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A night off work turns out to be a wonderful blind date.

It was over before I could blink, and he was walking away from the bar, leather coat swinging from his broad shoulders with his brisk stride while I stared after him, stunned at the sudden kiss.

"Don't tell me that gorgeous specimen just brought you a bottle of expensive bubbly, kissed you and you still insulted him?" Sage made me jump in surprise again, as she sat on the chair he'd vacated only seconds before.

"Nope, he did and he did, but I didn't insult him at all," I shrugged, "In fact I could barely bloody speak."

"Argh, the first decent offer you get and you act stupid," Sage joked, poking me in the ribs with her elbow.

"Maybe he likes his women stupid, he said he'll find me later, had to do something or other."

"Lucky you. He sure looked red hot from where I was standing."

Suddenly Aretha Franklin's 'Respect' started playing. With a groan Sage reached into the tiny pocket on her short skirt and pulled out her mobile phone.

"Sage... Yeah I'm at the bar... No, not yet... Fuck... I'll be right there." She glanced up at me and I smiled, knowing what was coming next. "I've got to drive some guy dressed up as Superman to the hospital, apparently he tried to feel up Spidergirl and she did something to his hand. Grey can't drive as he's had a couple of drinks already."

"Oh go on, I'll hang around a bit and if Mr. Tall Dark and Dangerous doesn't come back then I'll get a taxi home." I was amazed that I didn't feel worked up at the sudden change of plans yet again. Maybe I should drink champagne more often.

"What no bitchy comment? Damn, I think I'll hire that guy to hang around you more often if he fries your brain to this extreme." She frowned at me before kissing me on the cheek and running for the exit.

I was about to give up, the champagne was all gone when, as I left the ladies room feeling slightly irritated with myself for waiting around for a guy that was clearly out of my league, I felt an arm slip around my waist. The tantalising scent of leather and man could only belong to Dracula.

"Now I've caught you Kitty... are you going to faint away in my arms?" his voice rumbled in my ear.

"Catwoman doesn't faint when bad guys catch her," I scoffed at the mere suggestion.

"What about when bad guys whisk her away to their hotel room," he breathed, kissing my neck, his stubble bringing me out in goosebumps.

"Catwoman can handle anything villains throw at her," I assured him, really not sure if it was the best idea, but not caring if it wasn't. At least I was able to speak, despite the heat flaring up between my legs as he licked and nibbled on me. Spontaneity was suddenly appealing to me for some unknown reason.

He didn't waste a single moment, swooping me up in his arms like I weighed nothing and carried me over to the open lift. Catwoman may not faint, but right then I was coming dangerously close to doing so in the arms of my mysterious, leather wearing He-Man.

As the doors closed behind us, he put me down to press the button for his floor. I still couldn't believe how perfect he was, and obviously strong if he could carry me about so effortlessly. I was wondering what he'd look like naked, and what his arse was like underneath the long coat when he glanced at me, raising an eyebrow.

"If you're not careful, I won't make it back to my room before I devour you." He stepped closer, cupping my own arse in his large hands.

"I'm not doing anything!" I grinned.

"I can feel the lust coming from you in gigantic waves," he whispered spookily in my ear.

"Huh? Who the hell are you?" What I really meant was, was he nuts? What on earth was he going on about?

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," he teased, pulling on my ear lobe with his lips.

"Try me."

"OK. I'm a vampire."

I was about to tell him that I thought he was having me on, and I wouldn't be going anywhere other than my own home that night, when suddenly the lift stopped and he pressed his lips to mine.

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