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At that moment she was having a laugh at a comment of Audrey's, and Diana found herself admiring the beauty of her rare smile. She was of mixed decent, coming from a Japanese mother and a Canadian father. She possessed a fortunate combination of those two sets of genes, having the soft exoticness of the east combined with the angular elegance of a beautiful caucasian female. Like her mysterious personality she tended to wear dark things, and tonight those things happened to be a frilly black dress which hugged her beautiful curves and moderate yet perky bosom. Diana and the girls knew little about her, other than the fact that she was a student at the university and that she was a welcome part of their group, due in no small part to the liking Diana had taken to her.

What tied together such a disparate mix of personalities? It was of course that blonde goddess at the centre of the group. All the girls had lives of their own and didn't really bother to associate with each other unless Diana were around to bring them together. They were, in a quietly modern sense, her worshippers. Each one of them had had a taste of her, and now they had to coexist as they each vied for her favour.

Erica, who had left the table, was the fifth member of the group. The woman was perhaps the most different of all of them, having the look of being in her mid thirties. It did not detract one bit from her beauty though; as the housewife of a wealthy dying man, she had plenty of time to keep herself fit and pretty. She had married him young as a trophy wife, he being a grey-haired retiree, and now she had three children to care for. She was the quintessential milf, slender in all of the right places while very 'mature' in others, a fact that she readily flaunted during the few nights she could get away from the kids.

She was pushing her way through the crowd, returning to the group after taking her phone call. "I'm going to have to leave," she said. "My babysitter had an emergency and had to go home, so I've got to go watch my kids."

"WHAT??" Diana yelled. It was damned loud in that club.

"SHE SAID, SHE'S GOT TO GO," Shelley called across the table. She was the only one close enough to hear Erica. "HER KIDS."

"Whaaat?? But shiss'er designated driver," Stacy slurred.

Audrey gave a dismissive wave of her hand, "don't worry. I'll get a cab when we're done."

Erica made her rounds, bidding each girl farewell with a peck on the cheek, though when she reached Diana she dared to take her chin and tilt it up, pressing their mouths together to deliver a lingering kiss. The other girls watched, and their responses varied from amusement to stifled outrage. Diana just chuckled and licked her lips, then nonchalantly sipped at her drink as the woman left.

"So, great, the dinosaur's gone. I was afraid she was going to have us go play a round of bingo with her," Audrey said with a sneer. The other girls snickered. It was quickly becoming an inside joke that poor Erica didn't belong, as time and time again the responsibilities of her married life prevented her from enjoying the inevitable conclusions of their gatherings. They were perfectly fine with that, for one less person present meant one less person to share Diana with.

"Yeah I guess, but now we hafta pay fer our own drinks, along with the cab," Stacy said.

"Oh, nonsense... If Erica isn't buying Audrey's got plenty of daddy's money to spread around, doesn't she," Shelley said as she gave Audrey a little jab with her elbow.

"Hmph. Fat chance."

"No worries. I'll get the tab for tonight," Diana said. Her confident tone commanded their attention. "Just... make it worth my time, okay?" she added with a demure smile.

Stacy had to giggle at that, and she gave Diana's thigh a squeeze. "Oh, I promise I'll try my best for you."

Diana just chuckled and gave Stacy's cheek a pinch, while Donna had to roll her eyes.

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