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One sided dialogue.

She was pretty bummed because she had to sleep alone but I reassured her that we would find her someone special that weekend. Andre, my cousin, was busy talking to Shane and Roxanne while helping them set up their tent. Andre helped me unload our bags from the car and we left the keys with my friends to lock their valuables away. It was already past ten so we took our bags and left for our room.

Our room was beautiful and so luxurious! It had a beautiful king size bed with a beautiful view of the vineyards. We had our very own Jacuzzi in our bathroom that we would make full use of later on. I threw down the bags, closed the door behind him and jumped into his arms. I had missed him so much, his tender touch and the feel of his shaved face against mine. I kissed him uninterrupted slowly and passionately not wanting the moment to ever end. His phone suddenly started ringing loudly startling me. While he was on the phone with his mother I took my bag and crept to the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

I had gone shopping earlier in the week and had bought some sexy lingerie. I quickly striped off all of my clothes and put on the black lace bra and thong, with it I also wore knee high stockings and high heels. When I was certain he was done on the phone I slowly opened the door, not knowing how he would react. He had made himself comfortable on the bed while waiting for me to finish. I started walking towards him and stopped at the end of the bed. He moved to the side and sat up at the edge of the bed while his hands started roaming over my body.

"WOW!" he said looking very pleasantly surprised. He placed his hands on my hips and kissed my flat stomach. He pulled me down to sit on his lap and whispered "I love you more" in my ear before he started kissing my neck.

He was still fully dresses so I started removing his jacket and started unbuttoning his shirt while he kissed and nibbled on my neck. He made me stand up while he removed my bra, kissing up my arm towards my breasts. He pulled down my thong and took my breasts into his hands. He sucked and licked at my hardening nipples. I kept the garter belt and knee high stockings on along with my sexy high heels.

I told him to go lie on his back. I followed him, kneeling over him unzipping his pants. I start touching his semi erect cock through the material of his jockeys. I fully pull down his pants and bend down over him, kissing his muscular body from his neck to the top of his jockeys. I slowly tugged at the material while I gradually kissed downward to his cock. I removed his jockey to give me more space to move around and kiss the tip of his penis.

I moved my mouth along the length of his penis, kissing and licking, lubricating his member. I took in as much of his length into my mouth as I can and slowly and rhythmically started moving my head up and down onto his shaft, taking in more and more of his erect cock into my mouth. Moving faster and harder on his shaft I quickly brought him to an orgasm. He emptied load after load of his cum into my mouth and I proudly swallowed it all. I ended off by cleaning off his cock by licking all juice clean.

I crawled up to him and kiss his soft lips. He surprised me by slipping in two fingers into my soaking wet pussy. He roughly fingered me bringing me close to an orgasm but he stopped and threw me over onto my back. He slipped in two fingers again and played with my clit in his other hand. This was enough to throw me over the edge into a mind blowing orgasm. I enjoyed wave after wave of ecstasy before he pulled out his fingers and slipped them into my mouth to lick clean.

He moved over me kissing me softly on the lips before slowly slipping his hard member into me.

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