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Rainy days always get her down.

That was on her list, she remembers, she moves over there and starts browsing.

"May I help you, darling?"

Ellenor turns around, and faces a very large transvestite. He's dressed in a baby pink corset, black stockings held up by a lacy garter belt, and high heeled shoes with little pink fluffy puffs on top of them. The make-up doesn't help very much; he's got one of those masculine faces with a broad chin and square jaws. The arched eyebrows and the tiny red mouth gives him a rather astonished expression.

"Eh, well, I... My friend recommended this place... I'm looking for underwear..."

"Spicing up your love-life, dear?" he smiles.

"Sort of..."

What kind of question is that?

"I want something sexy."

"That's what we got, sweety! What did you have in mind?"

She looks at Sam's note.

"Stockings, garter belt, cro..."

She coughs. Damned you, Sam! she thinks. I can't ask for THIS!

"Crotchless panties, dear? That should light his fire!"

The large he-woman starts picking out several sorts of garter belts and holds them up to Ellenor.

"We've got lace, satin, leather; red, black, white, baby blue, baby pink... Do you want to look innocent or sinful, honey?"'

"Sinful," says Ellenor. "I want something that grabs them by the balls and shake 'em up!"

His eyebrows almost touch his bleach blond wig when he stares at her.

"Wow, you've got ATTITUDE, girl!" he says. "One would never guess... you look so sweet and proper on the outside!"

"I'm doing a little experiment," Ellenor explains. "Guys aren't interested in fucking strong, intelligent women. I want to make guys think that I'm a sex kitten."

He laughs like a man. A deep, roaring laugh, that comes from the bottom of his belly. For a moment, she's actually worried that the corset's gonna burst.

"You are CRAZY!" he bellows. "I like that"

She's not sure if she's just been given an insult or a compliment.

"You don't wanna look at those, then, dear," he says, getting back into his girlish routine, and takes the packages of pantyhose out of her hand. "They're boring. You want something like THIS!"

He pulls down a few boxes from the shelves, and Ellenor finds herself staring at pictures of women in fishnet stockings, black lace stockings, sheer black nylon stockings, and even a pair of crotchless pantyhose.

"No fishnet," she protests. "My friend says that they'll make any woman look like a ham!"

He laughs again, and puts the fishnets back. Instead, he puts a fat arm around her shoulders, and leads her over to the Panty-section.

"We've got thongs, crotchless panties, G-strings, boxer shorts," he tells her, and holds up one garment after the other. "Velvet, latex, lace, satin, silk, cotton... And I simply WON'T let you leave without this!"

He trots behind the counter in his high heels, and picks up a box. Out of layers of wrapping paper, he lifts what looks like a black leather girdle. Ellenor walks closer.

"This might be a little pricey, but it's NAUGH-TEE," the transvestite explains to her. "I have a friend who imports these from Germany. They're hand-made."

"What is it?" says Ellenor, examining the weird garment.

It looks like a girdle with a tail at the back, and a little lock in the front.

"It's a chastity belt!" the shopkeeper beams.

When she walks out of the shop, she has spent more than $250, but she's really excited about the coming weekend.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Nice," says Sam, when she shows him her purchases later that night. "I like this one."

He holds up a long, tight, red tube top.

"I made a real fool of myself when I bought that one," says Ellenor. "I asked the girl in the shop if it was a skirt or a top, and she told me that it's a dress!"

"You're kidding!" says Sam. "A dress this short? You're gonna have to get a Brazilian waxing before you put this on!"

"How do you know what a Brazilian waxing is, anyway?" she says, blushing wildly.

"Oh, please!" he says, and starts rummaging through her other bags. "I watch Sex And The City religiously!"

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