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Kimberely has a stint with lawyer Max.

She couldn't believe herself, her reaction. But her reasonable mind was dripping away with how wet she was getting, watching him.

Her fingers teased the strap of her black slip, her leg wanted to go over the arm of the chair. She wanted him to see her.

She moved and with no fear, flipped on the light switch.


He saw the movement across the way and stopped. The light was on. The light in the room directly across from him.

He watched her, eyes boring into his, and immediately realized she'd been watching him the whole time. He smiled. The smile killed her.

She walked slowly back to the chair and sat in it again, facing him. She draped her leg, still in her red heels, over the arm of the chair - the black slip barely reaching below her hips. He licked his lips and slid his hand up and down his cock again. He watched her eyes move from his to his hand movements. He watched her lick her lips in return.

"Oh...yeah," he whispered to himself.

"That's it...," he whispered.

She toyed with the strap of her slip again. She gazed at all the windows now too, watching him, thinking of being watched with the darkened windows and her lit up stage. She could feel the darkened windows beating, urging her on. She could see his face urging her on too. She leaned back in the chair, watching him, running her hand to her neck and rubbing it, pulling it down, down to her shoulder.

He smiled at her again, that delicious, dirty smile, wanting more.

"Come on... You know you want to," he whispered.

Through the glass he could sense she was close. His speed never changed on his cock, slowly, up and down. He lowered his eyes now to the neckline of her slip. He licked his lips again.

On the other side of the window she watched the path of his eyes and sighed softly to herself...mmmmmm.

He wanted to see.

She wanted to show him. She wanted to show him and everyone she could sense was watching her. The heat. The pulsing.

His breath caught in his throat as he watched her slip the strap down over her shoulder and run her hand into the front of her slip, lifting her full, perfect breast out of the falling fabric and working her hardened nipple with her fingers.

"Yeah...oh yeah," he whispered, his hand moving faster without even realizing it. He watched her fingers work her hardened, hot, red nipple for him, her leg moving backward on the arm of the chair, legs opening more.

She was so on fire, watching his eyes, watching his hand move faster, it was going to take no time at all for her to ...

"That's it, baby, come on...keep going," he whispered. He could see by the look on her face and the fluttering of her eyes she was close to cumming. His hand moved faster on his rock hard cock, up and down.

She looked at him through the window in an almost desperate state, almost begging him to help her, licking her lips as she watched his hand move faster. It was all too much.

Her back was arched, she moved her other hand to her other nipple and now with both hands working both nipples she looked at him, and he smiled that honeyed, slippery, hot smile.

She sighed loudly, alone in her room but not alone, and he gestured to her now with his other hand.

"Come on...," he whispered, "give it to me,"

She lost it then, head back, and with hips now writhing on the chair, she came loudly, back arched, fingers digging into the arm of the chair.

"Oh...fuck...yeah," he whispered, wondering who else was watching her, knowing she didn't care.

His cock was throbbing and he put both hands on the window to watch or he would have cum.

Her hands moved down to her thighs now and pushed up the bottom of her slip on the chair. She opened her legs more on the chair and watched him now, transfixed on her movements.

Again he gestured to her...

"More, come on baby. That's it. More," he whispered to this stranger who was no stranger.

She smiled at him now, the same smile he had, hot and twisted and desperate. She teased him, opening her legs a little more.

"More...," he whispered.

Still a little more, smiling.

"Fucking little teas

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