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An argument over modesty and exhibitionism.

"I've never been beyond the wall."

"Yes, you have," Elena reminded him.

"Not that I remember," he noted. "How will we--?"

"Quiet," Elena said, motioning with her eyes to the cameras and microphones dotting the interior of the limo.

When they reached the border, an armed guard approached the vehicle and smacked the roof with his palm. All three of the passengers exited and formed a line for inspection while another guard scanned the interior of the limo.

One by one, the guard stood before each of them and looked into his device in the upper left-hand corner of his vision. He then looked into the face of each person before moving along. "You're free to go," the guard said.

Jason, Elena and Kat reentered the vehicle, and it proceeded through the gate and beyond the wall. The terrain beneath them instantly became more treacherous, and it took a moment for the vehicle's stabilizers to adjust. They were soon traveling at a great speed along the darkened highway.

"That was easy," Jason quietly noted, earning a glare from Elena.

They traveled for more than two hours without uttering a word between them. A sliver of the moon provided only an occasional glimpse of their surroundings. Through the windows, all that could be seen were darkened buildings, most of which were crumbling to their foundations, and an occasional small fire. Antique vehicles could be seen stranded along the side of the highway, stripped of their tires and metal, with weeds growing from the wheel wells.

After nearly three hours, their vehicle pulled off of an exit and came to an abrupt stop. Through the window, Jason could see a hint of mountains in the distance. When he stepped outside, the aroma of the cool night air filled his lungs. Once all three had exited, the vehicle departed, leaving them standing in darkness.

"So," Jason said, "is this it?"

Elena tapped the side of her device, and a small green light appeared along her left temple. "From here, we travel on foot. We will be there in less than an hour if you can keep up with me."

Jason chuckled, and he activated his device. The darkness surrounding him instantly transformed into a green-hued brightness in all directions.

"So, Kat, what's your story?" he said as he followed Elena along a dirt path winding up a hill through the forest.

"My story?" Kat said.

"You know...what did you study at the academy? What was your role with the State? How did you get involved with your rebel group?"

"You two will have plenty of time to share your life stories later," Elena barked.

Jason gave an exasperated sigh and pointed a thumb in Elena's direction. He made a face at Kat, and she responded with a giggle. Elena wheeled around, and they both adopted stony expressions.

"May I ask where you're taking us?" Jason said to Elena.

"It's a safe house," she responded. "One of many the Third Revolution has maintained, both inside and outside of the city."

They trudged through the forest and followed a dirt path along the edge of a large lake. The moonlight reflected off the water, creating a pattern of eerie shadows on Jason's display. He turned off the display, and soaked in the breathtaking natural scenery before him.

They came upon a small log cabin, and Elena used a key to open the door. They stepped inside the drafty room, and Elena lit a lantern, revealing a single room interior furnished with a bed, a table, and a kitchen counter with a wooden stove. Jason noted that the cabin was slightly larger than his apartment.

"This is where I leave you," Elena announced.

"What do you mean?" Jason responded, with a hint of panic in his voice. "Where are you going?"

"I have to meet with the others to report on our progress," Elena calmly explained, "and to plan our next steps. I will return in a few days."

"A few days?" Jason said, looking from Elena to Kat. "How will we survive out here?"

"You are safe here," Elena said. "The State rarely sends its drones this far out into the Outerlands."

"What I mean," Jason clarified, "is what will we eat and drink? How will we

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