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A new introduction - Kavita the latest sweaty dirty slut.

You into sports?"

"I play beach volleyball. And run," she replied modestly,

"You must be good," I said,

"Um... well... no... I..." she started to reply,

I suddenly put my arms around her and pulled her towards me kissing her passionately on her full, pink lips. At first, they were clenched. She murmured something, then her lips parted. My tongue entered her mouth and her initial hesitancy disappeared as we embraced. Her arms wound around my bare shoulders. I explored her mouth. My hands ran the length of her small back. Her fulsome titiies pressed against my chest. I nibbled her neck and shoulder,

"Oh yes!" she sighed breathlessly,

"Hey, you're really beautiful, you know that," I nudged the door to the lifeguard shack closed,

Our lips and tongues met again. She responded, hungrier than before. My stiff cock pressed against her pussy. I put my hands under her bikini bottoms, touching her bare cheeks full of goose bumps. I pulled her hard against me so she could feel my turgid prick. Breaking away, she gasped,

"Wow. This is all happening so fast! I've never been with an older guy like you before. Actually, I've never gone this far with any guy before! I'm kinda nervous,"

Her eyes were like silver dollars. There was no mistaking her excitement.

I reached up and squeezed one of her firm tits. Taking the erect, eraser nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I pinched it sharply. Her moan of ecstasy was so intense she closed her eyes and went limp, sinking into my arms. I pulled her bikini top aside and sucked her sweet little boobie,

"Ohhhh..." She crooned into my ear. She was so wet, I could smell her cunt juices from where I stood. I bit her nipple gently. Her breathing was fast, her heart was pounding. I took her hand and placed it on my throbbing shaft. Lisa was trembling as she tried to pull away for a moment, but I held on until her fingers were firmly resting on my stiff cock.

She moaned again, this time with the delight of discovery of something she really waned,

"Oh. Oh. Ohhh," she cooed as her fingers tickled my purple dick head. As she touched me we kissed again. This time I slid my hand inside her bikini bottom over the soft bush of her cunt, plunging two fingers deep inside her. She clenched her legs together, holding me fast. Then she bit my tongue. The pain was sharp but I almost came from the excitement. I twisted my fingers inside her and she writhed orgasmically as her tight pussy gushed.

Lisa slumped against me, clutching my hard cock as I fingered her,

"Spread your legs," I whispered. She obeyed, opening them slowly and giving me full access. Free to manoeuvre, I banged away with my forefinger as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. It must have been too much for her. She started biting into my shoulder as she clasped her arms around me, her hips bucking and grinding. She was trying to stifle the pleasure that was escaping from her despite her resistance. But she was being swept away by a wave of orgasms flowing through her body,

"Ohhhhh! OHHHHHHHH!" she was crying, almost shouting now.

We kissed again. I undid the small know of the skinny strap that held her bikini top on. I pushed her bikini bottoms to the floor. Her beautiful, firm, resplendent tits shuddered as she came again. My dick sprang skyward as I tore my shorts off. My steaming man pole pressed into her dewy flesh. I took one breast into my mouth, sucking while my tongue circled her areola, fingering her with increasing fury as nectar flowed from her slit. I wanted to stick a finger into her virgin butt hole too, but I resisted.

Then I drew back from her, put my hand son her shoulders and guided her down onto her knees. My rod was waving in her face. Lisa looked up at me, then at my prick, then back at me. She was amazed. Taking her head in to my hands I pulled her forward onto my cock. Her lips opened magically and she started to suck the crown of my quivering penis as she braced herself against my thighs.

"Use you tongue," I croaked, barely able to control my surging sperm.

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