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Orgasmia revealed.

Feeling my orgasm building within my loins I started to think of Maria's body laying next to me. Her warmth tight against me.

I worked my finger and the toy in alternating thrusts, feeling the entire toy fill my entrances was too much as I opened my eyes and saw Maria's hands cupping her breasts. That was it. I pumped myself harder and faster, my finger rubbing vigorously on my clit as I began to cum.

It was a strong orgasm as I kept pumping and thrusting inside my walls. Contracting around the shaft still tucked inside my backside I could only lean forward and smile to myself.

For tonight's show however, I had to do the same thing only this time Maria would play an important part in my satisfaction. Michael had given me instructions once again but little did I know also gave my girlfriend Angel some instructions.

At the start of the show, I was to place on my body the chain in which he also bought me. It was Y chain which clamped onto my nipples and down to my clit. My instructions from him was that I was to continually tug on that chain to orgasm the first time Maria ran her hands over her breasts. After my orgasm I was to send her a message simply saying, 'orgasm complete'.

Well, almost from the beginning did she run her hands over her breasts and it began the game. I tugged only the center of the chain which pulled my already hard nipples up and away from my breasts as did the clamp which was locked onto my clit. The sensations of the pulling drove me out of my mind. I had my orgasm about 15 minutes into the show and sent Maria the message.

Next, as Maria began to strip off her top I was set to insert the dual headed toy into me but this is where Angel came into it. She grabbed it from me and stood ready, just teasing me with the tip of the larger head as she pressed it against my pussy and my clit. She teased my backside with the smaller head pushing in but not quite all the way.

My instructions for this toy was that when Maria showed her thronged covered ass then Angel was shove the toy in me fully. She was to pump me with the dual heads as I rubbed my clit but Michael's instructions to her was that I couldn't touch myself and allow her to thrust the toy in me to orgasm.

As we watched Maria pull off her red top and push her breasts together, did I hear a low moan from Angel. We both think Maria's breasts are awesome and would look exceptionally good with something hard between them but this is our own imagination working. I sent Maria a message as instructed by my boyfriends telling her what was about to happen to me when she flashed her sexy ass.

Maria replied back with, 'tell her to get ready' as she slipped off her skirt and turned around giving both of us a perfect view of beautiful heart shaped derriere. As I was admiring the firmness of her butt, Angel shoved the entire length of the toy into me. It was a sudden thrust as I had no time to enjoy the parting my pussy nor the opening of my backside as both heads shot into me. I glanced over at Angel as she watched and admired Maria.

Her fingers gripping the wide handle of the toy and pushing and pulling it into me. I couldn't and moved aside of the computer just as Maria sent a message to me asking, 'How's it feel?' Angel said replied back that about half was in me but before she could finish typing that she had pushed the entire length into me and pumping me hard and steady.

I wanted to cum so bad but knew I couldn't without permission. So I held back my orgasm for when I could. Maria was the chosen one to tell me I could cum so Angel sent her a message saying so. Maria went about her show for several minutes as Angel kept pumping and thrusting away at my wet folds and grasping backside. Angel was having fun giving me every inch of this magnificent toy.

Another several minutes had gone by and I told Angel to ask Maria if I could cum as it was becoming more and more difficult to hold it back. Angel sent a message to Maria and she replied back with a yes and that she was ready for me.

Angel read me her reply and that was all

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