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With Roger's aid, Marina teaches Alicia an important lesson.

"Yes, Leo."

<Smack> "One." <Smack> "Two." <Smack> "Three." By the fifth smack Max was crying and shaking from an impending orgasm. At ten Leo pumped his fingers in and out of her sopping pussy, bringing her to the brink, and then he took his hands away. He leaned in and ran his tongue up and down her spine, making her beg for release, but he withheld it. He put the tip of his penis at her entrance taking shallow pokes. When she thought she could not take any more he spit into her asshole. He thrust his penis into her pussy while he forced his finger into her ass. She had never had anyone put anything in her butt before, but that did not slow her down.

Max could not take anymore and gave into the orgasm that had been building for awhile. While she screamed and creamed all over her his cock, he pulled out and sank it into her open ass, she arched back, allowing him to wrap his hand around her hair as he rode her. Her butt was so tight; Leo did not think he could last long. She was moaning and calling his name to give it to her harder.

"Don't stop, my lion, don't stop. Ride me harder, Leo harder."

Each push and pull motion was taking them to new heights. Max had never experience that much pleasure in her life, and just to add another level he twisted her head back and kissed her while they both came. Her three holes were radiating. Leo fell on her back, never dislodging himself from her tight butt. When he mustered up the strength, he rolled off her and pulled a sheet over them. Max was out for the rest of the night.


Leo looked in smiling awe at the naked body that lay curled up under him. He had had some wild nights in his life, but not in his bedroom. He never brought girls back here. They christened his space perfectly. He knew she was a hot one, but only in his wildest dreams did her ever think she would put it down on him like that. He was getting hard just thinking about the blow job, hmm now that is something a man could get used to.

Max stirred below him as all thoughts of last night began to fill her groggy brain. She jumped up in a panic, almost knocking him in the chin.

"Whoa, girl what's wrong?"

"Nothing. Nothing." she replied laying back down.

"Max, I know that face. All kind of shit is wrong. Were you gonna bolt if I was not here?"

"Yeah, I woke up feeling like I was somewhere where I shouldn't be."

"Ok, but that is bullshit. You belong here with me. Capice?"

"Capice." She stifled a yawn. Leo saw it, knowing the working he put on her body last night still had her tired and sore.


While in the shower, Max realized that she could not put on her ball gown from last night, but was pleasantly surprised to find a t-shirt and boxer for her on the bed. She dressed and went downstairs. Leo almost burned his hand when she entered the room. She look incredibility sexy in his clothes, her nipples were hard as pebbles, and calling to him. He looked away, willing himself to show some restraint, and went back to tending the bacon. Max was a little perplexed by his behavior until she looked down and saw what he was looking at. She quietly removed the clothing beginning her seduction.

"I'm sorry you didn't liking seeing me in your clothes," she said faking teariness in her voice. He could not believe she was so emotional this morning. He turned around to apologize and explain but instead dropped the plate. Max was standing there, with her hands on her head buck naked. This is a very wicked woman, and she is all mine. Max realized she must have gone too far when his eyes went from open and warm to black slits. She turned to run, but he grabbed her and lifted her up. He placed her on the dining room table. If she wanted to play, he could play.

"Lie back. Knees up." His voice was edged with anger. She had really pulled on his heart with her fake voice and he didn't take kindly to being fooled.
Max debated obeying.

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