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He dared her, and no way was she going to back down.

"Have you ever felt a shaved cock before?" He whispered into her ear. Her heart pounded so hard she could barely think. She kept her eyes closed and shook her head. "Then give yourself a treat." He instructed. "Feel it." He removed his finger from her. All the sudden she felt alone. She yearned for his touch again. She wanted to feel his warmth inside her pussy again, but this time wanted more than his finger. She opened her eyes and turned to face him. Her eyes went straight for his cock, which he was now stroking to full erection.

Her eyes widened as she took in the sight. She cast a quick glance back at the door that Rick should soon be emerging from. She moved closer to him, cautiously replacing his hand with hers, wrapping it around his thick shaft. She moved it up to his groin, feeling the complete smoothness of his hairless manhood. She reached underneath and cupped his scrotum. It felt like velvet. Her lust was driving her actions. She needed more. Her mind kept going back to his offer.

"Would you really shave me?" She asked. "Shave my pussy?" Jim responded by leaning forward and kissing her open mouth. It was so gentle it was almost like a butterfly, but it sent her world spinning. She felt his hand return to her pussy. He didn't hesitate to invade her sex again, this time from the front. She now had the added pleasure of his talented fingers stimulating her clit as he worked his long nimble fingers in and out of her warm wetness. She let out a moan of pleasure that meant anything but stop. She stroked his cock more rapidly, letting him know she approved of his actions. She couldn't believe they were masturbating each other. It felt so good, she could easily make herself cum. Jim broke their kiss.

"I'll take you inside and shave you right now." He responded. "Then I'll eat you ... then I'll fuck you ... then I'll cum in that smooth bare cunt of yours ... then I'll lick you clean and start all over again."

Donna's head swooned even more. Her brain visualized each act as he described them. She had never had a man verbalize a desire to lick her after cumming inside her, much less actually do it. She yearned to experience the eroticism of that act. It was just one more thing that spurred her on. She heard a noise from inside the house, and jerked her head to see if Rick was coming. She could see his shadow on the far wall. He was in the kitchen, mixing the drinks.

She thought it strange it had taken him so long to see Kris off. Her mind ran to the illicit possibility ... maybe he had gotten her off instead. They were only wrapped in a towel and he was visibly excited, especially having been flashed Kris' naked body and bare pussy. She never bothered to put her suit back on, and it wasn't likely she would walk to their house wrapped in just a towel. She heard the blender and knew they were running out of time.

"We're going to get caught." She protested. Jim smiled and nibbled on her lip again. She didn't hesitate to return the kiss, and continued to stroke his cock.

"Of course we're going to get caught." Jim responded. "Rick's going to come out here and see us fondling each other, then he's going to watch me fuck you. He watched me play with your tits while I massaged you. I'll bet he wouldn't have any problem with me shaving his wife so he can watch me press my face into your pussy and eat you out. Do you think he'd like to watch you suck another man's cock, or watch you climb on top of me and ride my cock?"

Donna panted at his graphic descriptions. She didn't want to admit the truth to herself, that nothing turned her on more than the idea of Rick catching the two of them. Although she thought she would never have been able to go through with what was nothing more than a bedroom fantasy, she longed to see the look on her husband's face as he discovered them, and watch his cock grow hard as he had always promised it would. She wanted to see the lust on his face as she took another man's cock deep into her pussy.

Donna couldn't answer him.

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