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Middle age man passionately seduces Japanese college coed.

Off for a quick bite to eat and then the club for drinks. The nice thing was Jackie's uncle owned the club. This made drinks much more affordable as they all got to enjoy the family discount.

Through the course of the day, Geri had a lot of built up nervous energy, and she wanted to finally sit and relax. She ordered a Long Island Iced Tea and drank it a little faster than she normally would. Of course sitting down presented yet another challenge. How does one get up on a bar stool without flashing the naughty bits? Well, not easy, but it can be accomplished.

Half way through her second drink, Don took Geri to the floor and the two of them danced as they have on plenty of first Mondays before. Only tonight was different. The pent up energy built through the day, coupled with the drinks which went straight to her already well soaked pussy, pushed Geri a direction that she never went before. She found herself moving in on Don and grinding against him. He felt so good. She knew it wasn't right because they worked together, but it just felt soooo goooood! "What the hell am I doing?" she thought? "I am a very innocent girl. This is not me at all."

Don didn't miss the opportunity to push back. Why not? Geri was the hottest chick at the office. The only reason he never made a move was because she was daughter of the boss, and it was clear with unspoken words that she was off limits.

Geri could feel his cock stiffen as he was pushing against her tummy. This got her even more turned on if that was possible! Geri opened her legs and started grinding against Don's thigh. Not missing a beat, Don reached around and started massaging her ass with both hands, pulling her in even tighter. As he rubbed her ass, Geri's skirt started to ride up and his hands met her flesh. The booze had clearly taken over and Geri was all his to do with as he pleased. Don spun her around and pulled her in tight. She could now feel his cock directly between her cheeks, with only the cloth of his pants between them.

By now Don had pulled her skirt up completely so it was simply around her waist. Geri's freshly waxed privates were put on display for anyone that wanted to look. He reached down between her thighs and felt her wetness. Oh. My God!!! This girl is a bitch in heat!!! Don pressed a finger home and easily slid past her lips into her hairless pussy.

"Oooh" Geri purred. She reached back with one hand to his hip and the other over her shoulder to run her fingers through his hair. Don pressed a second finger home as he reached up with his other hand to squeeze her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were incredibly hard, so he gave them each a pinch.

That was all she needed. Geri reached between her legs, pressing on Don's hand. She had a mind blowing orgasm right there on the dance floor. Her knees started to buckle and she felt like she was going to simply collapse. Don spun her back around and quickly walked her off to the men's room and shoved her inside.

"Wait. Wait! I'm not that kind of..." Her sentence was cut off as he jammed his tongue into her mouth. Geri was very much still in the red zone and Don wasn't about to let a halfhearted protest slow him down.

Don pushed her against one of the stalls. Their kissing went uninterrupted as she reached down to undo his belt buckle and pants. Don pinched both nipples through her shirt as she freed his member. It felt really big in her hands. She wanted to see it. She wanted to suck it. As she started to sink down to claim her prize, he pulled her back up by her armpits. "Don't move", he commanded. These were the first words he spoke since they started grinding on the dance floor.

Don slid his fingers along her collarbone and under her bra strap, tank top, and jacket.

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