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There was a truck stop on the highway just outside of town. It's where I learned to play with cocks, it's where I learned to suck cocks, it's where I learned to eat cum, its where I a total penis addict and cum-slut!" Brad watched intently on the screen as Nancy's hand jerked him and she told her story like it was some bizarre handjob talk show,

"There were several holes in the wall that separated the ladies' side from the men's side of the restroom. My girlfriends and I would wait until we'd see a cock plop through the hole and then we'd do ...things to it; wonderful terrible things! It's where I learned from my girlfriends that cocks were fun squirty toys and that I liked their feel...their smell, and most importantly; their taste!" With that her head went down and Dan strained against the handgrips as he felt an experienced hungry mouth close upon his cock; engulfing it in exquisitely wonderful warm wetness. He felt her tongue, her felt her lips, he felt her raking teeth; best of all he felt the back of her throat as she took him deep and he was immediately beside himself with pleasure!

He turned his eyes to the screen and saw Nancy's lovely red-haired noggin; bobbing on his throbbing penis and sucking him hard and loud! He realized it was like watching himself in a porno... a porno that he could feel; all exquisitely kinky! Nancy sucked him for several seconds like that and then pulled off to jerk him some more with her hands and continue her story saying,

"I wasn't just addicted to the cocks and neither were my girlfriends. We were addicted to the anonymity of it all too! We were hooked on the casual hookup where a cock could spunk through the wall into some part of you (or onto some part of you), and then you 'd just get on with your life and never see the man on the other side of the wall. I began to like not seeing who I fucked... it was a rush!

Later in nursing school, me and my fellow students would hang out down at a place called "Hippy Park" to hook up with guys we'd never see ever again. The casual nature of it all made it extremely arousing. Today I guess they'd call it, "dogging." As long as the condoms and the lube held up I was a happy camper at Hippy Park!" She tugged his cock and through the door he called for her to go on.
"Many years later," she continued, "after I'd become a swinger and an adult film performer; I had a scene that called for a glory-hole like the one we're using now. All those hot emotions and wonderfully wicked feelings came rushing back to me and I became determined to have my very own hole for private "anonymous" encounters. At least I could pretend they were anonymous!" She then leaned forward and began to suck on him as he watched the show on TV. As cocksuckers go... she was a first rate sword swallower. She blew sucked and milked him into higher spirals of pleasure with every luxurious slurp; thrusting her head to the wall and trying hit his cockhead against the back of her throat with each and every stroke!

It was no wonder at all that he only lasted but a few minutes of this! He suddenly felt his testicles go tight and his jaw hung slack. A tremendous explosion suddenly detonated in his balls!

He thrust himself forward and a great tortured howl of AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHH roared up out his lungs! His cock spattered and spouted in Nancy's greedy mouth and she immediately found she had a mouthful of her favorite dessert... salty boy-batter! She happily gulped the whole load down just as another load jetted and coated her tonsils and just as with the first; she made "all-gone" in one happy swallow!

Dan thrashed his head in wonderful agony and looked at the woman who'd just sucked him on the TV screen.

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