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A turn for the worse.

"Umm, I'm not sure..." She answered, her face turning red.

"Do you find me attractive?" He asked.

"Yeah, I guess so, even though you're like a lot older than me." She said.

"How old are you guys?" She asked.

"Thirty-Eight." He answered.

"Forty-Six," I said.

"And you?" He asked.

"Eighteen, but don't tell anyone I'm drinking ok?" She said, holding her finger to her lips as if to say. 'Shhh.'

"I won't tell if you won't." He said to her.

"I bet you can't even guess who is who in a blindfolded kissing contest." He said.

"I bet I can." She said, a little tipsy.

"Yeah right." He teased.

What the fuck was my daughter doing. This was way too dangerous. I couldn't imagine a way that she could tease this guy with her pussy and her pussy would make it out without getting pounded to oblivion. She didn't know what she was getting herself into.

He handed her his shirt and helped tie it around her, making sure she couldn't see asking her how many fingers he was holding up, making sure to get the wrong answer, knowing she was unable to see.

"Ok, now every one needs to turn around and move around for a few minutes or else it would be cheating." He said, and we all moved to different areas of the hot tub, occasionally bumping into one another until we were all in different positions, and there was no way that she knew where we were seated. The hot tub was making me extremely horny, and I don't think I was alone in that regard. I could see the other guy stroking his cock under the water with his hand on the outside of his shorts getting ready to stick his tongue down my daughter's throat.

"Ok, the rule is, you need to kiss each one of us for one minute each and can only repeat either the first or the last kisser to make a decision. Got it?" He said, and looked at me as if to take notes on how to get laid.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Ready." She replied.

He gestured for me to kiss her, but I couldn't move, I was paralyzed and couldn't believe what was happening. Things escalated so quickly, and I really didn't know how to stop it now. Too much time had passed for me to stop and say that this girl was my daughter.
He didn't wait long and moved across the water and slipped his tongue out into her mouth. He licked her mouth and kissed her hard pushing her body back up against the wall of the hot tub. She leaned her head back, and he licked up and down her neck. She found his mouth and twirled her tongue sloppily around his, moaning softly. He broke from her and remained quiet, motioning for me to take a turn. It took all the self-control I had to stop myself from pushing the two of them apart. How the fuck was this happening? I thought to myself.

"Go go.." He gestured silently.

I moved in and without thinking licked her top lip slowly, she pushed her body forward and wrapped her legs around me. I put my hands around her little waist and kissed her hard, my body aching with a level lust strong enough to push the Earth out of orbit when she broke from me pushing me away.

"I want to try the first kisser again." She said.

This time he moved in and pressed his body up against hers pinning her back, her legs wrapped around him, and he was grinding his body up against her, and I was positive his cock pressed hard between her legs. She moaned loudly, and he kissed her passionately as if they were practically fucking, and she pushed him off of her breaking their wet sloppy kiss.

"Ok, now guess one or two?" He asked while she was still blindfolded.

"Umm, one. You were the first one, and he was the second." She said, removing the shirt that covered her eyes pointing to which one of us was first or second.

"Am I right?" She asked.

"Haha, yes, you are better at this than I thought." He said satisfied, and I wondered how she could be so naive to fall for this.

"I think I'm gonna go to bed before I do something to get you guys in trouble." She said.

"Oh, no, things were just getting interesting.

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