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Things heat up when twin cousins Cassie & Kat arrive.

The more he touched her, the more her body ignored reason. Her mind screamed "don't respond" yet her hips rolled each time his finger grazed her clit. With his mouth sucking noisily on her nipple tremours of pleasure rippled through her breasts and belly. She was powerless when his hips wriggled down between her legs pushing them out as wide as her bunched up jeans would allow them to go. She felt his fingers walk up her belly looking for the waistband of her panties and she bucked and once more pleaded "Noooo!"

"Just let me touch you, see you. Let it be special for us."

"Please Jason. This is going too far. I've never..."

"Just let me see how beautiful you are..."

"I have to get home!" she insisted. My father will kill me if I'm late again!"

"Just let me see you then. Stop wasting time. It'll only take a minute and then I'll take you home."

Groaning her reluctance, she looked for some reassurance that he'd be satisfied with a look. A nagging ball of doubted weighed heavily in her stomach but she had to get home before her father.

"Do you promise?" she ventured hopefully.

"Yes," he smiled. His hands were already on her hips coaxing her jeans and panties down her legs.

He had to kneel up to let her kick out of them and she noticed then that his fly was undone. Her long legs flashed in the dim light of the car, the pale skin contrasting with the forest of dark hair that nestled between her legs. She saw him looking and quickly covered herself with her hands in a useless and belated gesture of modesty. Naked now, except for socks and runners, she felt a wave of vulnerability course through her core that she'd never felt before.

A car passed on the road behind them and she hunkered down on the seat in a panic, her discarded clothes just frustratingly out of reach. Jason gathered them up and tossed them onto the floor in the front seat before she could get them. She had her legs pulled up and her arms crossed in front of her chest shielding herself from his sight. He tried to get her to relax but she was insisting that it was over and that she had to get dressed.

"I'll get your clothes then," he offered with a frustrated sigh and went around to the passenger door and picked them up. Instead of passing them to her outstretched hand he carried them away from the car and into the trees. Alarm rang in her voice as she pleaded with him to bring them back but he just laughed and disappeared into the woods with them.

Moments later he was back. In spite of her pleas, he refused to help, insisting that she get out and retrieve them herself. The dome light flooded the back seat as soon as the door opened. She got out quickly and headed into the trees where Jason had been.

There was no sign of her clothes. Another car passed on the road and with a frightened whimper she scampered back behind some bushes and hid until it had gone by.

She tried anger then and demanded that Jason stop being an ass and give her her clothes. For a moment she thought he'd relented and she followed him deeper into the trees thinking he was taking her to them. When he sat on a boulder and lowered his pants her heart sank. She couldn't look away as he pulled on his cock and slowly worked it with his hand.

"Just touch it," he said. "Hold it for a minute."

Her refusal brought a cynical laugh and he asked "Don't you have to get home soon?"

He showed her how to hold it and slide the skin back and forth rolling her wrist as she did. It felt hot in her hand and the tip soon was wet with a clear sticky liquid. He asked her to play with his balls with her free hand and she did, hoping he would be satisfied with that and take her home.

"Kiss it," he demanded, tugging her down onto her knees. "Kiss it and run your tongue over it,"

She was crying now and he called her a cock teaser. Her threatened to leave her there naked to find her own way home. Tentatively she leaned in and touched her tongue to the side of the shaft.

He held her by the hair and wiped his cock over her face spreading his precum on her cheeks and lips.

"Put it i

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