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First golden shower for the volunteer plumber.

As I entered my bathroom, I noticed my cock. It was hard as rock. I felt like masturbating. "It's not right for me to think of my own mom and masturbate," I thought. But my lust grew stronger by the moment. And I succumbed to my lust. I took my penis in my hand and began to masturbate thinking of my own mom. And I had never experienced such erotic pleasure as I did masturbating to thoughts of my bikini-clad mom.

Now it became a habit. Every time, I would see mom in a bikini, I masturbated fantasizing of her.

Then one day as I went to the beach for my daily round of jogging, an idea occurred to me. I realized that for miles together there was nobody to be seen.

I began to take off my clothes and was naked in no time. I had never been naked on the beach. The privacy that the beautiful beach provided was awesome. I loved the breeze caressing my naked body. I was erect again. My thoughts went back to my bikini-clad mom.

I began to masturbate. And as I played with my cock I began to whisper, "Oh mom.....oh mom...you are so sexy...so sexy.....I just love you in bikinis."

Soon I realized that I was absolutely alone on a beach that stretched so many miles.

My whispers became louder. I knew that there was none around to listen to me. I found this huge outdoor privacy under the sky absolutely intoxicating.

I decided to speak my fantasies aloud. "Oh mom...you are so sexy...so sexy.....I just love you in bikinis....oh mom...you are so sexy...so sexy.....I just cant wait to see you take off your bikini ....yes mom.....yes...yes.....I wanna see you naked...yes mom..... I wanna see you naked...mom"

I shouted out, "Yes mom........I wanna see you naked mom...oh mom you'll look so sexy in the naked"

The louder I shouted out the more I enjoyed. It was incredible. And it was so much fun. I masturbated a couple of times before putting my clothes back on. And then I ran home. Now every time, I would go jogging on the beach, I'd remove my clothes, talk and shout dirty about mom, masturbate a couple of times and then run back home.

Then one evening as I returned home, I found all the doors open. I went in to my mom's room. I saw mom under the shower in a bikini. She was too busy to notice me.

I hid in a corner.

The idea of watching mom under the shower was turning me on. And then mom began to talk to herself. It was loud enough for me to hear.

I heard this, "Oh Bobby, you don't know how much I love wearing bikinis when you are around...oh Bobby my boy....I just love giving you those erections....Bobby....you don't know how much I want you to think of momma and masturbate...oh Bobby...momma can do anything just to make you masturbate.....oh Bobby my darling."

And I saw her masturbating.

I just couldn't believe my mom was talking dirty like that to herself.

I went to my bathroom, took off all my clothes and began to masturbate.

And as I masturbated, I began to whisper, "Oh mom...I never knew you wear all those bikinis just to titillate me...you slut....I'm gonna strip you naked and fuck you....you slut"

A few days passed. I was thinking of what I could do to get mom in bed with me. At times I wondered if mom would do anything to seduce me. Then, one night as I lay naked in my bed, I hit upon a plan. I began to masturbate and speak loudly, "Oh mom.....I never knew you wear all those bikinis just to titillate me.....you slut....I'm gonna strip you naked....you slut....ooooh.....aaaah"

I was masturbating all naked when I noticed mom standing outside my room wearing a bikini. She had caught me masturbating and talking dirty about her just as I had planned. She passed a seductive smile.

"Oh Bobby! It's nice to know that you masturbate thinking of me. She smiled again. "Tell me how do you find momma as masturbation material?" she asked me.

"Oh mom, superb...I'll give you ten out of ten."

"That's wrong.

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