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Single woman is drawn into a wild night.

I stood along side her fondling her breasts, pulling her nipples with my fingers.

Both guys now had their hands on their cocks, rubbing through the fabric of their swimsuits.

"Turn around and grab your ankles" I demanded. She again did as she was told. She presented her fine big ass to our guests. I then brought my hand down hard on her ass cheek. She let out a yell.

" This ass was made to be spanked, don't be afraid to give it a good whack, she loves it." I then gave her another slap to the ass to demonstrate. This time she made a closed mouth sound.

"See if she's wet. Go ahead dip your finger in and see" I offered to Mark. He reached up and stuck his finger into her cunt.

"You too Ray"

Both freshmen had a finger in my wife's pussy inspecting for moisture.

"Oh she's wet alright" Mark said authoritatively. Ray concurred. My spouse made sounds of pleasure.

"Well that's to be expected from a horny little slut, always wet and ready for cock. And speaking of cock I think its time she prepare those cocks. It's taken a bit of training, but I think she is really a world class cocksucker.

"Get on your knees slave and get to work sucking dick."

The fellows needed no prompting. They were both in front of Jennifer with their swimsuits off and their two swinging sausages in front of her face in a second.

I got a good look at her face as she saw all this man meat in front of her. Her eyes grew large and her mouth was open. She reached up at once and began to jerk off a cock in each hand. She looked back and forth at her prizes and decided on one. She brought her mouth down on the larger of the two. And to the surprise of I think everyone in the room, the smaller guy, Ray had the bigger cock. And not that Mark's was small, but Ray's was just so out of proportion to his build. My wife tried to take as much as she could of this salami in her mouth although she could only fit the head in. Not to neglect Mark's penis she moved over to his manhood and began her loving action there.

I had never really been sure how I would react to seeing my wife suck another man's cock, let alone two; the answer was in my pants rock hard. She made to love those cocks like a woman possessed.

The guys were getting vocal now, encouraging and complimenting my wife; what a fine cocksucker she was and the like. Jennifer just moaned loudly. I sat on the couch and jerked off.

"I told you she was great cocksucker. My little slut has been trained to please a man. She's a fuck toy, aren't you slave?"

Jennifer stopped long enough to offer; "Yes sir, you have taught me well, I am grateful to be the slave of such a fine and patient master." She was playing the part of the slave perfectly. God I love that woman!

"Man this is wild!" Mark said with a big grin across his face as my wife tried to deep throat his dick.

"Shit man you are one lucky son of bitch to have a woman like this. I hope I get myself a girlfriend like this one day." Ray said wistfully.

"What do you say boys, ready to fuck my little slut?"

"Fuck yeah." "Sure, fucking A" they said almost in unison.

"Get up slave and follow me" I said as I got up and pulled my wife to her feet. Her body was soaking wet with sweat. Before I could react she pressed her body to mine and stuck her tongue deep in my mouth; I could taste the man meat. It caught me off guard, but I liked it. I gave her ass a hard whack and pulled her into the bedroom followed close behind by the freshmen with hard dicks in hand.

"On all fours slave" I commanded as I took the headboard position. I placed her head between my legs; she took my cock in her mouth and waited.

"Ok, Mark you first, mount this bitch."

"Yes sir" he replied with grin and was behind my wife rubbing his cock up and down her slit. He slowly slipped his dick into her. She began to moan. I pushed her head down on my dick to remind her that work was expected. I grabbed fistfuls of hair, using it as handles, pulling her toward me and then letting go a bit only to pull her back again.

The blond boy quickly gained spe

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