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Kurt and Parker take things to a new level.

Miley kept rubbing her clit, gasping with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

"Miley...!" Charlie said more urgently, his mouth starting to hang open. He could feel the orgasm slowly boiling up his length.

Miley finally looked at Charlie, breathing in gasps. A portion of her senses returned and she realized how close Charlie must be to orgasm.

"Miley!" Charlie yelled with urgency.

Miley lifted herself off Charlie's shaft, "Oh baby, cum for me..."

Charlie's erect length waved in the air between Miley's thighs. "Miley, please...!" he begged.

"I've got you baby... mama's got you." Miley sat back on his legs and took Charlie's cock into her firm grip, pumping him rapidly. Her masturbation was lubricated by the slick remains of her own orgasm coating Charlie's penis.

The first shot went high into the air, startling Miley as it splattered against her face. "Oh!" she squealed, giggling as the second rope did the same. The rest she aimed towards her torso, and Charlie's cock kept pumping out his orgasm.

"Uhn! Uhn!" Charlie was grunting as his cock heaved out its burden over and over. Miley laughed as it landed all over her sports bra, criss-crossing over the 'S'. More strands of the pearly fluid stretched across her naval and yet more fell onto her red skirt. Miley was delighted with the spectacle, so happy that Charlie was having such a potent orgasm.

"Oh my god!" Miley said as the last of it oozed and dripped out the tip of Charlie's cock, onto her hand and wrist.

"Jeezus." was all Charlie could say as he slouched into the couch.

"Oh my god..." Miley repeated in disbelief. "You soaked me, baby. Look at it all!" She was playing with it, letting it stretch between her fingers, still giggling.

Charlie looked through lazy eyes at the strands of cum clinging all over Miley.

"I'm going to have to wear this suit more often... I think it turned you on."

"You have no idea..." Charlie remarked.


"Where did you find that outfit, anyway?" Charlie asked, twirling some noodles onto his fork. He and Miley sat at a small kitchen table eating re-heated spaghetti after getting cleaned up from their lovemaking. Charlie just had his jeans on.

"Online. I just knew you'd love it." Miley replied, mirroring Charlie's actions with her own fork. She had to take the Supergirl outfit off, as it was suitably stained with semen, and she wore only the red panties and Charlie's shirt (which she left unbuttoned and open). "I wanted to be Wonder Woman, but my boobs aren't big enough to fill out that one-piece she wears. I don't know how she punches out bad guys with those big tits of hers..."

Charlie grinned at that, reaching for the parmesan. "You're totally the coolest girlfriend ever."

Miley beamed and leaned over to kiss Charlie's cheek, giggling when she got spaghetti sauce on him. "I'd do anything to turn you on." She lifted a napkin to his face. "You know that."

"Yeah, you're really good at it too." Charlie took another bite. "I can tell Brian about your outfit, right?"

"Of course." Miley answered, "I tell Stacy everything, after all."

"Everything?" Charlie wondered.

"Uh huh." Miley laughed when she saw Charlie's nervous expression. "She's my best friend Charlie, we tell each other everything."

"Scary." Charlie remarked, dumping more cheese onto his spaghetti.

"Whatever." Miley rolled her eyes. "Like you don't tell Brian everything."

Charlie smirked and continued to eat. He looked at Miley, clad as she was in his shirt. It hung open and he could see her small breasts and the tanned expanse of her flat stomach. Her curly dark tendrils were a little strewn from their sex, which only added to how sexy she appeared to Charlie's eyes.

"What?" Miley's smile reached her brilliant blue eyes. She adored the way Charlie looked at her.

"You're so beautiful."

"Charlie..." Miley's cheeks colored a little.

"You are. It's astonishing. You take my breath away every time I look at you."

"Baby you're so sweet.

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