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Grandson takes good care of his busty grandmother.


"No, those were your date's conditions. I wouldn't host a one night stand at your home."

"You set me up Daniel. It's not happening like that next week. I'm going to the movies with Jerry Friday. Donna finally agreed when he promised her Hawaii for their vacation this year. He really wants me, I guess."

What's up with that fucking smirk she suddenly acquired!? When did she start taking delight at my supposed inadequacies? It was a very unattractive trait. Fortunately, I wasn't attracted to a wife who suddenly felt I wasn't enough for her anyway. Friday, that smirk departs. Forever.

I avoided her easily all that week. After all, I had fucked my date repeatedly that Saturday and Sunday...repeatedly. Wrong word. I had fucked my date continually that Saturday and Sunday.

There, much better.

I avoided her easily in part because I was busy at work all week. No, not busy in a sexual way, it was my company and I didn't intend to lose it to a sexual harassment claim. I was immune to the charms of my employees. I was busy with clients. And I was strictly business with them every night.

Friday came around, and I was late getting home. Jerry and Linda were waiting somewhat impatiently. He provided his license and cautioned me to take good care of Donna. I showered, changed and was on my way in a half hour, and found Donna waiting on the front porch. She was dressed in a shabby old frock, wore no make up, and had on a pair of old granny shoes. I'm assumed granny panties to match.

I got it right away. Turn him off, he won't bother me. Damn it, she was throwing down on me. I wore Armani for her, and she wanted to turn me off! Fuck that. I resolved that by the end of the night, she would beg for my attentions. I turned on the charm. No I didn't compliment her dress, or her hair, or how pretty she looked. I told her I had heard of a new Japanese restaurant across town. Of course, I had been there for lunch with a client Thursday night, but I knew from comments at parties that she loved Japanese.

I gave her the rose I brought her, and held the door open on the Mercedes for her. I used the valet to park, so she didn't have to walk far, and gave her my arm to proudly escort her into the restaurant as if she were the most beautiful thing on earth instead of a dowdily dressed hausfrau. I treated her like a queen, and bit by bit, she warmed to me. She also became very conscious of the dowdy way she was dressed for the night. When I told her I had tickets to the ballet, she was mortified.

"Oh no! I can't go to the ballet dressed like this!"

"Oh nonsense. You look fine."

She looked troubled, so I ordered champagne for dessert. I didn't force conversation. Throughout the dinner, I did talk about myself, and gave her chances to do the same. She didn't open up much, and I purposely avoided talking about our spouses. But once back in the car, she opened up.

"Daniel, can we skip the ballet?"

"I have really great seats!"

"I'm sure, and I love the ballet. But I'm not really dressed."

"You're dressed fine!"

"No Daniel, people dress to impress for the ballet. Your suit looks so dapper, and I'll bet your tie cost more than this old thing."

"So what? We can go just as we are. Or if you like, we can stop along the way. I'm sure we can find a shop open and pick up a nice black dress."

"But then there are shoes, and jewelry and..."

"Donna, tell me what you want, and we'll do it. I'd like to take you to the ballet. If you'd like, I have a pair of jeans in my car, and can change. Or if you'd rather, we can stop and pick something up for you. Or if you really want to skip it, I can take you home and call it a night."

"Oh sure, right to the main event. I feel so dirty when Jerry does this."

"Donna, I know you guys have trash talked me like crazy behind my back, and I would really like to stuff it back in everyone's face.

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