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A couple of the folks at the table laughed, including Linda. She asked me if I knew how to dance and I said that a wonderful lady 10 years my senior had taught me how. She was so good that she followed all of my mistakes and gave me the confidence that I needed to not step on her feet more than once a night. Well the song "Tight Fitten' Jeans" had just started and Linda said, "Let's go do it." I grabbed her hand and we headed for the floor.

Now this dance floor was like that in so many small clubs in town, about the size of a postage stamp. Fortunately, though, since it wasn't very busy we had it to ourselves. In about 5 steps I had my right leg between hers and we were flying around the floor. She was a great dancer!! She felt good too. I used my thigh to lead her when I was going forward and my hand placed just above the curve of her beautifully shaped butt to "pull" her when I was going backward. We spun well and we both were enjoying it. When the song ended we were both a little flushed and a touch winded. The next tune was a beautiful slow waltz so we waltzed 'til it ended. This was very close and I just got hotter and hotter. My cock was at half mast, held in check only by my Jockeys. The lump was pressed warmly against her belly and I'm sure she had taken notice. Those tits were pressed against me and I can guarantee you that I noticed! They felt just great. When the song ended, I was feeling the need for some cooling off, so I suggested we return to the table and our drinks.

I bought her another Pinsch and water and I renewed my Jack and water. We talked about absolutely nothing and I held her hand under the table. That put my hand in contact with her thigh, right above her left knee. I idly and gently stroked the inside of the thigh through the jeans with one finger, occasionally trailing the finger higher on the thigh. She sorta stopped this by gently placing her hand on top of mine. At one point she said "Not on the first night and definitely not here!" Now that was as logical as anything you ever heard, but you know what happens when you start thinking with the little head instead of the big one.

We danced a few more dances and it was getting late. At the conclusion of the last dance, I was kissing soft lips that opened readily to allow my tongue to gently dance over her lips and teeth. Her tongue followed up and pressed forward into my mouth. I loved it. At this point we had to break this up before we got the place raided. Her nipples were standing out through the bra and blouse, just begging to be sucked. At least that's how they looked to me.

Linda told me that her work day started at 7:00 (sheesh, early!) and that she'd better leave. I thought I'd better too, actually. I wasn't sloppy drunk, but I was buzzed and the night was getting short. I offered to walk her to her car and she accepted.

This club was in a hotel so there were halls around the club and so forth and we wound up sitting on a chair nearby groping each other silly. I was pressing her tit with my left hand while the heel of my right pressed gently against the jeans-covered mound of her cunt. Time out again. We needed to move or we would get arrested.

We straightened our clothing and walked out to the parking lot. We told each other we'd had fun and would like to go out again. We reached her car and I opened the door for her. She got in and rolled down the window. I leaned in and kissed those magnificent lips and we just kept on and on, getting real hot in the process. I put my left hand on her right tit and cupped it gently, pulling up on it a little. She moaned against my tongue and my brains went away. This continued for a few moments and I pulled away to look up and see if some police officer was enjoying the show. None were. In fact the parking lot was deserted (luckily!!!).

In an absolute flash of male piggishness I reached down, pulled down my fly and fished out about 8+ inches of hot, hard, drooling cock.

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