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Wife looks forward to romantic evening with mate.

Late in the morning I had my hand between her legs when a very normal looking single guy came by carrying what looked like a large tackle box but no other fishing gear. He glanced as us, saw what I was doing and smiled. Being emboldened I asked him where the rest of his fishing gear was and he stopped in front of our shelter saying that what he was carrying was not for fishing. He said he was testing some products that he manufactured himself. Being curious and also giving him more time to watch me stroke my wife I asked him about the products. He set the box down, opened it and showed me that it contained hundreds of brown glass vials which contained "essential oils". That got my wife's attention and she sat up because essential oils had become a big interest within her yoga community.

We introduced ourselves to Tom then he and my wife engaged in a deep conversation about the oils. I could see by the way they looked at each other that there was some chemistry at work so I asked some questions which resulted in him telling us more and offering to explain the different properties of the oils. Eventually he asked if we would like to try some of them, I declined but my wife was game. Using her as a subject he used different oils on different parts of her body or would just have us sniff them while he explained the health or other benefits as well as how the oils "respond" to different bodily parts. Some changed scent when applied to different areas of her body; others warmed the area or caused tingling sensations.

Looking over the bottles I noticed some were labeled with erotic sounding names such as ecstasy, dark pleasure, passion or loving peace and I asked about those. He explained that some of the mixes were for erotic zones and my wife asked if it would be possible to sample some. Tom offered to let her choose but she asked him to do so. The first bottle he selected was for application to the breasts but when he handed it to my wife she asked him to apply it to her...and he did. She felt the warming and tingling as well as other sensations as he slowly and erotically rubbed it into her breasts. Both Tom and I were becoming aroused by the "demonstrations", a fact which did not escape my wife. She asked what else he had and he selected on for use on a female's "lower regions". "Well what are you waiting for, let's see what it does" she boldly asked.

As part of my wife's yoga equipment we brought an inflatable "bolster" which was a flatted oval cylinder just long enough to reach from under her chin to her lower belly. Tom said it would be best if she were to lie on the bolster facing down so her face and torso were supported. She folded her legs so that her knees cradled the bolster from the sides and her butt was resting on her heels. This exposed her vagina which we both noticed was glistening with moisture. Her butt however was somewhat clenched out of "modesty". Tom poured some of the mixture into his hands and rubbed them briskly to activate the solution then he reached under her bottom and began to gently massage the oil over her mound and over the sides of her outer lips. She kept her pussy shaved closely so his fingers, and my view, were unhampered by hair. He worked slowly and concentrated on the outside. Then he switched oils and began to massage it in between her lips stroking slowly and deeply. It was obvious that my wife was enjoying the experience although other than sensual breathing she was silent. I leaned over and asked her how she was doing and she just purred in response. As he continued stroking and probing between her legs I watched as her whole body relaxed although it would tense up slightly when he touched certain areas. Normally her pussy is tight but more pink was now showing and the whole area was very open and wet.

Tom's cock was fully engorged by now.

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