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The resulting adrenaline rush could be exactly what he needed to break free of the ropes holding him. He didn't need that extra provocation. She wasn't at all sure that she'd be able to control him after this as things were. She could sense there were some unsafe emotions simmering deep inside him somewhere. Emotions she daren't lift the lid on for fear of being scalded. If she let things get too far; she knew there may be no end to it. -No light at the end that she could escape through. He would never let her leave if he got it into his head that he needed her.

The hand that was gliding up and down his rigid length stilled. He raised his head from the pillow to discern what she was doing and instantly regretted it. Catsy knew he was watching as she lowered her head to press her soft lips to the head of his staff. The view was his undoing. He gasped sharply and it shattered into a groan. He couldn't help himself. The sensation was intense and mind-numbing in its magnitude. It was a burning pleasure to feel her tongue slide about him. His whole body burned to the touch but his attention was focussed in one area and on the woman that was undoing him. She was simply giving. She had no intention of receiving. By coincidence, the one thing he desired now was to have the one thing she wasn't offering him. He longed for it but it was being denied him.

Her mouth closed evocatively around his swollen appendage. Scott's head fell back on another telling groan. The sound reverberated through every sensitive part of her. -Replying to a question his body had asked. She hadn't known how much it would tease her to appease his hunger. It didn't escape her notice that she was the only one in the world capable of giving him this. He hadn't experienced a thing like it in all his life. A lifetime was a long time to live not knowing what life had to offer and that was only the least of it. It was possible that he'd lived far longer than one lifetime already.

Scott visibly appeared to have reached some conclusion. He lifted and to her horror began pulling at his right arm, trying his utmost to free himself. Straining, he got the arm free and looked into her nervous face. His first order of business was to rip the duct tape from his mouth.

'There is no reason to be frightened of me. You couldn't have held me down during this, not even with chains. You had to know that Catsy.'

Inwardly she had to grudgingly accept that she understood his need. She hadn't been willing to offer all of herself yet but she couldn't avoid it now. -Admitting that much was easy. She didn't have a choice. She was no match for this form of persuasion and she wouldn't have wanted to refuse him anyway. She just couldn't. -Not him. Scott was too desirable to every sense she owned. What wasn't easy to admit was why she wanted to alleviate his mental anguish too. She longed to mollify him even on an entirely emotional level, though she couldn't yet comprehend the full reasons why.

He untied his other hand while she sat between his legs helplessly awaiting him. When he was free to sit up he did so and hauled her into his arms. He'd wanted to do that ever since she had fondled his chest. Not being able to had been killing him. He held her hard and gloried at her slight frame and soft body. He was oddly honoured when her arms slipped around his bare waist to hug him back. Doing his best to ignore her startled gasp, he released her enough to kiss her. He immediately plundered the inside of her mouth with his tongue and she returned the caresses as eagerly as he gave them. Catsy moaned delicately and leaned into him further. Truthfully, her reaction took him unawares. He didn't expect such ready passion to ignite in response to him.

He juggled her while simultaneously undoing the ropes that kept his feet anchored.

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