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Constance tastes Simone's bayou honey.

" I smiled, "I think you're so pathetic and hung up on yourself that you can't imagine him being happy with someone else, because you're miserable without him, and he loved you more than you loved him, so he should be the one devastated right? Well, tell me Janice, is it the long hard screws you miss, or laying in bed together holding each other till the sun comes us?"

Janice stood there for a minute seething, she looked at Zane and he shook his head, "Dominick is waiting for you back at your table, get out of my face."

Crossing her arms over her chest she turned and walked away. I looked over at Zane, "Care to elaborate?" I asked climbing back onto my barstool.

"She and I dated for almost four years. Everything was great, I bought an engagement ring, had the night all planned out. I called and asked her to meet me at my house at sick o'clock, the time I normally got home from my classes. I skipped my last class of the night to be home and get everything ready for her at six. Well when I pulled up early her car was already there in the driveway. I thought it was a little odd. So when I got inside I took the food to the kitchen and went looking for her. She wasn't downstairs at all, I went upstairs to check my room, wasn't there either. I heard some slamming and moaning coming from my best friends' room, and then I heard her voice. I ran across the hall and kicked the door in; there she was, riding Dominick. I didn't know what to say, so Janice said it for me, 'Close the door you fucking loser, I'll be done in a minute.' I walked back to my room, grabbed some clothes and left. That's why I have almost nothing in my apartment, I left everything. I got the apartment that day with the money I got from taking the ring back to the jewelry store. I had to completely start over."

I sat for a minute thinking of what to say; I didn't want to just say 'Dang that sucks, I'm sorry.' So instead, I kissed him and said, "I'm glad Zane. Glad you found out before you got married, glad you had the strength to walk away, glad you're sitting here with me right now. I'm sorry you found out the way you did, sorry that it ever happened to you," I took his hand in mine, looking into his eyes I smiled, "You fucking loser."

We both smiled, and then laughed, and kissed.

"I'm glad you found me Honey I really am. I might have ended up back with her if you and Alex hadn't come along and showed me what love was." We clinked our glasses together and drank. Zane went for more drinks and the band came out on stage, thank God, I was getting tired of waiting. The band started to play as Zane sat down, "I told the bar to keep 'em coming." He sat my drink down, and I drank, and drank and drank, singing along with all my favorite songs.

"I'll be right back." I told Zane. The last couple drinks took a toll on my bladder. After what seemed like forever I was on my way back to my table, and my chair was gone, great, just great.

"I'm sorry," Zane said in my ear, "It was here one minute then gone the next. Here, take my chair."

"Thanks, but no, I couldn't see from there, I'll just stand."

"Nonsense, sit in my lap then."

I thought to myself, that could work, "OK, sure."

I straddled Zane's lap, my back pressed to his chest, feeling the warm line of his body.

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