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Amanda gets revenge when she suspects her boyfriend cheated.

He shot his wad catching it in the palm of his hand. He immediately brought it up to his mouth and licked it clean.

Friday he found it difficult to concentrate at school or work. He couldn't explain it but he had fallen even deeper in love with Jean. With everything out in the open he believed her when she told him she loved him. He was no longer fearful their relationship was going to unravel. Long distance he didn't see Leo as a threat. When he was in town she would focus her energies on him, not Leo. They would in essence share Jean, an idea he had come to embrace. Jean's happiness mattered more to him than his own. If this is what she needed to be content he wasn't going to stand in her way.

When he returned to his apartment early Saturday morning wet from the waist down and bone tired finding Jean's letter in his mail box invigorated him. His penis began to harden when he spotted the letter. Before he opened it his penis was fully erect.

He closed the door behind him. Ensuring the shades were pulled down he stripped. He grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and stretched out on his couch. His body felt as though an electrical current were running through it. He swore his penis felt as though it was buzzing.

He took several sips of beer as he studied the envelope. He liked the way she sealed her letters with an imprint of her lips. He grabbed a letter opener and gently opened it. He retrieved the letter and with nervous trepidation unfolded the letter. He began to read the letter, holding it in one hand as he stroked his manhood with the other.

She wrote, "My beloved Miguel. Yes, I consider you mine. And yes, I love you. I miss you so much. I wish you were here. I worry you will grow to hate me. It would kill me to lose you so promise me you'll never leave me. I'm sick Miguel, lovesick for you even as I hunger for Leo. I'm so tired of being apart. Why aren't you here to help me get ready, to be the shoulder I lean on, to be the one I confide in? You are the only person I can discuss my feelings with. Even if my girlfriends understood they would condemn me. As to my family they have no idea. I'm not the good girl they believe I am. They would freak if they knew.

I know you understand how I feel. That night at the hotel I saw it in your eyes Miguel. You understood my curiosity and my arousal. It pained you to see me lacking total fulfillment. Why are you so good to me? Other men would have blamed me, but not you. You accepted responsibility. You even shared in my excitement at the prospect of achieving the bliss the nuns and priests drilled into me and my classmates existed. Your loving tongue and fingers take me there, but we both know it's not the same experience as the union of a man and a woman.

I wanted that experience and I was and remain grateful you wanted it for me. Each night I return home wishing you were in my bed waiting for me. I crave your gentle touch. I leave Leo sore all over. He is so rough. I swear I won't come back but I do. I stand naked in front of the mirror. My breasts are black and blue. My shoulders have hickies on them. My bottom is sore. I look a mess. I'm not getting enough sleep. My eyes have bags under them. I'm a vampire who comes alive at night. I suck, but it's only to get him hard. What I really lust for is to have him in me. My fangs are inside my vagina. I milk from him not blood, but his delicious cum. I hunger for his seed Miguel. I hate to see it go to waste when he holds my face and fucks my mouth but I greedily swallow it.

After I put my nightgown on and climb into bed Miguel is when I really want you. I open my legs and feel where Leo and I became one. I'm so sore, but it's a good soreness Miguel. My labia feel swollen but my vagina feels stretched. I fantasize about you kneeling at the side of my bed, my legs draped over your shoulders, your face pressed against my sex, your tongue making me all better.

I hope you want the same thing Miguel.

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