. Everything would be provided upon her arrival. And, according to their contract, she agreed to follow Charles' directions without question.

Eva scowled at the reminder but realized she had no choice. She spent the next several weeks catching up on work and clearing her schedule for a two week absence.

Finally, the day of departure arrived. Eva came to the airport, wondering if she would see Charles there. But it was simply strangers every where. She bought a good book and read, slept or ate during the six-hour flight to the big island.

Upon arrival, Eva obtained the rental car, drove out to find the place that would be her home for the next two weeks. Finally, at the end of a gravel road, at an isolated spot in the hills overlooking Hilo, Eva found a small bungalow surrounded by palms and tropical plants. It was about as private as private could be.

The cottage contained a kitchenette, small dining area, tiny reading room, average bed room and bathroom. A glance through the window showed that the palms offered complete privacy.

On the dining table was a vase filled with a dozen roses - and a copy of the signed contract. Under other conditions, Eva would have loved the bungalow.

Several hours went by with no word from Charles. The refrigerator was stocked with food, so Eva decided to relax with a snack and watch the tropical sunset. Suddenly, the phone rang.

Eva listened apprehensively as it rang two more times. Finally, she reached over to pick it up. "Hello."

"Hello, Eva. This is Charles. Welcome to Hawaii." There was a long pause as Eva said nothing. Charles continued. "In thirty-minutes, Morrison will be knocking on your door. He will be carrying a package containing your clothes for the evening. It also contains a map with directions to our house. Be here dressed appropriately by 7:00 PM." Charles hung up.

Eva could no longer relax. She paced the floor until she heard the knock at the door. There stood Morrison with a large box. She took it from him, then shut the door without comment. She watched him walk into the rain forest.

Eva opened the box. It contained exact directions for her, beginning with a bubble bath. Forty-five minutes later, Eva stood looking at herself in the mirror.

Her hair had been "puffed up" with a blow dryer. She had heavy eyeliner and gloss lipstick on her face, offset by large gold earrings.

Eva was wearing a black push-up bra that created a deep, visible cleavage between her size 42D tits. She was wearing matching Rio-cut thong panties that also created a deep cleavage between her ample ass cheeks. Over this was a mesh see-through mini-skirt with a plunging neckline that emphasized her bustline. The ensemble ended with black 4-inch heels.

Eva blushed in embarrassment. At age 42, she had a ravishing body, one kept in tone by numerous workouts at the Y. But never in her life would Eva have displayed her "charms" like this, like a slut. But to save herself - and her career - she had no choice. For the next two weeks, she dressed like this. Well, time to get to Charles and learn of the evening program.

She reviewed the map and left the bungalow, heading directly into the rainforest.

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