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Peter almost gasped. Underneath her shirt, he could see her stomach. She was a little chubby, as her thighs had implied, but the real attention grabber was the baby blue bra cupping her big breasts. It was a simple bra, with the subtlest frills running across the straps, but it was doing everything for Peter in the moment. In the bra sat two large, soft, supple breasts, tanned and ever so slightly wrinkled with age. Peter knew she was 50, but Diane's body was absolutely spectacular. Not tight or toned, like she was a health nut who freaked out about turning 40, but a woman who had embraced her age. She was natural, real, genuine, and Peter drank it in.

"I'll go grab a shirt in a sec, let's just get this patched up first. Do we need something like a paste or some kind of epoxy from a hardware store?" She asked, breaking Peter from the trance he was in, hypnotized by her bosom.

"Uh, no. Maybe eventually, but the best thing to use now is just some duct tape." He grabbed a roll from the tool box and wrapped a small strip around the leak a few times. "Now, we should be able to turn the water back on..." With a hiss, water started running again. Peter gestured towards the sink, and Diane turned it on. After a moment, water was running, and Diane crouched down to check the pipe. Leaning over Peter, the two admired his patchwork as the duct tape held up. She grabbed the pipe to feel the tape, and Peter couldn't help but imagine her hand grasped around another pipe. Diane pushed the tape around at the seems, and these ministrations easily translated in Peter's mind as he watched her small hand work its way around the pipe. He may have been interrupted earlier, but Peter was almost thankful for this interruption, knowing he had even better material to jack off too later.

Suddenly, Peter realized that his cock was hard. Not swelling, not starting to get aroused. His cock was fully erect, and he was in thin pajama pants with his mature neighbor in just a bra and yoga pants, practically straddling him. They were alone. Peter had to stop thinking about the situation, because it only made his cock harder. He pulled his eyes away from Diane's hands on the pipe to look at his pants, which were fully tented. He was so flustered, he had to adjust himself, but how? He couldn't just tuck his cock into his waistband, then it would definitely poke out. He reached down and touched his hard cock, making it twitch. He started to push it down, trying to think of anything other than how much of a MILF his neighbor was. How close her tits were to his face. He needed to think of anything else, but there was just too much source material to work with. He was desperately pushing his cock down when suddenly, Peter felt another hand touch his.

He gasped inaudibly, and looked up to see Diane looking down at him. She was no longer feeling around on the pipe, instead pushing Peter's hand away. While making eye contact, Diane removed Peter's hand, and wrapped her small fingers around his hard cock. She didn't stroke it, and just held it for a moment, what felt to Peter like an eternity.

Diane broke the silence, whispering in a sultry, low voice. "You have a very nice cock, Peter." He almost came right then and there. He was so dumbstruck. His neighbor had a handful of his cock. He didn't know what to do. So Diane took control.

She felt his cock twitch in her hand, and could feel the blood pumping through it. Without a word, she moved back, away from the cabinet and the pipes, towards Peter's lap. She pulled his pajama pants down and tossed them to the side, they weren't doing anything anyways. Peter couldn't move, just taking in everything happening around him. Diane grabbed his cock again, this time beginning to slowly stroke it up and down. She quickly found a slow rhythm, and Peter was in heaven. Up and down, up and down, it was mesmerizing.

"No one likes a dry handjob.

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