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I kissed the side of her breast, the top, the bottom, but carefully avoided her nipple. Every so often I would breath over the top, but never touch it with my lips or tongue. I was still pinching her left nipple this entire time, rubbing her tit with my fingers. Suddenly I cupped her entire left breast and my teeth caught her right nipple. She gasped and her hands left my head, moving down to her crotch. She began to rub herself through her skirt. I raised my head and my hands both shot underneath her shirt, cupping her naked breasts with both hands. Her head flew back, she threw off her shirt, she grabbed my face and pulled me to her lips with one hand, her other hand was still frantically rubbing herself through her skirt.

When our bodies met, my crotch pressed against her hand. She moved her hand and cupped my hard cock through my pants. Her fingers then began to fumble for the zipper, and soon I was free. Her small hand began to move up and down along it, unable to grasp the whole thing. She pulled it against her crotch and pushed the end against her covered cunt. It pressed against her and almost seemed to start to enter her. Was she wearing panties?

I didn't waste long finding out. One hand left her perfect tits, went down her back. I reached the top of her skirt and slid underneath it, feeling her bare skin. I pulled her against me. Her hands slid her chest until she reached her skirt. She pushed it down and stepped out of it.

I stared at her beauty. Her light body stood out against the night. Her large breasts stood firm with tiny nipples rock hard. Her body was slim and curved. Her cunt was bare except for a small patch of hair at the top. Her lips were swollen. I could see the shimmer of her cream coating her slit.

She slowly, seductively walked toward me. I took off my shirt. Her short walk seemed to take forever. My cock throbbed, waiting for what I thought was coming. She reached me. Running her hands along my chest, her nails now softly touching my skin. Her hands covered my tits and played with my nipples. I breathed heavily and moved to kiss her. She giggled and stepped around me, running her hands down my body. I could feel her breasts against my back, her soft pubic hair against my ass. Her hands slid down my body and soon reached my cock. She kissed my neck and began to stroke me. Her teeth biting my neck. She cupped my balls, kissed my back. She then turned me around, guiding me with my penis.

We faced each other. Her breath was heavy. She laid back along the ground, her legs spread, opening herself for me. I laid on top of her, our hot bodies pressed together, wrapped in the cool night air. Our lips met, tongues still exploring one another's mouths. I raised my hips. She reached down and adjusted my cock to her bare cunt, rubbing it up and down along the wet slit, covering the head in her juices.

I began to push into her. She closed her eyes, letting her head fall back and bringing her hips up to meet mine. Then I felt her hymen. She was a virgin. I started to pull out, but she just looked at me with crying, pleading, lust filled eyes. I leaned over, still half in her and kissed her forehead. She grabbed my ass and shoved me into her. I burst past her hymen. She let out a cry and tears began to drip out her eyes. I held myself in her, and just held her. Our bodies intertwined.

Soon she began to move.

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