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Unexpected visitors as they prepare for a storm.

"Okay then...As you wish! I'd love to and, as I said, have wanted to...So, I'll write your story. I just hope you're up for it." I replied, starting to back away.

Jody's face brightened, her eyes lit up and she squealed with delight at my answer and like a snake, her arm struck out, grabbing my cock.

"Not so fast, Mr. Writer...You've gotten me tipsy tonight, you've taken every liberty with your eyes...And, you have undressed me and touched my most sensitive parts! What you have yet to do is...Fuck me silly, and I aim to have this wonderfully big cock buried in me tonight...YOU are not leaving until you do. In fact, you'd better be lying next to me tomorrow morning! Understand?" She said, laughing softly.

Her words and touch brought me back to life and her eyes widened as my cock thickened and rose in her hand. She maintained her grip and leaned in to assault my mouth. The passion of her kiss made me rock hard and Jody released me, pressing in hard to finish the best kiss I had ever had.

The night was a blur of breasts, lips, wet hungry labia, and unbelievable climaxes. From somewhere during the night, Jody had produced a camera and the next morning we laughed and fell silent over the sexual pictures taken. When I woke that next morning, Jody laid on her side next to me, her delicious ass pressed into my crotch. I reached own to caress her and found a large pool of dried semen between her legs.

I was piss hard already, but touching my semen reminded me that I had Jody as satisfied as I was. I began sensing another urge, this one mental and heart felt, "Dammit...I was falling!" I thought, as I rose to pee.

When I came out of the bathroom, Jody was just waking up, feeling the bed for me. She started to call out my name, when I slid back in and mounted her. We closed wine flavored lips together, as I wiggled between her legs and slid my cock home.

"Ummm baby you're so good to me! Oh God, you are just fucking big...A Little more...There that's it! Let me...Oh Shit, don't move...God don't move!" She cried out, with sleepy bedroom eyes, trying to open.

Jody's legs were spread wide, by then, and I looked down and backwards, watching her hungry pussy lips devouring my cock. I pulled out, slightly, anyway, making the inner skin of her labia come out like, mock red painted, lips sucking me.

"Oh ya...Do that, it feels wonderful!" She said, digging her finger nails into my ass cheeks.

I rose a little more and began a slow hip thrust sending my lady into an early morning climax, although still not quite awake.

"Oh God Scott, you've got me there...Just...A...Oh Fuck...A little...Mooorrrre....Shit that's it....I'm....Oh sweet Jesus I'm....Here I...I'm cum...Cum...iiiiiiiiiiiing!" She screamed out, wildly thrashing beneath me.

Jody writhed and thrashed, expending her climax and then sighed heavily, crying out,

"You are fucking magical! I've never came that hard...Since last night!" and giggled.

I dropped to kiss her and gently pulled my, still rock hard, cock out, causing her to softly cry out,

"Christ...You didn't cum?"

"Hey, gotta satisfy you later...Right?" I replied back as soft, and rose, as she rolled over, with a smile forming on her face.

With a sleepy voice Jody replied, as I walked out of the bedroom,

"Oh Scott...I really don't know how much more of your satisfying I can take!"

I chuckled to myself and thought, "Oh how sweet it is, I've found a genuine Irish Rose - and she's all mine!" as I made the kitchen and started coffee.

An hour later, Jody joined me, rubbing her sleepy eyes. I turned to watch her enter the kitchen, her hair a mess and a sweet little smile on her face.

"Morning." She said, taking a chair and yawning.

"Coffee?" I asked.

"Please Hun...God you've got my little pussy singing...What did you do to me this morning?" She replied, lifting her hand to her mouth and yawning wide, once again.

"Nothing...Just a little early morning, thank you, for last night." I replied, turning to hand her a cup.

Jody took her first

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