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Subway ride starts a wild adventure.

Choosing the lesser of two evils, she then withdrew her mouth from his cock and rubbed it gently over her face hoping he would be too interested in his pleasure to notice. Eventually, Mickey stepped away from her and stroked his cock, well satisfied with the mess he'd deposited on her face. Angelina could feel his cum oozing down her cheeks and quickly looked for something on which to clean herself. Finding nothing suitable, she lifted the corner of the unclean sheet and cleaned herself the best she could.

Mickey laughed, "Hey baby; that was pretty good. We'll have some more fun real soon."

She whimpered at the thought, "When are you going to let me go?"

"When your Daddy plays ball. Until then you'll just have to be my entertainment, cause I hate to be bored." Mickey replied as he zipped himself up and headed for the door. "Just behave yourself and you might just get out of this in one piece."

Angelina soon lost track of time, she spent most of the time sleeping or thinking about her childhood which had been the happiest time of her life. In those days, her beloved father was just a businessman, and she never questioned the big burly men that drove them everywhere and were never too far away from him. In more recent years, she felt quite within her rights to hate him, but was now longing for him to walk into this very room and rescue her with all guns blazing.

As time drifted by, her senses became more aware of her surroundings. She could make out other voices in the distant, and the occasional banging of doors, there was more than one of them she soon realised. Her boredom was only broken by a little food and drink, always delivered by Mickey. While it was always reheated burgers from some junk food chain and cartooned milk, she demolished it without a second thought. As much as she tried, there was to be no escape from the chain around her wrist. A small portable chemical and a bowl of water for washing was produced, and later a thick blanket when she complained of being cold. Her solitude soon began to take its toll, she began to crave someone to talk to, or even just to watch.

It was two days after Mickey's first sexual advances that he returned for some more action, but this time more prepared. Angelina sat still on the bed as he approached, she could almost feel the lust in his eyes as they peered at her through the balaclava. From his pocket he took two items and placed them on the bed beside her, she looked down and recognized a packet of condoms and a tube of lube. She shuddered at the thought of what was about to come.

"So, how's it to be?" Mickey asked. "The hard way or the easy way?"

"What do you mean?" Angelina asked.

"Do I have to hurt you, or are you just going to lie back and enjoy it?"

"I don't wanna be hurt." she whimpered.

"That's real sensible of you." he replied undoing his jeans. "Show me your legs and then take your panties off slowly."

Angelina closed her eyes as she lifted her skirt, she could almost feel his lustful eyes burning into her. She felt his weight on the bed next to her and then his hands on her thighs. He then took his hand in hers and guided it to his hard cock; she held it gently and stroked it while she pretended to be in another place. Mickey was nearly beside himself as he stroked her lovely legs and anticipated about what he was about to do. He salivated over her smooth and warmth curves as his hand found her panties.

"Take them off for me?" he whispered after a few seconds of playing with them.

Raising her buttocks, Angelina slipped her panties off and then lay back on the bed, she wanted this over with as fast as possible. If she was going to be fucked, all she could hope for was it to be quick and merciful. Mickey's hands were soon between her legs probing and prying her dryness.

"Use some lube." she suggested.

She jumped as the cold lubricant was applied, and for the next few minutes put up with Mickey's unwanted if not gentle explorations.

"Show me your tit's." he soon requested.

"I can't get my top off with the handcuf

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