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A tale of couples lusting.

I ever do anything like tha--"

Just as I thought that, I heard a knock on my booth door. Startled, I pulled up my pants quickly and answered "occupied!"

A low voice responded "I know it's occupied, but I wanna come in and deal with that white cocksucker in person!" Oh shit! It was him! Rock hard, I opened the booth, let him in and locked it up quickly. He was much taller than me, with black hair and a serious look on him. I was stunned as I sized up this man in front of me.

"I'm slightly embarrassed" I said shyly, in an honest admission that I was somewhat nervous now that he was in front of me. I mean, it's one thing to suck off a random dick through a glory hole, but to have him in front of me? That added a little bit more pressure to the situation...

He laughed loudly, quickly responding "well, you've already sucked my dick, so hell what's the worst that can happen?" I stood there frozen, in a slight daze. Did I really need to freeze considering I've already sucked this man's dick and balls? I mean, he's twice my age and standing in front of me, but they're fucking huge and black I'd never been so turned on in my life.

Sheepishly, I responded "Well, I guess it's not every day I suck a big black dick through a glory hole... I guess I just didn't expect to see you in person." My tiny erection was throbbing. "I--"

Before I could get my thought out, he pulled down his pants to reveal his fully erect cock pointing directly at me. I stared at it silently, mesmerized. That cock was fucking huge. Suddenly, he was forcing me to my knees, holding the back of my head and forcing it down on his cock, making me suck it hard and deep. I moaned as my mouth was being shoved onto his cock, with him moaning in delight. My head bobbed on his dick for around a minute until I eventually gagged after it was forced almost all the way down my throat into my mouth.

After I gagged, he withdrew his gigantic black dick from my mouth and pulled me up by my shoulders, sticking a finger in mouth. "Suck it, bitchboy." I obliged, fully lost in the moment as he rhythmically inserted his finger into my mouth for me to suck on while squeezing my ass with his other hand. "What a firm ass you have..." he said, spanking my left ass cheek while I sucked on his index finger. As I moaned in ecstasy, he pulled his finger out of my mouth and started pulling down my pants. "Let's see what you have in there."

He pulled down my pants, revealing my tiny, yet throbbing erect cock. He laughed, rubbed my nut sack with his left hand and said "I had a feeling that you were hung like a little girl. Only bitches suck dick that hard!" I blushed, letting him caress my nut sack and belittle me in the booth. He moved his right hand to my ass and squeezed my left cheek hard, making me jump. He kissed my neck, making me surrender as he moved his left hand off of my nut sack towards my other ass cheek and began squeezing them both.

I lowered my right arm towards his cock and began stroking it while he squeezed my ass. He moaned in approval. "What a good little bitch you are" he said, making me blush scarlet again. He moved his fingers towards my ass crack slowly as I stroked him and, without notice, stuck one large finger up my asshole as he began fingering me. This forced me to let out a very sudden, loud moan that anyone who's had an object inserted into their asshole knows all too well.

"Calm down, slutty boy," he said very smoothly. "You're gonna have something bigger up there real soon." He inserted another two fingers up my ass, finger-fucking me hard and quick, my moans getting louder with each new finger being inserted. His three fingers were thicker than my fuck buddy's cock, and I'd never felt so submissive in my life. I moaned senselessly, letting him know how much I was enjoying his fingers up my ass as he fingered me harder and deeper... stretching out my tight little hole.

Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out and stuck them in my mouth.

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