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Jack's boss joins in and his aunt fucks him on his birthday.

After an uneventful drive to the club I parked my 4X4 in the back parking lot and went inside. It was about 9 o'clock so there weren't too many folks in there yet. The lights were dimmed to create sultry atmosphere and the DJ was pumping out the latest dance tunes through the sound system. A few "girls" were already there dressed in their usual slinky garb and their high heels trying to attract well hung males.

At around 10 o'clock as I was sitting near the back corner of the bar with my silky nylon covered legs crossed and grinding my tucked cock against my ass when a cute little transvestite strolled up and asked if she could sit on the stool next to me. I said "Be my guest" and she did.

We introduced ourselves and then started making small talk and getting to know each other, all the while I was checking out her tight little body and sexy, smooth legs in black stockings and heels. She apparently was doing the same to me.

Pretty soon she was stroking my nylon-clad legs, running her smooth hands from the skirt of my bodysuit all the way down to the arch of my foot and then back again. My cock began to stiffen tucked back under my ass, held in place by my tight pantyhose. She told me how gorgeous my legs were and that I was really turning her on. I told her that she was doing the same to me.

She then leaned in close and we started French kissing, her soft lips locking with mine our hot, wet tongues intertwining. I slipped my hand up her thigh and under the cuff of her denim shorts, stroking the side of her fully erect, un tucked cock through her lace panties.

We stopped kissing and I said, "Mmmmmm...very nice!" referring to the size of her cock which was easily 8 inches long and very thick.

"Thanks," she said smiling as she slid her hand around on my silky thighs.

We then retreated to the upstairs bar which is darker and quieter, affording much more privacy for such encounters. My cock was extremely hard by now and straining to be released from its nylon prison and thrust somewhere hot and wet.

We found a table in a dark corner of the nearly deserted upstairs bar and continued our stroking and fondling. I was standing up now which allowed my new he girl friend to slip her hand up between my thighs and rub my hard cock through my pantyhose.

We frenched each other hotly as she stroked my cock and I slid my hand down the front of her shorts to slowly jerk her thick, juicy rod up and down.

"Want to get out of here?" I asked in a hoarse whisper, now nearly consumed with lust and needing release desperately.

She nodded yes as she kept stroking and kissing me.

With that, we grabbed our purses and headed out to the parking lot toward my car, sharing a cigarette on the way. When we got to my car we glanced quickly around the deserted parking lot to make sure the coast was clear. Everyone was inside watching the drag show so we only had to worry about the occasional straggler or maybe a police car doing a drive through.

My new friend quickly unbuttoned her denim shorts and slid them off over her silky, black thigh high stockings as she squirmed about in heat in the passenger seat of my car. She then pulled her panties aside and her huge cock stood exposed at attention. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and slowly stroked up and down. It was immensely hard and turning purple in need of release. I lowered my head and slid my hot, wet lips over the huge, swollen purple head. Swirling my tongue around it and licking the pee hole, tasting her hot, salty pre-cum.

She then began grinding her hips, lightly fucking my mouth as I sucked, gliding my mouth up and down the shaft, jerking it with my hand and occasionally going all the way down until the head was forced into the back of my throat.

I then felt her hand slipping between my thighs trying to get at my cock. Keeping her swollen, throbbing member in my mouth I hiked up my dress and pulled my pantyhose down enough to release my hard cock so that she could jerk it while I sucked away.

I sucked, stroked, and tongued

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