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A policeman investigates complaints about an adult theatre.


"Would you mind if I wore stockings and a very, very short skirt, Jack?" asked Janet.

"What do you think, Janet?" I replied.

"OK, there is a theme tonight. Shortest skirts, stockings, heels, quarter cup bras and button blouses," said Elise.

"What about me?"

"Change into shorts, a button up shirt, and no underwear."

We met in the theater which had several large recliners and one long leather sofa that looked like all four of us would be comfortable on.

Janet was wearing a less than mid-thigh length red skirt, slightly flared, tan stockings, the clasps at the top showing including two inches of bare thigh above the stocking top, matching blouse and red slides.

Elise was in a yellow knit skirt that hugged her ass, nude stockings and a matching yellow silk blouse. Her high heel sandals were a yellow flower print. About an inch of her thigh was visible above the stockings.

Virginia was enough to take my breath away. She was wearing a very low cut black silk top, that showed the top swell of her breasts, a straight black silk skirt that was about twelve inches above her knees, black stockings, and black sling back pumps. She turned to show us that she was wearing seamed stockings. "Are they straight Janet?" she asked.

Janet knelt at the mother's back, "Pull your skirt up Mom and I'll straighten this one." As she was unhooking and rehooking her stocking when her hand touched her mother's pussy. "Careful, my period just started."

"The string bikini, huh?" said Janet.


"Jack, she's wearing a tampon and the string shows, that's the 'string bikini'"

Virginia then bent over and smoothed her skirt and as she did her breasts fell mostly out of a black quarter cup bra and became quite visible below her neckline.

"She really has gorgeous tits doesn't she," said Elise to no one in particular

Janet sat on the end of the couch and patted the cushion next to her, "Sit here, Jack"

Virginia sat next to Jack and Elise sat at the other end.

"Wait." I said. "I can't let this opportunity pass. I've got to get my camera, no telling when these outfits will be repeated."

"Go, Jack, you're right, we have a lot of clothes and a lot of time. What don't you begin photographing us every day in everything we wear. Show me how to use your camera and I'll take your picture as well," said Elise.

While I was gone, Elise had bent her knee and raised her right leg to rest her heel on the cushion and her left leg was on the cushion with her foot pulled up. Her minimal skirt slid up past the bottom of her minimal panties and I'm afraid that my mouth fell open as I walked back in.

"God, Elise," I said.


"You look ..."

"Good enough to eat?"

Janet leaned forward and looked at Elise's exposed legs and thong clad pussy. "You do, and you know I haven't had the pleasure for a long while."

"When was the last time?" asked Elise.

"Spring break, maybe?" said Janet

"Yeah, it's been awhile. Let's fix that soon, you always tasted so damned good." said Janet.

"Jack, you're getting a wet spot on the front of your shorts. Did Janet talking about eating Elise do that?"

"No, Virginia, I was thinking about baseball scores." I said.

"I want to take care of that," said Virginia.

"The hard on or the baseball scores, Virginia."

"Baseball scores don't fill my mouth like you have filled Elise's."

"Can I take come pictures before I cum here and now?"

"Of course, take a few of me in this pose, with my legs together, standing facing you with my skirt hem down, ... now my ass and tits in profile, ...enough?" as Virginia sat back down.

"Virginia, scoot forward and lean forward."

"Did that expose my stocking tops enough? I'll start pulling my skirt up as you take pictures. Can you see down my blouse? Let me pull it out a bit, see nipples? I'll face you standing then turn and show you my seams. What about this pose?"

Virginia stood in profile with her skirt raised to her waist, exposing her, legs and panty clad ass, then turned her back to me and spread her legs just a bit. "Nice, huh?" she asked.

Janet asked, "Shall

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