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Two extraordinary women discover they share a similar secret.

I wish you wouldn't require punishment, but you have to learn what it means to displease me. By the time we are done, the mere thought of my displeasure should be enough to make you think dearly about what you do.

"I'm sorry Sir, please I understand, please."

Strictly: You will, pet.

Julia would have screamed if her jaw hadn't seized with the rest of her body. Pain flooded her from all those delicious spots that only gave pleasure before. She couldn't manage to think, or control herself. Her earlier desire to pee over-rode her self-control and she felt the warm liquid pool between her legs.

Several long moments passed, after which she tasted metal in her mouth, before he stopped. Julia sucked a ragged breath, and then noticed new typing.

Strictly: Breathe now; we will stop for a moment. When we stop, I want you to thank me. You must remember that you are thankful for the fact that I punish you, even if for right now it is only because I am not telling your secret.

It took a moment for Julia's jaws to unclench enough to speak to him. Her throat was dry and it made her reply scratchy, but she managed to be loud when she said

"Th-thank you Sir, for your punishment." Julia's stomach clenched in embarrassment that she would have to reveal that she pissed herself to him.

Strictly: You know, you speak as if you were born to have a master, I am surprised one hasn't found you yet.

"No Sir I've never had anything like this happen to me. Sir, I'm sorry Sir I had to use the bathroom earlier and didn't, then, well..." Her voice trailed off

Strictly: Well it's about time then, regarding you needing a Master, as for the other, please continue your sentence.

"Sir, I peed on myself and in the chair."

Strictly: Now, this should teach you that you need to tell me of these matters as soon as you feel the need to relieve yourself. You never know when I will choose to punish you, and it will be too late if you wait until I am in the midst of it before you say anything. Now you will have to wait to take care of this, we don't work on the convenience of your pleasure, cunt.

Julia's reply was cut off by another jolt from her tormentor. This time it seemed like it lasted far, far longer than the first shock she got. By the time, he stopped, tears were leaking out her tightly closed eyes, and her speech was hard to get out.

"thknck...Th-thank You Sir."

Strictly: I'm glad you stopped begging, I dislike it. When I punish you, it is because either you deserve it, or I want it, sometimes both. Nevertheless, in neither case will begging get you out of it. You can feel free to whimper and whine, even cry, I want to know what feeling it causes you. Believe me when tell you I am fully aware you want it to stop, and would do anything to achieve that, I'm not interested in listening to it though.

"Yes Sir."

Strictly: Now I want you to relax, lean back and spread your legs like a good little pet. Pleasure yourself for me.

"Pleasure myself, Sir?" Her attempt at dissimilation was met with another jolt, this one set her pussy to tingling.

Strictly: Don't play the coy, na__ve innocent with me cunt, remember I was at the party you gang fucked. Might I refresh you to the fact that the only inspiration you needed for that was a little alcohol, I have quite a bit more on my side then a shot or two, I should hope.

"You are right Sir. Thank you."

Strictly: I don't need a fuck toy to tell me that, why aren't you masturbating?

Julia again received a sharp shock to her pleasure epicenters. When her thoughts cleared, the first thing in her mind was whether she looked appealing to him while he punished her. Julia reluctantly released her white-knuckled grip on the arms of her chair and slid her hands across her torso, catching up her breasts gently at first and then with increasing pressure she twisted and pulled at her nipples.

"Thank you Sir."

Beginning to feel the twisting grip of pleasure inside her and the building need seeking to overwhelm, Julia l

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