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The Neighbors help Monica with her Lawn Care.

Cobie sat up and released her grip on the woman and threw her arms back, allowing the blazer to roll off of her arms and fall to the ground.

Cristin broke the kiss and focused as she unbuttoned the white dress shirt. She felt kisses against her forehead as she pulled each button away. As soon as the last button was undone, she tore open the shirt and roughly rolled it off of Cobie's shoulders.

Cobie, whose torso was covered only by a black cotton bra, reached for the straps on Cristin's dress and pulled them down over her arms. The young woman stared lovingly at her chest as she felt her dress being roughly pulled down. Once her purple bra was exposed, she took hold of her dress and pulled it all the way down. She stood up as her covering was wrapped around her knees. She kicked off her boots before stepping away from the dress. The short woman stood in front of her idol wearing only a set of matching purple bra and panties.

Cristin slowly lowered to her knees and started crawling towards Cobie, who was sitting upright on the couch with her legs slightly spread. She started undoing her pants as her friend scooted closer with a look of lust in her brown Italian eyes. Once she was finally up to her, Cristin grabbed the waist of Cobie's pants and slowly slid them down her long legs. Their eyes never focused off of one another as the black pants reached her ankles before getting pulled away and tossed aside.

Cobie sighed as she felt Cristin's breath on her thighs. She looked down and saw the woman's face drawing closer to the crotch of her black panties. With her friend's mouth only inches away from her damp pussy, she stretched her back and prepared for her first lesbian experience.

Cristin pressed her lips to the moist spot on Cobie's panties and softly kissed it. Her eyes lit up as the taste of womanly lust was on her lips for the first time. While she had tasted her own pussy before, she had never tasted one from another girl. Once the taste was present, she wanted more. She bit down on the waistband of the underwear and slowly pulled it down, getting an up close smell of the loving musky sexuality protruding from Cobie's crotch.

Cobie's underwear was quickly pulled off of her. She stared as Cristin looked up at her with the panties hanging from her teeth. They both laughed until Cristin tossed the underwear away and dove in tongue first between her waiting pussy lips. With her tongue shoved far into her pussy, Cristin pressed her nose against the throbbing clit in front of her and softly blew warm air against it. She also loved the tickle of her short pubic hair against her forehead.

With the initial invasion out of the way, Cobie pressed her back against the couch and purred as the inner walls of her soaking wet pussy were massage by the careful tongue of Cristin Milioti. Having rarely received oral sex in her recent life, she was quickly brought back to her early twenties back when she craved the tongue almost as much as she craved the cock. It had been six long years since she felt this and, as a result, was already in love with this woman.

"Oh my fucking god," she whispered as her hand reached down to run through Cristin's hair. "Right there!"

Cobie has her back arched as much as possible. She used her free hand to rub her own body as she felt every nerve ending on her electrify with pleasure. She eventually brought her hand to her bra and roughly pulled it off, tearing it in two pieces. She threw it down right in front of Cristin.

Now knowing that her friend's chest was free, Cristin looked up and moaned as she saw Cobie's beautiful perky b-cups out in the open. Luckily for her, the air conditioning in the dressing room was a bit on the chilly side and affected those cute little pink nipples appropriately. Two little hard nubs stuck out from the heaving chest of the woman whom Cristin had her tongue deep inside.

Cristin slowly moved her head side to side, brushing her nose against Cobie's clitoris.

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