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Can Ruth and her son keep their secret from her daughter?

"Step out of the vehicle, please."

"Huh? Why?" I exclaim. Too many conflicting emotions were taking place leaving me confused, bewildered - and very turned on.

"Out." You stand up to your full height - about the same height as me - and hold the door open.

My heart is thumping wildly in my chest - the sexual tension between us is definitely not just my imagination. I step out of the car, and lean my back against it.

"Have you got any drugs or weapons on your person?" you say, expression and tone neutral once again.

"As if I'd tell you if I did!" I tease playfully, leaning my elbows on my car. This action stretches the fabric of my floral dress over my breasts invitingly. Your eyes linger on my breasts for a moment, and I smirk. Good. Let him be the one to squirm now.

"Turn around and place your hands on the bonnet, please." Though your tone is still neutral, I am sure I detect a new heaviness in your voice.

I do as you command, ready to play the game, and place both hands on the bonnet.

I can't resist pushing my ass out just a little, and arching my back just a little. And when I feel your body heat behind me, I have to refrain from telling you to hurry up and put your hands on me.

"I am going to search you now." you say, softly.

You start off with a clinical body search - respectful and touching only the necessary parts. Part of me is disappointed - I am so turned on by now, that all I want for you is to skip the bullshit and take me. Just the same though, I go along with it. I focus on slowing my breathing, calming myself down as I wait for your next move.

Just as you seem to be finishing your 'search', your hands slide down my ribs to my hips, where they hesitate to squeeze softly, before continuing down my outer thighs. When they reach the tops of my knees, you bring them forward... I feel your breath against my shoulder blade, and you bring one hand up my inner thigh. The other hand comes upwards to rest just under my breasts, and you pull me up gently, against your chest.

I can't help the way my legs open to give your roving hand better access. Your hand is so warm against the cooler flesh of my inner thigh as you circle, gently teasing the soft skin at the very edge of my womanhood. I let out a soft moan in enjoyment of your touch, and from the pressure I can feel against my rump, it is clear that you are enjoying it just as much as me.

Suddenly, you press your nose against the juncture of my neck and shoulder and take a long, sensual sniff. "Mmmm..." you growl softly, and the exploration of your hands becomes a little more urgent. The hand that is against my groin presses harder, teasingly rubbing the side of your hand against my black lacy panties. "I wonder if you taste as good as you smell?"

"Only one way to find out..." I whisper, swaying my hips against the rock-hard bulge pressing into my rump.

You seem to hesitate for a few moments - you hold me tight against your chest, your hardness pressed against me as you rub your nose softly against the shell of my ear, inhaling my scent. I can hear a low rumble of appreciation in the back of your throat, and I wait patiently for you to take this further.

Finally, your fingers slip beneath the silky fabric of my panties, and I know that you will find me to be soaking wet. The lewd groan that you let out against my neck makes my knees weak; I am sizzling, aching for you now. You slide your fingers through my slippery heat to tease my button, and I whimper-

You yank my panties down, and spin me around.

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