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Diego comes home to his evil wife and is in need of a rescue.

I slowly grabbed the panties, and she held my hand. "When you walk to the restroom you will hold up my red panties for everybody to see and when you come back you will hold your own lavender panties for everybody to see. Then they'll know you belong to me, to Sylvia. Oh, by the way, what is your name?"

I knew she wanted to hear my femme name. "Greta", I mumbled. "Ok, Greta, you do what you have to do. No, what you want to do. You said, you wanted to go all the way. So do it!"

Like in slow motion I got up from the table and held those bright red panties in one hand. Several people smiled at me, some women even winked at me knowingly. I walked into a stall, locked and quickly changed. Then I took my panties in my hands and walked towards Sylvia who looked at me with a big smile. Behind me I heard laughter.

"Look at the sissy, he went for a panty change."

I shrunk right into the ground, at least if I could have had one wish free. Sylvia got up. "I have paid already. Let's go Greta." She grabbed one of my arms and dragged me out of the bar away from the laughing crowd. Once outside she grabbed the other arm too and before I could react I felt her putting something around. I wanted to pull away from her but then it made click and my hands were cuffed.

"Just a little insurance. I don't want you to run."

"Please no. Let me go, please. You let me go immediately or I call for help."

She calmly looked at me. "You wouldn't. How could you explain the police you are wearing my panties. I wonder if the police believes you or my version you had stolen these panties out of my handbag. I had been following you and when you had come out of this bar I grabbed you from behind and cuffed you. If you want that, let me call the police. Haha, I bet your wife will be delighted to find out you are a panty thief. So what will it be?"

I hung my head and she pulled me to her car. "Good girl. You'll love tonight. Haha, it'll be an eye opener."

Once in her car she buckled me up, opened her handbag once again and pulled out a red ballgag. "Hmmm, I think I should match the lips." Her hand dove into her bag and took out a red lipstick and quickly creamed my lips with it. Then she pushed the ballgag into my mouth. "That really goes together, I knew it."

She drove quickly through the almost empty streets and soon we were on a highway leaving the city. "Oh my God", I thought. "Where is she heading to?" After a short while she stopped in a dark parking lot. "I almost forgot something honey."

She pulled out a scarf and soon my vision was blinded. She started her car again and drove in silence, still the ride was complete torture for me because she constantly grabbed my cock.

At first she just rubbed me through my pants, but after a while she unzipped me and pulled them down as far as it would go, exposing now my red pantied cock. I oozed precum into her panties. "Sweety, you'll have to handwash them later. They got all messy with your nasty precum."

Then I felt her turning and we obviously drove a bumpy road for quite some time with her all the while massaging my cock. She expertly slowed down when it started to twitch. I could only moan into my gag.

"Hmmm, you are so excited. Soon I'll take care of your cock, but first let's get to my place."

And true to her word we soon arrived. She got out of the car, came to my side and took me out. My pants fell to my ankles. I could only shuffle.

"Slowly now, sissy, you look so cute in your black stockings and my red panties. Let me take your cock out. Oh yes, that looks even better with your hard cock sticking out like that."

We obviously had been in a garage because I never felt cold air before we entered the house.

There she me had step out of my shoes and pants. "With only your stockings it looks awfull. You need heels honey."

She dropped me on a couch and I heard her leaving.

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