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A college student gets extraordinary in-flight service.

"Let's go then." John said standing up removing his shirt his hands on the waistband of his shorts preparing to remove them.

"John," I shouted. "No!" Realising his actions he pulled his shorts back up though not before exposing most of his bum to us.

He apologised to James and Caroline. "Sorry I didn't think, forgot we weren't alone for a second. Normally if we're alone it's easier to strip off. Saves a lot of faffing around, didn't mean to embarrass you.

James laughed. "You don't need to apologise not the first naked bum we've seen, we've frequented the odd naturist beach in our time.

I stepped in "Sorry about him Caroline, normally when we're alone sailing we don't worry too much about wearing anything when swimming. Hope he didn't embarrass you?"

"I'm fine with nudity, please carry on, as James said we do strip of ourselves and it's us invading your holiday."

I looked to Caroline. "You're not invading the holiday; this is our holiday it belongs to the four of us."

John looked at James and Caroline "If you're sure?"

"Yes go ahead, I presume you haven't got anything I haven't seen before?" Caroline said with a smile on her face.

"If you're sure with that guys? Then let's live the dream." John answered but not waiting for a reply as he removed his shorts threw them on the deck and without turning around dived naked into the water.

"When in Rome, if you're okay with that Susie?" James asked, my nod giving him the go ahead. "Thank you." With that his shirt and shorts joined John's abandoned on the deck.

"Are we going to join them?" I asked Caroline.

"Do you mean for a swim or stripped off?" She asked.

"We're on holiday, I don't want to get this bikini wet and can't be bothered going to change." I replied. Caroline wasting no more time stripped off joining the guys in the water with me only seconds behind her.

We swam around laughing and playing although we were in the water it was very clear and I did take a peek to see what James had. Caroline certainly peaked at John several times swimming very close to him. Several times I caught James watching me closely and although I'm not a natural exhibitionist I had no issues with James and Caroline seeing me naked swimming in the water, the situation felt natural and right.

I swam for about ten minutes the water beautifully clear, warm and refreshing, I could have stayed in the water for hours, swimming, laughing and playing but stomachs would soon start grumbling food would be required; I now had to pay for my day of relaxation to the galley I needed to go. I climbed out and now it was me not thinking, grabbing a towel I dried my face and sat down and picked my drink up letting the sun dry my body laughing watching the high junks of John Caroline and James. The guys decided to swim to shore leaving Caroline to swim back to the boat; pulling her body out of the sea she joined me in the cockpit wrapping herself in a towel as she sat.

I felt Caroline's eyes were scrutinising my body feeling a little self-conscious I grabbed the nearest towel covering my modesty from Caroline's gaze. "Hey don't cover yourself on my account, you have a pretty body, very sexy, you should show it off." Caroline winked, leaning towards me she placed her hand on my thigh, making my body jump, "soft and smooth too." She giggled, gently stroking my thigh before removing her hand.

I looked at Caroline, there was something about her, something I couldn't decipher. I had had the same thought at the airport and dismissed it but the thought had returned. "What dark secrets do you told?" I asked myself.

We finished dinner, between Caroline and me we had cooked paella adding the few muscles the guys had brought back with them.

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