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The Little One is accepted.

"Same here."

We talked about school, families, all the memories just seemed to gush out of us.

"So, am I gonna meet an angry girlfriend?" she said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, isn't there a lucky lady with you?"

"No, not at this time. I'm only up here for the rest of the summer."

"And there's no one back home either?" she inquired


"Interesting." She said with a sneaky smile.

"What about Tracy?"

"She's been going with Joey for awhile. He's a good guy."

"What about you? Am I gonna get my face pounded in by some football jock?"

"No, I'm, uh, all alone." She said with another sneaky smile.

"Uh-huh." I now wondered what my next move should be. I mean, I knew what it should be, but should it be my next move?

"Have you seen the lake?" Bonnie said, breaking the uneasy tension.

"No, let's go outside, it's getting pretty crowded here."

Bonnie smiled and took my hand as we went outside into the night air.

It was a perfect night, the stars were all around and the further we walked from the house, the more the country atmosphere overtook the party we'd just stepped away from.

"Remember how we used to swim down at the beach?" Bonnie said as she held my hand.

"Yeah, it was our version of Malibu Beach." I said with a laugh.

"Oh, remember that summer program they used to have there?"

"Oh, man that was so goofy!"

I should point out that Joey's house sat in between a field with tall grass and property owned by another landowner. We could see a couple down by the lakeside. I slowly guided Bonnie towards the field of tall grass, she eagerly followed.

"The stars are so beautiful." Bonnie said looking up.

"Yes, they are." I said hesitantly.

I suddenly realized how quiet it was the only sound being crickets.

Bonnie was close to me now and we kissed. All the years apart had built up a passion between us that was suddenly being released. We both smiled at one another.

"Oh Jim..." Bonnie said softly.

"My, that felt...great." I replied.

"Let's make it last." She said as we kissed again and I felt her tongue touching mine.

As our lips parted, I looked at her face in the moonlight.

"Wow, that felt really nice."

"You know it." She replied

We kissed again and I felt her hands on my waist, I did the same and loved the feel of her weathered jeans and how they hugged her ass.

"Oh, Jim...I really want you..." Bonnie said softly in my ear.

"Well, we're, um, all alone here it seems."

"Yes, we are." She said looking around the dark and quiet field. "Let's go over there a little further."

Bonnie led me out further into the tall grass and lay down, I joined her. We now passionately began kissing, my hands now freely roamed around her body, and hers roamed mine. Her tits felt so nice and she didn't resist, I now felt her nipples hardening under her shirt.

"Oh Jim...that feels sooo nice." She said softly.

I boldly slid my hand under her shirt and she shivered slightly as my hand worked its way up her side before grasping her satin bra-covered breast. She looked at me as I began to caress her. She smiled and nodded, meaning she was okay with what I was doing, which made me feel good. She was breathing rapidly and little sounds of pleasure could be heard from her now. I had her shirt halfway off and she slowly sat up.

"Let me do this." She said and took her shirt completely off. Her bra was a satiny material and she unhooked it from the back like a pro. And her breasts were truly gorgeous round orbs with small nipples. I could barely speak and she could tell how turned on I was.

"Yeah, guess I've been blessed, huh?" she said with a shy smile and looked down.

"They're beautiful." I said in a voice just above a whisper.

"Please touch them." She said as she caressed my hand and softly placed it on her left breast.

It felt wonderfully soft and firm and her nipple began to harden as it slipped through my fingers

"Oh Jim...oh please keep doing that." She said in a soft voice. I was now breathing heavy as I caressed her beautiful tits. "..please...keep doing that."

Her hands were now on either side of my sh

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